Value Added Services & Effective Communication Channels

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Value Added Services & Effective Communication Channels

The following Summer Internship Report titled "Value Added Services & Effective Communication Channels" is hereby approved as a certified study in management carried out and presented in a manner satisfactory to warrant its acceptance as a prerequisite for the award of Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management for which it has been submitted. It is understood that by this approval the undersigned do not necessarily endorse or approve any statement made, opinion expressed or conclusion drawn therein but approve the Summer Internship Report only for the purpose it is submitted.

Summer Internship Report Examination Committee for evaluation of Summer Internship Report


I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of this Project possible.

My Guide Sandeep for his vital encouragement & support, Nikhil for helping me whenever I got stuck & members of Gurgaon & Noida Sales Team which helped me in surveying the customers.

I also thank Bharti Airtel Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to work on this interesting Project & learning a lot in the process.
Executive Summary

Value Added Services & Effective Communication Channels

Airtel offers many Value Added Services (VAS) with its Broadband Connection. Some of these VAS are

1) Airtel PC Secure – PC Security Solution which includes Antivirus, Firewall, Anti Spam etc.

2) Website Builder – An online tool through which users can easily make their own website within 15 minutes.

3) Airtel Online Storage – Online Storage Space where users can Backup their Files etc.

4) Speed on Demand – Users can upgrade their Bandwidth for a limited time to upto 2 MBps for downloading huge files etc.

Many of our customers are not really aware of these Value Added Services we offer & their benefits. Hence there is a need to educate the consumer about the various VAS so that he/she subscribes to these VAS.

The project was undertaken with the following objectives in mind

1. Gaining Consumer Insights regarding Internet Usage, Demographics etc. through a Survey.

2. Analyzing the current VAS being offered & comparing them with their Competitors.

3. Studying the current communication channels being used ( E-mail, SMS, Tele calling etc.)

4. Identifying Weaknesses in the current set of channels.

5. Studying communication channels being used by other companies.

6. Proposing solutions for strengthening the existing solutions.

7. Recommending new communication channels for the business.

8. Suggesting ways to Target various VAS to customers effectively.

9. Implementing these ways to find their Business Impact.

Target Segment: Existing Airtel Broadband Customers.

Sample Size - 60

Area – Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad

The procedure followed for Data Collection was fixing up appointments with the customers on Phone & then personally interviewing them by going to their place. The interview was not just asking the questions & ticking the answer, I tried to understand the Consumer Behaviour by asking other related questions as well.

The data was analyzed using Excel & the findings are

1. 99% of the users were already using an Antivirus Software.

2. Residential Customers didn't feel the need of having a personal website. They felt that Blogs are enough & they use Flickr, Picasa, Facebook etc. to share Pictures etc. with their friends.

3. Many users felt that tariff for Speed on Demand was very high.

4. 18% of the Users use Online Storage Sites like Google Docs, Flickr, Picasa etc.

5. Tariff for Airtel Online Storage is high when compared to other competitors.

The following recommendations are suggested

1. Many people are unaware that they are using Expired Antivirus which doesn't get updated automatically. Customers will be sent an E-mail asking them to run our Online PC Virus Scanner which will inform them if their PC has a virus. Then the customer will be asked to buy Airtel PC Secure.

2. Website Builder should be targeted to Business/ Residential customers as they usually outsource their Website hosting & building to other companies. Also these customers don't trust themselves in creating their own website using a wizard. Airtel can try to capture this market by having an Airtel Representative visit these customers & help them in setting up their Website using Airtel Webiste Builder.

3. Reducing Tariff for Speed on Demand & introducing Peak & Off-Peak Time pricing so as to increase the usage of Speed on Demand among the users.

4. Reducing Tariff for Airtel Online Storage to Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 999 per year for Unlimited Storage.

5. Airtel should use Facebook & Twitter to engage with the customers specially the Youth.

Chapter 1 : Introduction
1.1 About Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Bharti Airtel formerly known as Bharti Tele-Ventures LTD (BTVL) is the largest cellular service provider in India, with more than 127 million subscribers as of March 2010[update].With this, Bharti is now the world's third-largest, single-country mobile operator and sixth-largest integrated telecom operator. It also offers fixed line services and broadband services. It offers its Telecom services under the Airtel brand and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal. The company also provides telephone services and broadband Internet access (DSL) in top 96 cities in India. It also acts as a carrier for national and international long distance communication services. The company has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore.

It is known for being the first mobile phone company in the world to outsource everything except marketing and sales. Its network operations are provided by Ericsson, business support by IBM and transmission towers by another company. Ericsson agreed for the first time, to be paid by the minute for installation and maintenance of their equipment rather than being paid up front. This enables the company to provide pan-India phone call rates of less than Rs. 1/minute (U$0.02/minute).

The businesses at Bharti Airtel have always been structured into four individual strategic business units (SBU's) - Mobile Services, Telemedia Services, Enterprise Services & Digital TV. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 96 cities and has recently launched a Direct-to-Home (DTH) service, Airtel Digital TV. Shahrukh Khan is the brand embassador of the mobile company and Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are the brand embassadors of the DTH company. The company provides end-to-end data and enterprise services to the corporate customers through its nationwide fiber optic backbone, last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles, VSATs, ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways and landing station.

Globally, Bharti Airtel is the 3rd largest in-country mobile operator by subscriber base, behind China Mobile and China Unicom. In India, the company has a 24.6% share of the wireless services market, followed by 17.7% for Reliance Communications and 17.4% for Vodafone Essar.

Recently Bharti Airtel acquired the 15-country Africa operations of Zain for US $10.7 billion. This has increased Bharti Airtel's subscribers by 41.9 million.

1.2 Problem Statement

Many of our customers are not really aware of the various Value Added Services we offer & their benefits. Hence there is a need to educate the consumer about the various VAS so that he/she subscribes to these VAS. For this we need to find out the Target Segment of various VAS & how to communicate these to the consumer effectively. This entails finding weaknesses in the current communication channels & making them more effective. Also we need to find New Communication Channels to interact with the consumers effectively.

1.3 Project Objectives

1. Gaining Consumer Insights regarding Internet Usage, Demographics etc. through a Survey.

2. Analyzing the current VAS being offered & comparing them with their Competitors.

3. Studying the current communication channels being used ( E-mail, SMS, Tele calling, Postal)

4. Identifying Weaknesses in the current set of channels.

5. Studying communication channels being used by other companies to target same set of customers.

6. Proposing solutions for strengthening the existing solutions.

7. Recommending new communication channels for the business.

8. Suggesting ways to Target various VAS to customers effectively.

9. Implementing these ways to find their Business Impact.

Chapter 2 : Method
2.1 Sample

The sample selected for the research was Airtel Broadband subscribers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Ghaziabad Region.

2.2 Questionnaire

A questionnaire was made to understand the Consumer Needs & Behaviour so as to get Customer Insights.


Airtel Landline No………………………………………..

How many people in your household use internet?

o 1

o 2

o 3

o 4 or more

What are the ages of persons using internet?

o 10 – 18

o 18 – 30

o 30 – 50

o > 50

Your Profession - ………………………………………..

No. of PC's / Laptops using the internet connection………..

You use internet for

o Air Ticketing

o Rail Ticketing

o Movie Ticketing

o Shopping Online

o E-mails

o Chatting

o Watching online videos

o Downloading Movies,Music etc.

o Social Networking


o Online Gaming

Single Player Gaming
Multi Player Gaming
Racing Games
First Person Shooters
Role Playing / Strategy Games
Flash Games

o Information Search

Do you get E-mails from Airtel regarding various offers ?


Do you open E-mails from Airtel regarding various offers ?

o Yes

o No

If Yes, are you able to view the content of the E-mail fully?

o Yes

o No

Do you get SMS from Airtel regarding various offers ?

o Yes

o No

Do you get calls from Airtel regarding various offers ?

o Yes

o No

If Yes, do you get calls on your landline / mobile ?

o Landline

o Mobile

Which method of communication do you prefer out of SMS, E-mail & Telecalling ?


o E-Mail

o Tele calling

o None

Do you read the offers you get with your phone bill ?

o Yes

o No

How often do you eat out ?

o Once in two weeks.

o Once a Week

o 2-3 times in a week

o Almost Everyday

Where do you like to eat out often ?

o Pizza Hut

o Dominos

o Other Restaurant………………………………………..

How often do you go out for movies ?

o Once in two weeks.

o Once a Week

o 2-3 times in a week

Which theatres do you prefer going for movies ?

o PVR Cinemas

o DT Cinemas

o Wave Cinemas

o Fun Cinemas

o Big Cinemas

o Others…………………………………..

How many credit cards do you have ?

o 0

o 1

o 2

o 3 or more

If Yes, Which Banks ?

o HDFC Bank



o CitiBank

o Standard Chartered

o Other……………………………………

Which Type ?

o Visa

o Mastercard

o American Express

How many Cars do you have ?

o 0

o 1

o 2

o 3 or more

Models of the cars you have –

Do you have the Airtel Digital TV Service ?

o Yes

o No

Which antivirus software do you use ?

o Norton Antivirus

o Kaspersky Antivirus

o Mcafee

o Avast

o NOD32

o F-Secure


o None

If you don't use Antivirus, Why Not ?
Where did you buy your antivirus software from ?

o Came with the PC

o Free

o Off the Shelf

o Online

Do you backup your PC data ?

o Yes

o No

If Yes, where do you take the backup ?

o Pen Drive

o Online Storage Sites

o External HDD

Have you heard about online storage sites ?

o Yes

o No

Do you plan on creating your own website in near future ?

o Yes

o No

Do you know about the Airtel Website Builder ?

o Yes

o No

If No, why not ?

o Don't feel the need of having one.

o Don't know how to make one.

o Cost

Do you know about Airtel Speed on Demand ?

o Yes

o No

Are you satisfied with the service from Airtel ? Any Complaints/Suggestions/ Feedback ?

2.3 Procedure ( Data Collection )

The procedure followed for Data Collection was fixing up appointments with the customers on Phone & then personally interviewing them by going to their place. The interview was not just asking the questions & ticking the answer, I tried to understand the Consumer Behaviour by asking other related questions as well.

The Data Collection took Two Weeks & my Sample Size was 60.

All the data collected was collated in an Excel File for further analysis.

2.4 Data Analysis

The data was analysed using Microsoft Excel & various quantitative techniques were used. The output is in the form of Pie-Charts. Further insights were drawn based on the interaction I had with the customers.

Chapter 3 : Results & Discussion

I got the following results after analyzing the data.

3.1 Demographic Insights

· 32% Households have 3 Internet Users in their Home.

· Majority ( 52%) users in the age group of 18 – 30 years.

· Target Segment : 18 – 50 years

· Students – 23%

· IT Engineer – 22%

· Business – 17%

* 46% Users have 2 PCs/ Laptop at Home which use Internet.

· 36% Users Eat Out Once in Two Weeks

· 60% Users Go Out for Movies Once in Two Weeks.

· 32% Users Prefer PVR Cinemas

· 22% Users Prefer Wave Cinemas

· 35% Users prefer – Spice, JAM & M2K Cinemas

· 40% Users don't have Credit Card.

· 27% Users have two Credit Cards

· 15% Users have one Credit Card.

· 38% Users have 1 Car.

· 32% Users have 2 Cars.

3.2 Usage Insights

· 67% Users Download Movies & Music.

· They have High DSL Usage

· They Need High Speed.

· 77% Users use Youtube & Other Video Sites.

· They Need High Speed.

· 25% users play Online Games.

· Only 8% Users play MultiPlayer Games.

· 23% Users play Flash Games on Facebook, Orkut etc.

Chapter 4 : Value Added Services
4.1 Airtel PC Secure
4.1.1 Background

According to a report by Symantec, around 1.3 Million Viruses are in circulation around the world. As more & more people get connected through the Internet, the viruses spread even faster & new viruses are discovered everyday. Viruses, Worms etc. harm the Data & Software in the computer.

Antivirus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Norton & Mcafee are two of the biggest players in the Antivirus Market.

Firewall prevents Hackers from accessing confidential information on your PC allowing customers to Shop Online safely.

Anti Spam protection helps keep Customer's Inbox free from unwanted, fraudulent, offensive and phishing emails.

Parental Control helps the Parents in controlling the Websites that Children can visit.

Virus-free customers also reduce the Network Load on the ISP & world-over major ISP's bundle Security Solutions with their Packages.

E.g. AT&T has a tie-up with Mcafee & Comcast has a tie-up with Norton Antivirus.

Through my Survey, I found that 55% of the Users were using Norton & Mcafee Antivirus which shows that these are the Trusted Brands & also are the Antivirus that are bundled with new PC's or Laptops. Also only 27% of the Customers actually pay for using Antivirus. Rest use either Free or Bundled with PC Antivirus. This also includes some customers who maybe using Pirated Antivirus.

4.1.2 AntiVirus Comparison







Anti Spam

Parental Control

Online Backup


Norton 360







Rs. 3409 per year


Total Proctection







Rs. 2500 per year










Rs. 999 per year

Table 1

4.1.3 Communication Strategy

* Target Segment

o Customers with High DSL Usage because they must be downloading stuff from internet using Torrents & hence are more prone to Viruses.

o Customers who pay bills online as they use Debit/ Credit Cards for online shopping & need Firewall for protection.

* Communication Channel

* Email telling the customers to run the Online PC Health Check Tool. If there is a Virus/Spyware , Customer is encouraged to buy PC Secure through Customer Care or by visiting If a customer knows that the PC is infected, he/she is more likely to buy an Antivirus Solution.

* SMS to the customers saying “Are you protected by the latest Viruses, Worms & Hackers ? If not, get Airtel PC Secure, visit”

4.2 Airtel Website Builder
4.2.1 Background

Personal Websites was a craze few years but this craze has shifted as more & more people are creating Personal Blogs rather than websites. Creating Blogs is Easy & Free. Also with the coming up of Social Networking Sites like Facebook,Orkut & Twitter people are easily able to share their Pictures, Videos etc. with their friends without creating a Website. In my Survey also, 67% of the people didn't feel the need of having a website.

Websites act as source of information for prospective customers of all types of companies. E-Commerce i.e. Trading goods on the internet has become huge & many companies are selling directly to the customers through their Websites.

4.2.2 Website Builder Comparison




Own Domain






100 MB









Rs. 250 per month




Table 2
4.2.3 Communication Strategy

* Target Segment – Business / Commercial Customers.

o Majority of Residential Customers don't feel the need of Websites. Those who do, use Blogs which are free & won't pay for a website.

o Business Customers usually outsource Website building.

* Communication Channel

· Personal Representative

o A Representative will go to the home of the customer & show him a Demo of the Website Builder & help him create his Website.

o This is essential because no matter how easy it is to create a Website, customers don't believe that they can do it on their own & hence usually outsource it. So its better if Customers outsource it to us & we help them setup their Websites.

* An E-mail explaining the benefits of Airtel Website Builder.

* SMS to the customers saying “Planning to create your own website but don't know how to make one? Visit to create one within 15 mins.”

* Pricing – Need to reduce it to Rs. 99 / month.

4.3 Airtel Online Backup
4.3.1 Background

Online Storage Sites are typically used by people for two purposes

1) To share Pictures, Videos, Documents or any other File with their Friends

2) To keep a Backup of Pictures, Documents etc.

Through my Survey, I found that 18% of the Users used Online Storage Sites like Google Docs, Flickr, Picasa etc.

Flickr & Picasa specifically cater to the Photo-Sharing & Backup Need of the people whereas Google Docs is for Word, Excel & Powerpoint Files.

38% of the Customers prefer to Backup in External HDD. This is because some customers Backup huge amount of Data ( > 100 GB's) consisting of Movies, Songs, Games etc.

32% Customers don't Backup Data.

15% Customers use Pen Drive for Backup which is mostly used for Pictures & Documents.

Some customers also use the Internal HDD for backing up their Data. They use a different partition e.g. D drive to Backup the Data. Customers in this category need to be educated about the dangers of Harddisk Crash & that backing up on a different partition is not enough.

5% Customers use CDs/ DVDs for Backup which is also an unreliable medium as these tend to get scratched over time.

Some customers E-mail the important files to themselves so as to Backup them. These are also the potential customers for Online Backup.

There are many Free Online Storage Sites on the internet. Windows SkyDrive offers 25 GB of Free Online Storage storage.

4.3.2 Online Backup Sites Comparison


Free Storage

File Types

File Size Limit

Share Files

Other Features




25 GB


50 MB


Easy Upload from Windows Explorer


100 MB / month

Photos & Videos



Edit Photos Online

Rs. 1250 / year for Unlimited Storage

2 GB




Automatically Sync Files across PCs

50 GB – Rs. 500 per month

1 GB




Easy Upload from Picasa

80 GB – Rs. 1000 per year

Airtel Online Desktop





View & Edit Documents

5 GB – Rs. 199 / month

Table 3

4.3.3 Communication Strategy

* Target Segment

o All Customers

* Need to reduce Tariff.

* Communication Channels

* An E-mail explaining the benefits of Online Backup of Data & Tariff for the same.

* SMS to the customer saying “Harddisks crash & Pen Drives get lost ! Don't loose your important files, Backup them on Airtel Online Backup, visit”

* Promote Online Backup on the Website in the VAS section for Personal users & not only Business/Commerical Users.

* Name Online Backup instead of Online Desktop ?

· Pricing

o Rs. 99 per Month or Rs. 999 per Year for Unlimited Storage.

4.4 Speed on Demand

4.4.1 Background

Speed on Demand offers Cutomers to upgrade their speed for a limited time so that they can Download Huge Files from Internet Faster.

I found that only 17% of the Users have Heard & Used Speed on Demand.

37% of the Users have Heard but not Used & 46% have not even Heard about it. We need to communicate this offering better as this is a novel service which should find many takers.

4.4.2 Communication Strategy

* Target Segment

o Customers with high DSL Usage & Speeds < 1Mbps

o Customers with speed 1 Mbps less likely to switch to 2 Mbps as 1 Mbps may be enough.

* Communication Channel

* An E-mail explaining the benefits of Speed on Demand & the tariff for the same.

* SMS to the customers saying “Tired of Waiting for the download of huge files to complete ? Get a Speed Upgrade with Speed on Demand, visit”

* Pricing

o Need to reduce the current Speed on Demand Prices.

o Introduce Peak & Off-Peak Time Pricing.

Chapter 5 : Communication Channels

5.1 Weaknesses in the current Communication Channels & their Solutions

* 18% of the E-mail Offers sent end up In the SPAM folder.

o Send an SMS to customers saying “If you are not receiving E-mails from Airtel, please check the SPAM folder & mark those E-mails as not SPAM”

* We don't have E-mail Ids for 20% of the Broadband Users.

* 5% of the E-mail Ids we have are wrong or old.

o SMS saying “If you are not receiving E-mails from Airtel, please update your E-mail Id on”

o A Banner link on the Airtel Website telling the customers to update their E-mail Ids.

o Call up Customers & get their E-mail Ids to send E-Bills.

* Some E-mail offers don't reach the Target audience.

o E.g – An offer on Games on Demand reaches the father because we have his E-mail Id but not his Son who is the one who actually maybe interested in the offer.

o Encourage customers to give E-mail Ids & Mobile Nos. of Family members.

o Take E-mail Ids & Mobile Nos. of Family Members at the time of registration.

* We don't include offers with the E-bill.

o Including various offers & VAS info with E-bill sent to the customers.

* Mobile Nos. missing for 10% of the customers.

o Call the customer on Landline & ask them their Mobile Nos.

* 28% of Customers are in DND registry

* Wrong Mobile Nos. for 12% of the customers.

o E-mail to customers encouraging them to update their Mobile Nos. if they are not receiving SMS from Airtel

* 57% of the users don't read the Bill Offers.

o Making Bill Offers more attractive so that more & more customers are inclined to read those. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking Site in the world with more than 400 million users. It is used in 77% of our existing broadband households. We need to use Facebook to interact & engage with our customers.

· Facebook Airtel Page – A campaign to encourage users to join the Airtel Facebook Page.

· Campaign Idea – Everyday Airtel will post 2-3 Rs. 50 recharge voucher codes on its Facebook page at random times. Only the first person to use that voucher code through SMS gets the recharge/ bill credit for Postpaid. This will encourage the users to join the Facebook page.

* For Broadband customers we can give vouchers for Speed on Demand(E.g. 2 Mbps speed for 1 hour)

* For Airtel DTH Customers, we can give vouchers for Free Movies on Demand.

· Viral Marketing through Facebook – Whenever new Offers & Updates are posted on Facebook, each fan of Airtel Facebook Page sees the offer on his Facebook page. Further when the users Like, Share or Comment on the Offer, his friends also come to know about the Offer. In this way the Offer spreads like a Ripple Wave & the offer gets communicated to a large no. of people.

· A great medium to listen to Customer Complaints & Customer Needs, gaining valuable Customer Insights in the process.

5.2.1 Tata Docomo Example of Marketing Through Facebook

Information about New Service My Song posted on Facebook. 75 People liked it & 35 people commented on it.

Fans of TataDocomo Facebook Page – 86,000 !

Reasons for such huge following - They launched an IPL Nights campaign where a User had to join Tata Docomo on Facebook, Twitter & Orkut to win Passes for IPL Parties. The campaign was hugely successful.

Some User Comments.

“Docomoz 'nu day nu plan' plans r fantabulous... Actually, they provide flexibity 2 da userz... Kindly improve network in hilly areas of uttarakhand.. “

“i am really impressd at ur connectivity for internet “

“the most impressive thing i feel is its internet speed which is much more than we guess for currently available gsm network...speed is problem is their...but if docomo works more on network it will be best than anything....daily plan is good but not available in maharashtra circle is present i feel docomo should first improve its network than decrease the sms charges in roaming “

“when is it going to come in delhi”

TATA Docomo – “Will keep you informed on all launches thru our website ( :-) “

“ i m using docomo & it roxxx “

“Good for u! miles to go before it starts rocking..... as for the feedback thing goes..... complaint several times abt the network problem, & docomo is so rockin tat it doesnt wanna fix it!!! “

As we can see above we have got both +ve & -ve comments about the company. +ve comments encourage new customers to take Docomo while at the same time –ve comments can be bad publicity if not addressed properly. Comments like this should be replied then & there after solving the customer problem.

New Service – My Song has its own Tab on the FB Page informing users how to activate it.

Continuous Customer Engagement through Contests like these keeps the people coming to the Docomo Facebook page everyday.

5.3 Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. It has more than 100 million users worldwide.

I found that Twitter is used in 22% of our existing broadband households currently but this no. is growing rapidly. We need to use Twitter to Interact & Engage with Customers as it allows us to directly talk with the customers, listen to their Problems, Solve them & Gain Customer Insights.

Tata Docomo Example of Marketing through Twitter

Followers on Twitter – 8,000

Twitter Page has links to all other Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Orkut & Youtube.

Solving Customer Complaints Through Twitter

User @tatadocomoBut I cant recieve incoming sms from Aircel n from Online sms services...I am a subscriber of TATA DOCOMO Kokata.Nu-8981571848

Response @gutu1993wil check up pn it buddy..we have fwded ur details the other day

User @tatadocomoMy problem is solved. Thanx.......

Response @gutu1993glad we could help u out buddy :-)

Promoting My Song Through Twitter

Asking people to Tweet what they want to hear. Tweets are tagged #hearwatuwant

tatadocomo GM tweeps! Which song is playing in your head today??#hearwatuwant

priyanka_me @tatadocomoyehh jo desh hain mera...swadesh hain mera.. :) :)#hearwatuwant

tatadocomo @priyanka_menice choice..R U in a patriotic mood cuz#Indiais playing#Australiain da#T20Wrld Cup today??#hearwatuwant

Replying to the Customer's Tweet just like their friends would do helps in creating a connection & engaging the customer.

Tweeting Youtube & Facebook links to various Tata Docomo Ads also helps spread the word about new offerings.

5.3.1 Airtel's Current Twitter Page


* Airtel's Twitter ID “Airtel_Presence” has only 465 followers.

* Dull & Boring Look of the Twitter Page

* Only used for solving Customer Complaints.

* After Solving the problem, reply is not posted here. E.g. After solving the complaint, we should tweet “Glad we could help you out buddy”.

* Very Formal way of Tweeting, lacks a friendly & youthful attitude.

* New Offers & Schemes not posted here.

5.3.2 Strategy For Twitter

· Need for a campaign to encourage users to follow the Airtel Twitter Id.

· The campaign idea mentioned above for Facebook can be used here also.

· Make the Twitter ID's Homepage more exciting & colorful.

· Celebrity Endorsement Of Twitter ID. (SRK)

· Various Airtel Schemes & Offers should be posted on Airtel Twitter Id. These reach a large no. of people as people ReTweet these offers.

· Solving Customer complaints through Twitter & also gaining Consumer Insights.

· Banners on Airtel Hompage (

o Join Us on Facebook

o Follow Us on Twitter

· Youthful Brand !

Chapter 6 : Recommendations

The recommendations from the Project have been mentioned in the Results & Discussion section. Recommendations have been made for all the VAS discussed above & for strengthening the Communication Channels & using New Communication Channels like Facebook & Twitter to interact with our customers. Most of the recommendations given have been accepted & their implementation has also started.