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In the era of globalisation a business firm or a company which is formatted to provide goods or service to the customers. By the changing of time now people can realize that business always changing in different ways. Such as Public or Private Limited Company and some are local or international. Though business has got different structure like as a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or many other form of enterprise. So, in concern about firm it is basically made up by a group of people as eminent from a sole proprietorship. As time going on, for the sake of company as well as staff's improvement, many companies are involving with some co-operative organisation. For example trade union, Labour union etc. Still we know many company are not linked with any union, which is called non-union organisation. There are some advantage and disadvantage to be linked with union or not. But majority of people believe that most of the big company are linked with union whereas compatibly small company are not. In general, non-union organisation means an organisation which is not recognised or deal with any labour union or employee union.

Today's world is growing tremendously faster in all major sectors. So like all other company nearly all managing board are realizing much competition to utilize their manpower properly. As a result many organization using human resource management (HRM) to improve their production, service quality and eventually to achieve their goal or mission. So though some company are involved with trade union and some are not, that is really making some big influence when a HR manager goes to work with that organisation.

Human resource management is the function within any organisation who deals about the Recruitment, Selection, and Employee legislation, Development, Training, Trade Union, Productivity and Motivation. As Dave Poon recommended that "the HRM have to fill these needs, since recruiting, training and educating new employees is important in maintaining the high standards of the organization". []

Because of changing trend every company need to modify their system to continue their mission. For example now a days every company has got lots of separate department to deal with all major different issues. Such as account department, IT department, technical department, customer service department and HR department. As like all other department, Human resource management is a major role by itself for any company or organization. They start to work from recruitment and by looking company as well as staff's welfare. Though many company are linked with trade or labour union but still some company are not involved with any union. That simply mean those company are not belonging to or not allowing any affiliation with a trade union. In that case those company are getting some facility for that and even sometimes its being harmful for them. As a HR manager to work in a company especially in non-union company, he or she might face some more advantage rather then disadvantage. Such as easy recruitment process, possible fair selection, favourable legislation, self -centred discipline, strong team work, quality training, flexibility, empowerment, effective reward system, smooth co-operation with employee and employer as well as efficient motivation. According to Bamberger & Meshoulm- 2000, "HR strategies are taken to mean the pattern of decisions regarding HR policies and practice that are used by management to design work and select, train, develop, appraise, motivate and control workers". [Bratton & gold, 2007]

In the role of HR manager, Recruitment and selection is a very initial and important step to go through. So when a HR manager work in a non-union firm it is become a blessing for him or her to done the job by his own way. Moreover it is sort of easy processing for a non-union firm. Because there are less rule and regulation comparing with union company. In addition, HR manager just need to follow the company's policy to gather people. While it can be done within short period of time. Employment legislation is a vital part for a HR manager. Depending on legislation HRM might need to follow difference method of employment. So in contribution of HRM role for a non-union company, own favourable legislation is much effective than union company. To improve the status of a company, discipline is a crucial fact to implement. Every non-union firm has their exclusive policy, which is remarkably important for a company to achieve their goal. Regarding with non-union firm HR manager can enforce their self centred discipline by ignoring the trade or labour union instruction at all time. Training is easier in a non-union firm because of less staff. As a result HR manager can train their limited staff properly depending on company's demand. Again in that case flexibility with empowerment encouraged a HR


manager to improve his level of success. Even he became more responsible, enthusiastic, innovative and determined to reach his as well as company's objective. Reward system in effective way could bring momentous revolution for a company. And in more cases non-union company getting this facility tremendously. Because there is no pressure from outside like trade union. As a result HR manager can truly observe the efficiency of a staff to evaluate his performance. And these neutral judgements are more motivating his staff to concentrate on aim.

Co-operation is the key factor for a company for achieving the object, it helps HR manager to be connected with his staff and other department at all time. Eventually that situation creating a good effect on employee and employer. According to Heery & Noon, 2001, "A method of ensuring internal fit again sees the need to co-ordinate approaches to people management, but here the co-ordination needs to be with other areas of the organisation". (DENNIS NICKSON -2007)

As a last but not least, efficient motivation is make a huge change for a non-union company to dedicate their employee towards their final operation. Non-union firm is much helpful for a HR manager regarding that issue. Finally all effort becomes blessing for a company with the company's HR manager as well. As Nathaniel Hawthorne stated that, "It contributes greatly towards a man's moral and intellectual health, to be brought into habits of companionship with individuals unlike himself, who care little for his pursuits, and those sphere and abilities he must go out of himself to appreciate" []

In non-union company, though HR manger facing some valuable advantage, it is still has a good number of disadvantage, for instance time consuming, much expensive, a lot dangerous , lack of privacy, extra pressure, lack of concentration etc. As Alder- 2002 said, "Within the multinational organisation, managing a strategic training and development function can be especially challenging". (Scullion & Linehan-2005)

Being a HR manager in a non-union firm initially he has to face a time consuming fact to process his work like hiring, firing etc. Regarding a non-union firm HR manager is the only role who has to solve the process without any help from outside. Moreover from job analysis to motivation through all steps HR manager has to concern by himself. As a result sometimes it is become a challenge for him to sort everything out within limited time and salary scale. Although cost minimization is a great factor for any business organisation, still it is not being possible for a non-union company at all time. Because when a HR manager start to work he need to go thorough many difference media, which cost his money. Sometimes many local and unknown powers do interrupt on his usual procedure which is out of his privacy. Additionally because of average small non-union firm, HR manger gets some extra job by his manager or from other department. Which is distracting him from his observation or concentration. Eventually it is become bit harder for a HR manger to work with a non-union firm.



According to new research data from CIPD (Griffiths-2005) "Only 39 percent of workers that think their job is GOOD". [BRATTON & GOLD -4th Edition] A worker or employee who is directly implicated with a production or manufacturing process in a company is commonly known as production worker. It is also known as production line worker. Good Production worker is a key factor for any company to achieve their goal. As a non-union production worker, a member of staff can face lots of advantage or disadvantage. such as good environment, more flexibility, bonus, career development, holiday facility etc.

Environment is a real effectual feature for a worker in a manufacturer company. If the environment is suitable for all class of people, if it is a group of enthusiastic, frankly, helpful worker then that is the best place for any worker. In that case people look after each other job, do sharing and caring among them. which brings a positive result for a company. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, 2003, "Under the 2002 employment act and since April 2003, parents of children under the age of six and parents of disabled children have the legal right to request more flexible working with the respect to hours worked, time and possibly location. A range of possible "ways of working" was outlined".[BRATTON & GOLD- 4th Edition] In a non-union company employee usually get more flexibility then union company. Consequently they can work as full time, part time, temporary or even commission based. That is really make some excellent difference from other company. In some case a number of worker getting the opportunity of using empowerment what makes them more proactive, target driven and challenging. Again in team work, staff need to rotate in other section which is making them more flexible for any job. Depending on the success of a staff in a non-union company they might get reward by bonus money or some other way. They usually get the paid holiday facility in a year. Moreover as HR manager monitor on his staff, so there is a fair possibility to develop the career.

On the other hand, under non-union company a production worker may face some crucial mischief. For instance less job security, lack of knowledge, less consciousness , shorter care on human right issues, misuse of empowerment etc.

"When it comes to promotion and career development, women are judged not too much on their abilities and achievement, but on assumption about their family life, responsibilities and future intentions" (1994:5) [Scullion and Linehan-2005]. As a general manufacturing staff in a non-union company, firstly a worker feel lees job security, because the lack of knowledge. Although it is depend on some other major reason within a company. But as a non-union worker people are less conscious about the rule and regulation of their right by the government at least. So majority of time manager or company owner are misuse of that. For example in many company people working 12/7 and they are getting much pressure with least money. In some case they are even losing their basic human right because of no unity.



To sum up, we can realize that large non-union companies might be established to enjoy widespread work-force flexibility deriving from their high-wage, high-involvement strategies from the perspective of HR manger or company. But it is not always positive for a productive employee. However, where there is a strong local union presence, this might be expected to put forth a strong dampening outcome on the levels of internal flexibility achieved.