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Corporate overlord of the new economic era will be built on a culture of innovation based on enterprise. Corporate culture is the most important intangible assets, and promotes sustainable growth, high-speed operation of powerful spiritual force. Cultural management of the enterprise is the basis of survival, behavior guidelines, the motivation, the key to success. The corporate culture must be put to the management in order to play its role. The strategic question is the most important issue for modern business managers must research and thinking. The arrival of the new world economic tide, into modern enterprise to the age of a winning strategy, implementation of corporate strategic management is more important than ever. Strategic management to meet the needs of the enterprises concerned about the competitive environment, concerned about the company's future. Therefore, the direction of the development enterprise management is a strategy-oriented business management.


Organizational culture is the personality of the organization which comprised of the values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors, it was taught as a way of how the new member is perceiving, and even thinking and feeling.

The corporate culture in the practice of the socialist market economy, and gradually form for all employees agree to comply with the characteristics of the enterprise values, Operating criteria, management style, entrepreneurship, ethics, the sum of the development goals.

The corporate culture is the ideology of the enterprises in the formation of cultural beliefs, history, tradition, common values​​, ethics, code of conduct and other enterprises, and cultural change to enterprise business leaders to solve the problem in the modern enterprise management , there is a corporate culture. Enterprise management theory and corporate culture management theory to the pursuit of efficiency. However, the former is the pursuit of efficiency and people as objects, the latter is the pursuit of efficiency, the concept of culture consciously used in business, has a wealth of creative people as the center of management theory. This guiding ideology reflects business management, there is a people called all the concept of corporate culture.

From the point of view of the future development of enterprises, strategic performance plan, and from the point of view of the course of development in the past, the strategy for the performance as a pattern. If you look at the industrial level, strategic performance position. Look at the enterprise level, the strategy showed a perspective. In addition, the strategy also manifested as a trick of the enterprises in the ploy. Strategic management refers to the management of the business strategy, including strategy formulation / formation and the implementation of the strategy Implementation in two parts.

Why it important?

A healthy culture encourages the employees to stay active and loyal towards the management, on the contrast, a poor culture will prevent the corporate from moving on a right track and restraint the motivation of employees. It can give certain unwritten rules which guide the behaviors and give staffs a sense of direction. Because of the diversity of employees' backgrounds, a culture is needed to solidify and unit them as a whole in the workplace. When we view organization culture from another prospective, it can represent the corporate in certain way and give us a broad impression of the company.

In fact, careful analysis of our corporate culture and business strategy, scientific, reasonable definition, we will find that the corporate culture and business strategy is equally important, there is no conflict between the two. Corporate culture and business strategy is the mutual promotion and mutual development, to enhance relationships with each other, It's like two feet, only relying on two legs to walk, people can go safe and fast. Well, I on the relationship between the above point of view on the Culture and strategy.

A strategic business enterprise survival foundation, corporate culture is the foundation of enterprises across the takeoff.

A corporate can not survival without business, enterprise performance and profits will never be the market, also do not have the power to survive. First as a business and managers to take into account is the survival of the enterprise. Enterprise survival conditions are not, and then you let him talk about corporate culture, which undoubtedly is a fantasy.

But, if a company is just to stay on in the business, do not have their own culture, so sad for this short-sighted, causing businesses to lose momentum source of enterprises are only "big" instead of "strong" corporate culture like no thought lost direction, sooner or later, will be lost.

For example, one of my friend tell me what is the corporate culture, he said: "Culture is some dizziness, culture is not accepted by most employees, there is no vitality. Company CEOs understand the corporate culture is: a collection of excellent quality of all companies. For large enterprises, the cultures are their own, others say it out. You ask Panasonic ordinary employees: What is the culture of your company, I guarantee that at least 50% of the people will be proud to say that in his heart: he can give me the money. "

To be grant,I could not indicate clearly whether the staffs of Panasonic view their organizational culture in this way as well, but I believe this understanding can only be called a pig slot law, why pig slot law? Let us think about what is a pig greatest desire? Inside of a pig slot some more feed, allow them to eat full up, and then fund a dream. Then give money philosophical and give feed philosophy should be the same, so the choice is a traitor philosophy, this is cast aside for the world.

What is this impact on strategy management?

Corporate culture and strategic is interaction. When a business in the implementation of a new strategy, corporate structure, skills, common values, production, operating procedures, and other organizational elements will correspondingly change, causing the change of corporate culture; business executives must timely corporate culture change, the final values ​​of the new strategy with workers agree. Similarly, corporate culture change due to the change in corporate structure, skills and other organizational elements as will affect the implementation of the strategy, enterprises must consider changes in the existing strategies according to their own culture. The implementation of the new strategy requires the support of culture, and culture to guide the implementation of the strategy, the two can not be separated, and influence each other.

In general, the implementation of the new strategy, organizational elements must be significant changes, and most of this change is incompatible with the current corporate culture or strong resistance by the existing culture. In the case of corporate strategy and culture are incompatible, the enterprise, in dealing with the relationship between the two, according to changes in the internal organizational elements and internal cultural potential relationship as analysis variables produce analysis of strategy and corporate culture management corporate culture and strategy, making matches. However, a large number of studies have shown that corporate new business strategy is often the result of the role of the external environment for enterprises, driven by market forces and are subject to competitive forces. For their own long-term interests of enterprise, is often difficult to cater to the existing enterprise culture and the new business strategy revised to be consistent with existing corporate culture strategy. In this case, the enterprise must rebuild the corporate culture to make it adapt to the new strategy. However, each enterprise culture have their own characteristics, organizational memory, once formed, is not easy to change, has a strong large inertia. Determined to change the existing culture in order to ensure the implementation of the new strategy, companies have to pain. Normal production and operation of the dramatic changes in corporate culture will impact corporate order, cause chaos, and the same is detrimental to the implementation of the corporate strategy. From the point of view of the implementation of the strategy, the corporate culture, not only for the implementation of the corporate strategy, will restrict the implementation of the corporate strategy. Which will form the resistance should resolutely reject, to successfully achieve new, smooth over the old culture and strategy effective attention to the process of transformation of the corporate culture which identify existing cultural aspects of a new implementation of the strategy is beneficial to be retained; implementation. Therefore, the replacement of the old and new cultures and coordination of the internal implementation of the strategy to obtain a guarantee of success.

In summary, the choice of corporate culture and strategic posture is a dynamic equilibrium process, the building of enterprise culture can not be separated from the business development strategy, companies have chosen, the implementation strategy will inevitably have to consider the impact of corporate culture, they are mutually influence and promote each other. For enterprises not yet carried out the development of strategic planning, one of the primary tasks of the building of enterprise culture is to outline the contours of enterprise development strategies, or to develop a business development strategy, and as the fundamental basis of cultural construction. The choice for the future strategy of the enterprise only fully take into account the current corporate culture and future expectations of the corporate culture of mutual tolerance and promotion can be successfully implemented.

For example, The Haier culture of core is innovation, it is from twenty years haier development experience generation and forms into special culture system gradually. Haier culture takes the concept innovation as the pilot, the strategic innovation as the direction, organization innovation as the guarantee, the technical innovation as the means and the market innovation as the goal, with haier from scratch, from small to large, from big to strong, from China to the world, haier culture itself is in constant innovation and development.

How do people know what is culture?

Corporate culture is not a poster or slogan, it is the company of all the members of the common accepted, into practice value idea, and in the process of the development gradually accumulated.

A) Through top executives to discuss the company expected to achieve the company philosophy and form brief text slogan and meaning description;

B) In accordance with the company philosophy can be started from the first following shape:

1. External image shape, form the habit

1.1 janitors, security uniforms unified service with a smile, the polite language of civilization to deal with the visitors program's specifications.

1.2 company logo, culture slogan suspension

1.3 The guidelines and policy advocacy

1.4 personnel incentive system introduced

1.5 Management turns in front of the company and the employees in every morning hello

1.6 carries out the dormitory culture race

1.7 New cadres, to advocate corporate philosophy

2. In charge of teaching and influence

Several programs of the external promotion of corporate culture

Any business, culture is the soul, the "commander in chief" of the business activities; corporate action "ideological Guide can not be replaced by the central role of business development. As a country, a nation must have cohesion can develop and grow, a business needs cohesion, in order to succeed. Some people think that the corporate culture construction, only when the good operation of the enterprise, business problems, it can not be distracted and then engage in cultural development; others think as long as you do a good job of internal cultural construction on the line, does not know that in the era of cultural management, cultural influences involved in all aspects of corporate behavior, the concept of corporate culture should also include publicity to the outside world, the outside world to understand the company's business philosophy and culture, and to seek greater social value recognition, now I outreach corporate culture make the following options:

A. With surrounding community to carry out the activities:

Arrange for excellent employee pays a return visit customers around, so as to investigate employee dedication. For example, in a certain period of time, return a community customers, require employees to the customer at home or in the form of call invite customer (preferably family) to step by step or outdoor to participate in social, interactive activities to give priority to, implement diversified way, like mountaineering, cultural and artistic performance, product introduction and special around, cultural propaganda and can take teach customers dancing and other forms of knowledge.

B. Small household items printed with a corporate logo and the corporate culture, they can conduct activities to buy gifts:

All kinds of stationery or Commodity paste the company logo or corporate culture logo, website and business philosophy, etc., so can achieve the purpose of outreach.

C. The company set up a collection box.

Change for post-consumer customers and employees can voluntarily into the collection box inside, until a certain time, donated to the people who have difficulties. And Mu donation box next to write on the donor list, what day, what month, the amount of money donors in where customers and employees know that these money flows to where this is also a kind of corporate culture.

D. Placed in the company's lobby TV, play the company's corporate culture promotion, development strategy discs, the promotion of the file, commodities, hot commodities and new video and more intuitive for customers to understand the company.

E. Issued newspaper publicity corporate culture.

F. Posted tagline of corporate culture, corporate culture posters, promotional culture within the company.

How has the culture affected its strategic decision?

Culture interacts with the corporate itself. Management team can influence the culture by emphasizing what's important, rewarding employees whose behaviors reflect what's important, discouraging behaviors that don't reflect what's important.

But no matter what they did, culture is still deliberately or unconsciously designed by executive based on their value, so origination culture promote the platform of how the strategic decision is going to hold. As I mentioned previously, culture set the standard of workplace, unit the working fore, drive the movement of employee, and stimulate the contribution of personal. Since it has so much concern on the daily operation of organization, so when management board plot the strategic plan, they have to think about whether the decision can fit in its culture and generate motivation or not. Base on the realistic of how the culture currently is to customize their business planning without blindly copying other company's success pattern.


Corporate strategy is the assumption of the enterprise environment, target assumptions and assumption of superiority based on the specific business ideas and arrangements. To obtain the overall planning of sustainable development in a changing environment, you can say, corporate strategy is the business theory of rational reflection.

Organizational culture is summarized and integrated growth environment, ability, experience, the ability of enterprises to adapt to a changing environment and the continued development of this ability, the deepest level of the corporate culture that is the theory of the business, the corporate culture can also be said enterprises Operating theoretical reflection of human nature.

Organizational culture corporate strategy formulation and selection of the operating mode is determined by the theory of business, and the process of the implementation of the corporate strategy will promote and influence the development of the corporate culture and innovation, between mutual constraints, interaction and mutual promotion relationship.

Many entrepreneurs, especially state-owned entrepreneurs often have a perception that enterprises through the implementation of the strategy itself will be able to form a corporate culture, as long as the strategy of high-quality, corporate culture thus formed worse than where to go. In fact, the Chinese enterprise reform in the past, almost all of last resort act or passive change this passive change in a mature market competition premise, we can say there is no opportunity for change, you have not changed when the time is getting competitors have you eliminated. Countries waited so many years of the WTO, is also in the protection of these passive enterprise, but now WTO, there is no protection, you must be ready to take the initiative to change, you need to take the initiative to change based on a long-term sustainable development strategy innovation environment, this environment only through the continuous development of the corporate culture can be formed.

Part of the avant-garde entrepreneurs referred to unprecedented heights of corporate culture, they believe that with good corporate culture has everything, so they will be the building of enterprise culture as the center of gravity of the business that caused other enterprise operating system adverse effects. In fact, the corporate culture is mainly induction and integration of the business process, not a good course of business, how can there be any good corporate culture? This is like a person's career, he can be in the process of achieving personal goals to form their own good moral character, quality and ability of all actions, can also be put down to self-cultivation, and thus improve the quality of life of survival. There is no denying that after a way that the probability of success will be much smaller.

Coordinate, promote each other's corporate culture and corporate strategy to better protect the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.