2009 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises Commerce Essay


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MAKE study to identify those organizations which are leaders in the 21st century knowledgeeconomy. Through several iterations a consensus is developed among the panel's experts. It is

this consensus of expert opinion which provides the validity to the Delphi and Global MAKEstudy results.

A panel of Global Fortune Global 500 senior executives and leading knowledgemanagement/intellectual capital/innovation/organizational learning experts selects the Global

MAKE Winners. In the Global MAKE study there are three rounds of consensus building. In

the first round, members of the expert panel nominate organizations (profit, non-profit and public

sector) located anywhere in the world.

In the second round, each member of the expert panel selects a maximum of three knowledge-

driven organizations from the list of nominations. Those organizations selected by at least 10%

of the expert panel members are recognized as Global MAKE Finalists. In the third and final

round, the Global MAKE Finalists are ranked against each of the eight knowledge performancedimensions which form the MAKE framework and are the visible drivers of value creation:

• creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture.

• developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership.

• developing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions.

• maximizing enterprise intellectual capital.

• creating an environment for collaborative enterprise knowledge sharing.

• creating a learning organization.

• delivering value based on stakeholder knowledge.

• transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value.

2009 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises - Executive Summary

A total of 111 organizations were nominated as 2009 Global Most Admired Knowledge

Enterprises. Out of this group, 44 organizations were recognized as 2009 Global MAKEFinalists (see Appendix 1). A total of 20 Global MAKE Finalists were recognized as 2009

Global MAKE Winners (based on the total composite scores). The 2009 Global MAKE Winners

are shown in alphabetical order in Table 1.

st Admired Knowledge

Enterprises. Out of this group, 44 organizations were recognized as 2009 Global MAKEFinalists (see Appendix 1). A total of 20 Global MAKE Finalists were recognized as 2009

Global MAKE Winners (based on the total composite scores). The 2009 Global MAKE Winners

are shown in alphabetical order in Table 1.

2009 Global MAKE Winners

Enterprise Sector

Accenture Information & technology services

Apple Computers and electronic consumer products

British Broadcasting Corporation Media and entertainment

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Professional services

Ernst & Young Professional services

Fluor Engineering & construction

General Electric Diversified manufacturing and financial services

Google Internet searching services & portals

Hewlett-Packard Computers & office equipment and IT solutions

IBM Computers & office equipment and IT solutions

Infosys Technologies Information & technology services

McKinsey & Company Management consulting

Microsoft Computer software

Nokia Networking communications

PricewaterhouseCoopers Professional services

Samsung Diversified manufacturing

Schlumberger Oil & gas equipment/solutions

Tata Diversified manufacturing

Toyota Motor vehicles

Wipro Technologies Information & technology services

Table 1: 2009 Global MAKE Winners listed in alphabetical order.

A total of 14 organizations repeated as Global MAKE Winners. Apple was recognized as theoverall winner in the 2009 Global MAKE study. This is the first time that Apple has achieved

the first-place ranking.

2009 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises - Executive Summary

Key Findings

Business leaders, analysts and investors constantly ask: "What are the economic and competitive

advantages of pursuing a business strategy based on knowledge leadership?" Based on the

findings of the 2009 Global MAKE study, the benefits of this approach are tangible and


Successfully managing enterprise knowledge yields big dividends. The 2009 Global MAKE

Winners trading on the NYSE/NASDAQ showed a Total Return to Shareholders (TRS) for theten-year period 1999-2008 of 9.6% - over four times the average Fortune 500 company median.

Other findings include:


Enterprises with long-term knowledge-driven strategies are continuing to invest in innovation,

knowledge sharing and collaboration, and human intellectual capital - especially skills and

competencies development - and will emerge from the global recession in stronger positions.


The global economic downturn is accelerating the consolidation of key business sectors,

including airlines, automotives, computers, consulting, defense, energy, informationtechnology, Internet, media and pharmaceuticals. By the year 2012, there will be 3-5 global

companies in each of the major business sectors. Those companies with strong knowledge-

driven strategies are most likely to survive and prosper.


Organizations around the world are facing leadership challenges in developing knowledgeworkers. This MAKE knowledge performance dimension had the lowest average Winners'

score. A combination of factors - the retirement of growing numbers of 'baby boomers' anddifficulties in recruiting talented new knowledge workers from the small pool of 'Generation

Y' individuals - is forcing organizations to devote significant resources to human intellectualcapital management.


A growing number of organizations are taking on 'Global' characteristics - especially

consulting and professional services firms, financial services, energy and media companies.

These 'Global' organizations tend to operate as 'independent' companies within a Federal

structure and without the traditional corporate head office.


While the number of European organizations adopting knowledge-driven approaches is

expanding, the number of European-headquartered Global MAKE Finalists and Winners

continues to decline. The top-tier of European companies is falling behind their Asian andNorth American competitors at the cutting-edge of the Knowledge Economy.

2009 Global MAKE Hall of Fame

A total of 139 organizations have been named Global MAKE Finalists since the MAKE research

2009 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises - Executive Summary

McKinsey & Company (Global)

McKinsey & Company, founded in 1926, is perhaps the most knowledge-oriented firm within

the global management consulting industry. McKinsey is not the largest consulting company in

the world (US $6 billion in annual revenues and more than 9,000 consultants - out of a total

workforce of 16,500 - working in 90 offices in more than 50 countries), but it is among the most

profitable and many consider that it has the strongest brand image. McKinsey & Company

spends at least 10% of its annual revenues on managing and sharing knowledge.

In the 2009 Global MAKE study, the firm is recognized for creating an enterprise-wide

environment for collaborative knowledge sharing (1st place), and organizational learning (1st place).

McKinsey & Company is a nine-time Global MAKE Winner, including two-time (2007-

2008) overall Global MAKE Winner.

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