Evaluation of walmarts green supply chain management

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Introduction to the assignment:

This assignment is about the process of supply chain management and how the process of inbound and outbound logistics take place as well as how a company can use greener supply chain management and how green warehousing are far more efficient way of utilizing resources then using the resources in non greener source of energy, we have looked in this assignment at the

Explaining the meaning of logistics:

Most of us think of logistics as a one-way street. Products are manufactured, packaged, stored in a warehouse, sold, and then shipped off to the customer. Logistics is a management which processes the flow of goods and services where they are produced for the consumption to the point where they are utilized and assimilated. Yet for many logistics managers today, that's not the end of the story. In addition to managing outbound goods, they also are responsible for reverse logistics, the flow of returned goods and packaging, including customer service and final disposition of returned items. Logistics also helps in the production and service delivery process which meets the requirements of the organization and the customers. Talking of a complete logistics in a nut shell, it's a process of transporting the inventory warehouse and disposable, as well as securing and holding the inventory. Logistics has a very important part in the supply chain management but its efficient way of processing adds value to the organization.                                                              

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK Global logistics, new directions in supply chain management

Significance and importance of green logistics

A far efficient and more environmentally friendly system.


 There's been a recent shift for transporting logistics from one place to another, so there's been an increasing trend for useful way of communication, specifically in rail since most of the developed countries have a real system which is operated by electronic power. It makes it beneficial because less pollution and more cargo are expected to be transported. Logistics can be transported at a lower cost and as being less hazardous for company, it serves as a means of success for the company by reducing its commuting expenses economically and environmentally. Rails are more efficient in a way of commuting as there is less congestion. The time scale required to commute goods in trains is far less required than if the goods were to be transported by road. So goods that are limited such as fresh fruits and vegetables should use a green source like train to get commuted faster. Therefore, the chances are increased that goods will survive the transportation and will get into the market is most beneficial where their utility and life cycle is being performed.



3 explaining green house and its benefits and uses.

The benefits of having green warehouses is that from energy opinions they can be made with numerous windows to make it look like a natural inflow and spontaneous outflow as well as provides inlets for breeze and light therefore being energy efficient that the least amount of light is required and less energy and power obligate to maintain the temperature in the warehouse. The importance of it is that it acts as a source of a reduce concept of boiling green buildings that come together because of the high energy necessity and the idea of energy efficiency that the green buildings furnish  as well as the concept of corporate social responsibility where all the organizations are trying to reduce their carbon foot prints. The resource that are now in less supply like the fossil fuel and resource which are depleting and are accurately getting contaminated and polluted like water, air, and other mineral ore etc.  Now the focus is being shown on increasing the efficiency process so, that our objective will be archived the lowest or the minimum amount of these resources. Therefore to make sure we grow in a sustainable manner in an environment where we meet our requirements of today without corrupting the generation of tomorrow. Because of the use of those resources, by extinguishing them ourselves and making them a better and a safer living environment. Reducing the effects of environmental hazards and eases its effects on human health and environment too; thus it is said that the natural daylight design reduces a building's electricity needs, and improves people's health and productivity. It's the use of eco-friendly material which is what is highlights the concept of green building. Further on purchase of eco is a friendly product to build the green warehouse or any house that the concept being energy efficient and Purchase eco-friendly products to build a green home or a sustainable environmental building. Enhance the energy efficiency through your building! Set to use environmental friendly technology and see how well energy efficient can your buildings get. Designing the solar system in such a manner in the house that the requirement for energy is low, in fact quiet low reduced by the use of solar light reducing the power consumption using prier ventilation system which should be in place to confirm that there is no real requirement for refrigeration hence less requirement of energy is needed; in other words building a green warehouse which is highly energy efficient and suitable. In a larger perceptive what we actually are looking at is the concept of It usually requires looking at the life cycle of the supply which is being consumed and what we do is don't compare emission of pollution or wastage over a small span but what we do is calculating the loss to the environment over the whole life cycle of the building or the benefit or being green over the whole life cycle of the building .




Walmart Green supply chain management:

Walmart is one of the largest retail store in the united states and therefore its logistics work is carried out around the clock and therefore there is a lot of logistics works that's required there as part of its corporate social responsibility the company is now taking steps to turn its logistics system into a greener system or logistics where there is very little and minimal loss to the environment yet the company is able to achieve its target and circulate its logistics around the world.

Walmart green supply chain management strategies its implication and benefits:

Here it is important to measure that how much carbon each product contains that can be defined as 'the amount of life cycle of GHG emissions per unit multiplied by the amount the company sells. So the walmart kept its focus on different categories of product that how much carbon is embedded in them. For the embedded carbon ASV reviewed the amount of GHG emission associated with the all the walmart product categories .so the measures were to see which product is associated with highest GHG emissions and an opportunity for its reduction. GHG can be reduced from any step of the life cycle of the product.

Walmart' commitment for the sustainability of the GHG aligns with goals for the company sustainability , therefore creating zero energy wastage and also selling its products that sustain the people it is being supplied by 1UU percent by renewable of energy .Walmart's integrated supply chain has got great potential to reach tens of thousands of companies around the world. China can under come significant implications for the walmart's effect that are according to the environmental defense fund by giving the china size for walmart's supply chain.

in terms of realization of benefits , walmart will follow this process ; suppliers and walmart will usually account for the reductions jointly. Assurance for the review of these claims to make sure about the completeness methodology and calculations correctectness and can be ensure by performing clear carbon qualities. If the claims for the quality assurance check are met ,then the pricewaterhousecoopers will asses about the values that are below the consulting standard in order to find out that whether the defined procedure were followed accordingly to quantify for claims of reduction.

Here it is important to find out that walmart's collaborator environmental defense fund has received constructive feedback for example EDF have commented after reviewing the walmart sustainability report 'we'd also like to see walmart present more data that allows readers to verify the information presented. If a small data that is presented by walmart on the truck fleet in which it have gain great progress, can undermine confusion.

The president and the CEO of the walmart have discussed about its new goals to eliminate about 20 million metric tons of green house gas by 2015 with aggressive actions.Announcement made by the walmart's sustainability was facilitated by the folks at tree hugger.Walmart Company believes that company can have great impact on environment so therefore it is collaborating with the environmental defense fund for having a huge environmental change. Reuters reports said about walmart that the company have extended its use of solar power for the energy supplies and to measure how much effect it have on the environment and also its impact on the sells of its products. Environmental defense fund on the walmart supply chain that have been highlighted by the Greentech media that 90% of the company carbon footprint is in the supply chain.Los Angeles times have also reported about walmart that it is giving much priority to the products that contain carbon in order to reduce GHG from the environment. For the purpose to reduce GHG from the environment the company is considering which products contain high amount of embedded carbon and that can be categorized like milk, meat, clothing etc. carbon cycle can be interfered at any step from source, manufacturing packaging and even at transport to reduce the emission of carbon so suppliers are essentially asked about these steps to rethink so that they can examine the carbon lifecycle of their products at any step.walmart is working with its suppliers to help them figure out what efficient measures can be taken to figure out the problems .It is the responsibility of the supplier to make changes in cost to make the more energy efficient , by using different fertilizer or by redesigning and packaging.Walmart's Jim stanway who oversees supplier's initiative said in an interview supplier will spend money if they are sure to get profit from the investment.

These initiatives may be good for the environment as well as for the walmart .Driving cost out from the supply chain will result in savings for the company that can also be passed to the consumers so by keeping its price low the company will uphold its reputation among the consumers.


The global resource of fossil fuel are not only depleting at a fast rate but we are also polluting our environment with the same rate, green supply chain management provides us with the opportunity to be able to grow our business and expand our operations in a sustainable manner which is the key word growth with sustainability, and we have also seen in the example of American giant walmart how walmart has taken steps to reduce its carbon foot prints and how better fleet management and warehousing and better procurement process can all lead to far efficient use of resources leading to growth and success which is sustainable in the long run therefore green logistics provides a medium of growth on the wings of sustainability.