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Coca-Cola company is the world's largest Multinational non-alcoholic beverage company. Its current President and CEO is Muhtarkent. It started in the year of 1886 and its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company sucessfully running more than 125years. It offers a portfolio of world class quality sparkling and still beverages, stating with Coca-Cola and extending through our 400 soft drinks, juices, teas, coffees, waters, sports and energy juices that refresh, hydrate, nourish, relax and drinks energize. Coca-Cola was first green color.The Coca-Cola recipe was first designated at the eagle drug and chemical company, which is a drug store. It is located in Columbus, Georgia. It was invented by John Pemberton.[1]

In may 1886 Pemberton first "distributed" the new item by carrying Coca-Cola in a jug down the road to Jacobs Drugstore. For five cents consumers enjoying a Coca-Cola at sodium fountain. In January 1893 Coca-Cola registered in united states patent office. In 1919 Coca-Cola company was sold to a group of investors for $25million.In 1950 Coca-Cola advertise more than 50 television channel around the world. In1978 two litter bottle was introduced and the same year Coca-Cola introduced plastic bottle. In 1993 Coca-Cola sold more than 10 billion cases worldwide.

Key milestones:

2009 SEPTEMBER - Leed gold environment certificate.

2010 NOVMBER -Muthar kent "Responsible CEO of the year".

2011 APRIL - Coca-Cola a double winner at 2011 edision awards.

2011 JUNE - Valpire water wins gold qualiy award.

2011 JULY - Top 40 best companies for diversity.

2012 July - Innovative water recovery system wins awards.

Coca-Cola profit,revenue,2002-2011


2.Overview of industry, markets, products, services

Coca-Cola is multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer.Major industry includes many beverages like Maaza, Thumsup, Sprite, Limca, Kinley, Minute maid, diet coke, Sprite,Ice Fanta and so on. Coca-Cola is called "Coca-Cola" because of the original ingredients used in medicine,coca leaves and kola seeds.Coca-cola is recognized by 94% of world's population. Among them more than 400 brands are nearly 3,500 beverage products, four of the world's top five beverage products,soft drink brands are ours. They are Coca-Cola,dietcoke,soft drink brands,sprite and Fanta. Thumps up and limca,which are formulated to appeal to local cultures and lifestyles. [3]

finished products functions generate higher net operating earnings but lower total returns than focus functions.[4] With operations in more than 200 countries,we have a diverse workforce of approximately 146,200 company employees worldwide.Our family of beverages accounts for approximately 1.3 billion servings worldwide of the 50 billion servings consumed every day.

3.Major issues that have impacted the organization in past 3 years

In February 2011,American stroke association found that "Diet soda may raise odds of vascular events;salt linked to stroke risk".[5]

In 2012,Coca-cola would resume using in Burma after 60years of absence due to U.S. Imposed investment sanctions against the country. Coca-cola with its partners is to invest USD 5 billion in its operations in India

4. How has the organization's culture, values, history and development influenced leadership, management, and OB?

The culture of the Coca-Cola organization is mission driven.focused on refresing the mind inspiring optimism,and making a difference. The rich history of the organization has allowed the company to compile hundreds of stories of consumers and employees.

They distinguish economical and non-financial benefits. Our economical benefits include benefits for impressive solutions, benefits for workers of the one fourth of profit, yearly and every one fourth benefits for the understanding of goals. Amongst Coca-Cola's very highly effective non-financial inspirational benefits there are self improvement, the opportunity to achieve full potential, and the opportunity to be marketed. We are very extremely pleased of motivating inner special offers, education, recognitions, success, difficulties and liability, while also providing additional benefits for our workers.

They entice and maintain best workers who will finish their projects effectively and successfully. They also motivate and create awesome strategy for their business. We motivate the workers to fulfil company's objectives and goals. The key for growth of the company is to be excellent inspiration of management and fulfilling the needs of the employees.

Coca-Cola consistently conduct quantitative and qualitative research on employee enrichment. Based on the results, we create action plans for further up gradation of the company's needs and goals. We further modify our program to present styles of the economic system, marketing, organization's ideal plan, organizational structure, objectives and objectives of individuals.

Founder hier seeks the services of and keeps only workers who think and feel the same way they do. They practice and interact socially these workers to their way of considering and sensation.The founder's own behavior act as a part design that encourages worker recognize with them and thereby internalize their belifes,value and considering.The Coca-Cola Organization uses a worldwide group that is complete of different individuals, capability and ideas.

B.Company leadership,Management and OB analysis


Muhtarkent is the chairman and ceo of international conglomerate. after graduating from university of Hull in England and a master of science degree in administrative science fromcase business school U.K. In 1978 Muhtarkent joined in Coca-Cola company in Atlanta.At the time he hold variety of marketing and operation leadership position over the course of his carrer.

In 1985,he became a general manager of coca-cola in turkey and central asia.In 1989 he worked as president of the company east central Europe division and senior vice president of coca-colainternational,with responsibility for 23 countries.

Type- Muhar kent is a Democratic leader, he always makes decision with other peoples and enquires opinion of employees and also he is moral of Coca-Cola workers. Furthermore in his period Coca-Cola earned high profits (i.e.) productivity and he gave satisfaction to employees. In addition he has several commitment and involvement of his share holders.[6]

Values and attitudes-.He is an excellent role model for his employees. He is genuine,original,and bases his actions on his own personal values. He decided to make himself chief sustainability officers, instead of nominating someone else. He also claims that he never plans on giving up hisduties as the cso.kent has a vision for the future of his company, and his employees share his vision.


Muhtar is a Punctual and holds easy grasping power. He has the practice of going anywhere in the world at any time neither it is small country or significant country to meet share holders and employees. Meanwhile he is an experimenter for instance and brings new idea to develop and expand the Coca-Cola market over the world wide.

Style and behavioural characteristics-

Muhtar always respect his employees and give preferences others opinion and questions as well as while decision making. He undergoes discussion with management staffs before taking major decisions.

He always needs perfection in whatever he does. Some while working with management staffs he keeps the whole data about their past and upcoming projects.

Key skills-Muthar kent is strong in business because he has background economics and administrative.

Practices-muthar kent leadership practice was to spent his days in meeting employees and exploring rare new territories.

h.Major reasons for success- 

Major reasons for success are his commitment to the company. Dedication and motivation made the company to progress for its development in the past years. He encourages employees by providing rewards and recognition to them.

His main aim is to focus on the future development. So he awarded salary hike in regular intervals of times, incentives, beneficiary plans for employees and their families. It motivated them to work hard for their success.

Finally Consequently it shows the punctuality of Muhar kent.[10,11,12]

2. Describe and analyze the organization and Management using the following attributes.

a.Vision, Values and Mission


Their vision serves as the framework for their Road map and guides every aspect of their business by describing what they need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

People: To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: To bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.

Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together they create mutual, enduring value.

Planet: To be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.

Profit: To Maximize long-term return to share owners while being mindful of their overall responsibilities.

Productivity: To be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.


Values serve as a compass for their actions and describe how they behave in the world.

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future

Collaboration: Leverage collective genius

Integrity: Be real

Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to them

Passion: Committed in heart and mind

Diversity: As inclusive as their brands

Quality: What they do, they do well


To refresh the world… in body, mind and spirit.

To inspire moments of optimism and happiness… through their brands and their actions.

To create value and make a difference… everywhere they engage.[13]

b.Goals, objectives and overall strategy


To make aprofit for their stock holders.

Making as much money as possible.

To inherent the earth.


To rule mankind when every single human consumes coke and the liquid inside the coke will soon take over the brain of all human for the Coca-Cola company to control.

Overall Strategy:

We are building on our essential strong points in promotion and progression, driving improved performance as well as in promotion and sales marketing and sales communications with our system and generating new energy through primary producers that focus on physical health and fitness.

With the most recognized family of brands, we deliver more than 3,500 drinks to over 200 countries around the world -- not just carbonated drinks, but juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, water, even coffee and milk.

We have improved our yearly marketing funds considerably, released many new items, and designed a design to help our store clients increase their revenue while we keep plan for the next one, five and ten years in business

c.Competitive strategy and advantage:

competitive strategy:

The main competitors and rivalry of coke is pepsi.

The coke launched 'Thandamatlab coca-cola',suddenly after pepsi came up with 'thanda-chelagakya'.

Competitive Advantages:

Coca-Cola has lot of competitive merits also it has two major important capabilities such as Management expertise and market leadership. Moreover it provides a number of management training programs to executives for develop their executive capability and knowledge. Even though Pepsi got good name in market, Coca-Cola has a superior brand name for this reason everyone knows that.

Soft drinks continually tailors the way to promote to be able to provide certain customers better. From contemporary trading markets to mom and pa services. Coca-Cola has the old toss returning containers that everyone knows and wants but also can provide their item in a new getting out of way too. I think that Coca-Cola has a very maintainable aggressive benefits. The Coca-Cola signature itself would be next to complicated to top.


The Coca-Cola Company has a Individual Worldwide Department Framework because its international employees function independently and in solitude from secret headquarters. It has various departments in all major regions all over the world with presidents that management each navigator division. Coca-Cola has 5 navigator departments.they are Eurasia and Africa group,Eurasia group,Latin America group,north America group and Pacific group.

Each Navigator department has vice presidents that management sub-divisions depending on areas or nations. This framework is effective for Coca-Cola since it is a very huge organization.

Organization structure:

President of Coca -cola

Corporate staff




Pacific division

North Africa division

Latin America division

Europe division

Eurasia& Africa division

Sun divisions

Sun divisions

Sun divisions

Sun divisions

Sun divisions



The Coca-Cola program is not just one enterprise from a lawful or managing viewpoint, and the Organization does not own or management all of our bottling associates.

While many view our Organization as simply "Coca-Cola," our system functions through several local programs. Our Organization produces and offers focuses, drink angles and syrups to bottling functions, has the manufacturers and is accountable for customer brand marketing projects. Our bottling associates produce, program, products and spread the final labeled drinks to our customers and selling associates, who then sell our products to customers.[15]


Coca-Cola arranges some type of seminars, workshop and modules related to the sales management, forecasting of the daily sales, merchanding, seeling skills, supervisory techniques and other areas related to the sales.

Coca-Cola on the job training is given the utmost first a sales man is given information about the product,sales environment and company polices and products.Normally a new sales man is supposed to work under another salesman to learn the basics of selling techniques and the overall environment in which he will be working.A salesman is then allowed to work under the salesman but he is asked to perform all the operation by his own.[16]


Recruiting is normally done on the needed roles and not on the stand by base. Recruitment begins whenever a manager or revenue director needs a revenue rep and it is first approved by the general manager before delivering it to the human recourse division. All the vacancies are first internal promoted so that all the workers who meet the specifications can avail this opportunity.

3.Other issues:

a. Describe the organization's international strategy. Describe how they manage cross cultural issues.

Coca-Cola has done very well in its worldwide technique. This is a world-renowned product, is absorbed almost everywhere. The techniques they use, such as its exclusive technique, the way they take to help society.

b. Describe How power is used in the organization and how it is shared;describe the internal are conflicts resolved?

Coca-Cola is as an ethnocentric MNC because its domestic operations are very similar to its international operations. Regardless of the country or region, Coca-Cola operates the same way and sells the same brand and type of soft drink. The company has tight control over its operations from head office.

c. Describe the main communication specific in your discussion.

Coca-Cola uses wide range of interaction process such as publication records, observe forums, programs and cellular marketing and sales communications. This will depend upon the management who select to use which kind of interaction they need in their company Documents and records modified into E-Mails and Mobile during these times. Akio always motivate experience to deal with events to be best where it founds immediate solution for every problem.

e. Describe their policy in handling ethical issues.Give at least one example of resolving a major ethical issue.

A problem or condition that requires a  person or association to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as  right or wrong.[17]

Ethical issues have been a problem for Coca-Cola because the company has lacked quality leadership in many areas of the organization.   It seems that the company was not prepared to handle disputes or incidents when they occurred.   They were slow to respond in many incidents because they were ill equipped to handle the fall out.   They essentially had no crisis management skills.   It seems that a company as large as Coke would have already had an ethical compliance committee and a diversity council yet these two all important functions were not created until after a problem was discovered or reported.  

C. What are the major strengths and weekness of the company's leadership,management and OB

The major strength of the Coca-Cola company is employees,


Coca-Cola as positioned as a happy and humorous drink , can position itself as a energetic and fresh will may improve market growth in the global management.

As the industry itself is growing at a faster rate worldwide, the management may concentrate on the developing countries too with effective marketing strategies.Water (Kinley ) can be focused too.

Coca-Cola , a well established and penetrated brand in urban malls in metros , can also increase the width and depth of the distribution in rural shops too .

Compared to Pepsico , Coca-Cola seems to be not caring of small and petty shops .It is said to be playing with bulk budgets in key outlets alone, which is giving the gap to its rivalry and liquidating its budget.

Sales team can be trained and motivated periodically.

Though there was less identifiable difference in taste, price ,pack etc Coca-Cola can market its products along with its parent name like Coca-Cola -Maaza, Coca-Cola-sprite etc.

Democratic leadership can be practiced in middle level , consultative in top level and autocratic in bottom level to grow the business.

Advertisements with entire brands can be done for awareness.

Coca-Cola Company should try to emphasis more on providing their infrastructure in the market to facilitate their customers

Coca-Cola employees should be motivated non financially too like giving training, ttheir packages etc.

The organization structure can have limited decentralization , flexible hierarchy and easy to give feedback.

Cultural variations across countries and place need to be studied and products can promoted accordingly.

Marketing team should try to increase the availability of Coke in rural areas.

Coca-Cola should also focus the old people.





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