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Headhunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top performing human resource that can increase sales volumes, add brand value, and increase bottom line profit by 31%. Most top performing people are too focused and too motivated to actively seek a job move. As a result, they do not read vacancy pages, visit job boards, approach companies, or visit third party recruiters. A significant proportion of these people will consider a job move if approached by a professional search firm and presented with an attractive employee value proposition.

Career Pakistan was established in 2003 and has been actively running ever since. Since its establishment been keenly assisting individuals with foreign education or work experience to find appropriate jobs here in Pakistan. Other than that it helps different professionals with work experience in established companies to find better opportunities here in Pakistan.

I did my internship at Career Pakistan Branch in Blue Area and worked as a Finance Internee for Projects for the company. Some of the work I did in the company included the cash management of the company. During my internship I identified some of the drawbacks like over burden on management and salaries of advisors.

Lastly Career Pakistan has seen a rapid growth in its activities by broadening its social network and showing its presence in the country by successfully hiring professionals and in the future aiming to keep this momentum and always striving to become the best.



"The term headhunting becomes known by many catchy names; among them are, "converged" or "distributed" recruitment strategies, "synthesized" recruiting, and "broadband" staffing."

During the 1990s there was a dot-com peak in Pakistan, when companies were forced to come up with trendy names and practical ideas to cater the huge demands of the impregnable economy. Among the forces, one of the forces that brought about this change was economic, as the increasing demand required the recruitment industry for qualified leaders which was very rare in that age of dot-com boom.

Secondly the recruitment industry was unable to fulfil the demands of the boom. This clearly showed that the newly manufactured computerized tools for staffing people weren't enough to cater this rising trend. The sales of the traditional recruitment industry had become stagnant which followed a serious lack of new developments and growth. So the industry was caught unprepared and without logic, the staffing products and service to cater the new economy's human resources demands were created as a response, however the Human Resources and its recruitment departments were slow to respond. No recruitment styles existed that to cope effectively with these economic occurrences. This all lead to the rise of headhunting organizations in Pakistan like Career Pakistan, Ask Development and Talent Hunters.

These head-hunters acted as mediators between the organization's demands for technical staff, and the workforce which satisfied those specifications. There job was simple to act as private recruitment department for the company which hired them.


Career Pakistan was established in 2003 by Haider Qazilbash who is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business of Philadelphia, USA. He joined hands with different graduates, who were planning to leave Pakistan and add to the problem of Brain Drain. Thus, Career Pakistan was established. Steadily the company started to grow and were able to move on towards experienced workforce already working in Pakistan, to offer them various alternative fields better suited for their experience. Hence, they were able to broaden their social network to the top Multinationals and Local Companies of Pakistan. Now they are one of the top head hunting companies working in Pakistan.


The main objective of Career Pakistan is to help individuals who are working abroad or have a foreign degree to find jobs in Pakistan.

Pakistan is over the years hasn't been able to compete globally in terms of economic conditions. This is due to massive problem of brain drain, where our professionals and people with outstanding qualities have gone to work abroad or currently working there. To become competitive Pakistan needs to retain these professionals, so that they can transfer their knowledge and expertise into this country. Mostly, these individuals are on a different level to most others because of their education from globally renowned institutions and expert training from reputed companies. If Pakistan is able to retain these professional it would not only help this country directly, but can trigger a trick down effect on to the organization's technical, managerial and policy making abilities. To reap all these benefits, these individuals require jobs which would suit them.

This is where Career Pakistan comes in, where they match professionals with the right occupations in Pakistan to help reverse the effects of Brain Drain. In addition to this, Career Pakistan also helps the individuals already working here in Pakistan to find better alternatives in the careers. Their ultimate aim is to attract as well as retain these talented individuals.

Board of Directors




The Job of Career Pakistan is to help the top organizations in searching for candidates who are highly competent to match various job positions, both in Pakistan and abroad. They basically find contenders for companies in Pakistan and abroad. It carries out a search assignments for finding suitable applicants for places in all the sectors and at all the levels. Its job is not just to provide the companies with excessive number of resumes for evaluation. But, its centre of attention is lessening the time wastage for the decision-makers by forwarding only the selected CVs for the final selection.

For finding suitable candidates Career Pakistan follows the following search methodology.

Noting the Requirements

For different occupations opportunities in Pakistan and abroad, Career Pakistan deals directly with the decision-makers of multinationals, international organizations, private companies, NGOs, and educational institutions. The Process includes first asking the decision-makers on what are their hiring needs and requirements, which are carefully noted down. Once they find a candidate whose specifications match the organizational needs, they arrange an interview. For expert level jobs, Career Pakistan approaches the services on of its industry-specific consultants to support whether there is a true match or not.

Fast Search Time

This candidate-search methodology is truly unique. Rather than relying on the massive electronic databases jam-packed with CVs of unemployed workforce, they have over 215 industry-specific advisors, who are constantly searching for the best suitable candidates for the jobs. On an average the selected candidates for every position is identified within 5 to 14 days.

Minimum Candidates Presented Per Position

Every organization wants professional for their job positions and there are many individuals who are seeking jobs, however, finding the exact match between the demand of the company and supply of the workforce is not very abundant. Career Pakistan does not provide the company with a large number of CVs for assessment; it focuses on lessening the time wastage for the decision-makers by forwarding them only the best possible applicants for the job. On an average only 3 to 8 candidates are selected for every position.

All Sectors and Positions

With the help of its 215 advisors in various sectors, Career Pakistan manages to carry out the candidate-search assignments in all the sectors at various levels.

Not For All Organizations

Although Career Pakistan deals with all the sectors, however, it only takes on the task for the companies who want to connect with professionals of the highest quality. So it is because of this Career Pakistan only works for Multinationals, International Organization, Reputed Private Firms, NGOs, and educational institutions.

All Locations

Although the job placements for Career Pakistan are mostly in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, they undertake the search-candidate assessments for the top organizations in Pakistan and abroad regardless of their locations.


Career Pakistan promotes one-to-one relationships between the students and the professional, in a coactive way. What the professional do is, prepare the students to be successful in the career they choose. Both the socio-cultural and technical skills of the students are tackled with. At the same time as, the professional feel self-fulfilled because of their contribution to the community.

The Professional and Students are named the mentors and mentees. It is not that every professional and student can be a mentor and mentees. Besides them fulfilling some pre-requisites, not all professional have the ability to inspire another human being. The mentors should not envisage the students to be a mirror image of them when they were students themselves. Furthermore, they should not pre-judge what the student's environmental or individual obstacles are their fears and their concerns. The job of the mentors is to have the understanding to identify unique abilities of each student. They should have the patience required to assist the students in their mental, spiritual and mental growth necessary for the career paths they choose.

Likewise, not every student possesses the ability to become the mentee. They should have the motivation, resolve, and self-control to reach their full potential, which is required to achieve the targets mutually set with the mentor. Even though this program has obvious network advantages, however, the students should not see this as an alternative to finding a job.


Mentees are university students who are enrolled in either a Bachelors or Masters Program. These are students who are wishing to be employed in a multinational or international organization.

There are basically questioners to be filled by the interested mentors and mentees. Once the questioner is received, each student is asked to meet a small panel of mentors. The aim of this is to match mentors and mentees based on the requirements of both the parties. The ultimate objective of Career Pakistan is that every mentee indicating sincerity towards working with a partner, should be assigned a suitable mentor

Career Pakistan arranges one meeting of each mentor-mentee pair. In many of the cases, this one off meeting would be enough to prove the best possible outcome and more meetings won't be necessary. If in any case more meetings are planned, the mentor-mentee should plan on average on meeting in 2 months. The number of meetings can be increased on mutual consent; however the quality of the meeting has more priority over the quantity. Each discussion should be between one to 2 hours maximum and should not exceed. Mentees are then expected to follow-through on the strategies on professional and personal development which were prepared during the meetings. Whenever ready, each party may request assignment of a new counterpart.

Special Programs

In addition to the headhunting Career Pakistan is working on to different projects to cater the needs of different clients:

Reverse Brain Drain

Career Pakistan matches people with overseas education or work experience with jobs in Pakistan. For achieving economic competitiveness in the world, Pakistan must retain world-class professionals in different parts of the economy. People with overseas education or work experience are in a superior position to bring this expertise into Pakistan. Normally, these individuals have professional training of extraordinary value.  Moreover, this would result in a transfer of knowledge from these leading individual which can cause a reactive outcome on the policy-making, technical and managerial capabilities of the organizations in Pakistan. Career Pakistan matches people to help reverse the Brain Drain in Pakistan. It also helps professionals with overseas degrees or experience already working here in Pakistan to find better alternatives.

Career Woman Program

Organizations today in Pakistan are striving to employ more women in their workforce. Their main objective is to have an equal male female ratio in the workplace to support women involvement. But in most cases even after advertising for a job that women can also apply, they end up usually hiring male employees. Mostly, there is no gender biasness involved it is just that organizations focus more on their main abilities and just can go on a search for finding well-qualified women candidates. So Career Pakistan carries out their job on finding the right women for the right job.


The Profit after taxation for the year end 2009 was Rs.3,311,0 which is an increase of 60.4% from the year end 2008. This is a positive sign for the company as shows that their profits in 2009 are more than half of what the profits were in 2008. This shows that Career Pakistan is continuing to grow as a company with more profit generations than ever before.

Profit Analysis Comparison of Profits

2008 2009

Rupees in ('000)

Profit before provision and taxations 3,830,7 6,906,4

Provisions (2,035,9) (2,370,8)

Profit before taxations 1,794,8 4,535,6

Taxation (4,845) (1,224,6)

Profit after taxation 1,310,3 3,311,0



The Staff of Career Pakistan consists of the 5 senior executives, 6 core staff-members and the 215 advisors.






Rashid Mughal













The CEO of the company is Haider Qazibash who manages the entire company. The senior mangers working under the CEO is the Business Development Manager (BDM) Donya Azia who advises the CEO on the development of the business and the resource mobilization of Career Pakistan. Then there is the Information Analyst Azhar Basit, who directs information and knowledge management for Career Pakistan. The Finance Manager, Osman Niazi, manages financial planning and managements for Career Pakistan. Aisha Ommaya, the Human Resource Manager, identifies the diverse stakeholders for companies and also the training programs. All these managers deal directly with the CEO and report only to him.

There are 6 core staff-members who work on the directions given by the senior management. They include Adnan Adhami, Rabia Ali, Saad Rizvi, Amrina Irfan, Bilal Kayani and Rashid Muhgal. These are the people who are directly involved in the dealing with various clients and assign tasks to the advisors of the company.


Career Pakistan has fully customized and extensive training and development programs offered to the employees. They target to increase the employee efficiency and their skills to reduce organization's costs and increase profitability.

The main characteristics of the Training and Development Program are as follows:

Customized substance, deliverance and training. Each content is customized to deal with skill gaps of the employees and the specific challenges they face. Like the mentor program, Career Pakistan will choose the best instructor who fits the employee's needs.

High Quality of lessons Materials. The employees learn from the most experienced workforce of Career Pakistan. This is a give-and-take session training atmosphere and the coursework is customized to ensure that the employee receives a practical experience.

Width and Depth. Career Pakistan has various selections of development topics to cater any employee's training needs.

Career Pakistan offers short training workshops of 1-5 days, which are voluntary for the employees to join and are compulsory on some. These workshops are conducted on need basis and even contain guest speakers from various multinationals on their requirements and on different development topics.

Staff Hiring

To get a job as an advisor is no mere task, they have been employed over the years after a pain-staking selection process. Each of these advisors meet two important conditions which are related to his/her personal psychology and work experience.

Personal Psychology of Advisors: Each advisor of Career Pakistan is either a "super-connector" or a "private-information repository" in his/her are of expertise. A "supper-connector" is a person who has a large social network and knows many people, simply because of his/her personality or people skills. On the other hand, people with a "private-information repository" way of thinking naturally have a habit of collecting random facts and figures. E.g. gathering people's name and places of work, which is different from those people who focus is on accumulation of "public information" e.g. from the media. Thus, people with either one of these characteristics make them able to use their networks and information for quickly gathering suitable candidates.

Work Experience of Advisors: Mostly, every Career Pakistan consultant has a work experience of 5-15 years with a multinational corporation or an international organization. So they have know-how of the requirements for the different specific positions and a basic respect of the time-management of the decision makers.

Compensation Packages

Career Pakistan has 4 different types of staff working for them. There is the CEO, the Senior Management, Lower Management and the Advisors. These individuals except the CEO are all getting their income on commission basis.

The Advisors of the company are working on the commission bases. Each advisor is responsible of bringing in more CVs for interviews with the HR Department and then the company. The individual whose contact gets the job offer is given the commission by the company, which is depending on the experience of the advisor. The lower manager management is working on the compensation packages as well, as they also get a share of the commission given to them on the selected candidate. The Senior Management other then getting a small share for every candidate selected, if they also gets a candidate for the client and they get selected, they usually get the entire 50% or less of the commission. The CEO of the company gets his basic pay which is quite substantial.


Career Pakistan conducts its marketing based on its clients and employers. The marketing strategies are employed to attract different clients and employers. The two different perspectives are discussed as follows.


For the clients no such advertising is done by Career Pakistan, as the companies who want to employ them come to them directly. So advertising through the media is not used as the means, as the companies who employ them want their secrecy. The main tool Career Pakistan uses is the word of mouth. This is the most effective form of advertising in the case of Career Pakistan as it fulfills the job of attracting and retaining important clients.

When companies contact Career Pakistan, their basic instruction is to find a suitable candidate for a certain position and not to disclose their name at first. So they don't need to advertise through the media, because if this was the case the Companies who contact them would have done them on their own and this would have attracted a large number of candidates. So the reason they come to Career Pakistan is that they want to attract only the best suitable applicants for a job.

The company then gathers the applicants by using professional networks such as LinkedIn.com where they find the best clients by posting the job requirements or even contacting the individuals themselves. Other than that Career Pakistan uses websites such as Rozee.pk and Mustakbil.com and posts their offers and if anyone is interested they should contact Career Pakistan. The next step is to have telephonic conversations with the selected applicants who have contacted the company, and those who impress the company are called for an interview with the HR Consultants of Career Pakistan. The individuals are then shortlisted from the panel selected, and are sending to the company for the final interview, where the chosen ones are offered a job.

These methods of advertising are discrete in nature, as its objective is to act as a mediator between the clients and the best suitable applicants for the job.


As an employer point of view the Career Pakistan has been employing aggressive advertising techniques. The main areas of focus are the newspapers, websites and events.

When acting as an employer Career Pakistan advertises a lot in the newspapers which is regularly done every month. Likewise, websites are used as a means to advertise the company as this form of media has a global reach. Through these two ways, the company is able to attract a mass market to make them known.

Other than that they make sure to sponsor certain events for the Multinationals, International Organizations, NGOs and Educational Institutions. With this they are able to attract the cream of the market. E.g. they sponsor the employee of the month event at Telenor, so to catch the attention of the major employees of Telenor. Other than that the CEO or other Senior Executives of the company make sure they sponsor most of the corporate functions that take place in Serena. The CEO or any Senior Executive makes sure that they attend the function as well, as they get to meet some big names of top companies established in Pakistan.

Through these techniques Career Pakistan has been successful in broadening its social network in the Country and now is one of the top employers of professional at all levels present at most sectors of the country.




The Career Pakistan focuses on providing headhunting and recruitment services, as well as Mentor and Mentees Programs.

Headhunting and Recruitment

Headhunting is the major service provided by the company, which also includes recruiting the individuals as well. They specialize in attracting a large number of applicants for jobs and don't just leave it to that they also help the clients to further shortlist the number of applicants by interviewing them.

The major sector that Career Pakistan focuses on is the Telecom Sector. The Telecom Sector undertakes the highest recruitment of graduates and professionals in the country, as it is the fastest growing industry currently in Pakistan. The sample positions which are recently filled in the Telecom Sector by Career Pakistan include Director Sales, Senior Finance Manager, Manager Sales, Quality Engineer, Civil Works Engineer and Assistant Manager Marketing. All the targets include people mostly for the managerial level posts.

The other targeted sectors which contains their clients include the Construction, FMCG, IT, Media, Embassy, UN Agency and the University. The major recruitments is done at the senior levels which shows they are mostly targeting high quality professionals. The recently hired positions include CFO, GM Engineering, HR Manager, CEO, Team Lead, Research Associate, President and Vice Chancellor. Some of these individuals have work experience of over 10 to 15 years and some even 30 years.

Mentor and Mentees

Mentor and Mentees Program involves letting the fresh graduates to have in depth sessions with experienced mentors who are experts and help them develop the path they choose. The targeted mentees are people who have just completed their Bachelors or Masters Program. The Mentees are those who are working for large companies at senior levels who can guide the mentors well.


The headhunting and recruitment industry is now becoming a solid industry in Pakistan. These companies work like a department of Recruitment of a company but on a larger scale. It comprises of both large and small firms who aim to provide permanent and temporary jobs to their clients. Firms help to place lower level, middle level and senior level executives who earn a minimum of Rs. 80,000 to 10 lacks and there are some established companies who place people earning even more than 10 lacks. There are currently over a 100 headhunting organizations working in Pakistan. The Headhunting industry maintained a growth rate of 10 to 14 percent during the end of the previous year. The three largest headhunting and recruitment firms working in Pakistan are Career Pakistan, Ask Development and Talent Hunters. Together they account for over Rs. 1.5 billion rupees in annual revenues.


The dot-com boom has led to the rise of many headhunting organization in Pakistan. Although there are many well known companies who work as independent online firms who offer various positions to the individuals but there are few who actually work on the same lines as Career Pakistan. There are as follows:









The majority of the firms only asks for CVs from unemployed individuals in Pakistan and forward them to the certain company in which they have applied to. Other than that they don't have any other programs which support their effort and don't have a detailed screening of the entire recruitment process.


The two major competitors currently working in the major cities of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are:

Ask Development

Talent Hunters

These two firms are big headhunting organizations who are very well established and also have a strong and wide social network. They both work on the same lines as Career Pakistan, and each have their own assessment methods and training programs.

Ask Development basically like Career Pakistan focuses on maximizing the human potential through their development of skills, attitude and knowledge. It is the same as the Mentor Program of Career Pakistan where they develop different individuals. So the targeted clients for both the companies are very similar.

The reason Talent Hunters is a competitor because it mostly deals with the headhunting of individuals. Over the years they have also established itself well in the market and have the specialized resources and techniques to cater for the headhunting process.


The market shares for both the companies are based upon the different targeted industries they cater to, which is as follows:

Corporate Sector's Number of Clients

Ask Development


Talent Hunters




Public Sector's Number of Clients

Ask Development


Talent Hunters




Development Sector's Number of Clients

Ask Development


Talent Hunters




Both these companies have a major share in the corporate sector and give a tough competition to the Career Pakistan. They have top companies as their clients such as Warid Telecom of Talent Hunters and Pepsi of Ask Development.

In the Public Sector both of them have a lower market share, although both of them have well known public sector companies as their clients. Like the Pakistan Telecommunication Department for Ask Development and PPECL of Talent Hunters.

Ask Development is the market leader when it comes to the clients in the development sector such as WWF and UNICEF. Thus, the competition here for Career Pakistan is very tough when pertaining to Ask Development.


Ask Development

Their Vision is to maximize human potential through developing Attitude, Skill and Knowledge, which forms the abbreviation Ask.

The mission of Ask Development is to build training and consulting organization with experts who pay attention on the understanding of the client's system in place, their products and services, and operations to make sure training satisfaction. They also aim to create long-term bond with its clients through open communication channels to keep their clients up to date and the development of business specific training programs. Moreover, they intend to flexible in their training programs and candidate assessment methods, to cater the client's individual needs.

Talent Hunters

Their vision is to cater for the wasted, underutilized and abundant of talent in Pakistan.

Talent Hunters practice as a separate HR department and provide full HR services for different businesses. They aim to provide headhunting facilities for their clients and also support the employees with full time HR services before going into the organization. They aim to help the under prepared individuals who are fresh graduates or working, to be well equipped with all the knowhow of working in an organization. They aim to customize their services to cater each and every client and employee on an individual basis, so as to establish broadens its social network.


Ask Development

Ask Development focuses on the Human Resource Development, Outsourcing, Recruitment and Human Resource Management. Ask Development deals with the corporate, public development sectors and recommends different customized development programs that help the companies to be cost effective. It helps their employees to receive training to become more productive and efficient to help the overall cost effectiveness and profitability of the organization.

Ask Development helps outsource employees for different positions for organizations. They pay their salaries through direct deposit which can be withdrawn through the ATM. They offer automated systems to help cater the outsourced employees. Employees can see automated employee records like leaves, medicals, tax and other necessary information related to the concerned organization.

Their strategy also involves recruitment solutions to fulfill different staffing needs of their client. They also manage the selection of the required candidates and do mass recruitments and numerous locations. They also function as the human resource department for the companies in areas of Human Resource Management, Managing employee data, Payroll Processing, Rewards Processing, Tax Compliance Management, Background Screening, and Managed Staffing.

Talent Hunters

The main areas where Talent Hunters operate under are Human Capital Management System, HR Recruitment Services, Headhunting, Document Verification Service, HR Outsourcing and HR Training.

They offer complete solutions to restructure HR administration, Optimize HR Practices and Maximize the performance of the people. These solutions include new and innovative management and administrative services. This includes areas such as new hiring support and system, employee data record and feedback system. The aim to reduce the cost and time associated with hiring the best possible person for a job. They provide professional platforms for the employers to help them find quality staff to fulfill their demands in the shortest possible time.

Other than that they practice the headhunting with specialized resources, techniques and the attention required for the valuation of the process. They haven clients mostly in the corporate sector who have contact them constantly when a new job position is to be filled and they require certain candidates with specific pre-requisites.

Document Verifications is a part of their vow to offer a comprehensive HR solution to the company to help the hire the best human resource possible. When hiring new people organizations are concerned on the authenticity of the documents given by the candidates, this is where Talent Hunters play a role on verifying the documents.

Other than this they help to outsource certain workers which are part time to fulfill the over flow or excessive workload requirements of the companies. Other than that they also take part in extensive training programs as part of their strategy to prepare employees of different companies for different situation and develop their skills to benefit the organization.



A few years ago Internet was not used as a means for staffing in Pakistan and was not seen as a reliable source. Today in Pakistan recruiting individuals through the internet has become very popular and has been taken to the next level by the headhunting organizations. In the headhunting industry the internet is adopted for the recruitment of human resources and they are able to meet the expectations of the employers in terms of the talent and its shortage.

Although internet is widely used as a technology for the recruitment of individuals, it is still in its beginning stages and has room to further expand in its use. There is still a lack of trust in the using of the internet for staffing. The main reason is that the amounts of the CVs the companies receive through the internet are very large and becomes difficult to manage. Sometimes even candidates who are competent don't come into the notice of the Headhunting organizations.

Nonetheless, Internet has greatly affected the industry in a positive way and is now a rising development and will continue to mature.


Innovation is now a must for any organization in today's technology driven world. Some of the innovations done by the headhunting organization over the years are as follows:

There are now advanced information systems which are safer and can check the validity of the candidate, which prevents any sort of fraud.

They now use a more sophisticated form of connectivity amongst its clients and applicants, by using state of the art hardware and software. This might include better internet connection as well with the advent of Wimax and Wifi.

There is no computerization of all the operations of the companies which improves the efficiency while also reducing the costs of stationery and courier services.


I did my 6 weeks internship in Career Pakistan from July to August in 2009. I was a finance internee and mostly worked under the supervision of the Finance Manager Usman Niazi. The basic role of any finance department is to manage the funds of the company in such a way that risk and cost of the company are minimized and the profits maximized. As an intern I assisted in the cash management, analysis of the financial statements, and funds allocation of Career Pakistan.

Cash Management

One of the duties as an intern in Career Pakistan was the Cash Management of its company. It basically involved forwarding the clients the bill, which is basically the commission which is earned via the candidate which is referred to them by Career Pakistan. The commission is then collected in 90 to 120 days after the candidate's selection. It is then the job of the Finance Department to divide the commission amongst the advisor and the company. It takes approximately 4 days to divide this commission. My job as an intern was to submit the bill to the clients and if any previous commission had to be collected I had to collect it from the clients as well. It was then a tedious task to distribute the commission amongst the advisor and the company. Career Pakistan has assigned different percentages to different advisors which are now 215 in number. So I had to give the appropriate amount to the advisor and then the rest of the amount was invested back into the company. This amount invested back includes the salary of the CEO, the advertisements and renovations of the company.

Analysis of Financial Performance

I was given to opportunity to evaluate the financial performance of the company. In this area I was able to apply my knowledge which I gained during my studies in the University. I was able to apply to ROI model by looking the financial statements of the company, which luckily in the year end June 2009.

They gave me the opportunity to assist them in constantly reviewing the financial performance of the various units of the organization, basically calculating the ROIs of different projects Career Pakistan was undertaking during my time as an internee. Such reviews helped the company to see how the money invested into the company and outside are being utilized and what are the ways in which it can be improved.

Funds Allocation

One of the important aspects of the company was the areas in which there funds are to be allocated. Career Pakistan is constantly using aggressive advertising techniques when acting as an employer. So my job as an internee was to assist the department in assigning the funds to various advertising campaigns and the management of these funds.

The senior finance managers based on their projections calculate whether the sponsoring events would gather a return for them or net and how in much time period will this return be gathered. My job as an intern was not to give my input but to helping them during these projections. The areas in which I have knowledge such as the NPV of a project I was able give my input, other than that I tried to learn how practically projections were done for a project.

Although Career Pakistan undertakes projects which are on a smaller scale, I was able to learn the basics of how the funds were distributed amongst different projects and which sectors required more funds to be assigned, e.g. the telecommunication sector.


Other than my duties as a finance intern, I was also able to act as an advisor for the company. I used linkedin.com to contact various applicants on job offers for a particular field. E.g. if I wanted to find a candidate for HR manager, I contacted different working professional already working in various companies in the HR department and offered them jobs. The company name wasn't disclosed, my job was just to forward the interested candidate's CV to the senior advisors.

Through this I was able to contact various important people working in good positions in multinationals, and in my spare time got valuable information from them regarding the professional environment in Pakistan and other various topics that concerned me.


Career Pakistan has established itself within the market of headhunting over the years. Although there aren't many major problems with their work, however the following are some of the problems I think there are present which I felt during my internship with them.

The pay structure of Career Pakistan is on the commission bases. Every advisor has to get candidates every month for different positions assigned to them. There are at least 15 advisors working to find candidates for a position at a certain company. But out of them usually only 1 or 2 candidates get selected eventually by the company. So only those advisors who shortlisted the applicants get the commission. The others who worked equally hard to get the candidates don't get any commission that month. Sometimes they don't get commissions for the following months as well. The main problem is that people don't get the necessary rewards for their efforts unless they get selected or not.

Another problem is that there is too much workload on the management at Career Pakistan. There are 215 consultants working under them, who have to be assigned tasks and managed and the centralized organizational structure makes it difficult for the management to manage the subordinates. In addition to this they have to interview the shortlisted applicants to interview for every position, so it becomes difficult at certain times.

Thirdly, most of the consultants that are hired are fresh graduates or there are even some who are currently doing the undergraduate program. Some of these consultants are asked to help out the HR manager in the interviews. When it comes to interviewing the people for top positions it becomes difficult to do so.

The turnover rate in Career Pakistan is quite high sometimes. When people don't get pays for quite some time, they have no other option but to quit the organization. This results in hiring new advisors, which incurs training costs as well. The hassle involved in getting the new employees to be trained in the knowhow of the organization is also hard.

When interviewing candidates who are currently at senior executive positions at Large companies, the office interior is not extravagantly decorated to invite them there. So Career Pakistan conducts all of those interviews, including interviews of the lower managers, at Serena Hotel. Which is fine by most of the managers working there, but it incurs more costs as they have to book conference rooms there quite regularly.


After doing my internship at Career Pakistan I would like to give out the following recommendation:

Firstly because of solely giving out compensation packages, it results in some employees who get de-motivated while working. This also results in a high-turnover sometimes for the company. What I suggest is that Career Pakistan gives all their advisors some sort of allowances or fringe benefits that go along with their commissions e.g. free credit for their phones every month. This could help to motivate those employees to keep on working in the organization even if they don't get their commissions.

When Career Pakistan gets commissions from its clients, a major percentage of it is taken in by the company, for future projects. Career Pakistan should use some of its cash inflow and use it to make its office building more lavish. This would allow them to call most of the interviewees to office, rather than interviewing them every time in Serena. This could help reduce their costs in the long run.

Career Pakistan could decentralize its organizational structure a little bit. The advisors who have worked for the company for a long time could be subordinated more with the task of interviewing some of the selected candidates. Too relieve some of the workload of the management and let them focus more the other issues of the company.

The consultants that are offered an upgrade in the organization are very young and because the management sometimes offers them to conduct interviews to relieve their workload, they give it to consultants who are young. The consultants should not be given the interviews regarding top executives in the company.

Career Pakistan should expand themselves by also targeting clients who are small local companies established in Pakistan and not just large multinationals. This could also help these local companies to hire professionals who they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. This would help them to grow and compete with the multinationals established in the country.


The headhunting industry in Pakistan is now facing its most active period yet as the companies in Pakistan are facing crucial human resources shortages. The companies are currently trying to identify how to fill in these gaps and where to find professionals who could work for them. Incidentally, this is a time of the year where individuals are seeking new employment opportunities and want to find ways to find a good career path for them.

It has been 7 years since Career Pakistan entered into this market and is aspiring to become of the market leaders in the headhunting industry of Pakistan. The company has grown itself at an astounding rate and is continuing to provide its clients with outstanding services. The profitability of the company has been on the increasing trend over the years and they project that they can continue this for the next year as well.

As the company is growing its employees are increasing as well. The advisors have grown from 150 to 215 this year, and they would aim to employ more. The managers have also been increased to add additional occupations in the company. This shows that the environment at the Career Pakistan is excellent and challenging, where employees strive to show their full talent.

Finally to become the leading headhunting and recruiting company in Pakistan, Career Pakistan is aiming to act as a yardstick for its major competitors in the market and would continue to look for new ways to improve its services provided, so they can attract more clients and reverse the brain drain effect in Pakistan.