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Wendy Garcarz and Ruth Chambers state that career planning is the process one goes through to actively manage ones career, consider one's personal development needs, and decide how best one can access development opportunities. It helps us identify the factors that are important to us in our chosen profession and build up a picture of our priorities in terms of skills, interests, and what motivates us.

Moreover, a career plan helps us establish skills and interests, what career best suits our aptitudes, and what skills and training we needs for our selected career. The following essay is a detailed study of my plan for my career, and the goals I hope to achieve during that time.

My ideal Job

I'm not really sure that an ideal job can be specifically defined since different people have different goals. Nevertheless, if I had to define it, my ideal job would be one which allows me to put my creative and innovative ideas to work so as to benefit the company I am working for.

To choose my perfect job I will ensure that I am passionate about doing it, that I get a good and fair salary and that I am provided with benefits such as medical insurance. Also, it is important that the job is challenging and that I am respected by my co-workers. Lastly, I want a job which will help me keep a good balance between my professional and personal life.

After much research, I realised that the job for me would be to obtain the post of New Business Development manager in a multinational company as it fits the all my requirements of the perfect job.

Job Description

New Business Development Managers' job is to spot and obtain potential or new business customers. They are responsible for building up a business through pursuing sales leads and prospective clients. Their emphasis is on managing, supporting, and supervising the business development department. These managers promote a variety of services of the business, such as, cost declines, and technology assessments. Managers must be familiar with the growth, plan, function, and specifications of all business products and services.

Self Assessment

As defined in 'Self Assessments and Your Career' article by Dawn Rosenberg McKay; self assessment is the process where I collect information about myself so as to make a good career decision. It includes my values, interests, and the skills I possess.


My values play an important role in the selection of an occupation as it ensures that I like my work and as a result I will succeed in it.

My 5 most essential values are supervision, where I am directly in charge for the work of others, making decisions, work mastery, achieving great financial rewards for my work and to have work activities which often vary.


I am someone who has more enterprising interests. This means that I like work that involves starting and completing business projects.

My main interests are leading people and also working in teams. I like making decisions so as to benefit the company that I am working for, plus the community. I want to take risks for the growth of the company. Finally, I want to travel so as to be more knowledgeable and also to meet other people. Consequently, I can find more business clients.

Personal Skills

I am fluent in English, French, Urdu, Hindi and Mauritian Creole and I have the ability to converse, listen and write effectively. Moreover, studying in Asia Pacific University enables me to improve my communication skills as I am surrounded by international people.

I am efficient in working both independently and in teams. When I am working in teams I do not always lead my other group members and I listen to everyone's opinion.

I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Pascal programming language. I was always passionate about gaining knowledge about the use of computers in our daily life.

Gap Analysis & Preliminary Plan

Position Description (2012) and FIH hiring Business Development Manager (2012) article indicates that to be able to obtain the post of New Business Development Manager I need:

To possess at least a bachelor's degree or master degree in economics, business or any related field.

I am currently doing my bachelor degree in Business Management with specialism in e-business

Minimum 5 years of experience

To obtain my 5 years of experience, I plan to work as an assistant sales manager. I will also enrol in a management training scheme to facilitate my way towards becoming a New Business Development Manager.

Established relationships with decision makers in the selected territory/region

While working as a sales assistant manager, I will be able to meet many people, clients and competitors. This will enable me to know how these people can benefit my career. I will get to know them better so as to establish a professional relationship with them.

Strong ability to create sales presentations, messages, position statements and other sales collateral

To obtain these skills, I plan to read books such as 'The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience' by Carmine Gallo and 'The New Solution Selling: The Revolutionary Sales Process That is Changing the Way People Sell' by Keith Eades.

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written and leadership skills

Since I already possess the basic communication and leadership skills, I plan to take advanced courses so as to improve and perfect those skills.

Excellent time management skills

I will take up projects which will help me manage my time more efficiently and I will also use a schedule.

Excellent PC and Internet skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, sales force automation and web meeting tools

I have already done many computing courses to perfect my skills and I have done computing at A-levels. Moreover, I am also specializing in e-business for my bachelor's degree.

Career Objectives

There are two types of career objectives: short term goals and long term goals which describe the measures i will take to reach my objective.

Short term goals are accessible in one to three years while long term goals can take about three to five years to achieve.

Short Term Goal

While studying Level 1 in Bachelor program, I would like to get the position of technical assistant at the university. It will be a great opportunity for me to be able to help people, take decisions and solve problems effectively. This job will provide: monetary support which will be very beneficial to me and the chance to work with international students and staffs and to participate in many activities in the university. I will gain RM21600 as well as 3 years of work experience.

After graduation with a bachelor degree in Business Management from Asia Pacific University - Malaysia in association with Staffordshire University, United Kingdom-. I will have gained much knowledge and in depth understanding about how to manage a business. The final year project will further develop my academic and practical aspects of management and my specialism in E-Business will improve my independent learning and computing skills.

Long Term Goal

I will obtain a job an assistant sales manager in the company my dad works: Quality Beverages Limited, where I will work for a minimum 5 years with the basic salary of $25,000 per year. According to Sam Amico (1999) I will gain experience by demonstrating how products and services are properly used. I will help the sales manager motivate the staff and to secure clients and create accounts for them, their supervisors and their team. This will benefit me as it fulfils the requirements I need to obtain the post as new business development manager.

After obtaining all of my skills and qualifications, I will apply for the post of New Business Development Manager in a multinational company. I will work in this position for nearly 15 years with a minimum salary of $90,000 per year.

I will then save money so as to be able to open my own business company one day whereby all the experience and skills I have gathered will be fully exploited.

Budget Plan

The Budget plan contains information about the amount of money I used and gained while I am studying and working.


Cost ( RM)

Other Expenses ( RM)

Basic Salary ( RM)

BA(Hons) Business Management

(3 years)




Assistant Sales Manager

(5 years)




New Business Development Manager

(15 years)




Firstly, during my degree, I will spend RM58500 on the tuition fees and RM45000 on other expenses such as food, accommodation, and electricity. Fortunately, I will also receive RM21600 for working as a Technical Assistant for 3 years.

After completing my degree, I will obtain a basic salary of RM375000 and I will spend RM75000 for the 5 years of work as an assistant sales manager. I can save the remaining money for the future business that I plan to open.

Lastly, while working as a New Business Development Manager, I will save nearly RM3.8 million which I will invest in my business for further expansion.