Child Abuse in America

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Child Abuse in America

The sexual, physical and psychological maltreatment of children is termed as Child Abuse. This can happen in many forms. These include hitting, biting, shaking, beating or burning a child. These come under physical abuse. The emotional child abuse is in the form of continuously blaming the child, always making the child feel down as compared to the others, unnecessarily shouting at him and humiliating him. Any enforced sexual action, Incest or disclosure to a sexual stimulation, which is not suitable for the age of child can be categorized as sexual child abuse. The failure in fulfilling various essential child needs like clothing, medical care, food and shelter also come under child abuse (What is child abuse, 2008).

It has been noticed that most of the cases of child abuse have been reported from the home of a child. They also take place in the institutions concerned with children, such as schools, residential schools, churches and child care businesses (Robinson, 2001). As reported by the latest UNICEF report on well-being of child, the countries of the United States & the United Kingdom have been graded lowest amongst the developed nations. This study also revealed that the problems of child abuse and child neglect are more visible in the families of single-parent as compared to the households where both the parents are there to take care of the child (Iadicola & Shupe, 2003).

The child abuse can have grave consequences. It will not only affect the life of the child being abused but also the society in which he lives. In such an unhealthy atmosphere, the children tend to behave as if they are much bigger than their age. Punishments are given to the children who behave in this manner. Care should be taken to control such behaviors of children; else they may become some disturbing elements of the society. Punishments cannot be the solution to such unwanted behaviors. Proper guidance and counseling of such children is a must because these children believe that they are useless in this world and are unable to affect the world with their good deeds (What is child abuse, 2008). Also, they are often in the state of anger and depression. The major conflict arises when the parents of the children justify the child abuses as a necessity for the betterment of their future lives.

Concerns on the current state of the health and human services industry

The greatest concern is in the area of the role played by the health and human service organizations in the country. In spite of the growing number of health and human service organizations in the United States, the cases of child abuses are on a rise. This is evident from the reports of the UNICEF, which state that the child abuses cases have been tripled during the recent years (Iadicola & Shupe, 2003). The government’s role is also the matter of concern. It will have to move out of the box of just framing the legislations. Developing awareness about these social evils is also very essential. The rising cases of child abuse depict that the human service organizations are not performing their job effectively. The society should me made aware of the consequences of such abuses. Taking a common example, we notice that despite of the legislation against the child beating in schools, even today, children face severe caning. Apart from spreading awareness, the health and human service organizations in this industry should also take concrete steps in the areas such as encouraging the coordination of inter-agency and intra-agency and also cheering all sections of society for rendering their cooperation for fighting against the practices of child maltreatment (Heneson, 1992).

Advocates for Social Justice

Each democracy provides its citizens with the right to receive social justice. To enforce these rights, there is a need of health and human service workers. These workers not only impart awareness to the society but also try to bring fundamental changes in the attitude and thinking of the people (Heneson, 1992). They make the people understand the importance of receiving fair and just treatment by all the sections of the society. They not only listen and guide the abused children but also their parents. They are trying hard to expand their reach in the society so as to reduce the cases of child abuse in the society and country as whole. It is because of these workers that many case of sexual abuse come into light. They are trying hard to expand their reach in the society so as to reduce the cases of child abuse in the society and country as a whole. It has been analyzed from the above process that without the help of the human service workers no government or human service can establish social justice in the society. They are the key joint between the legislations and the society. Legislations have come into life because of the voice raised by these workers. Therefore, they are rightly treated as the advocates of social justice in the society.

From the beginning of this research, it has been found that the United Stated of America is in the need of proper administration of the health and human service industry. This can be achieved by attracting more dedicated and focused health and human service workers. My views regarding the role of the health and human service worker has changed only to that extent that with the growth in the population and the increase in the number of cases against humanity, their future role will become more challenging. Previously it seemed to me that laying legislations and some amount of efforts would be enough for stopping the child abuses but it is not true. There is a need for considerable amount of efforts to be made in this direction (Heneson, 1992).

The role and range of services to be rendered by the health and human service workers and the agencies is too wide. There are perhaps more chances and scope for human service workers in aiding and counseling the cases of child abuses. The knowledge gained during the process would help me in effectively carrying out a parental stress program and planning for the activities for increasing the awareness in the wide mass of public.


From the research, it is clear that the United States of America is facing the serious problem of Child Abuse. This problem will be worsened if along with the government, the American citizens, community associations, the corporate sector, the educational establishment, religious organizations, parent groups and all the stakeholders of the society do not come together to control the problem. Even the health and human service workers have to be trained to impart specific and effective knowledge of the adversities of child abuses in the society (Heneson, 1992).


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