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What are Human Resources? Human Resources are a department in a company and their job is deal for the needs of the workers and the human problem. Some companies have Human Resources department because maybe they want to provide extensive of service to the employee.

Actually the job of the human resources is securing, offering and explaining the benefits of the company. Example: Now Human Resources department inform all the department as much as possible to use e-mail replace letters or use MSN to replace phone call. They are securing the cost of the company and the offer a new suggestion. Then, they explain the benefits, if the department reduce to use letters and phone call in the company, there are reduce the cost of the company.

Human resources handling all paperwork related to the hiring or firing of employees. They want to hiring some potentially applicants. They also handling complaints about employer abuses like, any problem about their department they are not dissatisfied, they can complain about it. Human resources will solve the problem if they complain. Don't think Human Resources is not an important department, sometimes they can affect the decision.

Why many top managers are care little about Human Resources compared to marketing, finance, production and engineering. What elements make top managers not very concentrate about the Human Resources Department?

Look like their jobs only general jobs and not very important

Some company top managers just feel Human Resources department only hiring people or reduced expenses. So they maybe will think this department is not very important, so if the managers want to cut off the employees, they maybe will lay off the employee from this department in the first.

Less touching with the customer

Some manager of the company very care about their sale. The marketing are always keeps in touch with the customer, so their manager will focus about them and think other department will not very important. Example: John is a sales man in company X, he is very close with the customer. If the boss lay off John maybe will lost the customer together, so the boss will more focus about John and he maybe feel other department are not very important at the same time.


I think many managers are more focus on the result. Sometimes they focus on something, they will easy to neglect other things at the same time. If the marketing are increase their sales in this month or production department got a new product release, the boss sure more focus about them because they help company earn more money. If other department results very well, it will cause the boss neglect the Human Resources department unless they can do better than other department.

Some managers of the company are not very focus on Human Resources department. They think Human Resources department are not very important compared to marketing, finance, production and engineering. For my opinion, I think Human Resources department is same important compared to marketing, production, financial and engineering. The first I will define what is that department:


Financial department in a company is concerned with resource allocation as well as acquisition and investment. Finance deals related to the money and the markets. Financial department sometimes also looking for the potential investment. This department is very important because if invest to the correct things, it can earn more profit for the company.


Marketing, department responsible sell their company products. Their main job is increasing the sales and promotes all the company products. If they want to launch into the market, they can use marketing mix (4P's of the marketing): product, price, place, promotion. This position is closer with the customer.


Engineering is a department to solve some technical problem. Most of the engineering is solve the problem of the machine and develop some machine or the product. They will try to research some new product or some new things.


The department of production, the main jobs is developing the outlook of the product and the packaging. This department also is important because if the outlook of the product not nice, the customer are not willing to spend a lot of money to buy your product.

After I know the importance of the other departments, I will try to make them know what are Human Resources and the importance. Human Resources are a department in a company and their job is deal for the needs of the workers and the human problem. If let me do to change it, I will reduce the cost of every department with reasonable, like if they want to call the employee is same company but different floor or different department, I suggest they using MSN to replace the phone call. They also can use e-mail to replace send a letter. Some company want our product's catalogue, we can inform them launched our website to get the information. It can save the paper and save the time. For them, they also can print out the information they need.

We need to put the right man to the right position at the right time. Example: If we already hiring Alex. He is study marketing in the university and gets a good result; we cannot put him into the engineering department. Because he is totally not clear about the engineering and if he join engineering department he have to learn the things at all. If we put him into the marketing department maybe he can do some good works, because he already have this kind of knowledge and already study marketing.

We should hire some potential people because it got a lot of advantages for our company. We can hire some people are potential people are special like, someone are looking for the future, having a wide networks of contacts. If we really can hire the people who are looking for the future, we can put him or her to the financial department. I think this can make our company get more benefits. If we can hire the people who are having a wide network of contacts, we can put them to the marketing department because they having a wide network of contacts, they maybe can help us to increase our sales or let more people know about our company and products.

We can use something are low cost to replace the high cost things and can get almost same effect. It can help us save our money. This suggestion is not only for the things. It also can be the employees. Example, we hire a new employee with low salary and let him learn all the things; after he learn all the things then we use him to replace his top position person.

We also can use the free gift to replace the claims cost. Sometimes the sales man got many claims cost like, petrol claims, meals claims with the customer or other expenses. We can use our company products to replace the claims like if they are the employees and buy our company products; they can get the 20% discount. This also is the benefits for the company and the employees.


After done this question, I already learn many things about Human Resources. I already know what causes the others people or the top managers feel not very important compared to other department like, marketing, financial, production and engineering. For my opinion, I don't think the Human Resources department is not important compared with other department. I feel Human Resources also is a very important department. The answer of the question 1 some is searching from the website and some is discuss with my friend. Finally, I hope this question 1 can help me pass my assignment.


Tesco is the leading retailer in England. Tesco also is the one of the top three retailers in the world. Tesco operates 13 countries outside the United Kingdom, and some countries in Europe and Asia, like Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and India. Tesco also operates in United States. Tesco is set up by Jack Cohen in 1919.

This company's name first time appears in Edgware in 1929 and since the company has grown and already develop, responding to the new opportunities and they also be the first in many innovations. When this company is just establishing, this company are face many other strong competition and need some new strategy. Tesco is good in buying goods and selling goods but had begun to forget customer. So, the internal of Tesco find out what the problem, and then finally they solve the problem.

Everything is changes every day in our life and Tesco are being good to responding this kind of question. This company sells the daily use product, some household appliances, meat, vegetables and field rations. Tesco also rent some shop to others for earn some profit. The meat and vegetable of this company sells is fresh than other. This company also marinates some different flavor with meat for customer easy to choose. They have gone through their testing and selection to make sure the consumer can use their product with safe.

Job description

Job description is very important to a company because this is a general tasks and responsibilities to every position. It is a direct message to let people know what kind of people that a company wanted to hire such as the qualifications and skills that the company needed by the people in the job and to analyses the salary range.

Tesco's job description show that they looking for the employee that can provide excellent service to customers in every way that possible. This is a very good and important attitude for those employees that always face or meet customer often because nowadays customers are look important to service, if the feel that a company can't provide good customers service then they will rather to spend more for buying goods from competitors.

Receive payment by cash, credit cards, vouchers and automatic payments are also an important part to cashiers, they must know how to do all these because if a cashier did not have the knowledge to handle all payments then they will waste a lot of customer's time. They have to make sure cashier make the necessary change such as did not make mistake during making payment and make sure handout receipts.

Employees must carry out their daily routines which are to set procedures and their daily targets. All employees must have their own responsibility to do their entire job but if they set their own procedures and set daily targets then they will have the challenge to do the job so they will do their best during duty.

This company also need the staff that can ensure their safety and make sure the cleanliness and hygiene at the cashiering area according to standards because if the surrounding area are clean can keep the customer happy. Besides that Tesco is a company that selling daily use products and foods therefore hygiene is more important compare to other company.

If the people who can fulfill for the above job description then they are qualify for the position of Cashier in Tesco.

Job Requirement

Job requirement is the information that given by company to public. It shows what types of employee the company will hire. For the job requirement, our company requires a cashier who has:

Academic qualification with PMR/SPM, this is the principle qualification of a cashier.

Good skills in arithmetic, a cashier need to do a lot of counting job so that he/she must have good skill in math.

High reputation and able to work independently, we need a high-esteem and able to work without shift, weekend and public holiday. We need an employee as a cashier can be available to work anytime and enjoy working in a fast moving environment, due to Tesco has many customer and its environment is fast pace. We need a cashier who can work with the speed.

Oriented by customer, a team and have excellent interpersonal skills, a cashier must have good communication skill. A cashier must know that customer is the king.

Speaks fluently and conversant in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysia has three races, main language is Bahasa Malaysia, and most people are speaking Mandarin and English. Therefore our firm needs a cashier who can speak these three languages.

Full-time and part-time job are provided. The company is providing two types of cashiers.

The Improvements in the Job Descriptions and Job Requirement in Tesco

Job Description

This company should have transactions in a friendly and efficient manner smile in a friendly manner when the customers are purchasing our products, then tell them "Thank you very much for buying and consuming our products" and "Please come again" when they are process or finished paying the money for the products that they purchased in our stores.

This company needs to be trained the cashier before they become the real cashiers to minimize mistake of making payment, know to make the payment clearly in the receipt. Which is if the cashier has been count double price in the receipt of the customer, the customer will complain and not coming to this company to buy again the product because the company has not good service. This company should have more cashier to performance well in their job because if they not enough sleep, or doing their own things they will affect the company to slow down the service.

This company should have implement, organize and conduct off training and on job training program for the cashier. This is to make sure that which cashier to have off duty and on duty when the customer having some problem with their price.

Job Requirement

This company must be everything in healthy when working, every cashier should go medical checkup every half year, if not the cashier will not working for long time such as illness, or heart attack if not when working will have a lot of problem.

This company should with a pleasant personality, because it is easier to create a relationship with customers in the area where the job located. A polite, soft talking cashier might get more customers to purchase our products.

This company will provide training before the job is start, because fresh graduation employee will recruit in our company, because even though the employee has no experience company there will be giving training. It shows the company is fair to everyone. In addition a cashier training is quite easy so that the employee will get well-versed soon. Therefore, our firm's job requirement should add on those points.

The Limitations of Tesco's Cashier Job Application Form

We have decided to select the job of the cashier and in lieu of that; we have decided to analyze the job application form of the cashier. We have also selected a company that employs a lot of cashiers, namely Tesco. In view of that, we have decided to analyze Tesco's cashier job application form. We screened every nook and cranny meticulously, leaving no stones unturned.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Since everything is imperfect in this world, we have analyzed Tesco's cashier job application form and found a lot of limitations that hinders its very purpose as a job application form in the very first place. These limitations may have been overlooked at the time of its printing or at sight by the person(s) who ordered its printing, publication, publicisation, and propaganda. These limitations have to be corrected somehow.

We have decided to choose the next company that employs a lot of cashiers, namely Carrefour. We have also screened through Carrefour's cashier job application form and found that its form contains a lot of information that Tesco's form does not contain. Carrefour's abundance or wealth of information and Tesco's limitations are summarized in the table below.

First and foremost, Tesco's form lacks enough space for the applicants to type in their information. This is evident from the four red circles that were circled on the four boxes that were to contain the applicants' typed-in information. Those boxes, though long as they seem, are just not long enough for the applicants to type in their information as some of them might have long names like Rumpelstiltskin and King Richard the Lion Heart.

The rest of the limitations are summarized in the table below. Efforts need to be done to reduce and totally eliminate the limitations, though impossible in entirety, and enhance its quality as Tesco's cashier job application form specifically and a job application form generally.

The Table of the Limitations of Tesco's Cashier Job Application Form

Tesco (does not have)

Permanent address


Old I.C. number

Nationality status

Ethnic group


Marital status

Educational record

Language proficiency

Correspondence address

Number of children

Employment history

General information

Additional information

Declaration by applicant

Home telephone number

Mobile cellphone number

Place of birth

New I.C. number

Please tick one box only


In the conclusion, we learn what the job description is and what the job requirement is. After this work, I comprehend the job description is very important for a company, it can help us to solve many problem. It can help the company solve some emergency problem. Example: If the employee injury when they are work, the company can find their family or friends phone number and tell them in the first time. If we have a company, we should minimize our mistake of the job description and the job requirement. This all the information we are searching from the website and we discuss together with our group mate.