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Many of the characteristics of modern human tissue is a complex structure , a variety of processes , and the height of the internal dynamics of the interaction and the interaction with the environment . The context of the structure and behavior of the organization and the complexity of the environment , the position of the individual , is reflected in the behavior and decision - making of the individual [1] mechanism .

In this company , our every major decision by the members of the group discussion . This is a fair and solidarity collective , each member will play an important decision in the company's decision-making . Together , we will discuss the plans and development programs . Therefore, the product promotion to China's plan is also will be the team to make decisions.


Bread Talk Food Group was established in Singapore in 2000 , mainly to investment to open a boutique bread cake chain ,Taste the bread full of creative , enjoy fashion , unique shopping environment ! BreadTalk store all glass and stainless steel structure , visual transparent and open ; open kitchen , you can clearly see all the bread manufacturing process ; each one bread not only looks and unique taste , but also because it has a unique name and wonderful story popular among consumers .

Definition of decision making concept

“Organizational behaviour is a field of study that investigates the impact that

individuals, groups and organizational structure have on behaviour within the

organization, for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organizational effectiveness.

The above definitions there are three main elements ;

Organizational behavior research study of individuals and groups , and the second ,Organizational structure, human behavior , application impact

Knowledge , in order to achieve the organization's effectiveness . These factors is the interactive nature of the impact of this behavior is applicable to a variety of system goal is to make Achieve. Investigating the nature of organizational behavior research Causality.

3.1 About group decision making

Group decision making is a participatory process , more than one person , collective action , the analysis of the problem or situation , to consider and evaluate alternative courses of action , and choose between alternative solutions or solutions . The number of people to participate in collective decision - making is very different , but usually two to seven people.

Individuals in a group demographics similar or quite different . Decision-making group may be more formal nature of , or officially designated and charged with a specific target . The process of reaching the decision may be unstructured or structure . The nature and composition of the group , its size , demographic composition , structure , and purpose , to some extent, affect their operation . ( Time pressure and conflicting goals ) the impact of the development and effective decision-making bodies , as well as external facing emergencies .

3.2 About individual decision making

Decision-making is a skill that needs to learn and master , especially the leadership of the management team . More importantly , the individual must also practice good decision-makers , because it is not desirable , too dependent on others for personal decision .

Is a situation facing personal choice made in front of them alternatives. This decision is no longer attributed to any single individual is a member of the group . This is because the process of all individuals and social groups , such as the results of social influence . By the panel's decision is often different from the individual

Evaluation of decision making process

The company is taken the decision- making which is group decision making.

The methods of group decision making

No two groups will always work the same way , participation in the decision-making process . Some of the active groups , as well as other groups , and this requires a driving force to promote the promoter of this process , There are several methods of collective decision-making . The following is a common method used in some methods

4.1 The methods of group decision making


This method is the best decision-making , start from scratch , this means creating a variety of options , and then weighed . This is a good way , the team decided that it was very popular , due to the complete creative freedom , it is available to all participants . Facilitator can promote the whole discussion , just to ensure that people do not digress . Moderator is just the beginning of the dialogue , subtle hints and nudges when participants were jammed , thus helping to make effective and creative decision . Positive side of this approach is that it attaches to the views of each member , and the final decision of the consensus reached .

Voting based on the method

This is a set of decision-making process, which is easy to use , the group has a particular set of options defined , it needs to select the best solution . A voting system , so that every participant to cast his / her vote option , he / she is considered to be the best . Is selected the option to set the maximum number of votes. However , this approach does not look at the personal opinions of each and every participant in the reorganization . A change in this approach is the general method , which most people in the Group's ability by the final decision .

4.2 The advantages of group decision making

- The Group decided advantage of the various members of the group , has a different set of skills to set in the decision - making process of the application .

- It always means that the course of action to be taken after the decision , and enhance the collective understanding .

- A group decision gains greater group commitment since everyone has his/her share in the decision-making process.

- The team spirit among the powerful members of the group , and enable the Group to think in terms of success and failure .

- Allow participants to choose from a variety of structured and unstructured techniques and methods to perform the task .

- The participants are still concentrated in the decision-making process during the meeting and Behavior discouraged.

- The meeting provided a good structure and control mechanisms .

- Create a program of " organizational memory " meetings . External information can also be easily accessed .

- Group decision-making is the nature of individual decision-making more democratic , more authoritarian nature . It easier for people to accept the democratic process , the ideals of democracy , our society is the same .

Other considerations

The political factors PEST involving the impact of government policies . By virtue of being .The Government's policy is to pass legislation to develop this analysis , it contains all the legal elements . This includes , such as the stability of the government , tax policy and government regulation . . However , in multinational companies working across .The stability of the international borders , the government and the political system.The country needs to be taken into account . Companies need to be assured.There will not be any sudden and harmful changes may affect.A lot of investment , we will have to make . The security of our operating staff .In these countries is the most important , as the presence of the infrastructure .Allow the effective transfer of goods and services .

5.1 Political

By the law of China , food producers and traders should be engaged in the production and business activities in accordance with the laws, regulations and food safety standards of the society and the public , to ensure the safety of the food , accept social supervision , commitment to social responsibility .

So , the company's product quality and quality should be guaranteed .

5.2 Economic

preliminary accounting of the economic environment , according to the National Bureau of Statistics , the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the year 2008 10.8488 trillion yuan , an increase of 21.6% over the previous year . Different regions, urban retail sales 7.3735 trillion yuan , an increase of 22.1% ; retail sales of consumer goods and below the county of 3.4753 trillion yuan , an increase of 20.7% . Sub- sectors, the wholesale and retail sales 9.1199 trillion yuan , an increase of 215 % ; accommodation and catering retail sales 1.5404 trillion Wu , an increase of 24.7% : other industries was 188.5 billion yuan , an increase of 3.7%.

Therefore , in most cities . Economic level are a good market and development forward .

5.3 Social

After 20 years of rapid development , people's living standards , with the benefit to improve at the same time , consumption concepts and habits have been improved , a great improvement in the market environment

- Consumption enhanced with high economic growth

The gradual stabilization of the price index , the improvement of the people 's income , the increase in total retail sales of social consumer goods , shows that consumers have more buying power than in the past , the consumption structure gradually high-class , rural consumption urbanization tendencies with the increasingly obvious.

- The new information to accept

A high degree of people with economic growth , changes in consumption habits of new things , new ideas , the acceptance of new information to improve novelty there is freshness , the desire to try to . Changes in consumer eating habits , an increase in bread class meals as a staple food ratio.

- Consumer advocate brand name psychology can give publicity to enhance product awareness , strong broadcast product and brand information , natural brand can create a group of diehard Good Love . Moreover, people for food to feed their families food is no need to choose , but it is exquisite gift , has a very high brand recognition.

5.4 Technology

Technology environment baked goods enterprise technology overall level is relatively backward , most are still using traditional production techniques . For example : twice a fermentation process , two mixing technology , continuous fermentation process , the fresh dough , frozen dough technology , intelligent production line techniques have not been applied generally to promote . Combined with the actual situation of enterprises of various baked in the present case , can directly draw , can further improve on this basis . So , this company with the technology development and product development. You can get the best results.


Organizational behavior is the study of how individuals and groups within the organization on the same stage . It focuses on the best way Management of individuals, groups , organizations and processes . The adoption of the decision-making is group decision making . So the concepts and theories or actual combination and analysis . Explain the basic knowledge for decision making , and discuss some of the methods and benefits .

A good way to make a decision , will directly lead to the company's development and trends . A reasonable way to make decisions , but also to maximize the benefits for the company and to reduce unnecessary losses .