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Yes, in the business leadership ,if ethical is used it will pay off in the long run. Through the understanding of the common ethical issues like quality, safety, property, and human relationship in the work position, are the specialized knowledge will assist in the development of business leadership through its leaders. To pay off in the long run of the business leadership by the leaders. According to the three theorists, of the three scholars, Heifetz, Burns and Greenleaf: The value in the workplace depends on the followers of the leader which involves certain authority for the performance. Also within the workplace there are (some) code of ethics which are necessary (should) to be followed by the leaders and employees (people) of the company in order to maintain (for the maintains of) the company ethics and (the) moral standards, therefore providing established guidelines and requirements for a developed company. Through this, the company can be identified as a business with well established leadership qualities, leading by example and in turn providing clear objectives for all employees. This also demonstrates to the employees the sense of teamwork and responsibility therefore making the workplace a more effective environment for all workers and productivity. (which give the strongest for the entire company and when the company seems to have the strong leadership they have the entire objective to provide the strong service to the entire people). When I combine theses three theories it will be explaining about the development of the followers values which suppose to provide the certain service having the consistence of some authority under the code of ethic for the company value and norms. It is little completed to find out what is right and wrong with in the people having the work in the company so it comes with the moral behavior and the judgment of right and wrong. So the summary of the whole entire essay about the ethical behavior is to maintain the moral values and norms for the existence of the company for the standards along with the outstanding position of the company (Minning & Curtis, 2009).

If we go back for the traditional leadership system it described most of the time for the power holder by the CEO which we called more authorities and seems like monotonous. Where people do not enjoy their rights and do not feel more democratic which takes the existence of the company in bad reputation. Meantime slightly we can describe the ethic in religious way where the explanation is on the basis of theistic understanding which means what is the real and good by the god defining. The next basement of the ethic is based on science where ethic is understood by the Scientifics proofs which are called as Secular ethic. If the leader fails to organize the goals and objectives because of the amount of the time or some disconnection among the human relationship even though people find it is very hard to forgive who is immoral and non ethical so those people are treated as non ethical and not respected and not trusted too. The value of the ethical leadership is determine rightness and wrongness of all the values that have by the leaders even it is very important for the success vision. If we see around the world as a example of the good leadership form the point of view of good moral and ethical way I can mention the Mahatma Gandhi. The way he treat to the people and the things he did for the people and nation are regarded for welfare to the people and country. The directions, memo and all the actions of the communicate take place to the common quality, security, human relationship, which was very strong in him which took his leadership to be a good leader. He used to express his life experience to clarify some of the burning problem which one of his good way of clarifying to the problem and the people. The leader who is honest, unselfish and dedicated to his action definitely success his mission and objectives which Mahatma Gandhi did and appreciated around the world by his dedication to nation and the people.

The ethics and values come under the decision and policies making where need to be serious and secure which play very important role for the future performance that lead the whole entire people and the company in the succeeding ways. The sacrifices of the time, leader beliefs or values system will determine personal and organizational success. So it is very safe to explore the leader's value system in the personally with organized way. The followings six moral values should have a conscious leader which regarded as moral ethics:

Honesty is one of the very important moral values which come every part of the personal behavior and it relates where the leader attached for the performances. The leader should know himself or herself either he or she has honesty or not. When leader is communicating to the followers or customers he or she should be Honesty. So this is essential quality as being the leader which keeps the moral ethical element for the good performance.

Responsibility is another element which is combining to the moral ethical value. A leader should be responsible for the whole company including business activities and dealings with the employers, clients , maintaining to the product quality and so on which support to success the company goals and objectives. The leaders responsibilities are the examples to the constituents so the life of the leader on his responsibility which the leader make it and how did he make where the entire people are going to follow .The leader might choose the best and fit different then other ideas for the solving problem which would be remarkable and noticeable by the entire company and the people.

Persistence is another quality of a leader as practitioner in real life and the business too in any company informal and formal. The leaders' ideas may not useful all the time, when it seems like useless then leader does not have to be frustrated. Leaders should have the persistence ability to fulfill the core mission of the company and leader. So once the leader fails to draw the benefit for the company he or she should not leave the leadership.

Consideration is another factor which appreciates to do the activities for the betterment of the company by the members if this key point is in the mind of the leader. If leader expect something doing well form the staffs then leader also have to fulfill some expectation of the customer, clients, employers, committee and the community. In this case the leader should have the consideration capacity if the followers have done some wrong reactions and actions too.

The thinking towards leaders' form the follower is like very important person and knows everything because of the lots of experience and study. Because of this reason leader should come with the innovative ideas encounters with different well performance to prove that leader is well equipped with all the elements which can be described as Excellency. If leader comes any new ideas with having the motto of the company betterment and their will be meaning of having motto and anything doing worth is worth doing.

Devotion to the entire profession is mean to love to the work and walk to the destine destination where agreement and the commitment are the essential part of the profession. Leading a company is challengeable job where certain promises and determination need to do which help to fulfill the commitment and reach the destination. To view the importance of the life as professional is someone to love and keen to do the things. Dedication and devotion are the elements to have the interest to the entire work which comes from the commitment. So the commitment is very important for the parts of ethical values and norms as a leader of the business company.

The above values should beware of by the leaders for the maintaining excellence of the things to be done, be responsible for the promising things having the considerations for the considerable things, keeping the rigorous practice for persistence and be committed as honest leader which is very important moral ethic with values and norms (Minning & Curtis, 2009).

To pay the long run off in the leadership in business by using the ethical behavior should really have to concern to the customer, employees, shareholders and community. The demands of the customers especially providing the quality of the product which can be stated by the art of the product. The clean working environment, fairness judgment on the worker performance and coordinating their potentiality to the employees by the leaders is seems on the ethical behavior. Expecting the returns from the investments keeping the same standard of the growth within the business and maintaining the standard quality of the ethical behavior for the well beings of entire society. Codes of ethics are the elements of the tolerance in doing the organizational works and the treatment to the members of the organization and the whole entire society. The more you have the good ethics and values the more you can share your ideas clearly and that helps you to be better leader. The ability to promote the moral and ethic behavior by the leaders is to promote him as active and effective leader to hold the certain goal in business.


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"Within the business context, businesses are expected to have good ethical values and act socially responsible. The problem is that the ethics of a business is a mixture of the individual sets of ethics. This is why it is important to have good individuals as employees. it is also equally important that when you go to work somewhere that you feel like you share the values of those you work with. Ethic is not just talking about the right thing. It is doing what is the right in every decision that is made."

Based on the above observation discuss the impact on society that ethical leaders can make.

misbehavior ion of the ethics means losing the cost of social and economic where ethical values and social act play very important role for the company economic status which determine by the decision of the ethical point of view. The rules of the works are described to the employees of the business by the leaders where the ideas are reflected for the time being. The ideas should be stated as clearly as the leader can with the few numbers of items which should address to the members of the business equally to all by the implementing the ethical decision at work.

When the business runs with the certain ethical norms and values having the code of ethic which address to all the related bodies of the business like governmental, employees, communicative environment, business, production as well consumer and with their relation. From that address the leaders have to realize that at the end of the any production they will play the very important role In different ways. The central and direct affecting point by the ethical decision at work is the customers, employees, owners and the citizens who really use the products. The use of the ethical decision is try to make happy all the constituencies , totally devoted to the entire purpose of the business, agreed to have the learn in order to the getting new ideas and have the change one. The decision should be all over the best whatever they do.

The example of good ethical decision as I have got it from the big and renowned organization which is Telecom.Ltd .This organization is well established and well service oriented targeting to the community and their daily activities. They provide the function of the entire community according to the need of the people and they deal of the whole burning issues at the mean time. The leader of this organization is changing time and again and they are well trained. The staffs of this organization are equally treating on the basis of the ethical decision which is leading whole entire organization in the right position. We are having lots of the natural problem around the world like landslide, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and so on , whenever these crises come they are ready to help to the defected family , society and the areas by the different tools with finance also which seems different ethical values and norms .That makes the standard of the organization having the beliefs and the commitment where the all the members of the organization have the feeling of the unification that brings the entire community very strong and trust by implementing the ethical decision at the practical level. Because of the with the code of ethic and its values and norms Telecom.Ltd having the social and economical cost is very good which is the demand of the today's organization. They are socially responsible have a good ethical values which is lead by the leader who has mixture of the individual sets of ethics. Every individual employee has good relationship form the ethical values and norms with leader. When they work they really share ideas each other's and they do not keep on talking and taking the ethic only they really implement in real work which should be.

Employees have the pride of their company with the quite fairness behavior behind the defined requirement of the job is the result of the ethic at work in the work place. The standard of the life management, trust, and the financially strongest are the dependent of the company's success by using the decision with ethical norms and values. The entire climate of ethical environment can be stated by the. Higher climate is the higher financial statuses which can be described by the best companies satisfy their social and financial status. So there is the big impact in the society that ethical leader can make. The leader is the engineer of the company or the driver of the whole company.

(George Manning, 2007)