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The proposal has been raised for to fulfil research of any organization's human resources management and its whole activities, importance, stages, and improvement, efficiency and objectives. The main outcome of this proposal has to be traced out with the ability to figure out the exactness and the comparative case study researched of any identical organization and the activities related to its human resource management. The Point wise proposal is as under mentioned.

Tasks 1.A. Identify the HRM activities of an identified organization.

Human Resource Management (organizational view)

Background, History and Importance

Human resources management is an art, in which people and the processes, with different techniques, colliding in order to activate human resources at its best, with its day to day operation, overall activities, from its start till its implementation and the main tasks. It covers the activities like identifying the need of, locating the human resources, recruiting, placing and implicating same to fulfil the organizational objectives, whether it's a long term or a short. Prioritising the quality performance of human resources and boosting up their efficiency for achieving the organizational goals is the main feature of Human resource management.

In the modern times, organizational loads and cultures are changing day by day, rapidly. In comparing before two decades, it was different and now it's totally changed. All these changes have been maintained by effective human resource management. Still the new challenges are emerging in new age as well. All the way Human resource management has to be cautious towards dealing and managing with the impact of this changing environment. Human resource management must acknowledge ideas about globalization, innovation, workforce diversity, labour scarcity, skill diversification, workforce, decentralised work sites and manpower involvement. Here's the diagram which covers some factors of human resource management to be considered.

Factors to be considered in Human Resource Management designed for BTEC Edexcel

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Let's have some discussion about the forces that affects any organization.

There are two types of forces which directly impacts in organization they are competitive forces and social forces, as below the diagram clarifies the theory.

Competitive forces.

Social forces

National competition


International competition

Ageing workforce



Removal of trade barriers



Skill shortages

Rapid changes in technology

Changing customers values

Labour Mobility

Forces that affects organization

Source:- Zorlu Senyucel, Managing the human resource in the 21st century, (2009), Zorlu Senyucel and Ventus publishing ApS

Most of the activities within these forces are controlled and supervised by human resource management. So, as above diagram says, human resource management has a key role to uplift and in growth of an organization.


Identify three key HRM activities of an identified organisation.

The main three HRm activities of the organization which I have chosen is Mercantile Communication Private limited are as follows : -

Training and Development: - Training and development is an important activity of human resource department which has to be done and organised in effective manner. This covers the activities like providing ideas of newly implemented rules and regulation, manuals and the action performance handlings systems to the newly recruited employees or to existing one, which, hence leads to effective performance and quality productivity. Similarly, all the employees have to act as to achieve the mutual goals. By this way, employees learn and implicate what they learn and attain. The development process helps employees to empower and boost up their skills regarding what they learn are learning for the new challenges in organization. So, in Mercantile communication, about the newly launched technology, online marketing, and the employees has to be made familiar with of. There are some technicians who have been working for the organization since it started corporately; they need to be developed as per the new technology adopted.

Human Resources Planning: -Planning contains the delicate ways of making strategies to be implemented in order to manage human resources by the human resource manager taking into account of the organizational goals and objectives to be achieved. The organizational success in directly related with Human resources planning. It refers to tally down the demand and supply prediction of human resources of an organization. So, the human resource manager has to do this task referring the present status and the situation of the organization. As talking about Mercantile Communication, the IT scope is getting broadening day by day, so to meet the new challenges and cope with it, Human Resource manager has to think about the expertise to hire in and train in to existing employees. Nevertheless, growing business needs extra manpower to go along with the demand of human resources. Forecast can be done as per the growing market and product distribution data. For the supply of human resource, it has to outsource the advertisement to some agency, which can provide the best and expert manpower.

Performance Appraisal: - Performance appraisal means is to observe the performance of the existing employees within the organization, with a view to improve and develop their skills. Its process is to observe, locate, measuring their performance, point out and taking an appropriate action, in positive way. This helps employees as well as the organization for better performance and productivity. In case of Mercantile Communication, it conducts the appraisal fortnightly , which really give the responses towards the performance and productivity of any particular employees and hence is develop and improve as per the report of appraisal shows.

So, after getting through all above three human resource activities, it can be said that Mercantile Communication has effective and capable human resource management; even still there are some factors to be taken into account to make further better human resource management.

Tasks 1.B Justify how the objectives of these were achieved by effective management of Human resource.

The objectives of above activities help in achieving, by effective management of Human resource in following ways:

Training and Development:

Stabilising environment to work: - Of course, if every employees are equally trained and developed, everyone enjoys the environment of working. Effective human resources planning like training and development help maintain such environment. Mercantile communication often conducts campaign to flow ideas to its employees, regarding work and the organizations' planning to imbalance the environment.

Progress in Capability: - Training and Development provides the new ideas, views, information, methodology and procedures to pursue the work being doing. It assists employees to progress of their personal potentiality to perform better and hence the quality productivity goes in effective manner. Talking about Mercantile, the timely training and development programs delivers the techniques to employees which are equipping them to progress in their internal capability.

Utilization of Human resources: - In fact, every organization is focused in how to utilize its human resource, optimally. So, with this objective training and development by human resource management act as a tool to achieve it. Mercantile Communication's campaign of HR management is fulfilling the objectives and achieving it effectively as well. Having trained employees, expert technicians, effective marketing officers are the examples of this campaign.

Human Resource Planning: - Effective human resource planning never fails in acquiring the organizational forecasted sales turnover. So, as comparing to the past data, Mercantile is always pre cautious towards its Human resource Planning. It recruits the best and the experienced and also the fresh and capable employees. It plans the demand and supply of Human resources and planning of it at its best and goes with effective initiatives, accordingly. Expertise and the capable employees obviously take a work to be done seriously. As per the Human resources plans appropriate trainings and the development programs are provided to existing and newly recruited employees. And hence as consequences, the employees will be benefitted with the rewards and an organization enjoys its profitability and quality performance of its employees. So, Effective Human resource Planning plays a vital role for its organizational and personal growth.

Performance Appraisal: - This is the process which enables an organization to locate and figure out the potentiality of its every employee. Their main goal is not finding out faults or to locate errors rather to develop them in what they need to be. It is the motivating method to boost up its employees to perform better ways, either by providing extra training or by any means. Also, as a return, employee gets financial and non-financial rewards if they adopt appraisal's objectives. As talking into account of Mercantile Communication, training and development programs by Human resource Department organize this appraisal and sorts out problem relating to it. It means necessary motivating factors will be provided, special trainings, sending to the conferences like in on the job and off the job trainings etc. Where as in other side, who are efficient, will be promoted as per their efficiency. These all are relating to motivation.

Above objectives have been identified and located by effective human resource of Mercantile Communication. Therefore, it is an appropriate step for it to undertake the processes by itself.

Tasks 1.C Refer to at least two Human Resource models.

The models of Human resources management prioritise the human resources of any organization. All the various models have their own strategies to manage human resources. Following the two main Human resources models are elaborated.

Michigan Model of HRM: -This model was propounded by Formbrum, Devanna and Tichy. This model explains that organization planning and the strategies have to be followed by the human resources systems. This model states that every individual employee is the assets of an organization, so, has to be treated as the key people in relating to its success and profitability. The organization has to manage its human resources is such a way that the employees get motivated resulting organization quality productivity, hence of course profitable to employees themselves as well. It assumes that human resource has to be obtained easily and hence utilized optimally. As below we can see in the figure of the model, which clearly mentions about its strategies and processes. Its main theory in practice is to boosting up the ideas, notion, skills and competency to attain organizational goals.

Sparrow and Hiltrop (1994), pointing out that this is a 'matching' model of strategic HRM originally outlined by Tichy, Fombrun and Devanna (1982), state that, "The philosophy does not limit itself to direct employees of an organization. Therefore humans or people - as opposed to just employees - need to be managed in a way that is consistent with broad organizational requirements such as quality or efficiency. Personnel policies and organization structures have to be managed in a way that is congruent with organizational strategy and organizational effectiveness depends on there being a tight 'fit' between human resource and business strategies. HRM strategies are all about making business strategies work and so emphasis is placed on how to best match and develop 'appropriate' HRM systems."


This model states the rotation of some steps: -

As per the job needs selecting the people

Informal assessing of employees (Performance Appraisal)

Motivating the employee to improve further by rewarding them

Producing efficient employees

Maintaining quality performance

Developing employees to produce to be capable

It is also called matching model and harder approach of human resources management as it takes employees as human resources.

Mercantile Communication, which has been studied in this paper significantly are based on one of the model, but as Mercantile Communications takes its employees as its assets which breaths and not a human resources rather human beings so this model is not been applied on it. Mercantile Communication takes all the personal and social responsibility of it's all the employees and related day to day operations.

Regarding the performance appraisal as has been mentioned, fortnightly, there organise the process to evaluate and take necessary developing initiatives.

Mercantile Communication only selects the best among the best to work for it, nevertheless, furthermore, provides the developing and improving initiatives to the existing one.

Harvard Model of Human Resource management: -It has been developed by Harvard business school, propounded by Beer, M., Lawrence. It assumes employees as human beings rather than as a resource. There are four policies which this model follows. First of all let's look at the figure which further clarifies about the model

Source: - ""

Here in above figure the flow chart shows how the model has been designed, taking in account of stake holders' (employees, shareholders, customers, creditors etc) interest and the situational factors ( reward systems, work systems, flows influence etc), they are building the policies for work force, expecting the human resource outcome ( commitment, competence, congruence, cost effectiveness etc) and sustain long term consequences (individual well being, organizational effectiveness, societal well beings)

The main four policies the Harvard model has derived are as follows: -

Human resources flow: - which means turnover of human resources

Reward systems: - which means incentives, wages, salaries, motivations focused

Employees Influence: - Which means job responsibility, empowerment, job enlargement, job rotation etc

Work System: - Which means the division of work i.e. designing and implementation of day to day operation for its employees.

As it is focused on human beings so is also called as soft approach of human resources management

The Harvard model can be profitable if been adopted by Mercantile communication. It will assist the Human resources department to design everything whatever is need to formulate the rules and regulation or policies. This model also give the acute idea regarding the individual so that it can plan accordingly like human resource turnover, hence the demand, supply and plans can be done with accuracy

Conclusion: -

By studying and analysing the critical and inside story of human resource activities, its objectives and the models, the selected organization i.e. Mercantile communication will be benefitted with, if follow the better model of human resource management.