Legal Requirements for Child Well-Being

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Q1) Current legal requirements are needed for those in order to ensure the child’s wellbeing this has to be ensured in the child’s from reception and other classrooms the law has been passed to ensure that the child had an providing the information so that the parents are aware. Also the law ensures training and advice for the parents in the child care settings so that they are fully aware and ready to be prepared for time off emergency that faces their way. The outcome also ensure that the child is not any risk from poverty so this means that thy are fed properly and this law is also linked with every child matters so that there are no inequalities between children and the child care provider.

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There legal requirements re also required by the Ofsted publications so this suggest that they must be followed. In summary the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage enables that the adult to child ratios are equalised and this enables the child to be safe and that their well-being addressed. The learning and development skills were put forward as expectations which were required by the child care provider so that the child is comfortable in this child care setting and that everything is set out for their demand. These learning developments ensure that the child has great enthusiasm to learn and build a basic relationship and this will ensure that the child care setting s mutual and that everyone is happy. There are 3 elements which need to be considered so this means the early learning goals such as basic information and misunderstand. There are basic expectations which are required such as communication and language development so that the relationship that can be based on talking and sharing. This also enables the child speaks and listen and be able to express themselves otherwise without communication makes the relationship awkward in the childcare setting and means there is no contact. The child must also develop personal and social skills meaning that they have a nurturing confidence and form this kind off mural respect and learn to socialise with their children so that they make a friendship and that the child care setting is comfortable with one another. Furthermore they develop physical development they should be able to move and be free be able to nurture with the environment so that they are active therefore the adult must be aware off this so that they can make their relationship suitable for everyone. The child must understand the world and be aware off all the knowledges in order that they are guided in the right way. Also maths is important for a child and this can be developed such as when shopping letting children count how much s brought will really help develop maths skills and also describing household shapes in the childcare setting means that they can learn all the time. Also they develop literacy skills such as visiting the library is very important as it helps children gain this sense off vocabulary and can learn to talk and expand on their words. Likewise arts and design is very important so that the child’s mind is creative and that they aren’t depressed and can be fun and imagine role play with other children in this child care environment. The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage means that the child is safe and properly guarded and as a result is not in trouble and doesn’t make the child care setting difficult to be in.

Q2) Respecting the child individuality means that every child is different and that you in the child care setting admit and treat others as they would like to be treated to keep this relationship between them going and make sure that things are running smoothly. Children usually imitate things from role models therefore off TV or books and therefore means that they need good role models in order to build a good preceptive and if they have good role models then it has a positive effect on them. If you experience others cultures and are educated off this then it builds bridges between the other children meaning that they will get along because everyone understand and respects one another views it has also been proven to reduce prejudice thoughts at a young age so that in future discrimination can be prevented. This will also make them accepting off other religion and cultures this includes also sharing their foods with them. Thus opportunity means that they are more educated meaning that it is highly beneficial for them to know what is going on in order to succeed with them in the child care setting. Achievement says such as sport days at designed as they encourage children to participate with other children and be sociable and they must help one another so they are striving and helping one another to achieve or win this same goal. Furthermore having assess to games means that children build team work skills such as communication and helping each other meaning that their organised. Also it is important that you provide children with good routines and chance to interact in formal settings and this means that they will be more organised as they will learn what cutlery to use as a results giving them manners and doing this daily will make it part off their routine so that it will help them in the long run. Finally a very good thing is reward settings which help encourage children to respect one another some people use reward charts so that children will keep collecting and usually they respond to tasks quicker this will ensure that they are obedient and that they follow things with almost like a routine.

Q3) Consistency is very important as it s the key thing to reward the positive behaviour and to punish the unpleasant or negative behaviour. Children need to be brought up strictly from right to wrong so that they know the difference and so that they don’t become confused and just act out. Children in your child care setting need to understand that everyone you do has a consequence and therefore they must control and think before they complete any action to ensure that it is right not wrong. They need to understand that a right action will make adults and other very happy and therefore the child must establish that this is the right thing to do and the unpleasant behaviour can put others at risk and therefore as a result needs to be prevented completely as it can be harmful towards others feeling. They need to ensure that positive behaviour is constant so that their relationship with the child is not at risk and that things run smoothly.

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Positive behaviour needs to be reinforced such as rewards so this can be carried out by giving them a treat when they do something good or praising them will flatter them and children do like this kind off attention means this good behaviour is then repeated. If you keep encouraging the child as result this negative behaviour will slowly disappear because they will see that bad behaviour causes distress in the house and that good bring rewards and therefore will being them the sense that this is the right thing they are doing.

On the other hand negative behaviour is both stressing for the adults and child and can only be stopped with an unpleasant consequence such as being punished otherwise if it goes unnoticed them it can escalate to something more troubling. So for example when they are doing good behaviour may sure you pay attention because then they may feel that they ate being neglected and could therefore start being a harm to the other children as well as themselves. Make sure that you are not afraid to say no once in a while but make sure its strict but firm because if you go over the top it could cause them to be permanently scared which is something you don’t want to jeopardise the relationship with the child over. Finally this can suggest that even when there being naughty it is not good to ignore but address the issue but not over the top because this aggressive tone may violate in something biggest and you don’t want to break the kids confidence always remember that communication is key and theres nothing talking cant solve.

Q4) Managing conflict is very important as it mean that it needs to be stable before it escalates to violence which is another level off conflict. Some say that conflict is natural way off life and that it must be experienced by everyone in their lifetime others day it can be stopped by controlling the trigger. Conflict is not often associated as a positive thing as it can mean screaming as in mentally torturing someone such as name calling however it can be physical such as hitting one another this could be by slapping or nudging which in a child care setting could cause serious conflict and justnesses within the other children’s nature and you need to make sure that the child causing this damage is controlled. To avoid anything escalating to this you need to ensure that your relationship with the child is mutual and that there is a kind off love going on for instance they trust you. To manage this conflict you need to ensure that you are fair with all the children and that you don’t pick favourites because if you do it can cause this kn off unsettledness in the house and some may get jealous and act out in more off an argumentative conformity way so fairness definitely plays a huge role in ensuring that everyone is taught the same way as children may act out in time off injustice and make sure that when handling kids you don’t have a favourite so that your more likely unbiased in your opinion. When it comes to people important to carry out this research which was conducted to suggest that in texas university is that gender differences between children when identifying areas off conflict. For examples girls will show their conflict side by mate ignoring one another because this sends out a strong message that something is wrong a they may bicker or argue so mostly girls verbally abuse one another to show that they are unhappy whereas with boys it is a different story they will results to violence almost immediately. There are various reasons why children act out this can be because they crave attention or sometimes because they’re selfish and don’t want to share toys which can cause a divide. Finally its because sometimes they lack social skills or simply because they’ve had bad role model and imitate them.

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