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In this assignment I want to take the opportunity to acquire further information regarding HRM to have a better understanding toward it and so I have conducted a research. First of all, I will briefly explain what Human Resource Management (HRM) is and the Management Process which has the 5 basic functions: planning, leading, organizing, controlling and staffing. After that, we will discuss about how does the technological trends affects the HRM in term of recruitment & selection which consisted of 3 factors. In the literature review I would give the background information of my research topic then followed by my analysis towards the 3 factors. Lastly, I have concluded my assignment and given some of my opinions which I think it is more appropriate to this case.

2.0 What are HRM and Management Process

Human Resource Management (HRM) is policies and practices within an organization involved carrying out the people or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening training, rewarding and appraising. Besides, it is also a strategic approach in managing people and the workplace environment. Effective HRM enables employees to contribute to the overall company's direction and the accomplishment of the organization's objectives effectively.

According to (Susan M. Heathfield, What Is Human Resource Management, 2013) HRM is increasingly outsourced moving away from traditional personnel, administration, and transactional roles. It is expected to increase the value of the employee now, and the employee plan which impact the business in measurable ways. Now the HRM involves strategic direction  to demonstrate value.

Somehow, there is a process in the HRM. There are five basic functions in the process which included the Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling. The objective of these functions is to assign people in the appropriate positions with the essential qualifications and abilities inside the organization to maximize their value to the enterprise by the way also considering the needs of the employees and their career path. (Yahoo Answer, How is HR management relates to the management process, 2010)The purpose is to practice management to achieve intended outcomes and to reduce unintended outcomes.

3.0 Literature Review

3.1 Background Information:

(Degree Essays, Impact of technology on recruitment and selection process, 2013) stated that the evidence from literature is increasing and claimed that the growing trend of technology and its impact on recruitment and selection of candidates in modern organizations. The recruitment typically means the attraction of potential employees and generally the initial process of staffing, whereas selection involves the process of interviewing, candidate assessment and job orientation. In fact, human resource planning, technology has become necessarily in business, particularly because of its capability to increase productivity and capture planning areas that managers often ignored. More importantly, technology has become an important instrument used to carry out the recruitment and selection processes in the field of HR in modern organizations.

How does the technological trend affects the HRM in term of recruitment & selection. There are 3 key points which are:

3.2 Key Point 1: Save cost and management advantages

Today, there are more and more of the recruiters using internet is because it helps to save costs and has time management advantages. And so, posting job through the electronic methods offers cheaper advantage because it is definitely capable of being positioned than regular advertisement in media. It provides more potential regarding the assortment and appearance fashion of job analysis and details; also can be amended at some point in the available time. The technology can support the selection and final point by using online forms or other inventive evaluation processes as well.

In addition, internet recruitment also considered as E-recruitment. E-recruitment refers to the recruitment process which companies commonly use are by displaying the career opportunities on their websites, receiving resumes, and building human resource database with candidates. (Dileep Kumar. M/ Srota Pandya, Leveraging Technology towards HR Excellence, 2012). The e-recruitment process provides lower costs to the organization; selection of qualified candidates, reduction in the time for recruitment, facilitates the recruitment of right type of people with the required skills and supports the organization in its long-term journey to curb the cost of development and retain talented employees for better business sustenance. It also helps to attract better and more candidates, the invitation for application published on a website can also be spotted by those, who are currently not seeking new employment actively.

(Dr. John Sullivan, the Best Recruiting Strategy Is the "We Find You" Approach, 2005) implied E-recruitment is classified into two approaches, the first approach is the "we-find-you" and the second is "you-find-us" approach. The purpose of this system is where the recruiter seeks for potential candidates. The "you-find-us" approach is the process where recruiter posts a notice that it is looking for potential candidates and the candidates take initiative to apply for the job. The "we-find-you" approach is where an organization is very clear about their requirement, attempts to identify the names of top performers as individuals which fit their requirement and contact them directly. But unfortunately there are only a few organizations follow this strategy.

3.3 Key Point 2: Job applicants Management

Furthermore, (Degree Essays, Impact of technology on recruitment and selection process, 2013) concluded the candidate management system (CMS) is a method that enables the recruiter to swiftly set, trace and administer the details of the candidates who are being recruited. The candidate management system (CMS) is becoming more popular among the recruiters because of its use in managing applicant's data.  Usually, the candidate management procedure includes a database that is connected to the internet which imports information automatically when they are filled, this system also allows candidate's resume to be retained in their real and original format, a candidate management system is also capable of tracking the key candidates through every stage of the recruitment and selection process, while it is capable of allocating feedbacks to applicants and give them an interview schedule. The benefit of using a candidate management system is that it sustains the supervision of candidate's records in the process of the entire process of application.

3.4 Key Point 3: Time extension and security of the recruitment website

Advantage of E-recruitment is that it could extend the time in completing the recruitment practice. With the help of the E-recruitment, employers are able to post the job opportunities 24 hours per day where potential candidates can also place their resumes 24 hours a day on recruiter's website. By means of online application processes, essential job conditions can be checked automatically and so the primary selection of candidates is through the application channel. 16 days is the common time for job posting to hire but for the E-recruitment it can be 30 days for usual process. The internet is a platform for the recruiter to posting job and continuous update. In order to save time, the firms required fewer resources into the recruitment and selection practice; therefore less money and trained recruiting staff is needed.

(Morison Menon, HR & Technology, 2013) mentioned that although the E-recruitment has brought a lot of advantages to the organization, but it also has drawback. Even though e-recruitment helps in speeding up the whole recruitment process, but there will be a danger of short listing becomes lengthy. As large volumes of resumes are posted online, the HR department takes long time to do screening and short listing of resumes. Also if the screening is not done properly, the Company might lose the right candidature and thus leading to inefficiency. On the other hand, the social networking helps to get faster response and interactions but the safety of the data has becomes a serious problem. The major disadvantage is that many job seekers post their confidential data on these sites and turn out to end in a serious situation; hence the safety of the social networking is still unreliable.

3.5 Summary

This study has reviewed the impact of technological trends toward the HRM in the recruitment and selection. The 3 key points above show how the technology helps the HR department to ease their job and the advantages that brought by the technology to them. Nevertheless, the technology has becoming an important instrument that affects the recruitment and selection processes in the field of HR in modern organizations.

Candidate management system is a method to help the recruiter to save the applicants' record and keep track of them through every stage of the recruitment and selection process. So the company cans easily aware of what kind applicants that they are going to recruit and their background as well in order to pick the right one.

The time extension has gives the job applicants a convenient; they can post their resume on the website anytime and anywhere. The technology brings advantages to the HR department yet it also has certain disadvantages that we cannot ignore which is the security of the social networking website. Although the technology has speeding up the recruitment process but it will cause the number of short listing to increase therefore lead to the improper screening stage and cause the company to lose the right candidature.

4.0 Analysis

4.1 Analysis of key point 1 (Save cost and management advantage)

Posting the job opportunities on the internet is certainly a wise choice. Posting the job on the website is not only save cost yet very efficient instead of paying money to advertise in the newspaper. As we know the internet has became a very common tools in our lives, and there are up to hundreds of people searching job online every day; when the unemployment workers found a job vacant they will send their resume to the recruiter, then the recruiter will call/ reply them for interview for those who have fit their requirement which we called "you-find-us" approach. Therefore, posting the job online is definitely the quickest and most efficient method.

4.2 Analysis of key point 2 (Job applicants Management)

Candidate management system could help the recruiter to better understanding and keep track of the candidates, but the interview also plays a vital role in term of picking the right candidate. During the interview, the recruiter could know what kind of person the candidate is through the conversation between them. The way a person speak and his/ her gesture might reveal their personality. Therefore, the company always goes through the interview before hiring the person and of course their knowledge and working experience are important as well.

4.3 Analysis of key point 3 (Time Extension and security of the recruitment website)

The time extension of the recruitment website to 24 hours a day has generate a lot of great opportunities for the applicants. E-recruitment has made the applicant easier to post their resume on the website instead of going to the office by themselves. And they won't be missed out the chance due to personal issues like busy of working, traffic jam and so on.

Besides, the problem of security of the social networking website can be solved. The applicants could have sent their resume to the recruiter in a private mail if they are concerned about the exposure of their confidential data and thought that sending through the social networking website is unreliable.

5.0 Conclusion

The technological advances achieved in the past few decades have brought about a revolution in the business world, affecting nearly all aspects of a working life.  Technology turns into an essential element of business for several reasons including a greater ability to cut costs and increase productivity, more collaboration and sharing information. But it also has the adverse effect that cannot be ignored; yet I believe the importance of the technology has made us eventually conceal the negative side of it. In my opinion, I think the proper way to solve the problems brought by the technology in term of recruitment & selection is how the HR department deals with it.

6.0 Recommendation

I think the technology has made the business to grow up more rapidly and make our lives easier and more wonderful. However, the security of the recruitment website as mentioned in the key point 3 can be reinforced. The company can hire some computer experts to strengthen the security of the website so that the applicant's information is safe after sending to the company.

Other than that, I have only one advice to all the computer users, the danger brought by the technology such as radiation may harm human being. For example, facing the computer for entire day during working hours, the radiation released by computer might leads to an increased risk of tumors, cancers, blood disorders, insomnia and so on. To solve this problem, we can use a computer accessory called radiation filter which eliminates the harmful radiation emitted from your computer screen.