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Restaurant is a very important word in terms of the UK culture which is now a common place for the British people to hang out and have a nice time. A restaurant is a place where the owner known as a restaurateur prepares and serves food, drinks and desserts to customers. It is done by the help of the chef who prepares the food. Previously there were inns and taverns which used to aim at travelers. But the concept of restaurant is to target the local people also. This report is written about Mr. Smith's restaurant where I am working as a manager in Mr. Smith's Restaurant. I will write about the approach and structure of his restaurant and how he should lead the way in his restaurant.

Task 1

1.Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures within the UK restaurant industry.


before discussing about organizational structure we should discuss about structure. A structure is when we put everything put together in a sequential way. Business have structure because all business have to put together what they want to do. A clear structure makes it easier for the business what the business is upto. There are different organizational far as fayol said principles for organizational design and effective administration includes-

1)allocation of authority to different positions and people.

2)departmentation-differentiating the activities into small units.

3)the chain of authority from the top to the bottom of the organization.

4)each person should have one superior which is the unity of command.

2)Analyse the relationship between the organization structure and culture of mr.smith's restaurant and how this affects the performance of his business.


The relationship of mr smith's restaurant is a flat structure which means that it has a very few managerial levels. it has very few chain of command which means that it is a labour oriented company with many staffs. this structure has a wide span of control. This means that it encourages delegation and motivates people through job enrichment. It has a lower management overhead cost. the people who have promotions are meaningful as the people earn their positions by performing well for a lot of time. also they have a closer communication between top levels and lower management. this will definitely be a benefit for mr. smith's restaurant. This is because the good communication means between higher and lower management means that they build up a very good correlation in their performance in Mr. Smith's restaurant business. The culture is also a very important factor in his business. Organisational structure comes with shared values which consists of management style which is the way the management is going to lead the business. It also has some general objective like making profit. They also focus on the output of the business like the service and the feedback. They also have norms that is the informal rules. They might have some symbols like any slogans or logos for the business. this is how the organizational structure and culture is going to affect Smith's business.

3)Analyse the factors that may influence individual behaviour of Mr. Smith Employees.


The factors that might affect Mr. Smith Employees are-

1)Working Atmosphere

-Working atmosphere is a very important factor for the employees. If the working condition of the restaurant is not good then Mr. Smith might not get the desired output that he wants from his employers. If the working condition is such that the workers tend to get stressed then they cannot focus on the work. Mr. Smith got to make sure that he gives his workers a stress free working environment.


-Salary is a big factor in work. If the workers in the restaurant do not get the desired salary then it will lead to a disaster in terms of running business. Mr. Smith should have a good look on each and every workers salaries whether they are in the right payroll or not.


-Workers should be rewarded according to their work. If anybody has the capacity to become a manager of the restaurant he should be given a first priority than any other worker. If the worker gets demotivated badly it will definitely have a bad affect on his work and thus in the business. This will result in a bad individual behaviour in his business.

4)Analyse how organizational theory underpins principles and practices of organising and of management. How would this impact on the creation of the new chain of restaurants.P4


Organisational theory is the application of scientific knowledge in engineering and other forms of technology that has brought such spectacular changes in the material context of our lives over the past century.(Kast and Rosenzweig1970).it consists of scientific management which is the application of scientific methods in order to see production task efficiently. it consists of four principles.i)to develop a scientific approach to see one's work.ii)scientifically teach, train and develop each worker.iii)cooperate with workers so that jobs matches the plans and principles.iv)to assure that we have the right division of labour. This will have a very big impact on the creation of new restaurant. This is because the management got to see that everything the management does goes in the right way scientifically as well as efficiently. they have to recruit the right people and they have to give him the right place to work.If this does not happen in the start then the business will not have to wait so long to see that they are facing a loss. Also there can be a potential exploitation of labour.

We can also talk about systematic management. It is the systemized manufacturing operation.they have to be in a system that is to execute it in the right time and right place.also the coordination of procedures and processes is very important as they are built internally. In the case of the restaurant manufacturing or in this case working systemically is very important. The workers have to correlate their work easily. Though there is a problem in this management. They tend to ignore the viewpoint of workers which will bring a bad impact in the rhythm of work that they are doing.

5)Compare the different approaches to management and theories of organization that mr.smith could use in two of his restaurants. Management and scientific theory.

6)Explain different motivational theories and their application within the new business. maslow


9)Describe the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations.


the term group can be defined as two or more person working together for a common purpose. When people work in groups rather than as individuals, the goals of the organization can be easily achieved. However, working in a group is a task. Group dynamics refers to the interactions between the members of a group. A work group of an organization is the main foundation for the social identity of employees in that organization.