Business To Consumer Or B2C Commerce Essay

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In general E-business can be considered as any business activities relying upon the internet and its applications for their day to day business activities. Companies involved in e-commerce as ether buyer s or sellers depend upon Internet based technologies, and E-commerce applications and service to accomplish marketing, discovery, transaction, processing, and product and customer services processing. For example, electronic commerce can include interactive, marketing, ordering, payment and customer support process at E-commerce catalog and auction site on the World Wide Web, extranet access of inventory databases by customers and suppliers, intranet access of customer relationship management systems by sales and customer collaboration in product development via E-mail and internet newsgroup.

Many companies today are participating in or sponsoring three basic categories of electronic commerce applications, business-to-consumer, business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer E-commerce. However, many E-commerce concepts apply to such applications.

In this form electronic commerce, business must develop attractive electronic marketplaces to entice and sell product and services to consumer. For example, many companies offer E-commerce websites that provide virtual storefronts and multimedia catalogs, interactive order processing, secure electronic payment system, and online customer support.

Business to Business or B2B

This category involves both electronic business marketplace and direct market links between businesses. For example, many companies offer secure Internet or extranet E-commerce catalog websites for their business customers and suppliers. Also very important are B2B E-commerce portal that provide auction and exchange marketplace for businesses. Others may rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) via internet, or extranet for computer to computer exchange of E-commerce documents with their larger business customer s and suppliers.

Consumer to Consumer or C2C

The huge success of online auctions like eBay, where consumers can buy and sell with each other in an auction process at an auction website, make this E-commerce model an important E-commerce business strategy.

2. How the internet works

4. Investigate features of good website design

One of the elements of good web design is a lack of the elements that make bad web design. If you stay away from everything listed on the page about dorky web pages, you've probably got a pretty nice web site. In addition, keep these concepts in mind:


Background does not interrupt the text

Text is big enough to read, but not too big

The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear

Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen


Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use

Navigation is consistent throughout web site

Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue as to where they are, what page of the site they are currently on

Frames, if used, are not obtrusive

A large site has an index or site map


Link colors coordinate with page colors

Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitor


Buttons are not big and dorky

Every graphic has an alt label

Every graphic link has a matching text link

Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors

Animated graphics turn off by themselves

General Design

Pages download quickly

First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space

All of the other pages have the immediate visual impact within 800 x 600 pixels

Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text

Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site; there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages


As a professional web design business, we have created and re-created many sites. The "great" ones have certain things in common. We thought we'd share those elements with you…

1. Easy to read. If background colors or images are used, the text on top of the background should be in a color that can easily be seen. Use a color scheme that complements and is pleasing to the eye. White space between images and sections of text make a page easier to view.

2. Easy to navigate. A visitor should be able to find the information they are looking for without hassle and frustration. The site's navigation buttons should be grouped together. If image links are used, text links should also be provided for those people who have images turned off on their browser

or are using an older browser that doesn't support images.

3. Comfortably viewed. A Web site should be easily viewable in all screen sizes without a visitor having to scroll horizontally (left to right).

4. Quick to download. Graphics and sounds add download time to a Web page. Use them sparingly. Don't make your visitors wait too long for your site to download or they will click away and probably won't return. It is a good idea to find out what the approximate download times are for people who are using 28K and 56K telephone modems. Not everyone has DSL or cable Internet.

5. Avoid dead links. Make sure that links on all your pages are working, whether they are internal links to pages within your site, or links to external Web sites.

6. Keep the content fresh. People are more apt to return to your Web site if they find new and interesting material. Post articles on your site, offer a newly updated "Internet Special" or provide

fresh, helpful links. All these things cause visitors to bookmark your site as a reference tool.

7. Clear and to the point. Visitors should have a clear understanding of what your Web site is about when they visit. Studies have shown that people do not like to read computer screens, so keep your Web site copy interesting to read and to the point.

8. Keep your target audience in mind. Think about the people who would be interested in visiting your Web site. If you are designing a web site about razor blades and shaving cream for men, the site should have a masculine feel to it. Decorating the page with pink hearts and roses would not be a good idea!

9. Provide a form for visitors to contact you. Visitors are more likely to fill out a form to contact you than clicking on an e-mail link. Always make things easy for your visitors… especially contacting you.

10. Browser compatible. Check your Web site in the most popular browsers to make sure everything is displayed properly. The top two browsers used are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but there are others such as the AOL browser, Mosaic, Opera and Web TV to name a few. Various versions of the same browser also display differently. It is a good idea to have a program on your computer that checks browser and version compatibility.