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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


The Business





Market Research

UK Business Demographics – Potential Customer Research


PEST Analysis

Political Factors

Economic Factors

Social Factors

Technological Factors

Market Strategy

Target Market

Advertising Strategy

Competitive Edge

Executive Summary

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS is a new sole-proprietor business that has been set up by Mr Zia-ur-Rehman to provide management consultancy services to other small businesses and self-employed individuals like Mr Rehman himself.

Mr Rehman is a self-employed Management Consultant who set up the business after studying business management extensively and gaining the experience of working with other businesses. He has gained the experience of working as an Accounts Assistant and also as an Assistant Manager. The skills that he has gained from these previous jobs will be invaluable when managing ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS.

The Company will concentrate on providing services to SME businesses and will focus on the provision of effective management solutions to other self-employed businessmen and business partners. ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will also provide contractual work to larger businesses that may need such services as this is also likely to bring in a steady stream of income.

With Manchester being the hub of the entrepreneurs of the North, and the City being a stone’s throw away from the current location of the business, ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS has a good chance as any other to attract this previously un-exploited sector.


To show other businesses by example that smaller businesses also need effective management services in order to succeed. ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS wants to raise awareness and banish any misconceptions about effective management and the need and use of it within the SME sector.

The Business

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS is a sole proprietorship that is owned and currently managed solely by Mr Zia Ur Rehman. The reason for choosing this type of business is because Mr Rehman would like to keep the integrity and intentions of the business secure from what other partners or shareholders might decide.

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS is located at 35, CASTLETON ROAD, PRESTON, PR1 6QD. This location has been chosen as it is bordering ‘The business hub of the North’ (Manchester) as well as other cities and towns that are seeing a healthy rise in business activity since the Wall Street Crash in 2008. ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS wants to take advantage of this location in order to access the newly forming local businesses and target the Northern entrepreneurs, while avoiding the neck to neck competition in the South.


Mr Zia-Ur-Rehman will be managing all aspects of the business himself will look to recruit other individuals to serve each function of the business. Mr Rehman is himself an experienced Management Consultant and has studied as below:

  • 1999-2001 – Bachelor of Arts (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)
  • 2007-2008 – Diploma in Management (Yorkshire College, Manchester)
  • 2008/2009 - Diploma in Business Management (Yorkshire College, Manchester)
  • 2009/2010 – Postgraduate Diploma in Global Management (University of Central Lancashire)
  • 2010-2012 – Master of Science in Global Management (University of Central Lancashire)

Mr Rehman has boasts expertise in the following fields of management:

  • Information Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Venturing and Business Developments
  • Managing International Business Relationships
  • Corporate Governance


Mr Rehman believes in respecting employees and giving them the job that they do best while motivating them through the provision of perks and incentives. In order to achieve this sort of work environment, and keep the benefits to the business and its customers in mind; Mr Rehman will install a rigorous recruitment structure that will test the capability of candidates so as to ensure that the most competent candidate has been selected for the job at hand.

Mr Rehman aims to have recruited a full team of employees within 3 years that will include:

  • A minimum of two other employees within service provision
  • A minimum of a full time and a part time sales person
  • An administrator and possibly a trainee assistant

The financial decisions with regard to the business will be left up to Mr Rehman and advice will be sought from other sources until the business is big enough to afford a full time financial advisor. Similarly legal advice and recruitment services will be contracted out until the need for such skills and experience are felt within the business.


Mr Zia Ur Rehman has arranged for a sum of £50,000 that will be used to fund the start-up of the business and to support the business until it is financially stable. Although more capital may be injected into the business later; Mr Rehman is aiming to have the business financially independent by mid-2016, using the least capital to start-up as possible.

The table below shows some of the expenses that are likely to be incurred at start up

Office Set-up (furniture and fixtures)


Office Equipment


Company Stationery


Company Website


Cost of Marketing Material and Adverts


Business Insurance


Travel Costs


Other Expenses





Capital available at start-up - £50,000

Capital expected to be used to fund start-up costs - £8,000

Capital left over to support business to financial independence - £42,000

Market Research

UK Business Demographics – Potential Customer Research

The following are the statistics published for business start-ups in the UK over 2013.

Greater London





















Approximately 91 businesses providing business and management consultancy services are listed within a 12 mile radius of the PR1 postcode. Not all these are direct competitors of ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS as a majority of these businesses provide solely business consultancy services, not focusing on management, whereas others, who may focus on the provision of management services, provide a different range of services to ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS. This means that although on the onset it may look like the Company has 91 other competitors within a 12 mile radius, most of these companies focus on a niche different to ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS which gives the business its competitive edge.

Some of the other business and management consultants listed in the area are:

David Taylor Partnerships Ltd

88 Fishergate Hill, Preston, PR1 8JD

Tel: 01772 883888

Management Consultant

7 Penwortham Court, Preston, PR1 9YX

Tel: 01772 741692

The Washington Consultancy Ltd

2 Elmwood Drive, Preston, PR1 0XT

Tel: 01772 745603

Tech 22

Albert Edward House, 5, The Pavilions, Preston, PR2 2YB

Tel: 01772 722608

C J Moran Productivity Services

18 Birch Avenue, Preston, PR1 0PB

Tel: 01772 743929

ZR Management Services

35 Castleton Road, Preston, PR1 6QD

Tel: 07738 505296

Connecting Commerce Ltd

Albert Edward House, 5, The Pavilions, Preston, PR2 2YB

Tel: 0161 298 8686

UK Telematics Online

35 Princes Reach, Preston, PR2 2GA

Tel: 07974 574145

Pario Ltd

Unit 17-18, Navigation Business Village, Preston, PR2 2YP

Tel: 01772 733039

Plan B Management Solutions Ltd

Unit 6, Meadowcroft Business Park, Pope Lane, Preston, PR4 4BA

Tel: 01772 751177

Flexible Business Services Ltd

4 Holland House Road, Preston, PR5 4JG

Tel: 07713 881741

Kennedy Ross Consulting Ltd

16 Chapman Rd, Preston, PR2 8NX

Tel: 0845 6890038

A J Busfield Ltd

38 Selkirk Drive, Preston, PR5 4TL

Tel: 01772 339273

DGEM Solutions Ltd

5 North Union View, Preston, PR5 5RF

Tel: 01772 315621

Step 1 Associates Ltd

8 Mayfield Avenue, Preston, PR2 3UH

Tel: 07818 883395

Helen Standing Ltd

Unit 4a, South Preston Office Village, Preston, PR5 6BL

Tel: 01772 336374

Briarcroft Associates

4 Glencourse Drive, Preston, PR2 6AF

Tel: 01772 704544

PEST Analysis

Political Factors

The UK is a democratic country and is stable politically. This provides a safe and secure environment to set up business. In addition, the current government has set up many policies to assist business set up and growth, in order to tackle the recent unemployment crisis caused by the economic recession. Some of the incentives set up by the government are the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, the Wage Incentives and the SME Employment Allowances. These schemes have been set up to assist the unemployed sector set up and grow a business.

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will capitalise on these schemes to gain personnel and make a difference to the economy (reducing unemployment figures) while being cost-effective as a business.

Economic Factors

As the UK heads out of the recession, there are two main scenarios that dominate the business world.

  • A lot of businesses, especially the smaller businesses, have been forced closed since the recession began. This means reduced competition especially in the SME sector.
  • Plenty of new businesses are emerging – now stronger and more financially diligent than ever, bringing a stronger, more stable competition. In a positive light, these businesses are more willing to spend on management consultancy services, as they understand the effects of mis-management. This leads to a more willing customer market.

The increase in competition is causing reduction in prices and the recession-caused unemployment, is pushing quality standards higher as business owners are quicker to let go of employees if quality is not at its best. These factors together mean more of a struggle to achieve quality at cheaper prices and therefore managing finances. This can prove to be a strength for the business if quality services are provided at competitive prices, but can also prove to be a threat if the business finances are not managed perfectly.

Social Factors

As more and more young people find it difficult to get into University or further Education due to the increased tuition fees, and the age of retirement increases; people of all ages are turning towards business and unemployment has also seen its peak. The prime goal of these businesses is to stabilise the financial future of their owners, which means that they are specifically focused on profit making.

This rush for profits has led businesses to be competitive and financially savvy. The best method to achieve both objectives is to outsource temporary work, and gain advice on maximising effectiveness through the use of consultancy services.

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will maximise on this increase in the use of consultancies to its benefit by providing affordable services of high standards to such customers. The company will also promote the financial benefits of working efficiently through the employment of consultancy services.

Technological Factors

As technology becomes an integral part of businesses, and BYOD consulting takes the industry by storm, it is important that ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS are up to date with technological resources and know-how. The increase in Bring-Your-Own-Device consulting has made it imperative for consultants to incorporate state of the art technology within their businesses so as to keep their competitiveness with other businesses.

This can prove to be a threat to the company if correct and timely investments are not made into updating technology used, and keeping up to date with the changes and usage of technology.

Market Strategy

Target Market

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will target the following types of businesses:

  • Other self-employed individuals and sole proprietors
  • Simple partnerships
  • Small businesses (1-49 employees)
  • Medium businesses (50-249 employees)
  • English Speaking Businesses
  • Urdu Speaking Businesses
  • Businesses in the locality (in-house services)
  • Businesses nationally (services at customer premise including travel)
  • Businesses around the world (remote services through the internet and video conferencing)

Advertising Strategy

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will need to gain visibility to start making customers. The following are initial ideas as to the tools that will be used to advertise the business:

  • Company website
  • Registration with trade bodies
  • Online marketing – SEO, Pay-Per-Click etc.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media accounts and the use of blogging
  • In-transit advertising – posters, flyers and billboards etc.
  • Personal Marketing – WOM-advertising and event marketing
  • Marketing through merchandise

Competitive Edge

ZR GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will capitalise on the fact that it is a sole proprietorship rather than a shareholder company that puts its shareholders needs before the customers. The Company will promote the provision of a more personal and tailored service that runs solely for the benefit of its customers and is not as profit oriented as shareholder companies. (A similar marketing strategy is used by Nationwide Building Society)