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The masood textile mills is the Pakistan largest vertically knitwear producing firm in the Pakistan possessing complete in house process including spinning, weaving knitting and apparel manufacturing to be vertical provide MTM a complete edge to briskly times, better control and flexibility in operation to yield customer satisfaction. It is the biggest textile firm with the 17000 thousand employees. The masood textile mills limited provides the best quality knitwear product. The MTM provides a line of products in knitwear through out the world including loungewear, sleepwear, sportswear, active wear, athletics, underwear's, fabric, yarn. The MTM produce its own raw material to all finish products. MTM also provide also yarn and raw fabric to the other organizations. MTM is leading company in the Pakistan who is providing quality knitwear in Europe and U.K and its products are demanded a lot.


"To be the world's best apparels company"

A leading producer of textile products by providing the highest quality of products and services its customer.

To strive for excellence through commitment, integrity, honesty and team work.

Sustained growth in earning in real terms.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to be profitable and growth oriented company by providing good return on investment to its shareholders and investors, quality products to its customers with the brand name, a secured and friendly environment place of work to its employees and to project Pakistan's image in the international market.

The goals of the firms:



Quality products

Fast delivery

Variety of products


To meet maximum order

Timely delivery of product

Strategic issues

Problem of timely delivery of the products.

No specific brand name.

Unable to meet the order.

The masood textile mills is facing now a day the timely delivery of the product or the orders to the customers. Due to this problem the company is impacting bad image in the customers mind however the company has quality products which loyal the customer but when the orders of the customer are not fulfilled when they needed it will not have any value when the products not deliver to them at the time. So it is a big issue to the firm that how this problem can be solved. The second problem of the company is a specific brand name. The masood textiles providing its products to the customers who are not consumer but these are the companies who are delivering the product of the masood textile mill with their own brand name

SWOT analysis of the company

Internal analysis:


Production capacity:

The masood textile is the largest knitwear firm in Pakistan. Its production capacity of per day is 85 ton.

Biggest unit in knitwear:

Masood textile is the largest knitwear production company in Pakistan which is providing a variety of knitwear such as long wear, sleep wear, sports wear, under wears, active wear, athletics, and fabric

Oracle based system:

The MTM is the firm in textile which has the stronsg oracle base system. Wich is help to complete the work quickly and efficiently. That saved the time and improve production capacity of the firm

Totally export oriented:

The Masood textile is totally export oriented company. It is only exporting the knitwear product. It did not providing their products in Pakistan because of the high prices due to the quality conscious.

Employee's chain:

The masood textile is the only firm in textile industry which has only the chain of 17000 employees who are contributing their efforts to make the MTM the best company.

Best quality knitwear:

The masood textile is producing the high quality knitwear in Pakistan. The strategy of the masood textile is to produce quality products for the elite class whatever the price

Imported machinery:

The masood textile is using totally imported machinery which increased the production capacity of the firm and Strong market image.


Unable to meet the orders:

The production capacity of the masood textile should more increased because it is not meeting the orders of precuts according to the demand of the products.

Timely delivery:

Masood textile is failed to deliver the order in time because of the late checking and packing and clearance of the order, late transportation of the order to the port for the export.

Brand name:

masood textile mills is not providing its precuts with their own brand name they only provide products to the other companies and or with the customer required logo so in the international market there is no brand name of the masood textile for the consumer. They only providing product to the companies

External analysis:


exile in the other market

Masood textile has opportunity to exile in the other markets of the world. Because the masood textile is providing 60% of its production in U.K and 40% to the different European countries

Start business in the other countries like china.

To star providing products of denim and woolen.

By increasing the production capacity the company can meet the more market share.

Govt. is also providing lot of incentives to the exporters.

The decreasing interest rates on the loans.

MTM has opportunity to explore new international and growth oriented markets for the exports of fabric.

MTM can play the role of agent. So they can save the commission which is paid to the agents.

MTM can better the marketing techniques.


Pakistan's economical crises:

• Growth rate of the country is also important for the progressive textile industry.

• Inflation rate shows the level of prices. The high rate of inflation level leading towards the lower profit margin.

• Macro economy will also keep in improving the industry growth.

• Foreign investment is also boosting the economy.

• Govt. rules & regulation also have an influence in the textile industry.

• The fiscal balance also has impact. It is reducing so the interest rate is also decreasing.

• Balance of payment is also improving it is a positive indicator for the development of textile sector.

• Govt. incentives to the export of textile products also play vital role.

• The rupee increasing so we are getting more foreign exchange.


The government taxes and the procedures about the taxes collection also have impact on the textile sector.

Govt. rules & regulation about the textile sectors they also influence on the small and the large textile industries.

Duty drew back is also another, which is important.

Export policies and the quota policies play a vital role in developing the future of the textile mill.

Custom rules & regulation are major factors in importing the machinery and exporting the products.

The export surcharges also have the impact on the competitiveness of the organization.

The discontinuity in the policies have the negative impact on BT.


• Growth rate of the country is also important for the progressive textile industry.

Inflation rate shows the level of prices. The high rate of inflation level leading toward the lower profit margin.

Macro economy will also keep in improving the industry growth.

Foreign investment is also boosting the economy.

Govt. rules & regulation also have a influence in the textile industry.

The fiscal balance also has impact. It is reducing so the interest rate is also decreasing.

New entrants.

Devaluation of US doller.

MTM will face tough competition in domestic and international markets.

WTO regime will be a great threat.

Increasing the cost of production

Price fluctuations.

The strategy formulation:

To tackle the strategic issues following are the strategies through which the company can solve these problems.

Make the schedule of the companies order tacking time in a year or when company will tack orders from the customer.

Minimize the timing of packing and checking of the finished products.

Provide incentives and reward to the employees that they become loyal and work efficiently and effectively.

Make possible to reduce the time of the transportation between the factory and the port.

To make possible the clearance of the containers send for the export.

Select better shipment company that minimizes the transportation timing.

Branding strategies:

The products will provided to the companies or the customer with the own brand name of the Masood textile mills.

The company will make a own logo which represent the company which make the company's products image in the customers mind.

The company select the name which easy to pronounce, memorable and represent its products.

Identify your reasons to believe. if your customer do not believe it therefore your promise must be supported by reasons to believe.

Identify the customer touch points. Each individual steps in your business process contains a number of touch points when the customer comes in contact with your brand

Evaluation of the formulated strategy:

If these strategies will efficiently implemented which we suggest for the masood textile mills limited the weakness of the firm like no completion of the orders and late delivery of the orders can be decreased the above formulated strategies will insure to increase the profit in the next year.

The next weakness of the Masood textile mills is they have no brand name if the branding strategy will implemented with will have great impact on the MTM. When it will have their products with brand name in the markets the goodwill of the company will increase in the consumer mind and the demand of the products will increase. Another aspect is that now days the customer is brand conscious and demands a brand of any products especially in the garments or knitwear sector. So it can increase the demand of the MTM brands.

The MTM is failed to fulfill the orders if the company implemented the above mentioned strategies will have positive impact and not only increase the production capacity of the firm but will also fulfill the needs of the customer.