What Really Motivates Employees Including About Their Values Business Essay

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This subject is talking about administrative management. Administrative Management is one of the sections, functions or departments existing in every organization. The purpose of the administrative management is to manage all the information of the organization, like accurate and relevant information can be given to manager at every different level and it is about managing information through people. Most of those working professionals, managers and employees have some element of administrative management in their jobs designation.

The researcher company plan to hold an annual dinner and annual awards ceremony on 4th November 2013. The researcher had been assigned a task of planning the annual dinner and award ceremony function. Due to the date is approaching; the researcher needs to conduct the whole progress of the function. By the time, the researcher needs to prepare report writing, planning and monitoring throughout the function. Every stage of preparation need to be clearly recording in the report, need to take notice any problems that possibly to occur, dealing with those problems and what needs to be done to make sure the function can be held perfectly.

It is assuming case; people are always motivated by same things. Are they motivated by the financial rewards, job designation, public recognition or praise and acknowledgement? The researcher needs to investigate and explain in detail what really motivates employees, including leaning about their values.

In this assignment, the researcher will provide a full progress report of annual dinner and award ceremony and explain in detail what does really motivates and attracts employees following by conclusions and recommendations.

2.0 Progress report of planning annual dinner and annual awards ceremony

The researcher company plan to hold an annual dinner and annual awards ceremony on 4th November 2013. The researcher had been assigned a task of planning the annual dinner and award ceremony function. One month has lapsed and date is approaching, so the researcher needs to conduct the whole progress of the function.

The researcher will be the person in charge and organize a meeting with committees who take part in this function. First to do is need to list down who will participate in the annual dinner. After attendance list to be done, the researcher has to determine with marketing crew or superior about the budget for entire function. Due to this is annual event for the researcher company so venue is concerned.

Aside to the award giving, discuss and confirm with superior about the type of award like sort of trophy, financial award or others. Lastly, assign task item by item to each committee and everything must be supervision by the researcher. The researcher will organize meeting with committees to follow up the progress of the function.

2.1 First progress report in meeting (18/10/2013)

1) Attendance list (Progress to-date: 100%)

This task had been done, the person in charge get attendance list from HR crew and almost about 250 employees are participating in annual dinner. Second step is to combine the entire participant and calculate how many tables are needed only proceed to survey restaurant or hotel ballroom for the function.

2) Annual dinner venue (Progress to-date: 20%)

From the attendance list, is taking at least 25 tables so the researcher needs to do survey all the hotel ballroom and restaurant in ipoh that can fit in 25 tables.

First choice: MH Hotel

Sufficient space but budget slightly high is taking about 150 ringgit for one person including food, without any back drop decoration, PA system and etc.

Second choice: Syuen Hotel

Sufficient space and reasonable price for headcount is taking about 130 for one person including food but without any back drop decoration, PA system and etc.

Third choice: Tower Regency Hotel

Sufficient space and reasonable price for headcount is taking about 150 for one person included back drop decoration and PA system. And nice night view from hotel ballroom glass window. Hotel providing cocktail session before dinner commence.

The researcher will discuss with superior and make decision. First two choices will be Syuen Hotel and Tower Regency Hotel.

3) Team Performance (Progress to-date: 50%)

This is one of the program for annual dinner, every department have to perform something like dancing, sketch and etc. Each department will start planning for dinner night. The most impressive performance will get reward from company.

4) Emcee and Usher for dinner and award night (Progress to-date: 50%)

Few usher and two emcees are needed. Ushers are found but still looking for emcee, emcee is taking main role to bring up the atmosphere therefore choosing emcee must be cautious.

5) Time Schedule (Progress to-date: 80%)

Arrange the sequence throughout dinner and award night, director speech time, food serving, performance, award giving, lucky draw and etc.

6) Award (Progress to-date: 50%)

Company decided giving trophy as a reward to entitle employee, hamper and cash voucher for lucky draw. The researcher has to assign some of committees to do some survey pricing for trophy.

7) Dress code (Progress to-date: 50%)

Every year company will have specific dress code, this year may consider Sporting outfit or Secret agent suits.

2.2 Final progress report in meeting (28/10/2013)

1) Attendance list (Progress to-date: 100%)

This task had been done in earlier and approximately about 10 person each table. Participant will be seated according to the list of form they submitted to HR.

2) Annual dinner venue (Progress to-date: 100%)

Management decided to take Tower Regency Hotel ballroom as dinner venue. The researcher did a meeting with hotel person in charge and hotel will providing stage decoration according to our company requirement, PA system, and cocktail session before dinner commence.

3) Team Performance (Progress to-date: 95%)

Almost every department is start practicing for their performance at dinner night. The most amazing team will get reward from company.

4) Emcee and Usher for dinner and award night (Progress to-date: 100%)

Ushers are found. Marketing supervisor and assistant manager will become emcees. Both of them are humorous people, it is not difficult task for them to bring up dinner atmosphere.

5) Time Schedule (Progress to-date: 100%)

Time schedule had been done. The researcher will print out time schedule and distribute to all participants.

6) Award (Progress to-date: 100%)

All trophies are well prepared. Director will promulgate trophy to those employee who are entitled after dinner session.

7) Dress code (Progress to-date: 100%)

The researcher had finalized the theme, Men-In-Black so that every worker must be in black and white attire.

The researcher will compile the report and meeting with director. Once get approval by director, the researcher will issue a memo to inform every worker in the company.

3.0 What really motivates employees, including about their values.

According to Lee Lacocca once said, "When I must criticize somebody, I do it orally; when I praised somebody, I put it in writing."

Motivational theories can provide insight into how great to motivate employees regardless you are a director, manager or trainer of manager. People garner valuable understanding of intricacies associated with motivating a workforce by combining all of the theories together.

The researcher (Frederick Herzberg, 2005, p.1) proposed a theory that focuses on two factors:

1) Outcome that can lead to high levels of motivation and job satisfaction.

2) Outcome that can prevent people from being dissatisfied.

According to Herzberg theory, people have two sets of needs: Motivation needs and Hygiene needs.

That is one method to motivate employees, but different people need different motivated. Like some employees crave power, some want money, some desire constant praised. It's crucial for manager to figure out what motivates each employee.

Hygiene needs

Most of employees start off with good intentions, but if employee's contributions to the workplace go unnoticed and unappreciated day by day, the motivation for employee sure faded. Employee commitment goes beyond loyalty, that's why manager must know how to appreciate employee and know about the value of employee. Some employees can attempt to high level needs at work is to seek for more compensation, thus, they are focus on monetary rewards. The consequence of extrinsically motivated behavior is the source of employee's motivation, not the behavior itself. Hygiene needs are satisfied by pleasant and comfortable working condition, salary, company policy and effective supervision.

Motivation needs

Some of the employees keen on strive for their goal instead of monetary rewards. Said by Donald Trump, "Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game." This kind of employees will be more responsibility and aggressive just may not focus on money but public recognition or achievement. Motivation needs are related to work itself and how challenging the work is. A sense of accomplishment and achievement help to satisfy Motivation needs. Intrinsically motivated behavior that employee performs for its own sake; the source of motivation actually performing the work. Some others way to motivate intrinsically are to provide more opportunity for growth and to recognize people's achievements.

Herzberg theory contends that employee will be dissatisfied when hygiene needs are not met. Satisfying hygiene needs alone does not lead to higher level of job satisfaction without a workforce. For motivation and job satisfaction to be higher, employee must be meet motivation needs.

4.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

4.2.0 The researcher believe this annual dinner will be held successfully because everything is well prepared, it might not be perfect but indeed will be a memorable nice for entire company. The most important for one event is to make sure everyone can fully participate and enjoy throughout the event.

4.2.1 The first meeting held after two weeks preparation, most of the item need to be done almost 50% or above. It is very limited time for the researcher to organize a ceremony. Company can inform the person in charge earlier next year to get more time for preparation.

4.2.2 Final meeting, everything had been done and prepared on time. The researcher has to compile all the report and meeting with director. A little suggestion for next year, company can prepare door gift distribute to employees and guest. If budget allowed can set a photo shooting booth, everyone can take photo and those photo will be printed on the spot.

4.3.0 Psychologist Abraham Maslow said that most of the people seek to satisfy five kinds of needs:






Employees must have their lowest level needs before they would strive to satisfy needs higher in the hierarchy. When a need is satisfied, it ceases to operate motivation. Lowest level of unmet needs is the prime of motivator in the behavior. If the level is satisfied, the needs at the highest levels in the hierarchy motivate behavior.

A little recommendation, company can organize a formal recognition program; employees earned a point for company merchandise or money allowance every month if target were met. Due to inflation, petrol price increasing year by year, if company provides petrol allowance, it could reduce employee burden and monthly expenses. It is impossible providing petrol allowance for entire company employee, this only entitle to certain employee who has met target or production goal.

For those technician or mechanical employees, company should concern about employee job security, provide sufficient work equipments and make sure those equipments in well condition, try to reduce the risk of work and avoid any incident that possible to occur.