Undestanding Professional Development As Systematic Maintenance Business Essay

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Professional development is the systematic maintenance, upgrading and expanding of skills and development of person's capabilities to attain positive goals, it is very essential for the person who is managing, monitoring, leading the organisation,

Management is an art of attain things which finished through by others, the function of management is planning, organising, leading, controlling the human and resources to achieve competence goals, manager is a person who has a authority and responsibility to formulate decision to direct an organisation,

Planning - Select organisational goals and Implementation method

Organising - make people towards work jointly to attain goals

Leading - motivate and co-ordinate the individuals or group to achieve the target

Controlling - measuring and monitoring the strategy

To perform these above activities, manager should have following four essential skills, such as,

Time management

Managing meetings

Making presentations

Stress management

This report will explain about the four skills of manager and clarify the ways to improve these skills to achieve vision, this report is drawn based on my knowledge and using some references,


Manager is a one, who is organize and perform work of other people in order to complete the organisational tasks, the manager has a basic responsibilities is to focus on towards the people to attain desired outcomes in an organisation and playing roles in an organisation by four categories, such as follows,

The key for any employee in a workplace is the way you behave (behaviour). A perfect manager is a godsend to any organisation. He should be the person who should be having a very good and strong acquaintance of the company but nowadays it has become very rare to find a good manager. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a manager with natural skills. A manager should be a person who should be able to handle different situations and should be able to solve any problems if it arises. He should be the person who should know both the positive and negative part of the company and he is able to convert the negative part of the company into positive. He should also be an effective time manager. A person who manages to plan the schedule and divide time equally to meet the required tasks. The manager should have a strong vision or aim for the company and he should be able to plan the future steps for the growth of the company. He should be always motivating the team and encouraging them to achieve the goals of the organization. He should not be very strict and should be very cheerful and be able to handle any situation in a positive way. Even in a very bad situation he should be able to perform well. He should also be able to maintain a good office atmosphere

Time Management:

Today time is lacking in each and every one's life. Time has become is a very important scarcity for people in their life. Time management is one of the most important professional skills a manager must possess in any organization. Personal time management is how you manage to control the most important aspect of your organization that is time. It is how you spend hours, minutes and seconds effectively in a day. The way you are able to manage the time is the key to success in any organization.

Facts about Time:

Each and every human being has only 24 hours in a day.

No living being can buy or borrow or save time.

Ways manager can benefit from time:

Finishing the given task within the given time

Communicating with the co-workers

Personal time management will allow you to:

Always try to reduce wasting of time

Preparing yourself for meetings or discussions

There won't be unnecessary workloads

Reduce stress

Plan the day effectively.

Managing Meetings:

Meetings are very important for management. It is better than telephonic conversations or electronic ways like email etc. It helps to bring new ideas and thoughts which will help in the promotion of the company. Meetings are important for team creating or developing, making decisions and to solve the problems in a limited time. Meetings also help in the relation between the co- workers and the top management officials. Also the important point to keep in mind is to make sure you keep the meetings in the morning when everyone comes fresh to the office rather than keeping it the afternoon or evening. Always keep in mind not to conduct the meetings after lunch where everyone will be in a sleepy mood.

The main obstacles of meetings are:

Improper use of time management

People being absent

Not conducted by the right persons

Making Presentations:

One of the most important skills a manager should possess is making presentations regularly showing the progress of the company or ways to improve it. It is also used to introduce new products. The important way to make effective presentations is proper planning. Also make sure your presentation is short and only use the important points rather than elaborating each and every point and boring others. You should also be able to start and finish with an impact. You presentation should motive and inspire the others to take the tasks. Presentations should be clear and precise and easy to understand.

The key factor to make effective presentation is:

Proper rehearsal or practise

Script consciousness

Ability to understand your weakness and correcting it

Stress Management:

Stress management is most vital skills a manager must possess in any organisation. Stress is caused due to pressure. It can be due to emotional or physical tension. The pressure from the high official or from low ranked staffs can cause stress. The effects will be high tension causing high blood pressure or sudden attack for people suffering from them. Another effect will be sudden high head pain. The method to reduce stress is to be calm and take a deep breath and try to relax you self and modify the situation.

Task 2:

The ways or methods to progress the professional skills

Mangers should be able to develop the four important and essential skills necessary to become a good manager. The four skills are that he should be able to manage the time, manage the high stress, be able to arrange well organised meetings and also deliver well presented presentation to achieve the company's goals.

The way in which we can develop these skills are as follows:

To have coordination with the co-staffs so that the manager will be able to save time and complete the given task before the deadline and thus be able to reduce stress.

To be able to find out and bring to use the plans before the planned time so that he can achieve the desired goals effectively.

To perform the given task before the given time to reduce stress and achieve a huge success.

He should be able to learn together with the employees and not just plan but also help them to achieve the targets

Always welcome feedbacks after each presentations and meetings.

Never try to give excuses and try to not postponed the tasks

If the manger is able to perform the above tasks in a successful manner then he will be considered as a successful manger.

Task 3:

From the above four learning skills I have learned that my style is "PRAGMATIST". I have conducted a survey in my class. The below chart shows my strengths and weakness:

Strength(Positive )


attempt new ideas and techniques

Acts without precaution

Make use of detective skills

Desire to do task independently

Set goals and acts to meet them

Does not make use other people

From the above strengths and weakness I have learned the effect of the four professional skills.

From the above I have learned to overcome my weakness and to utilize my strength to the maximum.

As a pragmatist, these above power will motivate me to gain the four professional skills and I can make use of it to achieve my task efficiently.

In order to overcome my weaknesses, I will do the following things,

Act without precaution - it is adverse affect on my skills , In future I will be act with careful before performing the action to achieve organizational goals.

Desire to do task lonely - it is major negative things to me to perform long term task, so I will share with my employees and subordinates to involve in the task to attain objective effectively.

Does not make use of human resource - it is also one of major weaknesses to me, so I will utilize my people to do the task

Outcome 3:

Task 4:

As a upcoming manager, I would like to be a productive person to act performance in an organization with keeping these four essential skills, I am not able perform immediately and I can develop myself to perform in future, I have a S.M.A.R.T objectives to achieve my potential objectives. That is Specific objective such as I will identify my essential task and focus on my outcomes as a manager and it is measurable because it will help to increase my confident level to achieve success. It is also achievable to perform my task practically and this objective is relevant to me as a manager which I will be able to learn in a specific time frame.

SWOT analysis:



Attempt new ideas , theories and techniques

Make use of detective skills to get details

Set rime and act to meet time

Acts without precaution

Desire to do task independently

Does not utilize other



Lecturer's material

Group discussion with friends

Library books and internet

Limited time

May not understand the skills due to lack of concentrate

Undefined whether make me lazy to use resource

Personal development plan:


Weakness to be overcome and strengths to be outcome

Learning action and Resource

Monitoring and feedback point

Time frame

Time management


1.Act without precaution

2.desire to do the task alone

3.does not utilize the employees

Strength :

1.Attempt new ideas , theories and techniques

2.set time and act to meet time

3.make use of detective skills to attain details

1deligatin the task to the employee

2.moniter the daily activities and prepare time table to analyze my wastage time and use to do list in electronic calendar


1 month

(Adapted from lecturer handout sheet supplied by Edexcel)

Learning skills

Weakness to be overcome and strengths to be outcome

Learning action and Resource

Monitoring and feedback point

Time frame

Managing meeting



2.impatient while performing

Strength :

1.try new thoughts and techniques

2.prepare time myself and try to finish before due,

1.make awareness among to the people

2.prepare effective Agenda and planning notes


1 month

(Adapted from lecturer handout sheet supplied by Edexcel)


Weakness to be overcome and strengths to be outcome

Learning action and Resource

Monitoring and feedback point

Time frame

Making presentation


1.neglecting personal feelings

2.impatient while performing

Strength :

1.create chance to trial before act

2.make use of detective skills

1.analyzing the occasion

2.profiling the audience

3.defining the aim

4.material such as planning paper

5.eqipments such as electronic board


1 month

(Adapted from lecturer handout sheet supplied by Edexcel)

Learning skills

Weakness to be overcome and strengths to be outcome

Learning action and Resource

Monitoring and feedback point

Time frame

Stress management


1.perform without precaution

2.be urgency


1.be alone

2.strategy the task before performing



3.conversatin with colleague or someone


1 month

(Adapted from lecturer handout sheet supplied by Edexcel)

Thus all the above my personal planning development are make use full to me for overcome my negative activities.

Task 5:

As a manager, before I had prepared my task which received from my organization, on that time I failure to fulfill my task before the due date, this make me disappointment and give more stress, after I prepared to manage the time by daily and weekly time log, then after I realized the value of time and I started to follow this method to make me effective manager in an organization,

By using this time management, I have performed my task within the due date and also I have conducted successful meeting and presentation by effectively,

Initially As a chair, I have conducted the meetings in my company for get together with my people and discussing about the current situation towards the company, but It was not successful because absenteeism of main participants and lack of managing time, then after I prepared agenda and distributed it to all primary participants in my company to make awareness about the meetings, the agenda include the following details, such as

Location of the meeting will be conducted

Date/time and duration of meeting

Briefly explain about the discussion subject

Even though after prepared agenda, meetings was not successful. Then I realized it is must to receive feedbacks from the people, so I started to received feedbacks from people, this is useful to me find out my faults and rectify it,

As a chair, now I can perform the meeting successfully by using the above techniques, the following are the changes made after prepared managing meeting skills,

Meeting is start and end with a perfect time which I declared,

No absenteeism

I receiving positive feedbacks from the people

Thus, the above thing is positive to me to achieve the organizational goals and also to develop my professional skills to become a successful person in my official life.

Task 6:

Before I did not know about the management and managerial skills, then after s few months I got knowledge about the management subject especially in professional development by attending lecture in the class and conducting the self practice for four managerial skills time management, stress management, managing meeting and presentation, regarding this I can able to enhance my skills adequately, I am sure that I will hold this knowledge and implement on my future career to make me as a successful person and productive manager.

Finally it may conclude by saying that, the four essential managerial skills is play vital role for every successful manager, these skills should develop and maintain by the manager to attain success and achieve organizational objectives as well.