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A FORTUNE 500® company, The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF) follows the past to the year 1889. With grosses of about $6.3 billions in 2008, it is America's major dealer of business organization data. American aggregate boost systematic equilibrium through its huge statistics imaginations to provide business & customers through expensive data merchandise to hold the main economic measures of people live, this as receiving a work, rent a residence, purchasing a car or residence, secure a security interest and opening or purchasing a business concern. First American Family of company various of which authority principal marketplace share position in their individual industry, work inside 5 most important business segment, include: Data and analytic solutions, risk mitigation & business solutions, Title Insurance and Services, Information and Outsourcing Solutions,& specialty insurance .

The First American Corporation follows its bases to 1889, what time Orange County, California-countryside, unexploited region at the moment-tear off since the region of Los Angeles. 2 business firms open to knob heading matter in the new county. 5years later on, C.E. Parker, a local entrepreneur succeed in combining the 2 competitor into a solitary unit. He was name president of the ensuing corporation-Orange County entitles corporation-the instant precursor to today's First American name Insurance Company, the major auxiliary of The First American Corporation.

In its initial seventy years, the company expansion collimated to facilitate of Orange County-self-effacing but stable. It earns a status for assiduousness, meticulousness and welcoming, private service. In year1924, it becomes 1 of the first conceptual companies in California to meet the requirements to concern policy of title insurance.

Donald Parker Kennedy, grandson of the originator, connected the corporation following finishing law school in 1948. He shortly recognizes that the corporation wanted to enlarge outside the borders of the county in regulate to stay alive. In 1957, the board of director's official a growth table through the intention of flattering a powerhouse in the Southern California market. on the other hand, the result to give services where its accessible clients had operation shortly conducted the company distant away from California's boundaries. In 1963, D.P. Kennedy was name president of the company, succession for his uncle, George Parker. By this occasion, the company has distorted its name to First American and was in service in 4 state

In addition to a complete occurrence all around the U. S.A. First American heading has pioneer operation in almost seventy countries. In 1989, First American approach Canadian official through a demand to open up heading insurance offices in Canada. As that occasion, the company has inspired the method title insurance is use and watched by Canadian customers & loaners.

With the achievement of its enterprises in Canada, First American used a similar business model to expand worldwide operation across the world. First American was the primary heading insurance contributor in Hong Kong , Korea, & Mexico has the most important market share in England & Australia .These days, First American continue to research latest worldwide opportunity, as healthy as job with government official and community leader in rising nation to assist these leadership generate administration that protect proprietor compensates and secure a more inviolable local economy. 


First American human resources processes and solutions to meet the business needs of multiple client groups. Administers and executes human resource policies, programs and practices, including planning, organizing, developing, implementing, coordination ,directing and using hr scorecard. This individual is also responsible for tactical implementation of a variety of human resources programs and initiatives and must keep current on federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations in order to ensure company's legal compliance through policy setting, practice standards, and advice to management.

Administers and executes :

First American typically perform a variety of professional and administrative duties in support of the day-to-day operations of a function, program and/or department; assist in program planning and development; interpret, monitor and analyze information regarding operating policies and procedures; administer budgets; and coordinate academic and/or staff personnel matters. First American Incumbents resolve problems which have a significant impact on the overall goals of the department.

Program & practices

First American Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities and key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. First American managing approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies.


First American development of strategies for matching the size and skills of the workforce to organizational needs. Human resource planning assists organizations to recruit, retain, and optimize the deployment of the personnel needed to meet business objectives and to respond to changes in the external environment.


First American every day, you update forms, compile lists, and create managerial reports regarding promotions or job changes. it's necessary to gather and organize the data in the most efficient way. First American Start by structuring information in an organized manner that is easy to read and understand.


First American faced with rapid change organizations need to develop a more focused and coherent approach to managing people.


First American will address the success of Human Resource Management (HRM) implementation, concentrating not on the HR function but on first-line managers. First-line managers find implementing HR practices at the operational level difficult and show reluctance with their HR responsibilities. However, they have become increasingly responsible for the implementation of HRM and thus, their performance is critical for HRM effectiveness.


First American the role of Human Resources and of Hiring Managers as it is a very important for setting the correct measures and to identify potential gaps in the whole recruitment process.

First American strategic Principals and a major goal are of profit maximization and maximizing market share. They have HR policies regarding strategic fit and strategic plan like business level strategy. First American mesaure the HR functions effectiveness and efficiency, focuses on organization learning and employee productivity and use HR scorecard in evaluating employee performance.

Hrm Balance scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a comprehensive performance measurement tool that reflects

all the measures critical for the success of the firm's strategy. It's a performance report based on a broad set of both financial and non financial measures. It is a crucial part of the firm's effort to better understand and to implement its strategy.


Translating the vision into operational goals.

Communicating the vision and link it to individual performance.

Business planning.

Feedback, learning and adjusting the strategy accordingly.

Advantages of Balanced Score Card

It translates vision and strategy into action.

It defines the strategic linkages to integrate performance across organizations.

It communicates the objectives and measures to a business unit.

It aligns the strategic initiatives in order to attain the long-term goals.

It aligns everyone within an organization so that all employees understand how they support the strategy.

It provides a basis for compensation for performance

Helps to integrate various corporate programs. Such as: quality, re-engineering, and customer service initiatives.

Breaking down strategic measures towards lower levels, so that unit managers, operators, and employees can see what's required at their level to achieve excellent overall performance.

A means for implementing strategy by drawing managers' attention to strategically

relevant critical success factors, and rewarding them for achievement of these factors

A fair and objective basis for firms to use in determining each manager's compensation and advancement.



The balanced scorecard suggests that we view the organization from four perspectives, and to develop metrics, collect data and analyze it relative to each of these perspectives:

The Learning and Growth Perspective

The Business Process Perspective

The Customer Perspective

The Financial Perspective

Creating scorecard

This report provides a step-by-step process by which HR leaders can create their own dedicated functional balanced scorecard that will clearly demonstrate how the function is helping to deliver its organizations' strategic goals.

Demonstrating value is now critical. As senior managers turn the spotlight onto HR's contribution to the success of the organization, discover the powerful role played by performance measurement in enabling HR to reposition itself as a key strategic business partner.

Creating the HR Scorecard reveals:

The 'new' skills HR professionals must develop in order to become true strategic assets to their organisations.

10 international best-practice case studies illustrating how HR can play a critical role in shaping world-class people strategies for their companies.

An explanation of how the ROI of HR programmers can be assessed and a detailed overview of how to conduct an HR audit

The demands placed on HR in the current climate and the challenges involved in becoming a strategic partner complete results, analysis and commentary from a survey of over 200 leading organizations.

The Seven-Step Model for Implementing HR's Strategic Role

Clarify and articulate the business strategy

Develop the business case for HR as a strategic asset

Create a strategy map for the firm:

• Business indicators - leading and lagging

• Results - tangible and intangible

Identify HR deliverables within the strategy map

Align the HR architecture with HR deliverables:

• HR function

• HR system

• Strategic employee behaviors

Design the strategic measurement system:

• The HR scorecard

• Results measurements - tangible and intangible

Execute management by measurement.

Value chain

A value chain is a chain of activities. Products pass through all activities of the chain in order and at each activity the product gains some value. The chain of activities gives the products more added value than the sum of added values of all activities. It is important not to mix the concept of the value chain with the costs occurring throughout the activities. A diamond cutter can be used as an example of the difference. The cutting activity may have a low cost, but the activity adds much of the value to the end product, since a rough diamond is significantly less valuable than a cut diamond. The value chain categorizes the generic value-adding activities of an organization. The "primary activities" include: inbound logistics, operations (production), outbound logistics, marketing and sales (demand), and services (maintenance). The "support activities" include: administrative infrastructure management, human resource management, technology (R&D), and procurement. The costs and value drivers are identified for each value activity. The value chain framework quickly made its way to the forefront of management thought as a powerful analysis tool for strategic planning


Strategic planning = Analysis decision and action needed to create and sustain competitive advantage

Acquisition of employees = New employees effectively contribute to the implementation of the business strategy .The planning process advertising & recruitment sources support the business strategy. Interviews are effective in selecting the right candidate

Employees training & development = Positive change in attitude of participants .Increased expertise in area applicable to one job .Opportunities to practice newly acquired skill on the job .Support from peers supervisors and others in utilization knowledge gained in training

Organization development changes = High level of product quality of product & service .Positive change in responsiveness in meeting customers needs. Organization culture reflects the organization supports the business strategy. Fluid organization structure

Performance management = Each position and tasks performed by the incumbent adequately support the strategic business objective of the organization .The process is effective in maximizing employee performance

Reward system = Reward system viewed as motivating for employees to increase their performance. Provide incentive to achieve individual and organization al behavior aligned with business strategies investment

Organizational Behavior theory = understand predict and influences employee behaviors

Overall scorecard of the First American

This report of First American provides a step-by-step process by which HR leaders can create their own dedicated functional balanced scorecard that will clearly demonstrate how the function is helping to deliver its organization's strategic goals.







( Financial strong )


1) Return on Capital Employed - 25%

2) Existing Asset Utilization - 30%

3) Profitability - 20%

4) Industry Cost Leader - 25%


2) Cash Flow

3) Net Margin Rank (vs. Competition)

4) Full Cost per Gallon Delivered (Vs. Competition)

5)Volume Growth Rate vs .Industry

6)Premium Ratio



( Delight the customers)


1) Continually Delight the Targeted Consumer - 30%

2) Build Win-Win Relations with Dealer- 20%

3) customer care- 25%

4) feedback- 25%

1) Share of Segment in Selected Key Markets.

2) Mystery Shopper Rating.

3) Dealer Gross Profit Growth.

4) Dealer Survey .



(Build the Franchise)

(Increase Customer Value)

(Operational Excellence)

(Good Neighbor)


Innovative products and services - 20%

Best-in-class Franchise Teams- 30%

Operation Performance- 25%

Inventory Management


New Product ROI

New Product Acceptance Rate

Dealer Quality Score

Yield Gap

Unplanned Downtime

Inventory Levels

Run-out Rate

Activity Cost. vs. Competition

Perfect Orders

Number of



(Motivated and Prepared Workforce)


1)Climate for Action - 20%

2)Core Competencies and Skills- 30%

3)Access to Strategic Information - 20%

4) training for employees - 30%

Personal BSC (%)

Employee Survey

Strategic Competency Availability

Strategic Information

Communicating the HR Balance Scorecard across the HR organization and the business is a critical aspect of successful implementation. The development process increased learning and understanding but was only visible to the top leaders within HR and the business. To use the HR Balance Scorecard to drive change throughout the organization, the Planning, Measurement, and Analysis team developed a phased approach to communicate and train the managers and their departments on this new management tool. The emphasis on the scorecard was on the value the tool provided in communicating strategy and alignment to the business. It also served as a tool that provided proactive solutions to employee issues or deterrents before a negative impact could occur to the bottom line. Performance measurement was also an essential component, and all in the HR organization had their incentive compensation tied to the results of the HR Scorecard.

Financial (performance ) 40%

1) Return on Capital Employed - 25%

2) Existing Asset Utilization - 30%

3) Profitability - 20%

4) Industry Cost Leader - 25%


(Performance ) 20%

1)Climate for Action - 20%

2)Core Competencies and Skills- 30%

3)Access to Strategic Information - 20%

4) training for employees - 30%

International business process

(performance ) 30%

Innovative products and services - 20%

Best-in-class Franchise Teams- 30%

Operation Performance- 25%

Inventory Management


Learning and growth

(performance) 10%

1) Continually Delight the Targeted Consumer - 30%

2) Build Win-Win Relations with Dealer- 20%

3) customer care- 25%

4) feedback- 25%

Classical placement


The Balance Scorecard has made it possible for HR managers to understand how to align HR strategy with the overall business objectives. They are able to explain not only what they are tracking but also how they are performing on essential strategies for the business. Business environment and the objectives and strategies will continue to evolve, and HR managers will continue to be flexible and creative in supporting the changes. The value of the HR Scorecard as a tool is that it can get HR to the new goals and measures and through the process ensure continued learning and change management. Balance score card focusing the whole organization on the few key things needed to create breakthrough performance. BSC enables managers to see how their activity contributes to the success of others.


Managerial control should be implemented perfectly.

Prepare a professional strategies for the balance scorecard

For better training they can go for professional trainers.

After every training it is very much important to take evaluation about training program. They should evaluate the trainees properly..

A means for implementing strategy by drawing managers' attention to strategically relevant critical success factors, and rewarding them for achievement of these factors .

Better MIS support is needed for smoother operation .

Give proper feedback to senior manager by the use of scorecard

Continues structure view for better implementation

project team should representing different parts of the organization

Employ should be intimated about performance appraisal

Customer weight age should be given more importance.

Avoiding the poor performance in the future in the basis of research