Workplace and organizational learning in a foreign branch

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Introduction of CPS Financial Consulting Company

CPS Financial Consulting Company is about Creative, Profitable and Safe. As a well-being consulting company, CPS has won its frame in financial consulting field even in the hard time, for example, the financial crisis. CPS runs many services that other financial companies provide, which enables it to use cross-professional perspective to review its services and make full use of its employees to maximize the benefit of its clients.

To be short, there are three main services that CPS provides to its clients:

1 CPS helps small and new companies to learn finance: what clients should know about finance, what they can get from finance and how they do with finance. Notably, this service is free to its new clients.

2 CPS has standardized training courses for their clients. Once clients make contracts with CPS, CPS is obliged to train their clients to be the pioneers in financial area. In this way, clients can deliver their workers to join the training courses which are well customized.

3 CPS offers investment opportunities for its clients. When interacting with those clients that have know-how about financial activities and possess big deals of idle money, CPS provides profitable projects for them to join in. These projects are of many kinds so the risks of investment are well diversified. On the whole, this service is the core business of CPS financial consulting company.

Current Challenges of CPS Financial Consulting Company

Recently, the board of CPS is considering exceeding their business to a foreign country. They believed they have good reasons to make such a brave move:

1 The country that the company enters does not have a saturated market, and this has been the main reason of such move.

2 Companies, corporate, and peoples in this country are eager to learn financial knowledge after the breakup of financial crisis.

3 CPS is more experienced, more profitable and much bigger than the consulting companies in the same industry.

Although CPS is well equipped in some ways to take this step, there are barriers or challenges, if we can call it, that CPS cannot fetch with:

1 The long-term employees do not have a clear image of the country.

They do not know how people in this country do their business. They do not know how polices of the government affect the financial areas. They do not know how trainees will absorb training courses efficiently and effectively. They do not know the whole atmosphere of their business in this country.

2 Newly hired employees from this country are not familiar with the services that CPS provides.

It is a smart step to employ domestic talents, for they do not have the first difficulty the old staffs have. However, coins have two sides. What they learn and experience are much different from CPS. It can be seen from the daily operation that these new staffs sit in the offices and stare each other for a whole day.

3 Communication has been a disturbing barrier for all the employees.

The first two barriers are hoped to get over as time goes by. Yet, the development of CPS will experience hardship if the third problem is not tackled properly. Communication inside and outside the company makes a huge impact on the performance of company. The efficiency of company will be badly affected if internal communication is blocked down. In the other way, external communication such as communication with clients, communication with government and communication with neighbors affects the reputation, business ideas and company image, which in turns affect the profitability of CPS. After full observation, language barriers, lack of sense of communication and lack knowledge of communicative equipment are the reasons that lead to the current embarrassing situation of CPS.

Individuals Learning of CPS Financial Consulting Company

Company is formed by persons, especially a consulting company like CPS. What employees can learn at their workplace and what their work can bring to their own life together consists a two-way choosing model. Nowadays, company is not only a place to work, but also it provides employees distinctive and meaningful work experience to gain knowledge. There are three ways that employees can learn what it is useful both to their job and to their lives: individuals, group and organizational learning. Firstly, let us start with individuals and see what suggestions can contribute to the success of CPS.

1 Mentorship program

As we point out at the above content, new employees are going through a hard time at CPS. They do not know how to do their work in a company with different culture background and how they can manage to get familiar with the job that they did not encounter ever before.

Mentorship program is created to tackle this problem about orientation.

Every new employee is assigned to assist an experienced worker at the parent company, so that they can know how to deal with the new job and new consultancy model.

After working with the elder employee, the rookie is able to know how the whole company is running and then is reassigned to his motherland to work in the new branch.

Once these employees gain enough knowledge, they can in turn to share experience with their mentor in the parent company.

What brings to CPS

Mentorship program is not rare at any companies, but in this case we are facing a new situation. Technically, there are not an exact mentor existing in CPS because from top to bottom no one can handle well the business in a country with different cultures, business manner and business regulation. As we can see, such mentorship program emphasize on sharing. It is not about A to B, but A to B and B back to A. with such program, CPS not only can deal with the orientation of new workers but also provide a channel for elder employee to get acquaintance with the new branch.

2 Assign new work projects

When assigning tasks to the workers, company is inclined to allot tasks to the people according to the skills that they possess. This is a smart method to make use of the talents and gifts of employees. But when put in our situation, it can hardly be useful and applicable. Therefore, with the idea of workplace learning in mind, it is suggested that we allot new assignment to employees, which provides chances for them to acquire new knowledge from work.

The assignment may provide opportunities to the workers to practice their language skills.

The assignment may offer experience for employees to focus on the different and find out the solution.

The assignment may include a need for deeper thinking behind the business. For example, making changes to the model that they currently do with their business

What brings to CPS

Human resource is the most valuable asset of a company. Talents of a company should not just depend on the pre-work education. In fact, what job brings to the workers affects work performance most. When at school, employees are required by their teachers to study different business case so that they can have a fundamental image of how business runs. But when at work, they need to development their own knowledge of their work and their own model of business running. When employees are doing this, they are doing contribution to the company. What the employees learn from their daily operation is the teaching books to the company. They know better than others about their company and how their company can go further.

Group Learning of CPS Financial Consulting Company

1 A share workplace

It is mentioned that there are communication problems within the company, which have already made a great loss to the company. To confront this, a share workplace between different departments is recommended.

Being in the same workplace, staffs from different department are able to work together in the same place.

People speaks different languages are able to transition what they learn from the language training course into real practices. By possessing a second or third language, employees have more liquidity to perform tasks in different countries.

What brings to CPS

A share workplace saves many concrete walls to separate peoples, so does the communication walls. Working at the same place, workers get to know each other, interact with each other. What is more beneficial is that people from different cultural background have chances to reach a common sense and decrease the conflicts. Research shows that people are inclined to trust those who are being in the same room with them. Building trustworthy between different departments would be the first step to cope with the communication problem. It is believed to be helpful to the development of the company both in the short term and in the long term.

2 Group activities

Group activities include a wide range of category and should not limit to job-related.

Sport events are held to let employee to know each other. It will form a stable relation between the employees.

Participate in the local competitions. The contents of competitions are random, which makes employees to develop their armature skills and gives them an opportunity to link their skills to the job.

Company tour helps employees learn different culture of countries and have relaxation out of busy work. During the tour, employees can increase their interaction and develop their friendship.

What brings to CPS

Group activities strengthen the relationship between people. When employees get away from the work, they often have good temper to communicate with others. By holding group events, company culture is easy to build up and the sense of belongings among employees emerges. Besides, activities those require team building offer assistances to cultivate the team spirit.

3Anual meeting

Annual meeting has long been seen as a useful and helpful method to improve the communication within company. Besides holding annual meeting with employees, CPS can learn new techniques and skills from their clients through annual meeting.

Company holds annual meetings with different clients according to the business that CPS does with them. For example, if a client is dealing with CPS about training course, CPS would hold a specific meeting with this kind of clients.

Company joins in meetings held by their clients. Clients, mostly small firms and ventures, need to share their financial performance with the consultancy. In this way, clients and CPS are able to gain information from each other; furthermore, staff of both will learn how to adapt to the new problem.

What brings to CPS

Annual meeting should not just limit to meeting within company. Meeting within company is a great tool to enable employees to acquire information about their company. But annual meeting with external stakeholders is another magic tool to know the past, present and future of company. To know the need of clients

Organizational Learning of CPS Financial Consulting Company

The two major sources of organizational learning: experience or learn from others

Whether an individual or organization, learning is nothing more than personal experience or learning from others. Two sources are important and contributable to the organization.

1 Experience

The organization of learning through experience and many ways, whether it is market testing, new product introduction, pilot new management methods, or the work of temper, are businesses or individuals to learn from practical experience, rather than from the existing knowledge.

What CPS can do

CPS is planning to enter the country, which makes it have enough opportunities to absorb new experiences and knowledge, which in turn it will therefore affect the quality of the business in other countries. To become a learning organization, CPS should dare to experiment, dare to innovate. CPS should learn lessons in failure, to maintain discipline in the success. How to get necessary knowledge from the experience, CPS staff should introduce policies to make it knows how to deal with different cultural backgrounds. What they experience is different from the previous response to changes, different from conventional thinking. When employees in the new environment in the acquisition of knowledge, these experienced employees should deliver the knowledge to the employees from different departments or even the entire company. What is more, to reward the experienced employees, the company will have an opportunity to build a mind of continuous learning at work.

2 Learn from others

The second source of organizational learning is to learn from the experiences of others, that is, organizations do not have to be able to learn first-hand knowledge test. Learn from other is a different kind of learning style, including benchmarking, recruitment of staff to absorb new knowledge and help consultants, educational institutions and professional organizations from access to knowledge and so on. Through observation, review, benchmarking and other companies to imitate successful products, processes and practices, company executives and employees will be inspired to develop their own new products and processes.

What CPS can do

CPS can hire professionals in this country, through this way, CPS can quickly grasp the country's culture, business practices and laws and regulations. CPS can make parts of its business to cooperate with other companies. To work with other companies at the same time, CPS can learn more knowledge and gain more experience. The parent company will benefit from the development of branch and in turns benefit the development of the branch in the country. CPS may also invite experts in relevant fields for the CPS company taught how different cultural backgrounds in business. This method can be combined with the first method, through a combination of theory and practice, CPS can be better and faster to find the company's problems, adapting more quickly to industry.

The outlook of CPS financial consulting company

When embrace the idea of becoming a learning organization, CPS has stride a big step, compared with other companies. Entering into a whole new country, CPS encounters any difficulties that other companies would face. To make its employees from domestic country know what the company is and how the company runs is the first important mission for CPS. As for the long-term employees, this challenge provides them chances to cope with the changes and thus make solution to the business or even carry out a new business model. Communication is the blood of a company. Without it, CPS will get more and more diseases gradually. Finger out a series of policies as soon as possible will do things benefit to CPS. After conquer such problems, CPS is able to make its big move in the new country with its experience and talents.