An International Fast Food Pizza Delivery Corporation Commerce Essay

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The policies and actions the government or change in government where in Domino's Pizza is located, whether national or local polices and rule affects how the business is being conducted. The political and legal conditions that could affect the business of and Domino's Pizza are the policies of the local and national government towards business, if the government is more open in the establishment of numerous restaurants, then more restaurants will be established. On the other hands, if the policies do not protect the business then fewer restaurants will be established. Another factor is the law for regulation of the business and the external environment. If the business environment is not friendly with the company, then there is a possibility that neither Domino's Pizza will not open a restaurant and instead move to a more business-friendly government.

Government policies should be supportive to run smooth business in states and country.

Economic Factors

This part is concerned on the overall perspective of the economy. The macro economy of a nation has a huge impact on the business such as Domino's Pizza. Factors in the economy include the gross domestic product, the unemployment and inflation rates, the foreign trade deficit and surplus. If the overall economy of a country is not favourable, lesser people will franchise Domino's Pizza because they will most likely loss a great amount of money instead obtaining profits.

Changes in economical condition make changes in business economic also.

Customer behaviour is also related to economic condition. more income more purchasing power.

Adapting To Economic Environment in India

Domino's made their entry in India in 1996 when the country was marching into an era of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. These years marked the start of some of the greatest socio economic and cultural changes in our country.

Domino's focuses on customers by offering pizzas and Italian delicacies at affordable prices to middle class Indian consumers. Domino's has 298 outlets in 65 cities across 20 states. This is the largest chain fast food restaurants. Thus they have adapted to Indian economy in terms of purchasing power and disposable income of middle class Indians.

Social Factors

It is the most difficult from the four factors because the attitudes and beliefs of people are difficult to quantify. Peoples religious belief and custom change and development mentality for product and services. The influence of the values and beliefs affects the business of Domino's Pizza.

For example in India beef or pork is not served in the Pizza. If the current trend in the society is being health conscious,

thus consumers will demand that the foods be healthy.

Across Socio-Cultural Barriers

Domino's outlets are trendy in every small or big town across the world. Domino's understand and adapt from changing preferences of its customers and put together a tantalising menu that attracts foodies around the globe.

Technological Factors

The fast changes in technology nowadays have far-reaching effects in the businesses. The factors that have a huge impact are the research and development, internet and e-commerce, and new technologies. The research and development has effects on the business of Domino's Pizza because through R&D new products are developed for the business, the internet and e-commerce also contributes to the technological factors because through them customers can give feedback regarding the products of Domino's Pizza which can also aid in the research and development, and the service of the company.

Embracing Technology in India

At Domino's Pizza, online sales accounted for over 70 percent of its total sales in 2008.Hence, Domino's plan to further take the increasing potential of the online medium as one of the promotional and distributional channels. They do a number of different activities online to increase sales. This makes domino's more customer attractive and easy way of communication

Market Targeting

16 to 35 years is the core target group for its communication. Their core target customer is the urban. where both husband and wife are working, who are short of time but want to indulge in tasty food at home. Young people, families, office-goers, anyone who wants to take a break from what they eat every day or from cooking. In other words, anyone looking for a tasty & fun filled meal is their target customer. Another 'live' category they target is the traveller or commuter keen on eating a satisfying meal of the best international quality when he is in a relative hurry.


When Domino's entered the Indian market it tried to position Pizza as a substitute for meals through the Hungry Kya ? campaign. The concept of home delivery was still in its starting stages. It existed only in some major cities. Eating out at 'branded' restaurants was more trendy. To enter the Indian market, Domino's introduced an integrated home delivery system from a network of company outlets within 30 minutes of the order being placed.

Their 30 minutes nahi to free campaign that set the sales charts on fire. The campaign was based on the realisation that the DINK (Double Income No Kids) segment of consumers were bursting in number and were willing to have pizzas but frequent traffic congestion meant that they wanted the convenience of having it at home. So domino's thought of reaching to it's the customer's doorstep if they could not reach domino's. For the first 4 years in India, Domino's concentrated on its 'Delivery' act. For its delivery promise to work, Domino's followed an 11-minute schedule: one minute for taking down the order, one minute for Pizza-making, six minutes oven-time, and three minutes for packing, sealing and exit. Next to roll was their new positioning

'Khushiyon ki Home Delivery', in 2008. It talks about the fundamental thing domino's does, that is, delivering happiness. As told by Ajay Kaul, CEO, Domino's Pizza India Ltd in an interview,

Domino's brand is built around the emotional benefit of satisfies your craving for tasty food at the time of need' . The main focus is on owning the taste platform as a means to satisfy the craving for good food through innovative and indulgent pizzas, and the 30 minutes delivery promise is a credible reason for the at the time of need positioning'

Customers belief and trust domino's for on time and delicious pizza delivery.

Domino's Pizza SWOT


Leading pizza delivery company in India with 298 stores across 65 cities in India.

Strong brand value supported by heavy advertising & marketing campaigns.

Fast Supply chain & distribution network.

Less than 30 minutes home delivery.

Quick Service at outlets.

Lower price.


Outlets lack space which restrict limited occupancy.

No option for birthday parties and corporate lunches.

Ambience not up to expectations.


Growing and emerging new markets, particularly in India, China.

Fast and affective supply chain & distribution system to introduce new products

Growing fast food market in India give scope for expansion.

Changes in standard of living and lifestyle of Indian youth.


Customer getting more health conscious.

• Intensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitors.

Entry of global leaders like Papa John's in India.

Competitors offering better quality and dining space and facility.

Threat from social - cultural factors. For example, exclusion of beef and pork from its items.


Geographic segmentation

Geographic segmentation is basically division of market on basis of geographical condition or place.

Markets are mainly divided into the rural and urban areas. Domino's intends to penetrate completely within these markets by opening up 20-25 outlets per year in these cities. Domino's has a young and enthusiastic team of more than 2,100 employees. Today, Domino's has emerged as the leader in the fast food segment with about 65% of market share of pizza delivery in India and have outlets more than any other corporation in the business of food, not just the pizza business.

Area - semi urban and urban

City -  class-A and Class-B cities i.e. metro politician cities

Region -- 56 regions where the pizza demand is more. And around 250 outlets in India.

Demographic segmentation

In demographic segmentation, we divide the market into groups on

the basis of variables such as age, gender, etc.

Age - Below 15 years - 0% 15 - 20 years - 20% 21 - 30 years - 40%

31 - 40 years - 25%Above 40 years - 15% The companies target audience is the bachelors, youth and the professionals who have no time to prepare food and to grab the food as fast as possible.

Gender - They targeted both genders.(mainly male because many males will not like to prepare food when they are single).

Income - further segment the market based on economic groupings: Income status Upper Class 60%Middle Class 35% Lower class 5%

Occupation -self employed (superior level peoples), officers executives, junior officers Executives.

Ethnicity - For this reason they come modified their menu and they added new dishes like peppy paneer and pizzas are available in 3 sizes small, medium, and large.

Psychographic segmentation

psychology is to better understand the consumers, and they are trying to suit with local food, and they all ready created the brand name in consumers mind by advertisement and service i.e. 30 min delivery.

Behavioural Segmentation

Domino's brand is built around the emotional benefit of "satisfies your craving for tasty food at the time of need The main focus is on owning the taste platform as a means to satisfy the craving for good food through innovative and indulgent pizzas, and the 30 minutes delivery promise works best to target people who don't have much time to go out and eat food where both husband and wife are working. They target both existing and new users.


Pizza hut.


Papa John's.


Varity of Pizza's• Good ambience• Services offered• Quality of pizza's• Location of the Outlet• Waiting time in the outlet• Door step services • Low pricing.


Domino's Pizza has positioned itself as pizza delivery experts and they occupy major market share in home delivery. As competition is increasing they need to focus on developing of new strategies to retain and attract new customers. improve quality of pizzas with respect to competitors. Also, it is important to provide customers with good ambience with they visit Domino's outlet.