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Here we will see that how the personal development plan which works in the all tasks which is really useful for finance 4 u company.


Task/1: Described about Personal Development Plan with strategy and personal views. And described about goal, long term and short term planning's time to time and necessary resources.

Task/2: Described about importance of self review, importance of time management. And views about achieve the targets.

Task/3: described about professional skills which is need in this company. Valid views about the out come of the research. Report to the managing director of the company details.

Task/4: described about the staff needs to improve their professional skill. And the methods to improve the skills development.

Task/5: described about the skill audit for companies team member. Impotence of having good knowledge, motivation, positive approach target to achieve the goal and tips etc.

Report and personal views…


In finance for you company have a many issues in performing their obligation and sharing the profits to be achieved. Because of the credit crunch. The staff of the company who are not motivating and not active about the work also no proper channel for professional skills. So To improve and developing the company's staff skills. Now they urgently need personal development plan in terms of professional and career development and assist the company in progression.

THE PERSONAL DEVLOPMENT PLAN IS: It's a systematic arrangement of elements or important parts of configuration. A development is plan of sketch. A plan which is done by our personal development.

There are two type of plan: 1. personal development plan and 2.professional development plan.

THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN which based on personal development plan. Now in the company the staff needs professional development skills and goals to be active or to be motivated to achieve the target of the company. The company should have some professional colleagues to encourage the staff. And they should think about the staff's long term and short term carrier so staff can be reliable on that in the future.

A professional plan should be:

Plan: a sketch of development.

Monitor: a plan which is monitored.

Information: a plan which if full of information.

Strength: a plan which have a own strongeness

Weakness: sometimes a plan has some weakness

Problem solving: plan not to be confusing

Evaluate: plan needs different review from the others

Consulting: weakness

Reviewing (improving): plan should be improvable

Strategically step of action: a reasonable decision by thinking


In this task the company needs to take the review of the all staff member so the company can

Know what the every ones views to monitor the plan. It means the reengineering guidance require

To monitoring the plan it should include: The source, methods frequency and schedule of data

Collection. So they can also know how to avoid the problems. Now the company doing the staff

Reviewing because company thinks that this is the important to get an ideas and knowledge from

The others. That will be beneficial for every one and for the company as well. After the staff can

Give the report their own experience in achieving the object. And we can say that how

The performance data will be analyzed and how it will be reported, reviewed and use to inform


Report: As my opinion it's the good way to know each others idea. To sort out the out comes

Time to time via time management. Punctuality, practice and belief these are the values of


This is some time not important we can review by central or regional well it's not mandated

Although some bureaus encourages sharing performance should be updated as needed to ensure

The plan. Schedule assignment remains current. So it's good to know others views to get the



Here now staff needs the professional skill to write the report to the manager by a such a

Manner. As per my opinion if the staffs have good personal skills then they will have

Professional skills. Because the professional skills are based on personal development skills.

The professional skills should be: counseling and mentoring to support staff with their own

Learning and development requirements.

Coaching skills: it means guide the staff by the perfect knowledge of skills.

Multitasking: the person who doing too many tasks to gather in an appropriate time it's called multitasking.

Leadership skills: it means the person who leads the staff such a way or the staff has good leadership skills to perform it.

The theories of leadership is like management styles, continuing self- development to meet

Requirements for any industry or any particular sector professional bodies, leading and attending

Meetings delivering effective presentation.

As per this knowledge the finance 4 u staff can be professional or they can achieve the target,

Fulfill the goal and they can get there they want.

As per my view they need to know just how to identifying own strength a limitation and

Developing personal networks, Management Development Programmes, Continuing Professional

Development Programmmes


In the fourth task these company should have more highly qualified professional or a well planner for their

Company & them colleagues to make a good and long term benefit for them and their company.

They should have: strategic long term plan

Systematic and well structured approach

They should have different types of oppose so they can find problems by each others review.

They should have positive approaches to achieve to companies goal. And the proper


The company should have continuous professional development plans.

It helps: As organizations shift the responsibility for personal development back to the

Individual, the ability and insight to manage your own professional growth is seen as a key


Helps maximize staff potential by linking learning to actions and theory to practice.

Helps HR professionals to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives, for training activity to be more closely linked to business needs.

Promotes staff development. This leads to be better staff morale and a motivated workforce helps give a positive image/brand to organizations.

Adds-value, by reflecting it will help staff to consciously apply learning to their role and the organization's development.

Linking to appraisals. This is a good tool to help employees focus their achievements through the year

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Skill Audit: In this task the company's HR team needs to carry out skill audit for staff member. Now company will check the staff's eligibility that how the staff member done the work for personal skills and professional skills. What are the staffs members review How they eligible for time management and are they achieve the goal or not? And they are flexible and friendly with the companies work or not? Now the company wants every staff member have an own priority to go further in life or carrier. Company wants to do calendar plan for the staff they don want poor consequence. The company wants every one should be multitasking in every work. Company wants to motivate the staff by the appropriate coaching. Now companies have good affective system which can attract the staff. Now company has better technology which can really useful for staff to sort out the work fastly and accurately. The company has punctual Rota for the every staff. company want to every ones life easier and better for their family and carrier. So now the company wants to expect work fast better and punctual from the staff. And company wants to achieve the goal for their company. Now companies have a responsible punctual motivated active and confidence staff of members because now companies have a good plannogram for staff. The company decided to maintain the long term and short term plans for company and the staff as well for their carrier so the company will go further for their budget and company will remove out from the credit crunch.

As per my view the skills a proper admin long term short term plan which is necessary for every ones work life and for their culture. Staff motivation is the most important part of their work.

Report and Conclusion

As per my opinion in all the tasks a personal and professional skills are their. The objectives and goal which is very necessary in every where in every ones life. A self motivation, review and a motivation and review from others which is very encourage to us. For a better work at the work place the staff should be well motivated, active, punchual, and flexible and team player these four objectives are very important for work place or company. Also company's HR staff and managers should also well motivated and they should be think about the staff's long term and short term plan and they should think about their carrier. The company should give the priority to the staff. Staff should be trust worthy and confident for their work and they should have good skills to achieve their goals. A good plannogram, timing and the Rota which are also good impact of the work. The company should have better strategy to grow up the development. Build confidence and credibility you can see your progression by tracking your learning. The staff should achieve the carrier goal by focusing on the training and the development.