Why The Human Resources Department Is Often Looked Down Upon Business Essay

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Human Resources (HR) are a term used to describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization. HR may be the most misunderstood of all the corporate departments, but it is also the most necessary. HR is not only responsible for hiring and firing, they also handle contacting job references and administering employee benefits. The function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals.

The origins of the function arose in organizations that introduced 'Welfare Management' practices and also in those that adopted the principles of 'Scientific Management'. From these terms emerged a largely administrative management activity, coordinating a range of worker related processes and becoming known, in time as the 'personnel function'.

Human resources progressively became the more usual name for this function, in the first instance in the United States as well as multinational or international corporations, reflecting the adoption of a more quantitative as well as strategic approach to workforce management, demanded by corporate management to gain a competitive advantage, utilizing limited skilled and highly skilled workers.

1.1 Why to manager care little on HR department

1.1.1 Not Productive Department

HR department is not productive to use with the company, because the managers think it is not more important department rather than marketing, finance, production and engineering department.

Marketing, Finance, Production and Engineering department are productive to using in the company, whether in some large and some medium or small firms also got same the problem. The managers of the company are care little with HR department, so the manger can't to solve the HR Problem.

1.1.2 Limit job turnover

The managers care little to the HR department because it is difficult to hiring the people and less to need in the market. So, Job Growth can be limited because the limit job turnover around the market.

Some company will uses by the widespread of computerized human resources information system to do the function of calculate and something to help them only.

1.1.3 Size of the Firms

The size of the firms also can affect the manager to care with the HR department. In the small firms and some medium firms, the managers of the company are care little with this department because they think they can control and doing all to HR Jobs with that size firms. The mangers also not more budget to hire more employees in the firms.

In the large firms, the manager of the company quiet care with HR department because the big firms want this department to control and calculate the entire payroll, rewards, budget, employees data and so on with the company.

1.2 Overcome

1.2.1 Hire Strategic

Human Resource department can filling all the interviewee to entry-level jobs with the company. It will help the manager of the company to hire right people to the right position.

HR department can equal the information by ages, various language, cultural backgrounds, levels of education, experience and so on. It can offers HR department to clerical workers opportunities to advance to more responsible or professional positions.

1.2.2 Training

Human Resources department can help the company to training the employee to improve the interpersonal skills and knowledge. The training is offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building worker loyalty. It also can get the entry-level employees commonly basic skills learn by performing administrative duties. It can properly to helping them to enter data into computer systems, daily co-operation, compiling employee handbooks, researching information, or answering phone calls and handling routine questions.

Entry-level workers often enter on-the-job training programs in which they learn how to classify jobs, interview applicants, or administer employee benefits. And then are assigned to specific areas in the human resources department to gain experience.

1.2.3 Reduce Cost

Human resources department can help company to reduce the cost because it can cut the cost of resources, budgets, rewards, number of employee and so on. It can to let the company to save more the cost and make sure the company hasn't to waste the cost in the daily operation.

HR can reduce the resources of company because it cans properly to mange which the parts of the company employee need the resources. HR can take the resources to the right parts to the employee to save all the resources.

HR also can control the member of employee of the company. It can take the employee to performance by one people or doing many jobs in one person with daily operation. It can make sure the company doesn't to hire too more or less employee in the same position.

HR also can plan and calculated the actives and budget of the company during the year. HR can report to the manager all the cost using to targeting it.

1.2.4 Store the Information

HR department had stored all the employees' information in the company. All the information collected by these employees is confidential. So, HR department must confidential and responsibility of dealing with sensitive employee information.

All the information of the employee is important because the data are record all about the employee. HR department also stored the employee agreement when the employees are signing the agreement.

1.2.5 Payroll and Rewards

HR department were according to the pay rate to pay the payroll to the employee. It can make sure all the pay grade of the salary or wages is standard and equal. The company can't face over high or low to pay the payroll with their staff. It can let company to easy calculate the cost of the payroll.

Human Resources department can get the rewards according to the summaries by the company or pay rate to let the rewards to the employees. It can make sure all the rewards is same and equal.

1.3 Conclusion

HR department also is an important by the company because it can let the manger to hire people to the right position, reduce all the cost, stored the information, calculate the payroll and rewards, and get the training with employee or entry-levels. HR can ensure the company operation more properly to process.

2.0 Introduction

In this assignment we went to get the application form from other company, and we have using the Focus Point Holding Berhad to explain about their job discretion and some of the information which they have in their application form. Furthermore we have used the application form to analyze all the application form data and their company job description.

After we analyzed all the reliable data obtained from Focus Point Holding Berhad's application form and we have think of better way to improve the job description for their company, at the same time we have used other competitor company's job description for comparison. We used it to compare with Focus Point Holding Berhad and adopt the strength of other companies to overcome the problem of insufficient information in the job description of Focus Point. Besides we also used internet sources to gain more ideas on how to improve the job description of Focus Point Holding Berhad.

Moreover, from the application form that we get, it enable us to know what are the basic elements that application form should have and easily detect the defects and the weaknesses of the form. We have improved and overcome all these weaknesses for the application form obtain from Focus Point Holding Berhad. At the end after we analyzed the application form we knew that there are reasons for the company to list down the element such as previous job references, salary needs, family background and etc.

2.1 Body of Contents

2.1.1 Types of Information

The job application form of Focus Point Holding Berhad contained position applied for, personal particulars, family particulars, education background, employment history, reference and others.

2.2 The Mistakes and the Ways of Improve

2.2.1 Personal Particulars

In this section, there are two elements that needed to improve.

There is no emergency call available in the form. Focus Point has left out this important section. Every company should demands the extra call which able to directly contact with their family members or relatives. This is to prevent when the company encounter the employee accident occurrence or emergency situation and then doesn't know do a contact with who.

As for the health status showed at the form is difficult to measure, because they might not understand about the meaning of poor, average and good of the health status. Therefore, Focus Point should put in specific choices or just put a column over there to let them fill up what disease that they have.

2.2.2 Education Background

For this section, there is containing one of the columns like Name of School/ College/ University, but never mentioned that the applicant should write down the result of the applicant as well because it can save the time for Focus Point to check out the result of the applicant and also they have to add one more subtitle, which is Other Education, because some of the applicants might have some training on the other place. Other than that, in the column of Specialization, Focus Point did not indicate what it is because there is already has a column called Course Taking and it able to show what the applicants specialized on. Furthermore, the column of the Years, the applicant might not know that is the first year that they began their study life or the year of graduation.

2.2.3 Employment History

In the column of Total Salary, those applicants might do not know whether the salary is based on day, week or month because different job has different way to pays salary. Thus they have to indicate clearly. In additional, the space Reason of Leaving is too small, there is not enough for those applicants. Therefore, they should expand it.

2.2.4 Reference

For this section, Focus Point provided only two columns and state that the applicant has to provide at least two references. If the applicant wants to provide three references, then there is no space for them. Hence, Focus Point should state the sentence "provide two references" instead of "at least two", or else they should give one more blank.

2.2.5 Others

In the question of asking applicant does he or her needs hostel? Focus Point should put the location of the hostel as well.

2.2.6 Extra Requirements

Just because of Focus Point has provided part time job, then they be supposed to add the info of Days and Hours Available, in order to arrange well for the employees. Furthermore, they should ask a question, which is "Why you want to apply this job?" in order to further understand what the applicants think, thus this is one of the ways able to get closer with employee.

2.3 Job Description of Focus Point Holding Berhad

This is the job description of the Focus Point Holding Berhad and the position is Branch Manager.

Branch Manager


To lead the team to achieve the sales target

To be responsible and run the outlet business operations

To do daily and monthly planning and management work

To monitor and liaise with the supplier or HQ(headquarters) in ordering stocks

To handle and solve complaints from the customer


Minimum SPM/STPM qualification and above

Excellent selling skills, customer oriented, dynamic and proactive

Good Communication Skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese dialects is an added advantage

Minimum 5 years of experience in retail management, preferably in optical business or optical retail chain stores

Computer literate

Applicants should be Malaysian citizens

2.4 The Insufficient of the Focus Point Holding Berhad's Job Description

The explanation of the particular which provided by Focus Point Holding Berhad actually is not sufficient, therefore they should have a further advance.

2.4.1 Responsibilities

For the section of responsibilities, Focus Point has lacking of some points. As a branch manager, he or she is supposed to have need of do the interview, selection and then recruitment. Other than that, branch manager also must provide the training and development for their employees in order to maintain the reputation of Focus Point and also able to respond the market quickly. Besides that, branch manager must concern about the safety of their employees because no safety guaranty, the loyalty of employees will reduced. Not only the employees, the shop security also required to paid close attention in order to avoid external factors such as robbery, disturbance created by people and so forth, these would cause properties loss. In addition, branch manager needs has capability on allocating resources as well. This is because to assign the right employee to the right position and controlling the capital flowing are important in order to ensure the business operations run smoothly. Furthermore, branch manager must possess great communicate skill with employees and customers because these able to prevent high turnover rate and low loyalty of customers and also can for the long term achievement.

2.4.2 Requirements

For the requirements section, Focus Point stated that they need minimum SPM/STPM qualification, but as a branch manager, he or she should has minimum requirement of Bachelor's Degree because though the experiences able to cover it but they might lack of some extra knowledge. Experience can be gained but knowledge is difficult to build if without learning. Other than that, Focus Point only stated that the branch manager have to good in communication skills with three languages, but actually good in writing skill is important as well, this is because they would required to writing out the accurately report to the headquarters (HQ) in order to let HQ to do further decisions or changes. Besides that, they didn't mention about own transport that the branch manager supposes to has it, because it would cause inconvenience for the meeting with HQ, sudden case occurred in supplier and need to go over there by own to check it out, if without own transport.

2.5 Conclusion

In the Focus Point Holding Berhad, the job description and job application form of the company have some weaknesses; therefore we were looking for some new ways to improving it. We have come out with some solutions to improve some of the weaknesses in the job application form and job description as well. At first we analyzed the job description before we think about the solution to overcome the weaknesses. Other than that, we also used internet resources to search for other companies' job description for comparison and we have generated some data to improve for the Focus Point Holding Berhad.