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The main idea of our report on NGO was that of the introduction and the working of HR department in a non-governmental organization. Firstly we thought of simple departmental activities but after some research there was more to it than meets the eye.

Like any other subject Human resource Management gave us the in-depth know how of the management of the human relations in the office environment and it really helps us determine the useful potential of the employees the benefits it gives us in our life.

I really would like to thank our teacher Sir Afzal Ahmed who helped us a lot in preparing this report.


As said before human resources management is an interesting subject and on the wake of 21st century most of the worldwide organizations are now emphasizing the importance of HRM.

We were given the task of conducting the major issues concerning HRM in an Pakistani environment on NGO's thus we prepared ourselves to complete this task and while at it we have seen many difficulties that many or say most of the NGS's don't even got a proper HR department. Shocked to see that such an important department which deals with humans as humans are our major source of work done we then speculated the idea of having an HR department in NGO's.

Ehsan and I contacted many NGO's in pursuit of having their own HR department but it was a fool's errand thus we concluded our search and developed to see how we can make our own emphasis on having an HR department in an NGO.

Human Resource Management…

What is it…?

It is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

As above you can see it a complete objective based system which systematically includes all the major assets of the business and its most important asset humans which are making things happen in organizational world.

Functions of HRM…

The basic functions of HRM are the.

1. Organizational management

2. Personnel administration

These are some features of HRM in our Pakistani environment organizational management as its name suggests the environmental, hierarchy, behavior of humans around and other organizational entrusts managed for the betterment of an organization.

Other is the older name of the HRM and the most basic of their functions are the same as the HRM functions.

Basic Functions of HRM in an Organization…

The role of HRM has been so phenomenally changed in the course of time that many things which were not thought the functions of HRM were brought into light.

Yes the functions of HRM in an organizations are changed but to the extent of the organization are different in an manufacturing plant and thus with the many differences of HRM policies and procedures in a software housing organization E.g. Microsoft and CAT are different kind of companies and both having their HR Depart working differently.

But we have some functions in an organization which are same in almost every organization trust it is the trust that every employee has got in HR department that they are the benefactor of employer as well as the employee.




Performance Appraisals

Leadership Development

And Legal Complaints Process

It is the basic rule to work as a team as one organization has to survive the harsh realities of the world and in this regard HRM are playing a major role to determine the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to make in this haphazard environment.

An Introduction to Non-Government Organization's…

An NGO's is a non-government self-operated and non-funding area of business where members of NGO work for the betterment of the people of the country.

While there are many a NGO's in Pakistan there is a shame that many don't even have their departments sorted out good enough as the people of Pakistan may not know many of the major functions that are being done in abroad.

Types of NGO are…

Community Health Promotion and Education

Contraception and Intimacy Education

General Hygiene

Waste Disposal

Water Usage


Youth Counseling Services

Emerging health crises

HIV/AIDS education and support

Hepatitis B education

Drug Addiction recovery

Community Social Problems

Juvenile crimes

Runaway girls

Street Children


Sustainable water and energy consumption education

Keeping mountains and forests clean


Microenterprises and Micro-loans

Skill training (Computers, technician training, Catering services, clothing and Textile, etc.)

Product promotion and distribution (Bazaars etc.)

Cooperative creation

Financial consulting

Career services and job search assistance


School construction

Infrastructure construction

Cultural center construction and operation

Agriculture and Aquaculture expert assistance

Women's Issues

Women and Children's Rights

Battered women assistance center

Group therapy for sexually abused women

Counseling hotlines (telephone-based counseling services for women)

Legal assistance to women

Literacy drives

As the name suggests many of these organizations are based upon betterment of people and there are many that exist in our country.

Idea of HRM in NGO's…

An NGO working in Pakistani environment has many challenges and many are facing hardships because of not fully functional in the planning area of the department of the many areas.

By incorporating the HR department in the area of NGO's will eventually make them better in the long run.

Functions of HRM in NGO are…

There are many functions in the NGO's that depict the performance of the NGO in the market there are included the general rule of developing an HRM department.

Training and Development…

Some important subjects regarding NGO Training and Development.

Project Planning and Management


Strategic Planning

Needs Assessment

NGO monitoring

Personnel Recruitment and management   

Project Planning and Management…

The major power of your NGO is the ability of yours to plan successfully and the knowhow of how to plan your Ngo is a good start. Now that planning is done the statement of your project.

Now that is done you have humans involving in your project your team should consist of highly skilled personnel to work. Working

Project planning generally consists of

Determining how to plan (e.g. by level of detail or rolling wave);

Developing the scope statement;

Selecting the planning team;

Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure;

Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activities in their logical sequence;

Estimating the resource requirements for the activities;

Estimating time and cost for activities;

Developing the schedule;

Developing the budget;

Risk planning;

Gaining formal approval to begin work.


It is very important to see how much research you have put in your work before initiating the business the effort you put in it will consider you eligible for the awards of your hardships. The knowledge you get from the research will make your NGO way ahead of its time.

There are some types of research following…

Exploratory research, which structures and identifies new problems

Constructive research, which develops solutions to a problem

Empirical research, which tests the feasibility of a solution using empirical evidence

Two are very important…



Strategic Planning…

It is important to do a planning before conducting any business it will help you determine the total aspect of your business. In the case of an NGO there are many new ups and downs in the governmental regulations in the NGO sector and if you haven't planned that change you are sure to fail in a good way.

There is a saying "If you are not planning then you are planning to fail"

Something to remember that planning should be done in a teamwork manner and thus making your team as a single unit of the business.

Benefits of Strategic Planning…

Strategic planning serves a variety of purposes in organizations, including to:

Clearly define the purpose of the organization and to establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with that mission in a defined time frame within the organization's capacity for implementation.

Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization's constituents.

Develop a sense of ownership of the plan.

Ensure the most effective use is made of the organization's resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.

Provide a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.

Listen to everyone's opinions in order to build consensus about where the organization is going.

Other reasons include that strategic planning:

Provides clearer focus for the organization, thereby producing more efficiency and effectiveness.

Bridges staff/employees and the board of directors (in the case of corporations).

Builds strong teams in the board and in the staff/employees (in the case of corporations).

Provides the glue that keeps the board members together (in the case of corporations).

Produces great satisfaction and meaning among planners, especially around a common vision.

Increases productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Solves major problems in the organization.

Needs Assessment…