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Business communication is a way to increase business performance of workers, it increase the performance of team as wll as it increases the performance of your whole company.Now we are going to make a report for a company which makes a new product recently named as Astro mobile. We are making a report in order to promote a new mobile in public by using different ways of commmunication. We will use different ways of communication like by advertising on Tube stations, Bus stops , Radio and more. As we know bus stops and tube stations are the most busiest places and there are more chances to promote it quickly. Initially it is hard for every one to make the sale of the product more and better so the process of communication should be efficient and effective.The communication which we are using in this report to promote the mobile will be discussed in main body of this report.


"Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can't get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn't even matter."

( Gilbert Amelio)

We are introducing new mobile phone in market with palm held computer. The name of mobile phone is Astro mobile. It has everything inside which you can dream in your daily life. The main sentence on main page of advertisement will be, 'Go catch it before some one else catch it of your part'. In the features we will tell:

5 Mega-pixel camera

Navigation system

Symbian Software and many more good features, for details visit our nearest office. A blowing offer: 2 GB card free on buying mobile phone. This offer is for limited period.

That is all we have to write in our introducing advertisement of phone

There are some steps of business communication which are given below.



Channel / Medium

Barrier/ Noise / Obstruction




The above given headings are those which are usually used in doing communication in business.the details of these are given below

(2.1) Sender:

is one who sends a message to the receiver, he / she also known as originator. Now as we are promoting a new product and advertising it to customers, so we are sender here.

(2.2) Encode:

It is a process in which message written by the originator is converted into the special format in which a message can be send to receiver or store in a quick way, or " It is a physical process of transfering our thinking and ideas into verbal and non - verbal messages"

( Gaut & perrigo 1998, pg 21 )

(2.3) Channel / Medium:

It is a medium through which a company to introduce a new product is delivering a message to the audience in order to get a feed back. There are some media like electronic media print media. In electronic media we can use Radio, Television sign boards where as in print media we can use news paper, magazines and posters on wall.

(2.4) Barrier / Noise:

It is a type of obstruction in a way of sending a message to receiver. There are a some obstructions which we discuss as we go forward. The types of obstructios are given below.

(2.4.1) Cultural Barriers

Examples are given below

Up bringing



(2.4.2) physical barriers

Examples are given below

Post van


No phone lines

(2.4.3) psychological barriers

Examples are given below


Turn off.

(Notes given by teacher in class)

(2.5) Decode:

"Decoding is a physical process of transforming incoming messageinto thoughts and ideas (i.e., making sense of a message)"

( Gaut & perrigo 1998, pg 21 ) .

It means that when we advertise a new product a public see that and try to understand that, so if they understand properly it means that they decode a message which was send by us in a good way.


" The receiver is the listner, reader or observer in communication process. The receiver role is to (a) listening or reading carefully (b) give a feed back to sender (c) ask question to clarify the message"

( Krizan, Merrier, Logan, Williams 2007, pg 11 ).

Now as we advertise our product as a sender so the receiver is public here as they received our message.

(2.7) Feedback : "Feedback is a response that a receiver makes ta a message, and is generally what is desired by a source when he / she sends a message. Feedback may be verbal or non-verbal, intentional or unintentional"

( Gaut & perrigo 1997, pg 22 ) .

For example: As we are introducing new product in public by telling or advertising it,s features and offers to increase the sale, here we are sending message to public and if someone likes our mobile phone, he or she will contact us for information or buy it. Now as the customer will buy, actually in another way he or she is giving us a feed back.

As we discuss all seven major concepts of communication in business. Now we will discuss that what communication system we have to use which can be one of the most beneficial for us. We should use all the communication ways. Firstly by keeping an eye on the budget, we advertis our phone set on all the busiest places and then we should make a primary research by asking question from different people that are they liking new phone, what are the qualities and what are the defects. May be the message we want to deliever to the public, they are not getting it right as we want from them to understand.

As if we are advertising our phone by using electronic media or print media, we will have to keep an eye on barriers which we may can face in both media.

For example if we use sign boards to advertise our phone and giving information about it,s advantages , new functions and new attracting offers, in end all this information will be benifical for those who knows english very well but it is of no use for those who did not able to understand english.So, in order to overcome this problem we have to make advertisements in some very popular world languages in order to deliver our message to those who do not know English. Another problem is that everyone,s ability of getting things or understanding difficult words is different, because some are more concious and better educated on the other hand some are less educated or non educated who are not able to understand difficult words, so our wording in advertising the product should be normal and not hard to understand. There should be some intersting offers and wording which we will use in message of introducind the phone attracts the customers

You can also do a face to face communication means non verbal communication because by doing this we can satisfy our audience / customers at the spot by explaining them about our new phone model, offers we are giving and anything they want to know about it, As Abraham Maslow says, "Sometimes Behaviour in human being is lika a defense, a way of cocealing motives and thoughts , language can be a reason of hiding your thoughts and ideas"

(3) Conclusion:

This report has examined the process of communication in business and the barriers. In this report it is discussed that there are a lot of barriers in this process and as a company,s owner there should be some research done by the company , in order to meet the defects and to overcome on the barriers. We will give offers as as given by the vodafone , orange and many more. We will use both print and electronic media for communication and will try to overcome every barrier or minimize it. Company should not do only verbal communication, it has to do non verbal communication as well and this will be a much better for introducing phone into market.

About Non verbal communication Charles Dicken says, " Electric communication will not be a substitute of face to face communication because it produce in other person a courage"

These are the steps we will take to introduce our new phone and will try to make our product growing. There are much more communication process and the barriers in their way, we can overcome on barriers by taking steps we write above and for overcoming management is very important. Management means we have to stick on the communication process which we have chosed to introduce new product in market. Let,s try hard and hope for the best.

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