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These three provide a direction in marketing the company to attract, retain and engage people. Employer branding, is the process of creating and communicating an identity and ensuring that the identity always remains authentic and true.  It is about ensuring that the company is known, respected and considered to be a great place to have a career and work. Today employees decisions to work in an organisation is not simply dependent on the pay package, rather there are several other factors that impact the process of attracting and retaining talent. One of the major factors that pulls talent is the brand of the company. The business environment is so dynamic that, it is hard for companies to attract and retain the best candidates. Companies use many methods to recruit and hire, but now it is time to use the companies' brand to attract talent to the organization. The employer brand is the value proposition that company conveys its employees and the external talent pool. Great companies create such a strong brand that it draws the talent to them rather than having to spend significant time and money on selling the company to the talent market.

Conceptual framework of Employer branding:

Company Name: ABC Pvt. Ltd.

Employees should feel proud and excited to work at their respective companies. Like consumer employees too do value great brands as much, if not less. We will focus on five core "messages" that the brand must communicate so as to enable the brand to attract and be able to retain the best talent available in the market.

Long term job security.

Steady carrier growth

Flexible work environment.

Social status associated.

 Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit

Branding framework

Long term job security.

Today the business environment is very dynamic and ever changing. In this context and employer should try to communicate the strength of its business model through its brand, so as to ensure an impression in the mind of its employees about the stability and the strength of the business that the company is in. This in turn will ensure longer employee's retention as there will be good scope of learning and job security associated. Job security will be one of the major contributors as to why new employees will want to join the company. Looking at today's business environment where every day the fear of recession is looming this factor may be the single most important magnet in attracting and retaining talent.

Steady carrier growth

Top talent will not begin or stay, at a company that does not encourage growth. "Sky is the limit" this is what the employees should feel about working in the company and not that their growth will be hindered by walls or glass ceilings. Company need to highlight carrier growth programs to the employees so as to make them feel about how the company cares about the growth of individual. By this employees will be loyal to wards the company which can also be called and brand loyalty. Employees will be encouraged to think more towards progress within a company when company creates and environment where employees do not feel insecure towards their carrier growth by not opting out. Also the brand of the company should also imply that the company has a proven track record of growth on a year on year basis, this will give the employees confidence in their own growth within the company.

Flexible work environment.

Flexible work environment as the name suggests is where employers and employees work together to decide on working arrangements such as hours of work, work location and the way work is done. A flexible work environment structures working lives in a better way to match individual and business needs. This type of environment helps in improved performance and productivity. Further they help in synchronising the work and life balance. Supporting a better balance of private and professional life gives employees more confidence in working hard to achieve their goals as they were certain that it will not affect the balance of their private life. This improves the ability of employers to attract skilled and motivated employees and in increasing staff loyalty. In a way employees trust and respect for the brand increases and the result is reduced stress levels and improved commitment levels to the company.

Social status associated.

In today's world employees are increasingly concerned about the social status associated with the company they work in, and brand of the company is the crucial factor in determining this. Only a hefty pay package may not be able to attract best talent from the industry alone. Socially People generally associate employees to what the brand of the company implies.

Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit

Encouraging positive competition keeps the workforce wanting for more. It very much necessary for the company to communicate to the employees and make them understand that your company desires for all employees to have fire and passion for what they do. That passion will inevitably stop any thought of quitting dead in its tracks. We have to encourage employee's inputs and ideas when it comes decision making. When it's the right time Company should promote responsible staff members to leadership positions. It's one of the best ways for top management to evaluate employees. It gives employees the opportunity to run the show and they apply their ways to the business. This certainly creates and environment where employees generate an interest in running their own business one day. This can inspire employees to take more responsibility in the company they work for. If the brand of the company implies this then it will help the company to retail top talent.


The fact cannot be denied that the biggest challenge before companies in 21st century is an increasing shortage of skilled man power. Today most of the reputed companies are moving above the tradition methods of recruiting and retailing talent to developing rigorous branding strategies that will attract and retain the right and the best talent. Most of the fortune 500 companies understand that the key to attracting and retaining talent is to be recognized as most trusted brand in the industry. By framing a strong employment brand and rightly communicating that brands identity through effective practices, the employers get an edge that they need to attract the best and the brightest talent and retain. 

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