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Communication is a part of our life and we interact with people everyday. Most of the times we have been communicate with a different people and with a different ways. Communication is not just sending the message but it is also involves how the listener listen to the message and understand on what and how the message been deliver.

Normally communication in workplace involves individual at the workplace communicates with one another for better coordination and maintaining good working relations. People in every office or workplace might have different character. Their reaction and attitude towards subordinates, superior and others will be different as well. Meanwhile we should be aware and recognize the impact of failed communications within the team. In the content it will explain more details on how to make the communication working effectively. There will be a several elements that need to be discussed on the topic.

As we all know that among the elements of poor communication in todays workplace is a lack of information for the proper accomplishment of the tasks within the business. There can be a several other reasons that lead to miscommunication in the workplace. One of the most common examples of miscommunication at work is when an important message is sent through someone, instead of communicating it directly. If failed to communicate effectively, it will automatically leads the conflict and will cause a miscommunication in the workplace.


The purpose of communication is to get the message across to other clearly. Workplace communication normally will involve between managers, subordinates, friends and people we meet socially or professionally. Communication is only successful when both the sender and the receiver understand the same information of the communication. To deliver the message more effectively we need to identify if the sender give an instructions there must be always make an eye contact with the listeners so that the attention of the listeners in the communication process will not lost and their interest is kept intact.

By asking questions in order to obtain information is one of the important aspects of oral communication process. Same if when a person has to answer a particular question they need to answer the question with correct data and in a quick time is important. Body language is also most important factor in workplace for example if the listener or speaker speaks it can tell that whether the listener is interested or not.

In order to make the communication more effective, all the people need to have a good communication skill. An effective communication will occurs when the receiver receive the message and interprets the message in precisely. This will encourage people to improvise the productivity and satisfies others need. Basically in oral communication is also will involve listening and speaking skills.

Referring to the speaking skills most Malaysian people are shy to speak in public especially in English language. People will think when speaking in English we could be showing off or fear we might use wrong vocabulary or grammar. As everyone know that we are born with various mother tongues. For example for “kelantaneseâ€Â they have on their own ascent.

By processing a good communication speaking communication will make the communication will be very effective as it will be able to influence and persuade people. Communication only can be achieved if the listener receive and can accept whenever the speaker speaks with an open mind.


Interpersonal communication is communication to several people. This form of communication is communicating to a stranger with impersonal to the very personal. Interpersonal communication is to understanding and applied communication skills during conversation. People need to be able to understand of what you are saying. There are several examples that relate to working environment in interpersonal communication context as below:

2.1 Communication with people

Communicating with people at workplace is our daily verbal communication. This form of communication is known as social communication, whereby we talk with people face to face such as manager, friends, team members and subordinates. Basically, in working environment sometimes message could not be delivered due to misunderstanding. By just giving simple instruction without explanation will lead to interpretation. Dealing with people around is a challenge but when it comes to working environment mission should be accomplished.

2.2 Non Verbal Communication

Non verbal communication or communicate without using a words. Normally it will involve feeling expression and body language. By using a body gestures the message also can be deliver. In Malaysian context especially, we been taught to respect people are younger than us for example head bowing is to show respect to others. By using body language, gestures and eye contact message also is the most effective element in communication.

For example only by nodding your head we already know that the person is responding to the message. Effective listening skill in workplace also is actually a form of non verbal communication. Silence can be more than words. To be an effective listener, we must know whether we are a good listener or not. Normally when our friend tells us a story and we will try to understand their feeling.

We will try to put ourselves in their shoes just to show that we are a good listener. There are two different types of listening skills which involve active and passive listening. Active listening is more focus on what the message need to deliver.

To relate these active listening skills in workplace is we will listen on what the manager need to say or by giving an instruction. Passive listener means we will listen or accept the message in a low concentration. By this, the listener will respond to the message in a very minimal way or they will not pay attention on the message.

By hearing to one another will make things working more effectively. However, focus is clarity will be the most important element in communication.

2.3 Written Communication

In office environment, written communication via email is use in our daily work and it uses writing method. It is use to blast information to one or more people. Normally in written communication will involve problem such as grammar, spelling and jargons use. For example, don’t want and I’ll is not a proper way to use in workplace.

Not only that, there are also problem with never using a spelling check while using the written communication and it is totally unacceptable in the working environment. People might not care but this is happening in Malaysian culture. This will show that Malaysian are less professional in writing communication and do not care to overcome the issue.


Small group communication is involving within three to fifteen people in a group or team in the organization. The main purpose to have small group communication is to generate more ideas or opinion and problem solving. Therefore, it can lead for the group to choose the best option to implement it to the organization. There are few things to be considered to make the group achieve the mission. Below are the several things that will make the small group work more effectively such as:

Make sure the team members understand the goal or target

Ask input and feedback from the team members

Make sure the group have a chance to speak

Speak clearly and slowly

Do not interrupt while people are talking until someone has finished talking

Listen carefully when people are talking or expressing the ideas

Make the point in the logical manner


Turn taking


Public communication is also known as public speaking which involves communication between speaker and audience. Generally public speaking will help us to build self-confidence, presentation skills and will make more fluent. The most important thing to do we need to prepare on what we are going to say and on how you are going to say it.

Before we begin with presentation we need to plan everything including body gestures, facial expression, eye contact and body movement. Other than that the speaker must have more knowledge on the presentation subject. Before There are several techniques in public speaking such as:

By knowing your audience






To be an effective speaker there are several things that should be consider especially in vocal techniques. The speaker needs to speak with the very clear voice so that it will attract the attention and influence the audience with some degree of entertainment value. The tone of the voice also is the important element in public speaking because with the cheerful and pleasant tone will usually more appreciated by the listeners. Sometimes the intonations of the voice are not very clear for example slurring and mumbling.

Besides that, we need to reveal our self to help create rapport and tell some personal things about us. Avoid using emotional language and sensitive words during public speaking .If needed, we need to summarize on what we have discussed and emphasize on the main point.

Using a presentation aid such as power point and micro phone also can help audience to be more focus and confident during public speaking. Finally as Public speaker need to pay attention from the audience. By getting feedback or question from the audience we will know that the audiences are pay attention on the subject on the presentation.

Whenever you speak to people, make an extra effort to notice how you speak. Observe whether the facial expressions of your listeners indicate they do or do not understand what you are saying. Before calling to request on something we must plan and practice on what we are going to say.


Communication is really important as we need to communicate to people around us. It is not advisable to carry the communication process we do not understand of the particular point.