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Our university request specific training hours that we should spend it in a company that are related to our major. In my major the university encourages us to do this experience to apply the concepts that we learned on a real business life, get more skills and information and see how large companies act and compete in the market.

I did my intern ship at Joud Company it is a well-known company for its economic activities and various trading, industrial and services sectors. Their trading activities are: Food stuff, Fruits (banana), Cereals and animals' food, Wood, Steel and iron and Consumer goods. Their industrial activities: Soft drinks, Fruit juice, Concentrates, CO2 and Home appliances. And they provide certain services such as land transportation, sea transportation, advertising and promotion, sampling and insurance. Joud Company has two branches one in Lattakia and the other one is in Damascus. I attendant at Damascus branch and it contains three international core brands: Procter & gamble it is include (Ariel, tide, downy, fairy, head &shoulders, pert plus, herbal essences, pantene, always, pampers, zest, Camy). Bel cheese (kiri, abu al walad, la vache qui rit), Soft drinks (Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Tropicana).

The main departments of Joud (Damascus branch): sales department and it is the most important department in Joud Company because their first goal of them is to sale their production. Marketing department it is concern about developing new strategies to sell products. Human resource department concern about employing new employees and place them at the right position to meet all job needs. Finance and accounting provide the management with numbers to take right decision and plan for future.

First part of my training, this part was spent in the Human resources (HR) department; the quality of an organization is to a large degree determined by quality of the people it employs. Success for most organization depends on finding the employees with the skills to successfully perform the tasks required to attain the company`s strategic goals. Staffing and human resource management decisions and methods are critical to ensuring that the organization hires and keeps the right personal. This department at Joud copmany was divided in two sections:

Personnel section: responsible for salaries and employment.

Firstly, Payroll system: It is a computer-based program designed especially for Joud Company and it contains all workers names, qualifications, positions, wages, compensations and other personal information. This program is connected to a fingerprint reader to count the working hours of each worker. I learned how to use this program, entering new employee`s information, changing the working hours of the employees in Ramadan and other daily work (i.e. hourly excuse, wages deduction…..)

Secondly, Orientation process: When an employee is accepted in the job he should bring some Identification documents (ID, two pictures, Certificate of military service, medical test), completing the mentioned documents, he moves to the next stage. A contract is signed, containing his full name, salary, position and the Terms of resignation. Then he will be registered at the social insurance. All these documents will be placed in the employee`s file. When the employee wants to quit his job he should sign the resignation paper then his file will be discarded.

HR section: defines each post specifications.

Firstly, Job analysis: is a process of gathering together all data about an existing job, which activities are performed and what skills are needed. The collected data will be structured to create job description and job profile related to a competency frame work. When I made a job analysis I chose the techniques of gathering the information required it was questionnaire, and then I start to write job specification. The main purpose of conducting job analysis is to prepare job description and job specification which in turn helps to hire the right quality of workforce into the organization. The general purpose of job analysis is to document the requirements of a job and how to do it.

Secondly, Job description: Is a list of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of each position. Typically, it includes to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job and salary range for the position, etc. A job description is usually developed by conducting a job analysis, which includes examining the tasks and their sequences necessary to perform the job. I made a job description for IT manager assistant, I started with the job title, the reporting structure, the job title of the person to whom the postholder reports and the number and categories of the people the postholder is responsible for, a statement of the purpose of the post , and the description duties.

Thirdly, Job specifications (person specification): A section of the job description that defines what are the worker`s characteristics (i.e., the knowledge, skills and abilities) required to perform the job correctly. The requirement details in a person specification should be the minimum standard required for a person to be able to perform the job. And there should be an expectation then any person will improve performance while doing a job, and the fact that training could be provided should be considered.

Fourthly, CV`s evaluations: Each CV received, either by email or fax, is red carefully and analyzed to see if this person is qualified or not, and where his/her right place is. Next their information is entered into the computer to use them when there is any free position.

Second part of my training, Second part of my tanning was at marketing department. Is a department that connects the organization with the market and link it to the target customers. The marketing department has three main objectives (roles) first one, attract new customers and build loyal customers, to achieve this role marketing department do some activities like advertising. Advertisements keep their products in customer mind and attract new ones. Or promote their products so the customers prefer to buy promoted items. Second one, Increase market share by identifying their potential competitors and understanding their techniques to develop the organization weaknesses and turn it to strengths and use all the opportunities to satisfy all customers needs and wants faster than their competitors. Third one, maximize the profitability of the organization by increasing the demand of the products that the company produced or services provide. It is a very important department in Joud company, as it has a lot of creativity.

First one, Fact sheet: When the company intends to do a campaign including sponsorship of an event, new advertisements and promotion quotations (Ramadan, world cup…), a fact sheet containing the subject, purpose of this campaign, benefits and the cost is made. The fact sheet should be very convincing to be accepted by the management.

I did a fact sheet of launching new line production Merinda pineapple.

Second one, Critical path: "It is a statement for a project or a campaign that shows sequence of activities to be done, the duration of each activity and who is responsible for each activity". At the beginning we determine the launching date then we decide which activity should be done before the date of launching and which is after. Any error in any activity it will delay the whole campaign.

Third one, push and pull strategies: I learned the concepts of push and pull strategies and I saw how do Pepsi applied it.

"A push promotional strategy makes use of a company’s sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product. The producer promotes the product to wholesalers, the wholesalers promote it to retailers, and the retailers promote it to consumers". Sales department is responsible of push activity.

"A pull strategy selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for a product. If the strategy is successful, consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask the producers. Marketing department is responsible of pull activity".

Fourth one, Market visits: I made a market visit to 17 mini markets in Jaramana and Al-qusor and three modern trades (super markets). In this visit we made a survey on Pepsis market share in comparison of their competitors and the demand of our products.

Third part of my training, This was spent in two affiliated advertising agencies. Advertising agency responsibilities are to make awareness of new companies and publish their products by providing them with ideas, designs and reserve at any media`s tools.

Joud Company deal with tow companies first one is SATCHI & SHATCHI it`s responsible of below the line activities such as designing and booking the walls and streets signs. The second one is WHY TO AD it responsible of above the line activities such as making the advertising on TV or radio.

Advertising agency departments: which is include,

Firstly, Client's services department: It is in charge of communicating with customers and other departments inside the agency. They take the brief from the customer and analyze it to insure that everything is clear, and then give it to the right department to start working on it.

Secondly, Creativity department: Creating new ideas and designs for an advertisement.

Thirdly, Production department: Turning ideas and designs into objectives.

Fourthly, Media department: It`s very important department their responsibilities are: Planning (how, when & whom), Booking.(walls sings, TV), Monitoring: to ensure everything is going well. And handling governmental issues.

Finally, Support and Administration department.

It was great opportunity to make my training at Joud Company because there are a lot of benefits that I get it from my training.

First one, switching from department to department I saw how managers and officers thinks and how they interact together inside the work.

Second one, How could the company find chances and use them to increase its market share and compete with other companies.(turning the disadvantages into advantages).

Third one, I saw the same and differences between the concepts that learned at the university and the concepts in real business life.

Fourth one, How to do a fact sheet, it`s very important sheet because it`s the basic of anything we intent to do and it should be very convincing to be acceptable from the management.

Fifth one, I take an idea about advertising agencies how do they coordinate with marketing department at Joud Company.

Sixth one, this large company show me how to they join industrial work with commercial one.

Seventh one, at human resource department I learned how to place everyone in his suitable job to increase the productivity of the whole company and meet job requirements.

Eighth one, Joud Company did a breakfast in Ramadan to her employees and gives them gifts, so I like the family sense that the company provides to her employee.

Ninth one, Pepsi is an international company. I learned the history of it, their policies and procedures and how do they deal with their agencies in Middle East.

Tenth one, liked the internal system because it`s well organized and not complicated so anyone can understand it and fit in.

Eleventh one, I got new friends which they benefit me and give me a lot of information. And they can benefit me at the future.

And there is more and more benefits that I couldn`t mention it. In addition to my benefits there are some constraints that I faced it at my training. I made my training at Ramadan so felt so tired and thirsty and the company was at the country side (Mleha) of Damascus, so it was too far and the road was very bad and crowded.

After thanking the University for providing me this opportunity. I want to give some suggestions:

-In my opinion the period of the internship should be more to gain more experience and knowledge .Also it should be spread into two years

-I think that the university should provide us with names of some companies and help us to have the best choice.

- The University should improve her communications with the companies that we made our internship in it.

In conclusion, Reference to all department that I attendant. It was very good experience. I got a lot of information that I should know on both sides the practical one and the theoretical on, I applied the concepts that I learned at the university, I sow deferent of people how do they react if they were a customers or a producers.

At the end I want to thank my Dean and my Instructor Dr. Issam Khoury for being patience and helpful with me. And I would thank MR.Khaled Shoukry (Pepsi`s middle east manager & Joud general manager) for being kind with me and give me this opportunity to make my internship in a great and famous company like Joud. Also I want to thank MR. Ghaith dalati(organization development manager),MR.Husni sefi( marketing manager), Caroline Antoun(marketing manager assistant) , Rana AL lahham (payroll officer) and all the workers who support me and add to me information.