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CEO in any company is the tool that directs his/her assets toward achieving the organizations goals. In any company, the vision must be clear and its mainly about "the company's future". The CEO conveys values through actions. He is responsible for the success or failure of the company and how to direct and plan the operations, marketing, strategy, financing ,creating of the company's culture ,HR, sales and PR.

By creating a better culture in your company, people are intensely affected by culture. For example; an inferior place can drive away high performers. In result, CEO has to pick great place to work effectively. CEO can send cultural messages about the clothes or how he treats mistakes and gives feedbacks. He is the main source in shaping Comfortable culture.

Building a team, CEO is responsible in keeping the senior management team working together in a common direction and supports them. Moreover, CEO sets clear direction by communicating the strategy and vision of where the company is going, so the team can meeting together and makes it happens.

Finally, the CEO sets budgets within the company. In a pharmaceutical company it's important that he funds the projects which support the organization strategy and manages the organization's capital.

Head of finance

Job Title


Report to

Result 1

-Participate in the provision of effective strategic, financial and human resources planning and information


-Provide financial and human resources advice and guidance to the Senior administrative Officer.

-Participate in strategic, financial and human resources planning.

-Research, prepare and submit the annual budget.

-Prepare detailed reports on financial, human resources and administrative matters.

-Attend meetings and make presentations to Council

Result 2

Provide comptrollership functions in order to ensure finances are managed according to legislation, policies and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles


-Manage accounting and financial systems and maintain full and accurate accounting records.

-Conduct financial analysis and prepare detailed financial reports and statements.

-Provide financial and accounting advice, direction and leadership.

-Manage investments and reserves.

Reconcile general ledger accounts.-

Result 3

Provide leadership and direction to Finance and Administration staff to ensure efficient use of human resources.


-Establish and maintain internal controls to ensure compliance with financial and human resources legislation, policies and procedures.

-Evaluate the performance of, and provide training and development opportunities for, finance and Administration staff.

-Manage the maintenance and upgrade of financial, payroll and human resources information systems.

-Provide leadership by delegating tasks, responding to staff inquiries and providing overall direction to section employees.

In pharmaceutical company, the manager of finance plays a extremely important role in the growth of all establishments as well as achievement of business goals, is generally consists of the divisions of collection and client credits, payments, accounting, production costs, financial process development, reporting and budgeting.

This position has huge impacts on the organization. The manager reports directly to the senior administrative officer and is responsible for managing financial, HR and administrative functions. This includes preparing the budget, conducting financial analysis and preparing financial reports; developing and implementing and effective system of accounting, managing the payroll system. However, failure to provide these services may result in improper budgeting and spending allocations, misused revenues, and inaccurate financial statements.

Head of HR

Job Title


Report To

Result 1

-The responsibility of guiding and managing the overall provision of human resources services and frames the policies and HR programs for the entire company.


-He is responsible of the main recruiting and staffing processes, also has to manage organizational and space planning.

-The human resources director’s duties include performance management and improvement systems, along with organization development. He has to attend to employment and regulatory concerns from time to time.

-The HR director keeps a close eye on the policy development process and its documentation, along with the provision of company-wide committee facilitation.

-He allocates revenue for compensation and benefits administration, employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.

HR is an important department in any organization. In a pharmaceutical company it focuses on such issues as planning the HR within companies, its hiring, developments, compensation, measurement and management of its performance, planning of careers, and steady improvement of training, development and work conditions to make it more productive.

The goal of human resource management is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees while simultaneously improving the work life of employees and treating employees as valuable resources.

To achieve equilibrium between employees and employee goals and needs, HRM departments focus on these three general functions and activities; planning, implementation and evaluation. The planning function refers to the development of HR policies and regulations. HR manager attempts to determine future HRM activities and plan for the implementation of HRM procedures to help this company realize their goals.

Implementation of HRM plans involves primary activities: acquisition, development, compensation, and maintenance. Acquisition entails the hiring of employees to help company attain its goals. The development function encompasses the training of employees to perform their tasks in accordance with company strategy. This activity involves company efforts to control and change employees behavior via reviews and performance appraisals. Maintenance requires structuring labor relations. The evaluation function includes the assessment of a company's HRM policies to determine whether they are effective or not.

Every organization needs people who are dedicated to their field of work and aware of the challenges they face and how they can come over it. With this knowledge the company can survive and impacting the growth of its performance. Besides having strong CEO, effective management team and committed employees then HR manager can shape the company.

HR manager has huge obligation towards the company as it is essential to identify employees' skills and how to divide the tasks between them so they can perform their role effectively.

HR manager has basic responsibilities that must be done such as Recruitment procedures; it is one of the initial responsibilities in any company. His/hers goal is recruiting efficient employees for the company that will deliver the best of their abilities. Hiring individuals who have unique talents, skills and educational background that will have an impact on the company's growth. It is important to train the new and old employees in all departments in order to work on their weaknesses and build on their strengths. According to a pharmaceutical company, it is important to focus on the development of the company's culture, making the team more effective which will impact the business performance.

Head of Marketing and sales

Job Title


Report to

Result 1

- Develops and implement strategic and tactical marketing programs to drive revenue growth and product contributions.


-Develop brand strategies and manage implementation of brand campaigns and programs.

-Identifying business issues and creating solution to drive brand performance.

- Establishing sales targets with the input of your sales team.

Result 2

-Establishes plans and strategies to expand the customer base in the marketing area and contributes to the development of training and educational programs for clients and Account Executives.


- determine market segments and business growth potential.

- identify the most effective methods to reach the organization goals.

- create sales contests or bonus incentive programs to motivate his team.

In a pharmaceutical company, it's important to develop the marketing and sales department to improve the revenues and profit of the company. Sales manager has a goal to provide information to physicians and pharmacists who inform and guide patients and families of patients with regard to drugs and patients in an accurate and scientifically based manner and to share information and to share information regarding drugs and treatments based upon scientific research with physicians and pharmacists.

The marketing manager has major impact in developing this company. His/her goal is to promote new products and treatments, to present updated information in these areas, and to raise public awareness regarding health issues.

Head of IT

Job Title


Report to

Result 1

-Manage information technology and computer systems


- Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP).

-Develop and implement policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.

-Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines.

Result 2

-Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software


-Troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating system.

-Be familiar with all hardware and software and network operating systems.

-Train staff about potential uses of existing technology as well as the new uses.

Result 3

-Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access


-Troubleshoot all technology issues

-Make recommendations about purchase of technology resources

-Research current and potential resources and services

-Provide network access to all staff.

-Connect and set up hardware

-Load all required software

-Provide network accounts and passwords as required

-Monitor security of all technology

Over the last 10 years, Information technology has been developed and it has major impact on the pricing and other competitive strategies that might affect any pharmaceutical company. In you company it is important to follow these developments. Information technology allows pharmacies to manage their products/drugs inventories. The drug provision records of pharmacies are increasingly being used to develop new products and services. This information allows people to know more about drugs and they have the chance to compare between alternative drugs and there prices. So, now pharmaceutical companies are competing in the health care market using IT.

In a pharmaceutical company, the IT manager is responsible for installing and maintaining computer hardware, software and networks. He/she provides hardware and software maintenance, training and recommendation about future planning and development of resources, which is important to provide the company with latest technology in developing every department in the company from the CEO to the lower levels. So, providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources. In result, the performance of the company will improve and will be able to compete in the market as well as achieving the company's goals and objectives and its vision to expand internationally.

Head of Business Development

Job Title


Report to

Result 1

-Manages the identification, evaluation, and development of pharmaceutical prospects for new business opportunities.


- Develops proposals and term sheets for prospects and manages the day to day aspects of closing, including the utilization of legal counsel, and coordination with accounting, finance, HR and other functional areas.

-Performs market research, analyze new market opportunities and pursues new business opportunities.

Result 2

-Organizes, tracks, documents and reports on the status of all prospects in the business development pipeline.


-Participates in the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy, including sales and presentation materials, marketing communications, and industry trade shows and conferences.

-Participates in the development of strategic partnerships, joint ventures, technology and intellectual licensing opportunities.

This department is important to be developed, because it describes the basic processes needed to identify new business opportunities and to bring pharmaceutical alliances to a successful close. It includes planning, adding for the company's growth, subtracting for profit, business process improvements, and competitive awareness and advantages.

As a business development manager he/she has to have certain skills to improve the company to a better place and increase its performance. The manager has to have industry specific knowledge, analysis and communication. One of the key activities in BD is maintaining the company's portfolio of products, and it is necessary to understand the objectives of the company and to plan accordingly. According to pharmaceutical company (in health care market) its modeling technique which is created using sales data from exist products in a market. In addition, underlying epidemiological data for the disease. Next step, product forecast to estimate products' potential.

BD in a pharmaceutical industry guides through the basic steps required to plan a pharmaceutical product portfolio and then create alliances to fulfill that vision.

Business development manager is known as a business planner. A manager should give his attention to business development and amusing the business opportunities that are presented to him and his organization. Business development manager must has good knowledge of management theories.

The importance of business development manager that he works in expanding the company and increase the company's performance by identifying new markets and attracting new clients. Therefore, he researches new business opportunities and develop strategic plans.

As we want to expand this company, the business development manager works with marketing and sales department. A successful business development manager should always be seeking clear objectives in order to achieve better performance.

Head of Public Relations

Job Title


Report to

Result 1

- create, maintain, and protect the organization's reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image.

-Responsible for the management of PR strategies in the area of press releases and industry articles, press tours and promotional programs.


- Exploits opportunities for product awards and sponsorships.

-Selects, prioritize and facilitate publicity events and media tours.

-Participates at investor conferences and organizes analyst briefings.

-Identifies and develops relationships with key press contacts, editors and investors.

Public Relations manager in a pharmaceutical company is important to enhance their market positions and brands through thoughtful strategy and creative PR programs. In you company, it will be able to provide PR services to a broad range of life sciences firms. It will provide the competitive advantages for pharmaceutical companies, choosing the right life sciences PR agency can be critical difference between marketing failure and success. Improve PR campaigns that achieve objectives such as product and technology visibility, partnership and funding cultivation, clinical trial recruitment pre-launch market conditioning, new product introductions and paving the way for successful liquidity events.

The main function of a public relations manager is to create, maintain and enhance the reputation of the company. PR manager should also work towards creating the goodwill of the organization. This will help in creating a favorable public image of the organization. In addition, he needs to come up with different PR strategies that will lead to easy acceptance of any new move by the organization. Also, it’s the job of PR to make arrangements to promote for new product launch by planning for promotional strategies and keeping the target customers and desired result in mind. Moreover, he should have sales and marketing skills that will help in effective promotion of the products and services and he might be creative and is able to come up with new and innovative ideas to attract the public.

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