Uses of Computers Assignment

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With technology expanding more rapidly with time, computers are gaining many new uses. Modern computers seem to have no end to its capabilities. Computers can now be used all over the globe simpler than ever before. An example of the growth of computers would be the advancement in medicine, research in various science areas, and the communication between people located across the world from each other. Computers have a long history and a bright future with the many uses being used all over the world.


Schools all over the world are now expanding learning through the use of computers. With the use of computers, students have the ability to work more efficiently and gain more knowledge than ever before. Computers provide many helpful tools during a student’s education such as the abilities to:

  • Write Reports
  • Create Presentations
  • Conduct Research
  • Participate in interactive activities for learning

Reports. A student will give and watch many reports throughout their education. Computers allow students to do a report neatly and correctly by doing research, or even the presentation itself on the computer. Modern education also allows students to interact with their teacher by sharing their reports/ papers with the use of a computer. By being able to do so, it reduces the amount of paper used within a classroom drastically. Teachers have the capability to as well grade with report on the document itself, so that the communication is instant and accurate.

Presentations. Presentations can either be riveting or dull. Though now computers allow teachers to present learning presentations to help with visual learning in a modern way. As well as through the use of videos to help with the growth of a student’s knowledge. Presentations given through technology allow for a much more impactful effect on a students learning.

Research. Research can be exhausting when having to read through useless information. People for centuries have been going through massive amount of information just to get to one thing that is needed. With a computer the information is endless and can be found effortlessly. Gone are the days of searching through books and books just to find a fact. Through the use of search engines, many facts can be known within seconds.

Interactive Activities for Learning. Games can either be harmful or effective when it comes to modern adolescents. Video games can be addictive and violent, but many schools see that video games can be used in a positive light. Rather than violence, a student can learn their ABC’s or even play many games that specialize in what the child is learning. Without the use of computers within a classroom, students would still be flipping through paper flashcards without much excitement involved.


After a student has gained knowledge, the time comes for them to get a job. The work environment is one that needs to be efficient and resourceful. Efficient and resourceful are two words that can also describe a computer. Depending upon the occupation, an employee must be able to work with technology and be able to complete multiple tasks. The ability to do work on a computer is now becoming a requirement when applying for a job. Computer uses are endless when it comes to helping someone get their job done.

Presentations. Work presentations are much alike the presentations that are given in school. They can be difficult to convey a certain topic but computers allow many new ways to give information. No one wants to watch a plain, old, boring presentation about finance reports, but with the ability to make colorful graphs, that helps to bring appeal to the information being given. The presentations all depend on how much an employee wants to explore and use all the abilities that a computer can offer. There are various ways to do such tasks.

Sharing Important Information. The modern generation is all about being able to share information within the matter of a second. Something major can be uploaded or talked about within a millisecond. All of that would not be possible without technology and a computer. Depending on the occupation, emails are such an important feature. It is rare to visit a work place and to see a worker checking their emails periodically. A worker often has to work among someone else and the ability to be able to share a document is a tremendous help when trying to achieve a task in a short amount of time.

Scheduling. Times and dates can sometimes be hectic to maintain in one persons brain for an extended period of time. A person has to work quickly and sometimes can be given multiple tasks to do. With the use of calendars on a computer, an employee can keep track of what they are doing and what needs to be done when.


A computer is often found in many households. Computers have endless abilities within a home. Many families reply on computers to keep up with current events as well as other information needed. Though not every household needs or has a computer, many people find it helpful to have the opportunity to use one at any given time. A computer at home is not a necessity but is a luxury that many have.

Control Finances. Modern technology seems to be endless. The opportunities are endless as well as the capabilities. The endless abilities now offer an option to pay things over the internet. Though it can be risky, it is very efficient. Many credit card companies now offer the option to review spending history and give the ability to pay bills without the use of mailing in the amount. This has become so efficient that many have taken the risk and now pay bills over the computer.

Look Up Important Information. Information is always in such high demand. Everyone wants to know everything in a second. With having a computer at home a person can receive information in such a short amount of time. With a simple turn on of the computer you can access movie times, weather updates, and many other helpful information for everyday life. A person can book a flight, make a dinner reservation, and even research the best medical care near them. A computer at home makes life simpler than ever thought before.

Organize Documents. Home documents have a tendency to pile up. With a computer at home a person can now organize all the important documents within a matter of seconds. Paper pictures have become rare over time; digital photos are now such a popular commodity. With a computer a person at home, a person can organize all of their digital photos into folders which supplies an efficiency when needing a certain picture. Backing up important documents to a home computer is also very helpful to many when in times of distress of losing an important document.


There are pros and cons to computers as well as anything else. Though there may be cons, a computer is defiantly an efficient luxury to many. Yes, people could do without computers, but computers do allow so many abilities to help a person with simple tasks. There will always be many uses for computers and the opportunities seem to be expanding every single day. The options are endless and that is what many people enjoy about owning computers. The uses of computers will always be in demand, and it is not predicted for that to change.