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An organization Structure is simply an arrangement of task and people to ensure that the work of the organization gets done and the organizations goals are achieved. It involves dividing tasks into sub-tasks, assigning responsibility and authority for these sub tasks to different individuals, and then coordinating these subtasks. An organizational structure does not exist for its own sake. It is a device for facilitating the execution of the organization's strategy and the achievement of its goals.

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Business banking

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Current Accounts

DFCC Vardana current account helps add value to the business operations. The customers can issue cheques.current account can also enjoy the benefits of overdraft facilities.

Savings account.

Mega bonus savings accounts have provided some of the highest interest rates. Initial minimum deposit of Rs.1000.the Interest rate is calculated daily and credited monthly.

Deposit Accounts

At DFCC Vardana bank the customer is always special. The minimum deposit of Rs.1000.in fixed deposit the inters rates are negotiable for high value deposits.

Human resource management.

Department of human resource is responsible for all procedures relate to employess in dfcc.the Human resource Process of DFCC bank is.


Identify & select complement employees


Human resource planning


Provide employees



Retain competent & high performing employee

Career development

Compensation & benefits

Performance management

Geographic departmentalization

DFCCBank is spread over a wide area in srilanka.This may find advantages in organizing along geographic lines. DFCC Vardana bank has geographically departmentalized as follows.

Regional Manager

Northern eastern region

Central region

North region

Southern region

Colombo metropolitan region

Colombo south Region

Chain of Command

The chain of command refers to the ladder of authority relationships which links top management to the lowest employees. It is the flow of authority in a hierarchic organization.











Span of control

The span of control refers to subordinates immediately reporting to a superior official. DFCC Varanda bank has a narrow span of control.ithas a closer supervision and a better control; better coordination of subordinate's activity. DFCC varadana bank has several levels in the organizational hierarchy. Every superior can supervise a limited number of subordinates. Every superior should be assigned or a given authority to handle only few subordinates.

The manager assigns responsibility or gives the subordinate a job to do. Along with this, the manager gives the subordinate the authority to do the job.


Centralization is a process where the concentration of decision making is in few hands. DFCC Vardana bank is considering the establishment of a partially centralized system. They may profitability concentrate on their own conditions. All subjects and actions of the lower level are subject to the approval of the top management. Under centralization the important key decisions are taken by the top management and the other levels. The centralization operations in DFCC Vardana bank is as follows.




Liabilitiesaccount openings

Assets account setup

Credit maintained

Personal loans

Operational excellence

Service Quality

UAT (Pan bank)

Unit based costing.

Operational risk management

Operational control

Branch control

Key risk control

Accounts control


Decentralized systems are naturally occurring to every organization.in DFCC Vardana banking system the decentralization is assumed under the non-existence or limited interference of financial institution or government authorities which support limited regulations presuure on DFCC Bank activities.

Advantages of decentralization

It speeds up operational decisions by enabling line units to take local action.

It focuses attention onto important cost and profit centers within the total banking.

It prevents top management overload by freeing them from many operational decisions.

Disadvantages of decentralization

Duplication of positions

Creation of local power centers.


The degree to which organization standalize behavior through rules procedures. Formalization increases as firms get older, larger and more regulated. DFCC Vardana bank is a formalized bank. Formalization in DFCC Vardana bank can reduce the stress of trying to build relationship between participants and roles.

Structure of sampath Bank

Vision of sampath Bank

"The growing force in srilanka financial services".

Values of sampath Bank

Create a learning culture that promotes individual and organizational development as well asPromoting innovation and value for customers.

Treat all internal and external customers the way we would like to be treated.

Open to feedback and demonstrate an eagernessfor personal development.

Encourage and promote teamwork in all aspectsof behavior.


Functional departmentalization.


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Business banking

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Accounts and finance

Current account

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Savings account

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Centralization and decentralization