Understanding the impact of leadership style

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The right steps of the leadership management in CODI UK company is not followed as they should be, the reason of that is because the size of the company, however it is more recommended to follow the right and most suitable steps to improve the performance of the company, because people need to know properly about the objectives that need to be achieved, what needs to be done, how, when and why.

A leadership checklist table would be beneficial to define key functions, tasks, role of the teams and role of individuals in order to set out the core functions of the leadership. Leadership core functions by Adair: Planning, controlling, supporting, informing, evaluating. One of the reasons that CODI UK is not growing with Mulata rum may be the effectiveness of the leader of company, because just the good will to run a business is not enough to success, the leader must be able to control closely all functions of the department, an important role of the leadership is providing strategy direction.

Leading and Managing the Team

There are several methods in the human resource management to discuss about team management such as Tuckman's theory. Through all these directions show the ways to manage and leading the team to get final objectives / team goals. Below few points will discuss main areas have consider in the team management.

How clear are the team members about the team goals?

CODI UK´s marketing manager and his assistant are trained according with the company´s goals, trying to keep every single detail exposed and clear in order to achieve their objectives more efficiently and also prepare the assistant to work at the same level of his manager consequently make this small team ready and prepared to face, discuss and solve the problems easier.

How clear are the members about their role?

CODI UK´s Marketing manager is always encouraging his assistant to understand the team roles, responsibilities and implementation issues, by that the assistant can work at the same level and also as a team member even if the company is small like CODI UK that is very important for the improvement and growth of the company.

The financial manager and the general assistant must be motivated to understand and be part of the marketing team, once the company is really small and they would collaborate with ideas and help the company become bigger and more efficient even if they do not have many or none experience in the marketing area.

Do the members have the necessary skills to perform the given task?

The CODI UK marketing manager and his assistant are properly trained to perform the given tasks in the team. CODI UK marketing manager delegates the authority to undertake the task to his assistant.

Sometimes the financial manager takes part of some tasks, however he does not have enough knowledge and skills to help at the best way, that why I would recommend for this manager to get at least a simple training in the marketing area giving the company more opportunities to grow.

The extent to which employees are empowered to make decisions

CODI UK marketing manager empowers his assistant to properly perform the tasks with him as a team, and make decisions when the manager is away, travelling and/or any other reason, which happens a few times per year because of commitments during the year such as fairs, rum festivals in other countries, and that sometimes require the presence of both managers, making the assistant in charge of most the activities related within the company.

Whether the organization reward and recognition systems encourage employee motivation.

The marketing manager motivates his marketing assistant to perform his duties in the team work, even more when the assistant come up with his own projects and new ideas to make the company improve its performance on the market as well as the CODI UK staff work better as a team.

Motivation levels

One of the best known theories of motivation is McClelland´s motivational theories, there are some others, however looking at factors that could improve the level of motivation of CODI UK staff I would say the managers (owners) should start with simple things such as working conditions, recognition, achievement, job enrichment would be great for the staff in the marketing department to take a higher level of responsibility on tasks to motivate then to work on new ideas, create objectives, feedback also are important to enable measurement of success.

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Communication Method of the Organization

The communication mehtodology is affecting to the efficency and effectiveness of the leadership. Some companies are using 3600 Feed back method to have transperant evaluation and communication inside the organisation. As per the CODI UK the internal communication can devided in to two major areas as Management communication and organisational communication.

Management communication

In regards to managerial communication it seems that CODI UK is headed in the right direction but there are still some issues that need to be addressed. At present the strategy that the organisation is using consisting on using the CEO as a main spokesperson, CEO quarterly meetings and monthly management meetings and an open door policy with the aim of communicating the corporate strategy and hopefully influence the desire positioning of the company. Nevertheless this strategy is not having the desires effect as this is not being picked up by employees especially of groups that are key for external audiences such as the customer and support team.

It seems that the frequency of communication among management and most importantly of middle management towards employees does not have enough frequency to achieve the desired goal of communicating the corporate strategy and even though there is an open door policy implemented there not seems to be enough opportunities for this to take place. Taking the abovementioned in consideration it is recommended that CODI UK Services implements the following:

Instead of quarterly meetings the CEO could hold bi-monthly meetings, in order to communicate more frequently with management but more importantly employees. It is through this frequency that managerial communication could influence employees as communication of the corporate strategy will take place more often and in shorter period of times

Continue applying monthly meetings amongst management of each brand

This last recommendation is the most crucial as it deals with the implementation of weekly session where management of each department interacts with employees in regards to corporate matters including the corporate strategy. This will aim to communicate the corporate strategy to employees in a more effective way as well as allowing managers to understand how employees are perceiving the corporate strategy allowing them to see what needs to be addressed in order to achieve the desired positioning.

Organisational Communication

In regards to managerial communication, CODI UK is not using this communication to its full potential as it is only focusing on parts of it and not fully exploiting all that this communication has to offer. This can be perceived as they mainly use this communication to reinforce marketing communication and not fully use it for environmental, labour and internal communication. All this limits the effective use of organisational communication for CODI UK as is missing an opportunity as it is not reaching its full potential to communicate the corporate strategy and hence missing the opportunity of achieving the desired positioning of the company.

Taking the aforementioned in consideration it is recommended that CODI UK implements the following points to reach the full potential for organisational communication.

Start using PR and Pres releases not only to reinforce marketing messages but also to promote the company and it values.

Start being more proactive in communicating its environmental communication by producing a communication plan and formulating communication strategies to reach stakeholders. For example this can be done by communicating this through organisation's websites, through internal communication tools, etc. This will allow communicating the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the organisation and in consequence will bring long term benefits to CODI UK as it will position the organisation as a good corporate citizen.

In terms of labour marketing it is recommended that the organisation starts using more than just email communication with employees and promoting new positions in its websites to reach its full potential. CODI UK can develop and implement a plan for this kind of communication that aims to communicate directly to potential employees and that involve institutions and persons that play an important role in attracting them. For example a communication mix using PR, and professional social networking channels such as Linkedin.

Internal communication is done at the most basic levels and hence it is recommended that CODI UK starts focusing on implementing a plan that allows to go from just doing quarterly online newsletters that promote the companies' employees activities and achievements, new appointments and major announcements about the organisation to one that uses tools such as intranets to facilitate communication amongst employees within the organisation and internal groups to communicate this information in a more instant way and audio conferences to allow communication amongst locations on an ongoing basis.

In terms of public affairs and to the to the size and specialisation of CODI UK industry it is not recommended to invets in this area.

In terms of corporate advertising it is recommended that CODI UK starts using this as with all the changes recommende the company could use this channel to enhance the corpoarte image of the organisation.

In terms of investor relations it is advice that CODI UK starts implementing a plan for this as the organisation just recently became a limited company hence the need to implement a plan. This can include an annual report, PR and the implementation of an ivestor relation section in the the corpoarte website to communicate this.

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Work Delegation

For improve the efficiency morale of CODI UK employees it is important for the company to properly delegate the responsibilities. In order to achieve the marketing objectives the suitable employee should be appointed to tasks and budgets need to be properly allocated to them development tasks which can be effectively and efficiently managed.

There are 4 people working in the CODI UK´s office and they are all from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, religions, opinions and attitudes of the team marketing, however for the reason those four people been working together over two years the barriers to achieve synergistic and harmonious on the company´s environment is becoming lower day by day.

Impact of the team leadership on the marketing assistant, there are two managers: the marketing manager who normally agrees with his assistant and the financial manager who sometimes does not, and that happens because of the company´s size, it is small and the managers have to share and give opinions in mostly of areas inside the company, and because of the financial does not has enough knowledge and skills about marketing he disagree with few things just because he thinks that is not right and also because the marketing assistant is just an assistant, creating conflict and they could adopt some strategies for dealing with conflict such as Conflict management techniques, communications skills,

Recommendations for Improving Efficiency and Staff Morale

In order to improve the efficiency and morale of CODI UK it is important to take the following actions:

Once again I will talk about the lack of staff in the CODI UK company, which disrupt the management to get a marketing department working as a tem or group, making it easier to create ideas, explore resources, organizing work, motivating and driving the team forward etc. It is hard to put a team together there is a process and it must be based on the information on the individual in order to insure that the person fits organizational requirements, once it is done the company should have an induction program that provides all the information that new employees and others need, and then get trained within the company to follow its way to work and get the job done.

Providing proper training course and training for the staff employees.

In the CODI UK´s situation where the staff which consists by four people who share all the company´s activities between them, I would advise the financial manager and the general assistant get trained in marketing to help properly the marketing team to perform their tasks and be able to perform them more effectively and efficiently. This ensures that those employees can help the marketing team to achieve higher costs benefits in their operations and will be able to support the achievement of the marketing objectives.


CODI UK is a small company which makes the communication easier; however there is a lack of communication between them in terms of new objectives and strategies and that makes the process harder and slower wasting time consequently losing money. Internal marketing communications is a key aspect of internal marketing and plays an important role in facilitating change, and it has several roles: DRIP factors, transactional, affiliation.

Improve the relationship between the employees; doing simply thing such as hanging out for a drink or meal together or any kind of social event would be great for the staff know each other differently making the company environment become better place to work.

Use of internal marketing

An internal marketing plan is simple to construct for CODI UK because the marketing manager is familiar with traditional principals of marketing, internal marketing obeys the same rules as external marketing plan and has similar structure, the main difference is that your customers are colleagues and staff from your own organization.