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Every person in this word has dreams goals and want them to become true or to be achieved, in our life we will often be humiliated , we will have fears, doubts, we will be said that we can't do it, we don't have enough money to do it, but these are just obstacles that we have to overcome, strong people are the ones who know what they want and they work hard to achieve it, it's not about having dreams because anyone can dream , it's about bringing those dreams to life and when you make a dream come true, you can do anything , you became unstoppable. Questions will be asked. How can I do it? How can I achieve it? Well the formula of success is simple: believe in yourself, work hard, be positive and never give up.

We have to be dreamers, we have to dream big but in the same time we have to be realistic. You can't dream about achieving something and not working hard to do it, success will not knock on your door if you don't knock on the door of the hard work.

Working in the human resources department is a goal that I want to achieve because I'm very passionate by HR, I believe that I have the ability to manage people, to help them in becoming better in their professional life, after working in the human resources department and gaining enough experience, the second step will be opening a coaching and consulting office.

"There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feels great." [G.K. Chesterton ]

Coaching is a system that has mainly the objective of helping employees to improve their skills and proficiency in the workplace. It is a very challenging job because it requires the HR coach to work with every individual in the organization. In order to maintain good productivity in the workplace the HR coach has to focus on the development of each person by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and trying to improve them, some employees will feel uncomfortable to talk about their issues which needs the coach to be smart enough to make them feel secure moreover to make them believe that the only focus of this coaching is the employee itself and its satisfaction. In the other hand consulting is here to boost the morale of the employees, to eliminate redundancy activities that can waste time and resources furthermore concentrate on the employees because they are the most important.

Being an entrepreneur has to be in your blood, you are either one or not. Entrepreneurs are people who take risks, they are not afraid of what is new; they have the capacity to manage businesses smoothly and make the maximum profits by taking risks. The entrepreneur spirit includes thirst for success, fights to increase profit and the ability to compete with the best.

Opening a consulting and coaching office is not easy as it seems, first of all we need to do a SWOT and PEST analysis in order to have a better idea about the business.


Strengths: Human resources are a growing field, nowadays people are more aware of the importance of the human resources and they are focusing more on how to make if effective. The coaching and consulting office will be very helpful for organizations because they will help their employees to be better in their professional life, they will focus on improving their skills in addition to boost their morale moreover searching for their weaknesses to eliminate them and develop their strengths. Coaching and consulting will have a high demand in the future as people start to realise that the most important thing in an organization is it employees. If the employees are well qualified, motivated and satisfied in their work the company will be successful.

Weaknesses: Not all the organizations focus on their employees in fact most of them are more interested in making profit and increasing productivity without taking time to care about the staff. This may be a problem for the coaching and consulting office which needs organizations that care enough about their staff to use their services moreover starting such a business needs a wide experience in human resources management and development besides gaining the trust of organizations as they are going to use you as a key element to make their business successful.

Opportunities: With the advancement of technology, now companies can identify the work issues and can try to solve them with new strategies and approaches. The consulting and coaching offices have new methods and techniques to help the employees and solve all the problems in a company thanks to technology.

Threats: The first threat of any business is the competitors, the problems that you can face while doing a business in morocco is the lack of innovation; people have a tendency to reproduce the same businesses if they see that they are successful, there is no creativeness and innovation and this may destroy some businesses.


Political: Morocco is the oldest monarchy in the world, politically it is a stable country, now the Islamic parties took the lead but it didn't affect the country as no notable changes have been made, it stills a peaceful country compared to its neighbours Tunisia and Algeria who were part of the Arab spring.

Economical: The economy of the country is growing, the investments of the foreign companies are increasing, Morocco is in the development phase and it is developing fast. The country has a big business potential and it is believed to have a stable economy in the coming years.

Social: Morocco is a multi cultured country; diversity is one of its advantages, the businesses that operate in Morocco or think to operate in it have to deal with the diversity of people and this includes their cultures, religions and values and their purchasing habits.

Technology: With the globalization Morocco didn't escape from the technology advancement, in fact the businesses that operate in Morocco are now using the latest technologies regarding the strategies and different approaches, new machines has been introduced and businesses are operating effectively thanks to the technology.

A lot of people are complaining about unemployment, but in fact it's not the jobs that are missing it's the profiles! Companies are looking for the perfect employee, and most of the time they are not satisfied when they do the interviews to find their blessed employee, the CV's may be interesting but the people are not. Most of people have the interview fear, they can act in a way that will automatically make the interviewer erase them from the candidates list, moreover some of them don't use the body languages which is important furthermore their communication and listening skills sometimes are not that good, a lots of factors make the interviewer takes sever decisions concerning a person or another. Some people are already working in companies but they face issues concerning their work because they didn't have the right training or maybe they've chosen the wrong work or they are simply not satisfied by the way they are threaded as they feel that they have no importance in the company.

The consulting and coaching office is here to solve all this problems, it will help the companies not to search for the good employee but they will create it and in the same time help the improvement of the employees that already work besides giving a chance to the ones that are still not working to become ready to apply for a job and have a great chance to be recruited. The office will offer a variety of trainings in each field moreover it will use the latest strategies in the HR world, interesting approaches and techniques will be used to help the employee to gain the self confidence needed furthermore boost it morale in addition to improve it skills and develop them or help him to gain new ones. Our coaches and consultants have quit experience in psychology, in human resources development and management; the employees will be in a good hand. The change in the employee will be more than obvious when the training will be finished.

The trainings offered are for the whole company it includes the senior managers, the directors, the supervisors, the assistants and the employees. The unemployed people will benefice too from this trainings. The main concern of the office is to keep the companies and it employees satisfied; the trainings will be good for any person who seeks improvement, promotions and good job opportunities.

The office will work with companies or with unemployed people, the trainings given are all individual, some activities could be in groups but that will be the decision of the coaches. When the client applies for the training the first thing that will be done is asking him questions, the questions will include his professional and personal life, cultural questions, psychological questions, and the questions will be oral and written. After gathering the answers of the client a study will be made in order to know what are the needs of this client and how can we help him to fulfil them moreover what are his strengths and weaknesses, the answers will give us a clear picture about the person we are dealing with and our researches and studies about this client will be done in order to provide him with the perfect training. The study of the client folder will take approximately one week after this study the office will fix a date with the client and he will start attending the trainings from this day but first we don't want to impose our trainings on our customers that's why we will give them suggestions about what we think is right for them and we will welcome any rejections but with the wide experience that has our coaches we can ensure that the trainings chosen for any client are the best for him and they will certainly help him in his personal and professional life. In the end of the day all what we want is to keep our clients satisfied. The trainings that the office is going to offer will include:

Communication skills:

Presentations skills

Leadership skills

Organizing and planning skills

Motivation development

Team work development

Languages development

Critical thinking

Problem solving

Working on the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals

Strategic thinking and planning

IT skills

Interviews skills

Effective use of body language

Persuasion and influence skills

Time management

Stress management

Creativity and innovation techniques

Project management

Team management

Decision making

Setting goals skills

Personal growth

Prioritizing and goals settings techniques

Each business that is willing to open have to know it advantages and disadvantages in other words what this business is going to bring to the business world , what changes it's going to make and what problems it can create.

Advantages of a coaching and consulting office:

Give chances to unemployed and employed people to work by improving their skills, working on their weaknesses and boost their morals.

Help the employed people to be more effective, innovative in their work.

Create chances to any person to improve herself, to get promotions, to gain more knowledge about her job.

Identify the problems in the workplace and solve them with the latest techniques.

Encourage the communication in the workplace between the managers, directors and the employees.

Highlight the importance of the employees in the workplace

Encourage the change in people by offering special trainings that will help them professionally and personally.

Help the personal growth of individuals

Gives continuous feedback

Positive energy is given

Disadvantages of a coaching and consulting office:

The employee becomes like a robot

The trainings that the office will offer may confuse the employees

The trainings may be tiring for the employed people as they already work and have to manage time for those trainings

The trainings may be costly

Some people will not develop a good relationship with the coaches or consultants and that will make the trainings not effective or impossible.

It needs time and patience to create changes in the clients

Coaching and Consulting in Morocco:

The culture of coaching and consulting in Morocco is not that wide, for some people it stills a new concept used by developed countries to make their businesses successful by highlighting the importance of employees, the need of improving their skills moreover helping their professional and personal growth, creating a good work atmosphere for them in order to maintain their productivity or making it better. Morocco still needs to make companies and people aware about the importance and the effectiveness of such services (coaching and consulting) those services will be beneficent for the improvement of companies , the coaching and consulting will help in many ways , starting by improving the employees efficiency, making them confident and optimistic as they will feel the change within themselves in their personal and professional life, having a coach or consultant is like having a psychologist but this one will help you especially in your professional life, he will help you prioritize, make decisions, manage your time and stress etc. Hopefully Morocco will see some changes and will adopt the culture of consulting and coaching more deeply.