Work Culture and its Role in an Orgnaisation

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In each and every organisation in order to create to good productive and efficient work environment “Work Culture plays an important role”. Whereas work culture is defined as a place whereby numerous people of different traits and characteristics works together as a organisation to achieve a common goal. Differences in work culture may varies in term of beliefs, values, behaviours, personality, psychology, and individualistic.

A good work culture is whereby employees utilize all their different traits and characteristic to achieve organisations vision and mission. For example, an employee with good speaking capability can offer their self to be part of the marketing team, whereas certain employee with other skills such as analytical or technical skill can be part of research and development team. Such diversity in work culture creates a high performing organisation.

A high performing organisation is an organisation which strategically has an efficient use of their resources to achieve their vision and mission. A high performing organisation creates huge difference in term of organisation productivity and profitability. There a good high performing organisation is considered as assets for corporations. For example Nestle Malaysia Sdn.Bhd, have nurtures a good high performing organisation culture through constants training and motivation system.


Figure 1:0: Workplace Diversity In Malaysia

Task 1

A good work culture among employee is which achieve good cooperation and understanding towards common goal of the of the organisation. In order to achieve such work culture a clear communication and relationship is vital for the organisation. As part of agenda to build a great work culture as mention above, IMSB Sdn.Bhd provides holiday trips for their employee so that employee feels that their management cares about their wellbeing. Therefore it leads to employee job satisfaction, whereby it’s indirectly drives their motivation and increases productivity and profitability of IMSB Sdn.Bhd. Despite of those activities such as Team Building or Outdoor training creates a well trained employee which has updated knowledge and motivation towards the IMSB Sdn.Bhd productivity and profitability.

IMSB Sdn.Bhd also was rewarded multiple awards for being involving corporation by working together with their employee. For example, the Best Employer Award 2003, Corporate Quality Award 2005 and National CSR Award 2010. All this recognition was awarded for IMSB Sdn.Bhd for their involvement towards employee growth.. All this awards aids IMSB Sdn.Bhd by creating an edge of advantage over its competitors. To create such a competitive advantage, IMSB Sdn.Bhd has to adapt itself to the environment and create a great workculture.To create great work culture IMSB Sdn.Bhd ,has to meet their employees expectation on the organisation work culture such as what GOOGLE Cooperation does by creating a “Wonderful place to work theme” . Therefore IMSB Sdn .Bhd has design itself towards certain values set for their employees. By prioritising values such as Quality, Discipline, Customer is king, great place to work. Whereas all this values are in line to achieve organisation goals, vision and mission of the organisation.

Figure 1:1: Key Workcultue Values of IMSB Sdn.Bhd

By enforcing work culture values above, IMSB Sdn.Bhd able to create work culture this is productive and profitable. In other words it motivates employees, to be more committed on the organisation well-being and surrounded by a positive environment which pushes towards achieving organisation goals, vision and mission.

By implementing Quality, IMSB Sdn.Bhd able creates a competitive and much more regulated employee. Whereby it directly effects on the productivity and profitability of the organisation. For example employee whom has the Quality value are more likely to be organised in everything they does , therefore it reduced the waste of human resources as result it increases the effectiveness of employee so it benefits the organisation.

Next key values implemented by IMSB Sdn.Bhd, is Discipline. Generally discipline is known key value which determines a individual wellbeing and activities. Despite Discipline is also the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. Therefore by creating employee whom is well discipline IMSB Sdn.Bhd can maintain a productive and efficient work culture. Whereby the employee will be organised in everything they does.

Next value is Great Workplace, it is vital so that an employee feels pleasant to be present in workplace. A great workplace is whereby it consists of harmony work environment whereas it achieves minimal conflict among employees. For example, by conducting team building activities IMSB Sdn.Bhd able to increases mutual understanding level among its employees. Therefore it creates a good friendship bond among employees and more corporations among them as a team. Creating a great workplace is very important to IMSB Sdn.Bhd as it is because it has a diversification of 1500 employees and it is very important create a cooperative work culture so that it rewards with productivity and profitability of IMSB Sdn.Bhd.


Figure 1:2: Example of Team Building Activities

Next far most important value IMSB Sdn.Bhd focuses are ‘Customer Is King’. It is a value whereby organisation prioritises Customer first for the future profitability of organisation. It is because without customer retention IMSB Sdn.Bhd losses its market share (customer bank) to competitors. It is so because customer has the buying power and they can substitute other form of competitors. Therefore it the responsibility of the organisation to keep the customer happy and feel satisfied for the future benefits of the organisation. For example, organisation tends to provide after sales services to customer, whereby it’s all part of Customer Is King value practices.


Figure 1:3: Example of Customer is King Value


As a conclusion it is vital for IMSB Sdn.Bhd to create a great work culture, because it has a tremendous effect on the wellbeing of the employee. Work culture also directly influences the employees and its determines the productivity and profitability of the organisation. Therefore it important task for IMSB Sdn.Bhd to look upon its work culture from time-to-time basis.

Task 2

Leadership approach is a fundamental for the success of all organisations. Leadership is the energy which leads the employee towards achieving the vision and mission of the company’s good leadership approach improves the employee performance towards achieving the organisation goals and as well the profitability and productivity of the organisation. There are multiple types of leadership approach practices by organisation throughout the world.


Figure 1:4: Fundamental of Leadership

Autocratic style of leadership is a style of leadership whereby the management makes decision without consideration of the employee. Whereby the leader sees them self as the sole decision makers. Whereby its aids in quick decision making but affect employee whom may contribute ideas towards the organisation..This type of leadership usually has minimal concern over other people’s opinions which cause no participation from other participants and subordinates. For example, decision such as extension of work hour is done without the prior knowledge of employee involved. Such situation creates de-motivation towards employee.

Other than that Democratic Style of management is also kind of approach used by management to push employee .whereby it is reversal of the autocratic style of management. A democratic style of management wants to share knowledge and responsibility with others. For example this type of management , tends to collaborate opinions when ever making any decision , which has employees participation .Therefore employee feels themselves as more recognised in every aspect. For example, in case of situation such as organisation planning to purchase inventories for production use, management may ask employees point of view as because they are directly in contact with those machinery.

This type of leadership is considered one of the best as because it enables two-way communication among the management and the employee. Therefore management will be more aware on the need and wants of employees and in makes employee feels valuable.

Laissez-Faire Leadership is type of leadership whereby it requires less supervisation and authority kind of leadership. This type of leadership enables flexibility and innovation to be practiced by the employee. Whereby it requires less supervisation so that employee tend create subs-committee to manage. Therefore employee more to be motivated of this type of leadership approach.

For IMSB Sdn.Bhd, it is advisable to use democratic style of management. It is so because such management style enables flexible and control over current situation whereby it does not compromise on the productivity and profitability of the organisation. Despite of that, it also creates a consistent leadership backup by employee itself therefore more chances of success.

Task 3

IMSB Sdn.Bhd offers annual outstanding employee for its 1500 employee .For that employee whom meet the demand and expectation of the management will be awarded outstanding performance award as part IMSB Sdn .Bhd motivation program and recognitization program.

As said by Miss. Logeswari, a senior manufacturing specialist at IMSB Sdn. Bhd and also an individual that has been wining this employee scheme award for quite some time. For example, Miss. Logeswari said that she had won the outstanding employee of the year before back in the year 2005. This award was presented to Miss. Logeswari by IMSB Sdn. Bhd for her outstanding performance towards the organization. This is so because of the awards that is being a valuable form of recognition that has motivated her to improve her performance. At the same time, it has been an inspiration for Miss. Logeswari to gain her self confidence to thrive towards the goals of IMSB Sdn. Bhd.

By offering such outstanding employee award program , IMSB Sdn.Bhd able increases individual performance of outstanding employees.Wherey it acts as a motivation energy.For example an individual whom receive the award such as Miss.Logeswari will be supercharged with motivation therefore they will strive for better performance.

Despite of that such award system also able create increases productivity and satisfaction by motivating the employees. For example, Miss.Logeswari is super satisfied with the organisation and she is more likely to be more productive towards the organisation. Therefore more award programs in future able to create employees such Miss.Logeswari whom thrives to increase value for the organisation.

Other than Miss Logeswari , Dr. Praba, a senior management consultant at IMSB Sdn. Bhd who also thinks that this employee award scheme (outstanding employee of the year) of the organization. He thinks that this scheme is valuable but he suggested that the organization must have proper ways to implement the award schemes so that it would be a better success. Having such employee award scheme in IMSB Sdn. Bhd said by Dr. Praba is a great thing and that it encourages beliefs and behaviors among its management and employees .He also believes that such program aids in reducing the turnover rate by 50%. Its because such award program motivates employee to thrive to be the best .It also aid in creating a high performance workculture. Whereas as a end product it increases the profitability and productivity of the organization.


As a conclusion , such award program benefits the organization in wide variety of range whereby its creates a win-win situation within the organization and the employee.Its satisfied a employees satisfaction level towards and organization.


Figure 1:5: Motivation Diagram

Task 4

As a senior management consultant , i would like the management on the use of individual recognition scheme and team recognition scheme. A recognition scheme is given to appreciate the employees in the performance and contribution of efforts from them for the organizations . For individual, the recognition scheme can be use to motivate the employees where they are performing individually when there is a given a task. The superiors can supervise the performance of the employees, in term how they are performing and contributing their best for the organization. This is to lead them in motivating their services to the organization that they had contributed to give an outstanding performance towards the organization through their performance in manner. The management can use the individual recognition scheme to thank the employees in their contribution of services in the organization by monitoring their behavior and discipline in how they are performing for the task given to them and how much efforts is taken and given by the employees in making the task done. This is to guide the employee to perform better in future and give a good standing in the organization. As an example, a discipline and hardworking employees who put their effort to the core to provide an outstanding image for the organization and make the organization proud, has to be given the individual recognition scheme to thank them in respect.

In a team, there will be multiple of people in the group and when a team is formed therefore likely is to represent a project that will be given by the organization. In a team, there will be more cooperation between the members when they are performing together. All the members in the team have to contribute their best in making the project done and this is to analyze the hard work and responsibilities of the members in the team. The project leader is given the responsibilities to monitor the performance of the members in how they are cooperating and hardworking towards the given task. The management has to gratitude the hard work of the members in the team, in completing the project and makes them feel proud of their success by contributing them the team recognition scheme towards their sincerity and effort for the company. As an example, when a team is about give their best for the organization through their hard work and effort, it is fair to thank their success for the team by contributing the team recognition scheme.


Employee recognition is something very important for wellbeing of the employee and productivity of the organisation. As an motivated employees a psychologically proactive , there he/she will strive to provide the best for the organisation. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued for their contribution. Organisation get benefit interm of productivity and profitability of motivated employee.


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