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How often do we utter the phrase, People are our greatest assets. Yet at the same time organisations failed to developed an overall systematic approach that strategically aligns and attunes Human Resource practices with organisational objectives.

For most organisations, cost dedicated to staff salaries and benefits accounts for the single largest budget expenditure. Thus it makes both good common sense and good business sense to focus time and attention on the development of strategic human resource management systems that creates the people edge (or Advantage) in the marketplace. (Allan Bandt & Stephen G)

Strategic human resource planning is often probably accomplished (through not by intent or incompetence) by human resource planners, managers and others. This is often due to lack of advantage preparation and knowledge. For that they need to fellow plan to plan strategy in HR. Plan to plan is educating, organising & tailoring step that ensures success up front before getting to the actual development of organisation HR plan and management.

Company: Tesco Plc


Tesco is one of the largest food retailers in the world, operating around 2,306 stores and employing over 286,394 people in UK.

As well as operating in the UK, it has stores in the rest of Europe and Asia. It also provides online services through its subsidiary, The UK is the company's largest market operating under four banners: Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. Tesco sells approximately 40,000 food products in its superstores, as well as clothing and other non-food lines.

Tesco also operates stores in Asia, including Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan. The company operates 64 stores in Thailand and 28 stores in the South Korean Market, while in the Taiwanese and Malaysian markets it has three stores in each nation.


Value for money

Meeting consumer needs

Progressive returns on investment

Maximise sales

To grow and maintain the number one retail company in the UK

The main aim of Tesco is to maximise profit

To provide goods/services that is cheap and affordable to consumers or the public

Bringing new talent in the market and create opportunities for them to grow with the company

1. Understand how the HR plan supports the strategic objectives

1.1 Assess the strategic importance of current, future and anticipated HR requirements


Human resource planning focuses on analyzing an organisation's HR needs as the organisation's conditions change, and then supplying strategies to help respond proactively to those changes over time. HRP helps ensure that the right numbers of the right kinds of people are available at the right times and in the right places to translate organisational plans into reality. This process becomes strategic when some attempt is made to anticipate long-term HR "supplies and demands" relative to changing conditions facing the organisation and then to use HR department programs in an effort to meet these indentified HR needs. There is good reason to pay attention to this issue: organisations that manage HR strategically tend to outperform competitors who do not do so (Lam and white, 1998).


Strategic human resource management is an approach to the development and implementation of HR strategies that are integrated with business strategies and enable organisation to achieve its goals.

Practitioners and academicians are developing increasing attention to strategic planning for human resources. Some contemporary observers of the business scene attribute this stepped up interest to a desire by planning (SBP) as a way of increasing their own importance. At the same time, however, top managers often sat they want proactive HR professionals who can play a strategic leadership role in helping their organisations attract, retain, and develop the intellectual capital and human talent that is increasingly important to business success in a fiercely competitive global marketplace (Rothwell, Prrescott, and Taylor, 1998)

While other resources can be required easily, it is human talent that has emerged as the most difficult to acquire, yet it is the key to competitive success and is the energy that founds new businesses, invents new products, discovers new markets, and serves customers.


Tesco is the largest private sector employer in Ireland, South Korea and the UK and provide diverse career opportunities for 470,000 people worldwide from positions on the shop floor, to roles for managers, buyers, accountants and lawyers.

People grow with Tesco. Many rise from the shop floor to run the shops they work in, or move to other jobs within the business, gaining valuable leadership and professional skills along the way. Access to opportunities keeps people motivated and committed, delivering great service.

Tesco have worked hard to create a culture of trust and respect, where managers help their people to do their jobs. We know people work better when they are given the power to make decisions and take responsibility, and we recognise the work they do and say thank you. Tesco encourage people to learn from their mistakes and challenge conventional thinking.

1.2 Analyse how HR planning impacts on the strategic plan

HR planning impacts on strategic plan of the business or organisation is directly related to the nature and environment of the business. In case of Tesco Plc they are more focused on their customer values for that they have interrelated their customer services needs with their employee's performances.

Tesco plc core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Tesco success depends on people: the people who shop with then and the people who work with them.

Tesco treating people:

Work as a team.

Trust and respect each other.

Listen, support and say thank you.

Share knowledge and experience.

They regularly asking their customers and staff what we can do to make shopping with us and working with us that little bit better. This is Tesco Every Little Helps strategy. From career development and rewards to community engagement, they want to be a great place to work.

SHR Strategic Capability (SC) of Tesco Plc




Core competences

Human resource

Tesco want to be a great place to work. Promise that they make with their staff and management:

Be treated with respect

Have a manager who helps

Have and interesting job

Have an opportunity to get on

Inadequate resources


Tesco is the biggest supermarket in UK. Have a grip on almost 37% share. Tesco is still growing and making profit at this time where other supermarket and retail groups are suffering.

Unique resources


Tesco is well renowned brand that has a lot of suppliers and brands they worked with them, with their own brand names and as well make for Tesco. Tesco is having well organised system of inter linked data base, it works from wear house to stores.

Threshold competences


Tesco is targeting the common people. They always prefer to open their store according to the customer requirements and needs. That's why they different strategic shops name Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco, its reflect the strong physical and location strategy of the Tesco Plc.

2. Understand the legal and organisational frameworks for the employment of staff

2.1 Evaluate the current legal requirements influencing a HR plan

Employee of the organisation is the positive feature, with respect to all other key assets. But becoming an employer is an enormous responsibility of any business, it is very important for any business or organization the work should not be taken lightly. All employers must comply with relevant labour laws - both British and European laws. Full fill all legal and government policies to employing people.

A general framework for the selection of workers

• Contracting/Hiring

• Work and pensions 

• Human resources management 

• Working conditions and Leisure 

• Equal opportunities 

• Health, Safety and Environment

• Representatives of workers and trade unions 

• Qualifications and training 

• Dismissals, redundancies and other exits 

• Disciplinary problems, disputes and complaints 

• Job description and place 

Always obtain appropriate professional advice when trying to recruit the first time. Expert advice on employment is still a need for a small organization that specializes in the home is intended to help with this need.

2.2 Describe a process for recruitment and selection of new staff (external candidates) that complies with current legislation and organisation requirements

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting the best available applicants for employment.

Selection refers to the process of identifying the best candidate(s) from a particular field for employment.


"The hard work we put into supporting and developing our staff is only half the reason so many people stay with us throughout their careers."

Practices of recruiting the people at Tesco Plc are as fellow

Customer Assistants

Opportunities for students

Management Team


Tesco is always recruit these people by saying like that to visit one of Tesco store and talk to the manager in person at store. Job seeker can drop their CV or can handover filled application form the manager.

The way of treating the job seeker in this recruitment procedure is little bit unfavoured and discriminated. What happened actually in this procedure most of the managers and team leaders give preference to their friends and relatives for this position. That is in my opinion is unfair. Tesco should change their policy for recruiting the CA, all the recruitment should be processed by head office just like other companies ASDA, Sainsbury's and Lidl.


Tesco is offering a great range of jobs to the people who have finished their college or university education and thinking to start earning. They have built a section in their HR policy that is described as Opportunities for Students.

How this process works. They advertise new store opening or available vacancies on their career page. There is an online application form that is needed to fill with all accurate and authentic details. Need to submit this application form online. When form is submitted that is reviewed by the HR department for the selection of interview. After that HR will call the people for interview that is conducted by three to four people. After that successful graduates can starts their career with Tesco Plc as a trainee manager.

Tesco motto is that they always looking for the managers of tomorrow. Who knows - with a bit of help and a lot of hard work.


All our management vacancies will all be advertised on this website: interested people can use the website

If candidate go on to the interview stage, they will invite him/her to their management assessment centre in Central London.

Your application

If you're short-listed, your initial online application will be sent to the Tesco Recruitment Centre for a second-round screening. We then invite successful candidates to do an interview or to attend an assessment centre.

Someone to ask

You can get in touch with the Management Recruitment Centre at any point in the recruitment process.


After final review by HR and management team candidate is selected for advertised role.

3. Understand the effect of the organisational environment on the staff

3.1 Discuss how organisational culture effects recruitment and retention of staff


According to Smirich (1983) functional approaches often treat culture as a variable, used to predict outcomes; symbolic approaches tend to view culture as a lens for studying organisational life.

A phrase coined by Greetz (1973) that means an account full of detailed observations. What distinguishes a cultural study from an inventory, however, is a willingness to look beneath the surface, to gain an in-depth understanding of how people interpret the meaning of these manifestations and how these interpretations from pattern of clarity, inconsistency, and ambiguity that can be used to characterize understandings of working lives.

Effect of the culture on recruitment:

The recruitment of any organisation is purely effective by the culture of the organisation. That can be effected in the following way

Why this position has become open?

What happened to the person who previously held the position?

What is the career prospectus in this role?

When the last person was was promoted?

What will be duties of the hiring people?

How and when would be the performance will be evaluated?

What are the working hours generally like?

Culture is the way things get done or the implicit rules that govern how people behave each other and go about their work. Smart people know that how people behave in dealing with each other and getting work gets done. (Rob Yeung, 2008)

3.2 Access work life balance issues and the changing patterns of work practices

Work-life Balance:

"Working practices that acknowledge and aim to support the needs of staff in achieving a balance between their homes and working lives" (HEBS 2002).

Factors Influencing Work-life Balance

There are a lot of changes has considered over the past generation that is influencing the working practices that are as fellow

Increased number of women workers

Diversity: is strategy promotes the behaviours, values and working practices.

Market place/Globalization: The whole world has become a global village.

Legislation: Aligning with working conditions and requirements

Current key issues driving the flexible working practices in Tesco Plc:


Tesco plc is a big company needs more employees to look after their stores that are why they have divided their shift in part time and full time. Whenever they need the staff they can call them ant time to work for them. Although they offered contacted hours but more likely they are sticking with weekly rota base system. It is different with some of the other companies in some companies if someone is contacted to do 20 hours per week; company decides the hours and days of that employee to work for them. In case of Tesco it is totally different.

But if someone is contracted to work on night shifts he/she have to work in shift they can not change their hours unless until it is authorised by HR department or store manager.


At the moment they are offering six weeks paid holidays per financial year of Tesco plc. It all up to the employee how they avail their holidays, if they want to take holidays in row 4 weeks off they can do it, but they need to inform their manager at-least one month before. Probationary period for employees are six months in this time they are not entitle for single holiday.


Looking after our staff and customers by making sure they have a safe place to work and shop is vital for us. To ensure that we are leading from the top our Executive Director for Corporate & Legal Affairs, Lucy Neville-Rolfe, is the designated Director for health and safety.


Tesco plc is offering family friendly atmosphere to their employees. Tesco is having 57% of the female including 123 store manager. They are giving more training and developing opportunities to their female staff members to m to become a batter manager tomorrow. Tesco offers flexible working hours they offer family-friendly shifts, flexible timings, swap shifts and home working where possible.


Tesco welcome everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Their aim to reflect the customers they serve at all levels of the business.

Diversity is embedded in the business by a Diversity Council consisting of Directors from across the business, and chaired by Retail and Logistics Director, David Potts.

Practices in taking place at Tesco Plc:


It is very important for Tesco to give reward to their employee they are offering more then minimum wages all over the UK. They also give company shares to those who have completed one year of service with Tesco Plc.


Tesco is committed to upholding basic Human Rights and supports in full the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Core Conventions.


They are offering maternity and paternity leave for both full- and part-time workers that are paid, also offering equal training and development opportunities for both full- and part-time workers, childcare vouchers, bereavement leave and career breaks.

4. Understand the grievance, discipline and dismissal process

4.1 Indentify the process to be followed in a grievance situation

Tesco Grievance Procedure:

Grievance can occur in any working surroundings. That is in between the company and employees and addressed by the common interest. That is tried to be resolved quickly in order to achieve the trust of company or employee. It works in Tesco as fellow.

Whatever the matter need to converse with team leader

Staff member is not satisfied by the formal discussion then it is presented to store manager or the management person who is acceptable to both parties.

If still the problem is not solved then it is referred to area manager.

If still the problem is not solved then it is requested to Industrial Tribunal for conciliation or union rape.

4.2 Describe the stages of discipline issue that results in dismissal

There are mainly two types of disciplined issues are consider in employee dismissal.


Gross Misconduct


To be undisciplined or poor performance can have a serious effect on the employee concerned. At best, it acts as a black mark and at worst it could lead to dismissal. So decision to take disciplinary action should not be taken lightly and procedures should be followed closely.


If any employee is found in conducting gross misconduct he/she will straight forward dismissed from job. Gross Misconduct includes stealing, fighting, breaching company policies and procedures, misused of company building and resources, serving friends and family, giving illegal discount on products and fighting.

4.3 Explain the role of ACAS, Employment Tribunals and other external agencies that could be involved in grievance, discipline and dismissal processes

Introduction of ACAS:

ACAS helps employers and employees from thousands of workplaces. They keep right up to date with today's employment relations issues such as discipline and grievance handling, preventing discrimination and communicating effectively in workplaces. Make the most of their practical experience for organisation.

Extract: ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures this Code is designed to help employers, employees and their representatives deal with disciplinary and grievance situations in the workplace.


In case of Tesco they closely work with Usdaw union rap. Usdaw is one of Britain's largest trade unions with over 383,000 members nationwide. Usdaw membership gives professional advice and representation on pay, working hours and safety at work, etc.


To recruit, organise and represent workers in the retail, distributive, manufacturing and service sectors for the purpose of securing the best possible terms and conditions and providing support and protection at work.

To achieve this goal they commit:

1) To obtain the highest level of membership in order to maximise our strength in the sectors they operate in.

2) To maintain effective administration, financial and organisational systems to achieve efficiency and value or money in the delivery of systems to members.

3) To establish negotiations and effective industrial relations with employers to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for members.

4) To develop a union profile that is responsive and relevant to the specific needs of members and potential members.

5) To maintain and develop position as the major union in the retail distributive sector.

6) To promote and campaign for the policies and interests of members in the workplace, the political arena and the broader community.

7) To widen and increase membership involvement and participation in the union's organisational, recruitment and campaigning activities.

8) To promote and strive for equality and to oppose all forms of discrimination that divide, weaken and undermine our efforts.

9) To develop an effective network of workplace representatives and to provide effective encouragement, training and resources to enable them to recruit, assist and support members in their place of work.