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The purpose of this assessment is that to identify and analyze the Human Resource policies adopted in BT (British telecom) and determine whether these policies are appropriate or not based on the current market trends. The investors will be interested in certain way as to how the company is performing, for this the HR policies adopted by the company plays an imperative role. These HRM policies mentioned below have been associated with the business strategies of BT.

Selection and recruitment

Flexible Work arrangements

Performance management

British Telecom(BT) background Information

BT is one of the world's leading providers of Communication solution and services, operating in more than 170 countries their activities in clued networked IT services, local and international communication, higher value internet products and services.( BT Group plc, 2010)[5]

2.1) Global locations

BT has an extensive global presence to support international and multi-national organizations. They provide local availability of business, technology and service around the globe. Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and North & South America. ( BT Group plc, 2010)[5]

2.2) Business strategy

The company operates in a range of markets, providing communications services to their customers both in the UK and globally. To ensure those customers get the services and support they deserve, our focus is on building a better business. . (BT Group plc, 2010)[5]

The key priorities are still in place. The company delivers better customer service, cut costs, and invest in their infrastructure. The company is delivering its attention in six main areas:

Global Services

Consumer services

Building new super-fast networks

Becoming the wholesaler of choice

Making BT a great place to work

3) Human Resource Introduction

Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training appraising and compensating the employees and of attending to their labor relation, health and safety concerns. The concept that I have discussed provided the techniques in which the company can meet its strategies( Gary Dessler.2007)[1]

4) Selection and recruitment

Recruitment: It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.( Yeung, Rob, 2008)[2]

Selection: Selection is the process of evaluating the qualifications, experience, skill, knowledge, etc, of an applicant in relation to the requirements of the job to determine his suitability for the job. The selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information from applicants and selecting the most suitable among them, based on an assessment of how successful the employee would be in the job, if he were placed in the vacant position.( ICMR Case Studies in Business, Management(2010)[4]

BT constantly recruits the candidates based on the merit and proficiency. The company also gaze for certain other qualities as well in an individual such as analytical ability, communication and logical judgment simultaneously with innovation skill in practical dilemma. BT gives a very towering importance for the candidate's academic brilliance.

4.1) Policy

Careful selection is requisite by BT the company is exceedingly recognised and the quality standards are very high, in this company performance is important because having the member of staff with the right skill and right knowledge will be superior as the firm will not suffer in the long run. Cost is another important factor because it will cost the employer to recruit and hire people.

BT want the best, so our recruitment and selection process is rigorous, thorough and designed to identify those people who will be most suited with BT. The process is managed entirely by BT's experienced recruitment team and all hiring decisions are endorsed by a panel of senior leaders.

This type of recruitment policy would play participant roles while still allowing for evolution. All processes are geared to achieve the objective of attracting and selecting the best and brightest talent, while ensuring a best fit of the profiles.

4.2) Objectives

BT can analysis whether the candidate is with up to date knowledge of current theory and practice.

This selection and recruitment need candidate with a strong academic background

With this practice BT can short list the candidates with evidence of promotion/upward progression.

The company needs employees with significant knowledge on their roles, for example, budgetary, project responsibility and team management.

4.3) Critical analysis

Recruiting good candidates is every company's job. Human resource manager usually take the lead and coordinates the required activities , but every employee, every manager and every supervisor of the company has a role and share in the benefits of recruiting best applicants for the required position in the company.

While I understand any business requires good applicants and candidates. In an interview I usual come across HR managers and several other employers from the company in the interview room , I see that employer usually throw questions at the candidate primarily aimed at tripping the candidate off rather that finding out what they could offer through their skills. Usually I have noticed that the HR manager of any company usually ask their own favorite questions. But the strategy applied by this company seems to be the best and most competitive in almost every phase. This strategy applied by the company has the following advantages:

Knows the job requirements

Know what skill is required for that job

They know what they are looking for in the candidate

They know how to structure an interview

The company can find the right fit candidate

By the application of the above strategy of ,the manager can quickly find out who would be best candidate for the job. They can find out chief fad from the candidate such as

Knowledge and experience

Overall motivation to succeed

Poise and confidence


Intellectual capacity

Personality Factor

Goals ambition

This kind of rigorous recruitments can save a lot of time for the management

This approach is cost effective

The biggest advantage of this approach is that and the reason why many recruiter favors this approach is that it generates high quality candidates.

This approach helps in recruiting a more diverse workforce for the organization, thus improving productivity.

From this I understand that this rigorous recruitments has a interview plan about which we can draw the candidates general strength and inadequacy. This recruitment finds the employees who will be technically be competent and fit the company culture. The most of all this approach gets an insight about the candidates passion on working with what talents they have and this would help them executes the assignment given to them in a better ways and independently without the help of the in the same organization.

4.5) Recommendations

The policy of application process adopted by this company is one of its kind in fact the best practices ever. This helps the company in achieving its targets and meeting the required targets of the company with the help of best employments force. I truly agree that these polices are beneficial for the organization in achieving its targets and goals

5) Flexible Work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements began to gain popularity as an employee benefit in the early 1970s. Such arrangements can take a variety of forms from working fewer hours or days, to working the same number of hours but with greater flexibility over when the hours will be worked. Regardless of the specific format, flexible work arrangements inject changes in the professional's work environment as the professional is no longer working during the same hours and/or as many hours as is the norm in their office .(Almer, Elizabeth Dreike,2002)[3]

A work Schedule in which employees' workdays are built around a care of mid day hours, and employees determine, within limits, what other hours they will work.(Laurie J.Mullins,2005)[6]

5.1) Policy

Based on the responsibilities carer and private life the employees, the employees will require flexible work arrangement from their employer. The employees are given the freedom to send in their request based on their requirements. BT will look in to the request based facts and circumstances, later decide whether to accept or reject the request of the employee. this flexible work arrangement will not be a obstacle at the epoch of promotion or responsibilities. The company will treat all the employees equal including those who have this benefit of flexibility. Only a definite set of employees will have the right for this flexible work arrangements such as if the employees has served the organisation for 12 months, secondly if they have a child who is under the school age, thirdly if and only if they also have a child who is under 18 and physically challenged

5.2) Objectives

The sort of situation the member of staff would be in if he does not discharge the family or livelihood responsibilities

Attracting and retaining the most excellent employees

Provide a secure, reverential and flexible work situation

Delivering our services in a protected, courteous and realistically flexible way

Functioning securely at all epoch

The brunt on business if the company has this flexible work arrangements

The collision on business if the company does not have this flexible work arrangements

5.3) Critical analysis

What I weigh up from this is that flexible work schedules have optimistic effects on employee output and their job satisfaction. The fundamental right of the human being is to be happy , this is the role of the organization as a whole in holistic sense , which in turn make maximum use of people .

This has become quit popular in the last few years trying to reduce staff cost and as well as saving on the real estate as the employee would not be using the office space not requiring a desk, but rather working from home ,without having to make redundancies during recession. In this way people wok different and more productively from which the company can get its return on investment .This can make the organization more competitive.

Flexi work arrangements helps in creating unique work place ,that makes business more productive which is a smarter working practice where people are fully engaged and a good HR benefit.

Bt has about 80000 flexible workers out of which 15000 are home based, each home based employee save about 6000 pounds a year on the accommodation cost alone, today its about 80 million pounds a year.

Ever increasing cost of travel, the fuel charges have been reduces by video confencing which saves 1 million pound a year on face to face meeting, further saving 169 pounds a today.

With this flexi work arrangement each house based worker is been 30 % more productive than the employees who work in the offices, These employees who work from home are happier and healthier thus reducing 63% less sick leaves than other who work in offices.

These results in reduction of absentees' to about 20% a year and thus reducing stress.

This Flexi work arrangement works well for women , where the company has an average of 1000 women been in maternity case, this policy allows retaining about 500 women thus reducing cost of recruitment of about 5-6 million pounds a year.

Its like a motivational tool and trust based relation.

Reduce cost on travel, fuel consumption required for travel about 12 million liters a year ,reducing carbon to about 97000 tones a year, thus also saving time.

Increase team effectiveness

Profitable strategy for a business.

There is dramatic changes in many of the organization in the recent years when they have introduce this flexible work arrangements, but this has improved the overall productivity, commitment and output of the employees. This provides the employees relaxation in terms of task duties and responsibilities and also provided the employees with a opportunity to work away from campus. I analysis that Flexible working opportunities can benefit everyone - employers, employees and their families. Most employers now recognize that it makes good business sense to provide flexible working opportunities for their staff. The flexible work arrangements have changed over the years in United kingdom where in 17.7% of men and 26.7% of women were employed with flexitime arrangements in the United Kingdom,

Work during quiet periods: Working in this type of nature would increase the amount of work and making maximum use of the human resource. Fox example, if you are in customer service this would help a person make use of this time in paper work when the phones are not ringing.

Work-life balance : This way of working environment would create a balance in work - life which will help morale, motivation and commitment to the organization. This would help a person focus on his/ her work more effectively, than changing their focus elsewhere. This would help in increasing the business reputation of the employer as a whole.

Impact on your employer's business :This system has a major impact on the business , they are possibilities that the application might get rejected based on the business grounds of the organization.

Cost of keeping the workplace open for longer: There will be cost incurred in opening the workplace for longer, which could be a loss for the company , think about the security they need to provide we need think about these costs by the advantage of this.

Keeping track of hours worked: The company may argue that it will be difficult to keep a track of hours the employee is trying to work .This might lead to confusion in the ending during the time of payment.

Responding to customer needs: I refuse the concept of to work flextime as it will have an impact on the ability of the business to meet customer demand. I would Point out the business to would respond better to customer needs if more hours of the day is available two.

5.4) Recommendations

What I think is best is they should conduct a survey as to what the employees require The Survey should state what is needed and the staff would really respond is a appropriate way, which would provide an insight on culture of the organization. This type would also improves ways of getting worked done so the building or the floor is utilized to its full capacity.

Elastic restoring such as working divide shifts

Job-sharing - where two or more employees share one full-time position.

purchased leave (48/52 leave) - where employees take an additional leave by paid options

Compressed hours - where the employee works additional daily hours .

6) Performance management

A process that consolidates goal settings, performance appraisal and development into a single, common system, the aim of which is to ensure that the employees' performance is supporting the company's strategic aims. (Gary Dessler, 2010)[1]

Performance measures the qualitative and quantitative aspects of job performance. This evaluates not only the employee's performance but also his potential for development. The primary objectives of an appraisal are - to assess past performance, to identify training needs, to set and agree on future objectives and standards, and to facilitate the achievement of these goals. .( ICMR Case Studies in Business, Management(2010)[4]

6.1) Policy

The function of performance administration is to perk up performance. In BT is an unending course of action. It should incorporate unceremonious and ceremonial examination. The company promotes a collaborative procedure, that is, employees can also give management criticism on performance.

6.2) Objectives:

Identify key area of job responsibility: Roles and responsibility of the employee against which they are managed and measures in terms of their success.

Identify the performance measure of the employee



Feedback from others

The company is clear on all the above mentioned data , firstly outcome and results are quantifiable, secondly behavior is measurable, the thirdly feedback is from the internal and external customers on which the employee judged .

Monitoring methods: This indicates the frequency of review which is a measurable factor, which tracks the progress of the employee.

Joint review and meetings: This means getting responsibility of employee reviewed and if there is any occurrences of problem in achieving the objective ,try to help the employees resolving them through meetings.

Coaching and counseling: Provide the necessary training and coaching in order to improve the performance of the employee.

6.3) Critical analysis:

According to my analysis I find that these above objectives helps in consolidating the goals and development of the company into a single common system that aims to ensure employee performance that is supporting the company strategic aims. All this reflects on the total quality management concept by the managements.

This kind of performance management would:

Help the management get closer to their employees.

Deal with employees in an open and honest way.

This would help the company builds a two way relationship like two partners working together to achieve the required targets and attain maximum level of satisfaction.

Help the management making rapid decision.

This would maximize the employees talent for a greater business growth

This is not about remuneration or to tell performance of the employee, but to make a effective worthwhile work environment in the organization to meet the current market trends and indirectly attract investors. This would serve as a communication tool

A conflict resolution tool and method of gauging effective services.

The above objective helps the company to spread the information the employees about their service effectiveness to external customers and also help in resolving employees service related disagreements.

Provide staff motivations, Provide Leadership growth, Organizational steadiness

Customer administration contentment

This performance management helps in achieving the mission and strategy. Provides 360 degrees view of the organization and provides a step by step approach in transforming the existing culture of the organization into a high performance organization in a short amount of time.

This kind of above policy and objective of performance management I can analysis that the company recognizes today's globally competitive environment ,every employee's competencies and effort must focus on helping the company achieve its strategic goals and avoid negative performance which include:

Avoiding unclear team and job responsibilities.

Avoid inadequate physical environment, including improper tools, supplies and workspace.

Avoid ineffective progress.

Avoid lack of skills and knowledge required for the job.

Avoid lack of motivation required.

The best way to avoid these problems would be involving all the employees from the top management down. However I analysis that this organization has an appropriate framework for performance management which includes:

Reviewing organizational goals and objectives: That provides continuous improvement for the company, they identify the performance measures in terms of quality, quantity, cost and timeliness where organizational business objectives are the focal points .Based on this system all the vision key process and employees will bb challenged and evaluated based on how will each one of then contribute towards the organization goals.

Define Desired Results: This framework would focus on achieving the goals required by the internal and external customers, performance baselines are good places to start determining reasonable targets.

Weigh and prioritize the area that needs improvement: These measurements helps the management in understanding which areas in the employee's work environment needs improvements which in turn has a great impact on the organization as these provide qualified measurements for impacted value and ease in implanting improvement measures etc.

Identify the root causes for failure: This step help in identifying the key areas that could adversely affect the organization, help in rectifying the problem, and provide the company wit financial benefits.

Monitoring and evaluating performance: This is an important step according to what I have analyzed , this is where the entire management the effectiveness of the performance management, evaluating and monitoring the progress, helps resolving problems in achievement.

Above all the above analysis we need to understand as to what has caused BT to show interest on Performance management. What I can analysis is that:

Executive are frustrated because they cannot face the continues strategy failure.

The company had to manage its customers better.

Lack of integration -Unfulfilled ROI promise from the IT systems

This Kind of evaluation helps the management in understandings the organizational strength, area that's require immediate improvement.( ASWATHAPPA .K ,2009)[7]

The advantages of the above mentioned Performance management includes:

It help in setting the organisational goals

Setting the departmental goals

Define expected results

Helps in performance Review

Helps in providing feedback

A more accurate gauge

Clearer Standards

Independent dimensions


Setting the departmental goals

It helps in defining the results

The disadvantages of the above mentioned Performance management includes:

Standards may be unclear.

Difficult to develop

Can cause disagreement among employee and may be unfair if all employees are, in fact excellent

Time consuming

Difficult to rate or rank employs relative to one another.

6.4) Recommendations:

This is the best practices that the company has implemented. This would meet the organisation's target such as their strategic goals, meet the current market trends and also speed up the profitability which inturn increase the shareholder wealth.

7) Conclusions

British Telecom expects its employees to maintain a high standard of conduct and work performance to make sure the business maintains its good reputation with customers and clients. Good personal conduct contributes to a good work environment for all.

This HR policy and procedure of BT provides the policies and procedures for managing and developing staff. It also provides guidelines BT will use to administer these policies, with the correct procedure to follow. In fact the above few mentioned facts are one among the HR policies, time to time it will be necessary to modify and amend some sections of the policies and procedures, or to add new procedures

The main benefits are that it:

assists the company to meet its legal obligations

is a proven way to help managers and supervisors make consistent and reliable decisions

helps give each employee a clear understanding as to what is expected and allowed

With the above mentioned Policies the company target and objective is achieved. These policies will meet the strategies of the company which in turn helps in improving the work performance.

The above mentioned facts will help the organization in meeting current market trends, Help in increase the share holders wealth.

These polices helps the business grow the way it benefits the customers and society. Investors are getting interested in the social dimension of the business performance and these above mentioned polices clearly co inside with the business strategy.

Finally I would like to conclude that these policies of HRM are Trustworthy, Helpful, Inspiring and Straightforward.

8) Recommendations

The company considers people as the most important asset . They have teams with a diverse profile that include people from various backgrounds such as technologist and architects .The company choose people that are motivated in them self and have a strong sense of commitments with their clients. The people of this company have a nark in which they can tackle clients and going for an extra mile for appreciations The Company is maintaining a strong value driven professional work environment where every employee feels respected and fulfilled.

In order for Bt to become successful it should successfully adopt the agile management methodology, This helps the companies to apply a key sets of techniques into their product development process which would help them focus on the business rather than technology led opportunities and getting proposition to the markets as quickly as possible