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When I ask for an article on the keyword "gladiator shoes", this is the exact keyword. All the articles that you write for me should have the exact keyword in them at least a few times and that same exact keyword should also be in the title of the article as well. Keep in mind that the plural and singular are not the same - "gladiator shoes" is NOT the same as "gladiator shoe". You need to use the exact keyword many times exactly as it is given to you. So, use the exact keyword as many times as you can while trying to avoid making it sound repeatitive, hard to read, or spammy. I really don't like giving numbers, but I had to, I'd say that the exact keyword would have to be used around 10 times in a 400 word article. If you write an article and you only use the exact keyword 5-6 times or if you used it 15 times, it's ok... just keep it in mind.

Having said that, a great article will have the exact keyword in it many times and it will also have a few other related keywords in it. That's not a requirement - I am just saying it so that you know the characteristics of what I consider to be a great article. In this guide, you will see how you can find the ideal keywords to use in order to enhance your articles contentwise, SEOwise, and also to give you ideas about keywords that you know little or nothing about! Here it goes:

Lets assume that I had to write an article about gladiator shoes. First thing I would do is go to Google and search for gladiator shoes. Then, almost at the top of the page, on the right it will say the number of results. On the left, you will see a tab saying "Show options...". Click on that. A list will appear on the left of your screen. Now click on Wonder Wheel. Wonder Wheel is basically a diagram that shows you other words that are related to your search.

For gladiator shoes, the Wonder Wheel shows the following:

  • aldo shoes
  • steve madden
  • nine west
  • payless shoes
  • bakers shoes
  • gladiator boots
  • gladiator sandals
  • knee high gladiator shoes
  • Out of that list, we are mostly interested in the bottom 3 - the rest are just brands (we can still use brands but not so much).

    We can easily make an article out of that list alone. We start by saying how gladiator shoes are so great etc etc.. Then we talk about different types of gladiator shoes such as gladiator boots and knee high gladiator shoes. Then we write some more stuff about gladiator boots, then some more about knee high gladiator shoes, and then we conclude the article by saying how there are many choices and a woman should choose the one that works better for her.

    Next, to get more ideas for that keyword, since you might not even know what it is exactly (I didn't know what "gladiator shoes" were about a month ago lol), you look at some images from the search results. That way, you can write some stuff off the top of your head. You could say that these shoes normally have straps that go around your legs, or how your feet get some air because these shoes are open.

    Next, for more ideas about the article (and also for SEO), you go to the Google Adwords Tool (bookmark this page).

    Go there and search for gladiator shoes. After you get the results, click on Match Type and where it says Broad - change it to Exact. Then, you click on Global Monthly Search Volume to sort them from the one with the most searches to the one with the least. These numbers are most of the times wrong, but you can get ideas by the keywords. I did that for gladiator shoes. Here are a few of the results:

  • gladiator shoe
  • gladiators shoes
  • womens gladiator shoes
  • black gladiator shoes
  • gold gladiator shoes
  • cheap gladiator shoes
  • silver gladiator shoes
  • knee high gladiator shoes
  • All of these keywords give you even more ideas! Of course, it would be TERRIBLE to just say "There are many types of gladiator shoes such as womens gladiator shoes, black gladiator shoes, gold gladiator shoes, silver gladiator shoes". That way, you are just putting keywords one after the other and Google doesn't like that. Then again, it would be perfect to talk a little about each different color of gladiator shoes.

    Anyways, after you find the keywords that are related to our main keyword, then you can either start writing or you can do some research and find out more stuff about it. What I sometimes do is this:

    I write a small article (100-200 words) and then I do a little research to find some stuff that I could add in the small article to make it closer to 400 words.

    Pheww... that's all. Keep it to yourself and only yourself. These are VERY good tricks to write some GREAT articles and the reason I am telling you about them is that I hope that this is the start to a long lasting business relationship that will help both of us grow! :-)

    Let me know if you have any questions!