Warehouse For 3d Virtual Environment

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Corporate mission statement entails the production and utilization of material output and services by combining production factors (Gutenberg, Die Production 1983, pp1-10). A business process encompasses around various factors for proper implementation. And it involves steps like

  • Functional properties
  • Interrelationship among different components
  • And the type of entities involved in it

Now days it is obvious that almost every business is depended on the innovative use of information technology. While in the given topic the main idea to cover is implementation of an innovative idea in the ordinary business to save many assets of company is ware house for 3D virtual environment business process. The biggest example of this kind is that businesses being outsourced. This can be properly implemented with the help of different forms of communications including conference call, creating office simulations.(Van Der Berg, 2007)

While using virtual world technology especially in business process a question arises where to build the ware house. Specifically when business process is concerned with the outsource firm as advancement in technology has convert this idea in to reality. This sort of business is known as E-business. Departments like IT administration, call centers, finance and offshore development processes are increasingly being outsourced overseas for achieving a better quality service and reducing costs.

The Objectives of Proposal

The purpose of this research is to determine the feasibility of outsourcing these projects to overseas destinations and how communication would be maintained with warehouses placed far away. The outsourced process should respond quickly within certain budget requirements while maintaining quality security standards (similar to those which the outsourcing provider maintains at its corporate network).

Literature Review:

Efficient data processes are an important factor in the growing and evolving field of business. At the turn of the century Fredirick Taylor has been revolutionized the work place with his idea on work organization, task decomposition, and job measurement. (Michael Lewis, Nigel slack, 2003). There is a need to use resources as efficiently as possible. For example, a business may be fully operated from United States of America while to save the resources the warehouse is kept near the market where the products will be sold. And the whole concept becomes possible through the 3D virtual environment. All operation goods or services or a mixture of two and they do this by the process of transformation.(Mike Paycraft). A data warehouse is global information repository, which stores facts originating from multiple, heterogeneous data sources in materialised views. The importance of building and reconstruct the whole business process is a requirement of the time now. Due to the failure of many companies in the changing business environment, researchers and business professionals are now considering other options. Call centres has become an important example of warehouse of 3D virtual environment business process. The salesperson is placed in a different country and the product is being manufactured and stored in the warehouse in another country. The communication is achieved through a centralized systems with the access of the Internet. This process helps to cut down costs and to operate in an efficient manner.(Van Der Berg, 2007)

Theoretical Framework

The idea is to replace the need to maintain a whole network of separate personal computers, with a virtualized personal computer in the IT data centre (or warehouse). This way the end users can access a separate virtual computer, sitting thousands of miles away from the warehouse, yet have all the product information of the warehouse with just a click away. And placement of orders can be updated and maintained centrally and instantly.

Data Validity and Reliability

By using this technique the products in the warehouse can be updated instantly and the employees terminals can be monitored at all times in the data centre. As the process is connected to a centralized computer, chances of leaking sensitive information to unauthorized personal, can reduced by limiting access by a click of a button.

So issues of data validity would not arise as the data is collected automatically through the system.

Data Collection and Analysis Techniques

There are two categories of data collection and analysis that needs to be maintained. They are information on the products and information on personal and orders. The products can be tagged( like barcodes) and this method can help keep track of inventory. The information in the centralized computer would always be current. And if any product is taken out, that would be updated instantly. Employees can have access to this information sitting thousands of miles away, which would help them develop a better communication with the clients.

The second category of data collection would be for the employees and clients. Different statistics on an employee may be needed like the number of sales in a specific duration of time. All these records would automatically be recorded by the centralized computer. And authorized personal can have access to this information. Client information can be maintained, this would include details of orders and their company profile.(Van Der Berg, 2007)

As the information would already be stored virtually on the hard disk, analyzing it would become easy. Stock levels of products would be automatically maintained and if quantity for any product goes down a specified amount then automatic orders would be placed to maintain a specific level of products to cater all orders.

The sales statistics of employees is maintain and should be made into monthly charts to show the top salespeople or the top clients. And further actions could be taken according to company policy.

Cost and Time Analysis

This proposal suggests an implementation of virtual PC system for information sharing. With the help of this system, desktop resources can be assigned and utilized efficiently. PC resources can be controlled with respect to business demand without having to make further investments. Organizations like IntelliRisk have taken advantage of the this method. (Michael Lewis, Nigel Slack, 2003)

The efficiency brought by this proposal would reduce ware house costs and would decrease the roll out time for the products. As any order placed would be communicated instantly and the warehouse can prepare for its distribution.

Ethical Issues

Outsourcing and using virtual personal computers to manage operations make sense with respect to costing but it requires crossing some ethical boundaries. The outsourcing concept requires setting up a centre in another country but the employees are required to act and talk like American (if the outsource provider is American). Basically identity fraud is committed. And the new employees hired are paid lower to do the same word load of local employees. (Wijers, Verhoef, Bon, 2009)


The conclusion of this project is to use the various innovation of Information Technology in restructuring the oddest business process architecture. And to use them for the benefit of business community by cutting cost factor, reducing the work force by dividing it in to various work places and also reaching and discovering the new markets and customer requirements.