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Tesco is a British based international grocery and general merchandising retail chain. It is the largest British retailer by both global sales and domestic market share. Now Tesco become fourth largest retailer in the world. It is specialising in food and drink, it has diversified into areas such as clothing, consumer electronics, financial services, telecoms, home, health, different insurances, medical recovery, retailing and renting DVD's, CD's, mobiles and software.

The first three latter "TES" of Tesco's are taken from T.E. Stockwell who was the shipment of tea by Jack Cohen and last two latter "CO" from surname of Jack Cohen. It is known as Tesco all over the world.

Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen in the east end London and appeared its first brand in 1924. At first day Mr Cohen made 1 pound profit at 4 pound. The first Tesco was opened in 1929. In 1932 Tesco become a private limited company and in 1947 Tesco stores floated in the exchange market with 25p share price. The first self service store was opened in 1951. During the 1950 to 1960 Tesco buys almost 800 stores. In 1960 Tesco started to expand its stores and rapidly selling more products in large stores. In 1961 Tesco's name written in the Guinness Book of World Record as a largest store in Europe. In 1973 Jack Cohen resigned and transfers his responsibilities to his son in law. In 1974 Tesco opened its first petrol station and become UK's independent petrol retailer. In 1977 Tesco launched operation checkout with Green Shield Stamps, price reduction and centralised buying for all stores. In 1979 Tesco's profit become £1 Billion and in 1982 it become almost double £2 billion. In 1982 Tesco take control on the supermarket stores. Tesco launched it's slogged "Every little helps" in 1992. Tesco starts club card scheme in 1995 for the customers. In 1996 opened its first 24 hours store and in 2000 launched the website for online shopping. In 2006 Tesco decided to open stores in USA with the name of "Fresh and Green". [1]


Tesco is the biggest retailer superstores in UK. It is in 14 countries in the world and still carries on for all over the world. Tesco is specialises in food and drinks, Tesco buy all the products from manufacturers. Tesco sells a

Complete range of food and drink at very competitive price. Tesco is selling very vast range of products according to their department. Tesco's departments are grocery, wine and beer, entertainment & digital, finance & insurance, phones & broadband, home electrical, furniture & kitchen, home & bath, jewellery & watches, sports and leisure equipment, toys & gifts and gardening & garden tools.


Tesco strategy is to make it better place for work. The main objects of Tesco's are as following

To serve the customer with trust and respect

An interesting job for the employers

To make the environment helpful and friendly

A manager who helps everyone

Tesco is very flexible with the employers and gives full opportunity for their carrier. It is very easy to work with Tesco because Tesco feels proud that it is working trustfully and helpful for the employers and customers. Although Tesco is always looking forward to improve the customer services. [2]

Tesco as a big company followed the different policies. On the base of these policies it tries to provide better customer service, low price and good quality products etc.


Tesco is the UK is largest supermarket retail organisation which has chosen nice universe quality management software to optimise it oproch towards quality management .it has work very closely with BSL to take their performance to a top level.

Having grown from a domestic retailer to an international group, Tesco operates 2,291 stores around the world and employs 296,000 people. To support its growing customer base, Tesco employs 700 representatives, known as Customer Service Managers (CSM's), predominantly based at a contact centre in Dundee.

Tesco follow out nice manually performance management, this is before to the nice automated quality of management software and good log digital voice recording which also provided by BSL.

Tesco reassess solution offered by four suppliers, which are assessing the cost, quality of manufactured goods, ease of carrying out and combination into recent infrastructure. "Steve Powell, Operations Manager at Tesco explains why BSL was chosen along with NICE's quality management and voice recording solutions"

"BSL differed from other suppliers as its solution offered screen capture. The company offered a well established presence in the UK market place with existing blue-chip customer references."

Using screen capture in combination with voice recording offers two profits. Team head can quickly listen in to calls while at the same time watching screen activity of when call was proceeding. Provided that complete picture perfect assessment. Second one is the screen capture solution notable Tesco to assess system usage, recovering efficiency by analysing keystrokes and mouse clicks where its needs

Ian Russell, Customer Services Manager comments on BSL's preparation and implementation of the system: "At all times BSL's technical services department has been excellent, keeping us on track, giving advice and steering us."

Follow the system installation, Tesco busy the services of BSL'S contact centre expert division to make sure maximum on investments. A BSL contact centre expert at first carried out a development need s expert (DNA) of Tesco performance management .this include comprehensive research, expert and advise that were presented in report to Tesco.

BSL's experts worked very close with the team leaders to understand their requirements and create simplified assessment forms which are easy and fast to complete. Outcome from these forms provide important feedback for training and progress.

Temporary recommendation from BSL, Tesco has profitable added by using forms within nice universe to access letters and emails and senior management.this has been provided additional data for experts, permit team leaders to score part of the CSMs performance not only telephone calls and screen activity

Based on information from the DNA, Tesco is b busy BSL to design specially made excel assessment reports for CSMs, team leaders and leading management .these database automatically assemble data from niceunierse using standard Tesco.Tesco performance scoring in a pattern format common to all employees.1

Self-assessment is actively motivated, enabling CSMs to reconsider their own reports regularly, balancing their performance to their peers and the contact middle average. This self-evaluation is showing to be motivational, enabling CSMs to identify excellent designs of service, or recent progress.

Team leaders use the details to continually observe new hires to measure their team against the whole business and to consider key performance pointers (KPI's) of calls pin-point training opportunities. In order to measure the efficiency of coaching or training, team leaders review details after training looking for progress performance.2

The weekly assessment reports arecollected; building an correct picture for superior management to successfully monitor trends, manage movement or working efficiency. For example, call level almost double following a club card mailing, introduction the CSMs under better pressure. Previously only quantitative data could be calcuate

This organisation is already profit from return on investments. The customized and automated to exceed reports provided by BSL, have permission Tesco to reduce the time taken by team leaders to assess performance, by half.2

Steve Powell explains further: "As team leaders can now evaluate CSMs themselves; they can retrieve, listen to and score calls at their desk at convenient times, leading to huge productivity savings."