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Aligning business can be defined as to align its objective with the needs of various stakeholders in the same time to increase profitability. It plays a key role in corporate profitability management including business partners, lenders, customers and vendors. Aligning business also has a connection with Information Technology and it so called aligning business with Information Technology.

Aligning business information technology is the correspondence between the business objectives and the IT and it require an enterprise. These two factors often seem to contradict, but many economic and technical experts agree that alignment between them, maintained over time, is crucial to the success of an enterprise.

Otherwise, business information technology involves optimizing communication between executives who make the business decisions and IT managers who supervise the technical operations. The implementation of flexible business plans and IT architectures, as well as effective cost allocation, are critical components of any business-IT alignment effort. Technical department managers can formulate and submit proposals that can be tailored to ensure the optimum return on investment (ROI). Business executives can attend IT department meetings and seminars to improve their understanding of the technical capabilities and limitations of the enterprise.

Regarding to the title, I have chosen the title "find an entrepreneur who successfully applied IT" in their business and how they done it. I think this title is challenging and interested to do because it need me to analyze and think more about the risk and consequences that they have to went through.

I have chosen Tun Daim Zainuddin, which is an entrepreneur of International Commercial Bank or CIMB group and he successfully had applied information technology towards his business and gaining success on it. Even though he had to face risk and consequences towards his business, he can survive on it.


It is important to understand the objectives and aims when doing this assignment. This assignment is more on how information technology helps entrepreneur gain success in their business. The first objective is how to adapt successfully working with using information technology in the business. To fulfil the business objectives, entrepreneur must have huge responsibilities and know how to manage some circumstances.

Secondly is we must know the characteristics of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneur must have a good attitude to be success. For example, entrepreneur must be a risk taker , trustworthiness, make timely decisions, maintain a strong work ethics, rebound quickly from setbacks and so on. Otherwise, many organizational and leadership can be overcome with the good attitudes.

The other point is it provides us with knowledge about business and an improve decision making .Information system made it possible for the entrepreneurs to use real time data from the marketplace when making decision system. Otherwise, it also provide entrepreneurs with real time information on customer complaints and,network performance. Using this information, entrepreneurs can immediately allocate repair resources.


On the subject of to the title that I have chosen, the entrepreneur are using information technology towards his business. Tun Daim was born in 29 April 1938 in Kedah and the youngest one from 13 siblings. He start his career as a lawyer and ventured into land and property first before become the banking owner in various bank such as Malaysian-French Bank, United Malayan Banking Corporation and International Bank of Malaysia Berhad.

Tun Daim Zainuddin retired from all the government official posts including the treasurer ,BN and returned to the private sector and now he found the International Commerce Bank Group or well known as CIMB and was the founder chairman of CIMB. Furthermore, he also established his banking business over the international such as in Europe, Asia, Africa and among other major interests. Nowadays, Tun Daim Zainuddin engaging African governments on economy and planning.

The CIMB group is a regional universal bank operating in high growth economies in ASEAN and also have the widest retail branch network across the county, with over thousand branches .It also have quite a few corporate entities for example CIMB Investment Bank, CIMB Islamic, CIMB Aviva, CIMB Thai, CIMB Niaga ,and other CIMB in other market lines.

Most of CIMB systems are using information system wholly in their business operations. For example, CIMB CLICKS. Regarding to this concept, it mostly closed to the internet banking and financial services portal that is accessible to all CIMB corporate entities and to all the account holders.

Information technology shows that with using CIMB CLICK, it is a suitable way to access our account information. Other than that, it also can handle our finance. People also can pay the bills, transfer money, investment, and checking account from the personal computer only. Every transaction can be done easily and quicker. With CIMB CLICKS, managing our finances is easier than ever. In the other point, people also can downloaded the application of CIMB CLICKS to their Ipad, phone , and personal computer .

With information technology also, people can make a CIMB CLICKS mobile banking. Bank is secure from mobile device. It is definitely secure because we have to enter our secret own password and common short code number to perform .Moreover, CIMB CLICKS Mobile Banking allows us to perform transactions by using our mobile phone. We need to activate mobile banking service and downloaded it to our mobile phone.

The best application that using information technology that CIMB CLICKS has been used is the Octo Explorer. Millions of people are using this application because it is very smooth, designed with customer mind and we are constantly on the move.

Based on the information above, we can see that CIMB generally using an internet connection as their important medium to interconnect with customer. It can give a huge advantage to both customer and company. Customer will keep staying and loyal towards their product and company can be satisfied and winning customer heart through their services. So that information technology is quite important in helping business to move one step forward to achieve success.


Based on the topic about, i found that information system is being a very important thing for entrepreneurs to run their business. For CEO CIMB itself, Tun Daim Zainuddin, he always has right information at a right time to make an informed decision. Furthermore, information system also delivered a lot of data and information and it helps entrepreneur do their work easier and quicker.

Business improved the efficiency of their operations in order to achieve higher profitability. Tun Daim always make an efficiency business operations in his business operations by using information system. For example , CIMB provide kinds of corporate entities to attract their customer. It can make a digitally link and satisfying their customer all over the world.

With using information system, it can increase the customer intimacy. In the same time, it can gain their revenue and profit. CIMB GROUP using information system to make their service fast . They also can achieve their business objective by using information system. For example, CIMB operational excellence , and new product and services.

Business also invest in information system and technology because they are necessities of doing business. For example, CIMB introduced an automatic machine to attract customers through higher service levels and it competitors to provide ATM's to their customer to keep up with CIMB. Other than that, CIMB providing ATM services to retail banking because it is a simply requirement in the retail of banking business. Entrepreneur also turn to information technology to provide the capability in their business.


As a conclusion, information technology made it possible to the entrepreneurs to make decision from the marketplace. It can delivering and, keep the data on track. Other than that, information system is the foundation for conducting business today.

In the other point, information technology system also plays a big role in increasing the business productivity. Even though the information technology becomes more of a commodity, it can be changes in organization and management. It also can provide an organization or firms a new products, services and ways to conducting business that providing a strategic advantage.

Information technology also had driven business to innovation. This is very important because nowadays technologies become very advanced and business is competing towards each other.This is how information technology works towards business.