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This is a new business proposal for a new international SME that will be operating in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is named as "Healthcare Consulting and Training Services Limited and will be based in Amman, Jordan. The main company's business is providing healthcare training and consulting services to healthcare providers and commissioners in the region.

It is estimated that the company will start operating in July and will have a number of departments such as marketing, legal, consulting and training teams. The company will provide courses in the following fields; patient safety and healthcare governance, health and safety and risk management. Different types of courses which are offered by the company are included in this business plan as well as the marketing strategy that will be followed by the company.

The company will be a leading international company in the region that provides consulting and training services to its clients in the field of healthcare quality and safety. The company offers a number of promotional plans and have adequate risk management system in place to ensure its services are provided within standards and in accordance with international laws.

2 - Business Description & Vision

All Healthcare providers and commissioners such as hospitals, clinics, poly-clinics and other healthcare institutions require confidence in their systems and polices that they apply and also ensure that the people who are in place are all operating in a safe and effective manner. They also need to ensure that all risks are identified and controlled and all staff are working in line with the objective set by the organisation. To do so, this requires them to be able to ensure and provide assurance of having clear and targeted polices as well as set systems that identify risks so that objectives can be achieved.

2.1 Company Profile:

Healthcare Consulting Services & Training Limited is a truly independent consultancy and training company which will be based in Amman, Jordan. The company will be founded in July 2011 by a group of international experts in the field of healthcare quality, safety, healthcare governance, risk assessment and management. The company will provide advice, guidance, education and training to enable customers to manage health, safety, risk management and healthcare governance and to comply with the legislation and regulations and also to provide a better healthcare services for patients and to reduce the number of errors that patients face in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

2.2 Company's Vision

The vision of the new company is '"To be the Premier supplier of Health, Safety, Risk Management and Healthcare Governance throughout the Middle East and to be a recognised centre of excellence for providing consultancy and training services".

This vision will lead the company to become a recognised training and consulting services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. All development plans of this company will be tailored to meet this vision in the future.

2.3 Mission Statement

The mission statement of the new company is ""To develop and market cost-effective consultancy and training services by having experienced and highly skilled employees, who are aware and committed to deliver practical and theoretical solutions which meet the customer's requirements in order to be the market leader of customer's satisfaction".

2.4 Business Goals and Objectives

2.4.1 Company Goals

A number of goals and objectives are set; these goals should eventually assign the company's choices throughout the organisation, which might take a number of years to achieve these goals (IFAC, 2006). The goals that were set are:

To become the market leader in the provision of training and consultancy services in the region

To become an international recognised centre of excellence and quality in this field

To take part in the development and innovation of the region's healthcare systems and also in the world to meet the technological challenges in the field of healthcare.

2.4.2 Company Objectives

The company will aim to be a premier service provider in the region; the following objectives are set to meet this aim:

The customer's needs are our first priority in any job we undertake

Highly skilled staff are responsible in carrying out all assignments and contracts of the company

It is essential that aims and objectives of any job we undertake is clarified between the customer and the company

All customers will have the chance to monitor any job we undertake for them

The satisfaction of our customers is the key success to our company

2.5 Risk management and Business Continuity

The start of such a business in the Middle East and North Africa region requires an effective risk management system which will be applied to ensure that all risks are assessed and controlled. A risk assessment form is used (See Appendix 1) to target all risks and what actions should be taken in order to overcome these risks. A business continuity plan is also designed so that in case of any sudden business crisis; appropriate steps are taken to continue the business.

3 - The Market

3.1 Business Type

The services that the company will provide are mainly consulting, training and educational services to healthcare institutions in the region. Healthcare quality in the region is considered to be poor according to the World Health Organisation (2001) and patient safety is almost neglected due to the fact that health and safety culture is not a common factor in most of the healthcare institutions in this region.

3.2 Needs to our company services

There is a great need of such services in the region especially after the revolutionary events that have impacted the controlling power of the countries and a number of improvement policies are being undertaken in most of the countries to ensure that the patient needs are met once they receive healthcare at these institutions. Healthcare providers in the region are obliged to meet international standards that cover healthcare provision from the WHO. They require assistance, training and education in order to meet these standards.

3.3 The Targeted Market

The company will mainly target governmental and private healthcare institutions in the region (Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia and Iraq). These countries and according to the WHO with the exception of Jordan and Saudi Arabia have very poor healthcare systems in place. Also a number of private hospitals do not meet the international standards in healthcare provision and require an extensive training (WHO, 2008).

3.4 Targeted Clients

Health Ministries in these countries are the first-one targeted market as these bodies are the main responsible authorities in these countries in ensuring that healthcare services are provided to a certain degree of quality. It is also common in this region that Ministries of Health fund a number of general hospitals in almost all of the cities. Private healthcare providers will also be targeted by the company in order to assist them in meeting international standards and improving the quality of care they provide to service-users such as patients and family members or visitors.

The provision of the company's services to these institutions will also play a vital role in the marketing of our company as other hospitals and clinics will want to improve their quality of care and require intensive training and consulting services.

3.5 Market Opportunities

It is intended that the company will be operating firstly in Jordan for two years and then broaden its services in the neighbouring countries by opening up a number of branch offices, especially in Egypt and Libya.

The company is aware of a number of competitors in this field of providing healthcare consulting services in the region, but the strong belief in success as the company will be hiring international experts from Europe, namely the United Kingdom and Germany also from the USA. By having a clear and a strong leadership which integrated with highly skilled staff, the company believes that it will have a huge share of the market in the region.

Continues business reviews will be conducted to ensure that the company distinguishes itself in the market by providing the best services in comparison to any other companies providing the same services in the region. An Industry Analysis Questionnaire (See Appendix 2) will be used to evaluate the competitor's strengths and also to understand the industry and region the company operates in (IFAC, 2006).

4 - Description of Services Provided

4.1 Company Services

The company is committed to provide high quality consultancy, training and educational services that are concerned with the provision of healthcare. The company believes that the services it provides are the best of its kind in the region and that is due to the fact of having highly skilled staff and also the training programs are designed to meet the market needs after an extensive review of the market needs so that customers can improve their services and meet the international standards.

The main areas that the company will cover are as the following:

Patient Safety & Healthcare Governance

The patient safety has been defined as the process of which an institution improves the quality of care it provides to patients (DoH, 2004). This will include, risk assessment and the identification of any patient related risks so that they can be managed. It also includes the reporting of errors/incidents so that they can be investigated and avoided in the future. The company also offers courses that will assist healthcare organisations to ensure that they are meeting the required standards for patient safety and healthcare governance. The following courses will be on offer for customers:

Healthcare Risk Management

Patient Safety Design

Patient Safety Solutions

Leadership Development

Infection Prevention and Control

Medication Safety

Building Safety Culture

Incident Reporting and Learning Systems

Accident Causation and Investigation Tools

Hand Hygiene and Blood Safety

Creating Human and System Change

System and organisational aspects of quality and safety

Health and Safety

This company is different to other health and safety consultancies because it places greater emphasis on what the owner of the business actually wants. The objective is to ensure clients comply with health and safety legislation with the minimum of fuss, leaving them to focus on their core business. The company offers the following courses:

Health & Safety Inductions

Organisational & Safety Culture

Hazard and Risk Assessment

Site Safety Audits & Inspections

Fire Risk Assessments

Accident Investigations

Safe Systems & Permit To Work

Safety Training & Instruction

Stress Management

Safety Advice & Support Services, Noise, VDU's, Manual Handling, office Safety, PPE, Use of Work Equipment, Working at Height

Risk Management

The company will provide independent advice to its clients to develop and support an effective Risk Management philosophy. Risks can be controlled after they are identified; they can also be prevented or retained as well (IRGC, 2005). Risk management involves the process of monitoring performance, periodically auditing and reviewing work processes, and making continual improvements to further enhance safety and reliability. The company offers the following courses:

Risk Assessment

System safety hazard analyses

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Risk Management & Crisis Readiness

Emergency Response Planning

Managing reputational risk

Cost of Risk Allocations (CBA, CEA)

Hazard identification & risk management including HAZANs/ HAZOP assessments

4.2 Quality Management

The company believes that the services it provides are designed to highest levels of quality standards and it also assures its customers and clients of a total satisfaction of the services the company provides. All courses are designed to meet customer needs in the region so that the company becomes a source of promoting patient safety among all healthcare institutions. The company is also willing to meet customer requirements based on their needs. The quality of the company services will be reflected by the highly skilled staff that will be delivering these consulting and training services.

4.3 Distinguished Services

The company will provide customer with cost-effective services to help them improving the quality of care they provide to patients and service-users. The company is committed to ensure that all customers are dealt with high level of transparency and honesty. The company will ensure that prices and costs are reasonable and also worthy.

5 - Organisation and Management

5.1 Office Location and Branches

The company proposes to open its first and main office headquarters in Amman, Jordan as it is one of the important Middle Eastern countries and has an important geographic location. The company intends to broaden its services after two years of starting up the business and open branches in other North African countries such as Egypt and Libya. The company chose Amman as the main location because it is considered to be a modern city that has good infrastructure and other properties.

5.2 Organisational Structure

The initial organisation structure of the proposed company as the following, this will be updated accordingly and will be reviewed regularly.

Figure 1: Organisational chart

The legal team will be responsible to ensure that the company operates within the local laws and legislation; this might require consulting with local legal companies to ensure that the company is complied with all regulations and rules.

The Legal team will also be responsible in providing all operational licenses and permits within the country that the company operates in.

The company will have its own finance department to ensure that all employees and staff get paid in return to the amount of service they provide to the company. The Finance department will also liaise with customers for payments and discounts.

Team work is the key success of this proposed company, as all departments will work in partnership to ensure a smooth run of the business. Effective IT system will be used in the office to ensure all staff communicate via E-mail and Telephones. Regular organised meetings will be held to ensure that all staff are on track.

5.3 Management

The management team will consist of the following as a start:

Chairman: He will be responsible for managing the company and liaising with other sub-managers and team leaders to ensure that the business is working towards the set goals and objectives. He is also responsible in communication with governmental bodies.

Departmental Managers: Those managers (supervisors) will be responsible on the different teams of the company such as the marketing, finance, etc...

Training and Consulting Teams: those teams will be responsible in providing the training and consultancy services to customers. They will be highly skilled staff and have practical experience in all of the fields that the company covers.

Number of staff at the start-up stage: Table 1





Training Team

Consulting Team







5.4 System Review and Risk Management System

All management systems and training programs will be reviewed regularly to meet the international changes and any technological advances in the field of healthcare. Customer views will also be reviewed and decisions made in accordance to the investigations of any reported problems by clients.

The company will ensure that all risks are assessed and managed accordingly as per the results of the assessment process. The company puts great emphasis on the importance of identifying operational and managerial risks to ensure they are treated and prevented in the future. The following figure shows the process that will be used:

Figure 2: Risk Management Review System

The provision of appropriate training and education is central to the implementation, maintenance and development of the Risk Management Strategy. All staff will obtain training and education to the required levels and standards appropriate to their Risk Management role within the organisation.

6 - Marketing Strategy

6.1 Market Description Vs Customers

The market that the company will be operating in and providing its services is in a great need of training and consulting services. The company will target governmental organisations as well as private institutions that provide healthcare.

The company expects the clients to be as the following:

General Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Clinics and Poly-clinics

Medical Institutions

Medical Universities and Colleges

Specific Departments of Hospitals

Any healthcare service provider and commissioner

Following an intensive review of the market needs and as all countries are working hard to meet international standards to provide a high quality care to service users, the company believes that it has a great chance of success in a short period of time.

Private organisations often find it difficult and expensive to bring international experts from Europe and USA to provide training services to their staff; the availability of this company will make it easier for clients to have international, high quality service with a reasonable cost.

6.2 The 4 Ps of Marketing Strategy:

Produce Design

The company has the best training programs that are designed to meet the needs of the region. The programs are designed in accordance to international standards and from practical experience in this field. The staff are highly skilled and very positive towards change and learn new things as well as adapting to the country's local systems and rules.

Pricing Strategy

The company offers highly quality services with reasonable prices. The prices are set to help organisations and institutions to save money while obtaining the best service instead of brining teams from EU and USA, they can now have a regional company that provides the same services with lower costs.

All prices will be in local currencies to assist customers and ease it for them.

Promotional Plan

The marketing team will have special arrangements for regular and first-time customers to ensure that they get discounts. Plans will be made in accordance to the number of trainees. The company will ensure that customers are satisfied with the service provided. Feedback forms will be used to collect and gather information from customers. On-site training will be priced differently.


The company provides on-site training courses to customers who have training facilities within their institutions and that will be priced differently. The marketing team will ensure a good and honest picture of our training facilities and services to be distributed to the customers smoothly.

6.3 The Marketing Team

The team will be able to obtain feedback from customers on the services that the company offers and continually improve the services. They will be using several marketing strategies such as newspaper advertisements, contacting hospitals and targeted customers, site visits, leaflets, posters and other techniques (Kotler, 2003). The company will ensure that all problems are solved to satisfy the customers.

7 - Financial Management

7.1 Start-up costs

The company estimates the following to be the total of the start up costs for the first year as per the table below:





Travel Costs

$800 each

10 people


Office Rent

$1,000 monthly

12 months




1 year


IT system


1 Year




1 year




1 year


Health insurance


1 year




1 year


Total costs for one year


7.2 Finance Department

The department will be responsible for all financial arrangements such as payroll, invoicing, payment of rents and office stationary, travel costs of other staff and legal expenses. The team will provide a monthly report to the chairman and regular team meetings will be held. Any late payments or non-payments of customers will be raised to the chairman to take an action.

The company estimates to operate well in the first year and the profits could reach £100,000 excluding the training and staff expenses.

8 - Recommendations

Based on the above new business proposal that will be operating in the Middle East and North Africa, the following recommendations should be taken into consideration by the management staff to ensure a quick and long-term success of the business:

Management of risks between company departments is an increasing requirement of an effective company

It is important that all staff recognise that significant financial benefits from minimising risk

Comply with national and local laws and legislation to avoid any higher tax payments or claims

It is important the company provides ongoing free of charge support to its loyal customers as a reward

It is highly important that the company reviews its management and risk management system regularly

It is of high importance that the company listen to its customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the service provided

The company should make efforts to ensure they maintain their business reputation in the market

Marketing strategies should be reviewed regularly to measure their success and also assign any weaknesses for treatment

8 - References

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9 - Appendices

Appendix 1 - Risk Assessment Form




Persons at Risk







Please Tick

HAZARDS (note 1)

CONTROLS (note 2)





RISK (note 3)



Assessor 1

NAME (Capitals) _________________________

SIGNATURE __________________________

DATE __________________________

Assessor 2

NAME (Capitals) _________________________

SIGNATURE __________________________

DATE __________________________

Lead Director

NAME (Capitals) _________________________

SIGNATURE __________________________

DATE __________________________

Appendix 2 - Industry Analysis Questionnaire