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The report considers a range of organisation issues, researching key aspects of management within the organisation. The organisations management structure and processes are analysed and evaluated in the relation to current theory.

The following sources were consulted:

Primary source: I did interview of my HR manager Miss Kimberly Clark and Checkout manager Mrs. Rheena singh.

Secondary source: www.newworld.co.nz


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1.3 Executive Summary:

Type and size of organisation: New World Birkenhead is franchised store of foodstuff. In this new world they have more than 180 staff with 9 different departments. Each department has their own department managers.

Organisation structure: New world has functional structure in his organisation which is more likely workers is followed by the supervisors and managers and they are comes under store manager and on the top they have owner /operator of the new world. The decision is followed in one direction.

Environmental factors: In new world they have external and internal environment factors which tell us that about the competitors, community needs and sustainability on the other side internal factors are staff training, safety, Customer responsibility and Culture and demographic.

Planning and controlling: In new world planning and controlling is very important because it is not a small organisation and it deals with all money matter which is very important to the business and also staff safety and their interest as well as community. For that I have discussed some departments which is finance, operational, information management, human resources.

Team structure and dynamics: Team structure is basically described the position of every single employee in the business which is divided on the basis of their experience and skills. Supervisors are formal and dynamics they have to be proactive as well.

Leadership: In this particular store we have different leadership people which define their ability and duties. The store manager is plays leader role in a business that passes all the information around the store to the mangers so they can pass to the employee or supervisors. Supervisors are also a part of a leader because they earned to be leader by performing well and use their ability to reach the short term objectives.


Foodstuff was born when members of the Auckland master grocers association got together and formed a buying group. They first met on July 6th 1922 and at a following meeting in October, 8 the members decided to commence operations immediately. In 1925 the group decided to market products under the four square label using a design developed by the then secretary of the association, Mr J Heaton Barker.

Following the resignation of Mr J Heaton Barker in 1934, Mr P A(Phill) barker was appointed manager. In Feb 1948 following a trip to the USA to study warehousing and retail trading, Phil and the assistant manager Mr Ray McGregor opened a self service store in Onehunga. Which after a hesitant start made good progress and convinced a number of members that self service presented a new opportunity? Over the next five years four squares throughout NZ made outstanding progress as they changed to this new method of retailing. One very important brand developed by the Four Square was a "Pams", a private label brand that commenced in 1937 with the production of a Pams baking Powder and a Pams Custard Powder. Today Pams is the major private label on the NZ market.

Just 10 years after the company Introduced self service into the country the first Supermarket in the county was opened by the Bill Miller, a member at Belmont. Early Supermarkets advertised under their own names as part of the four square group but to enable co-operative advertising to be introduced the "NEW WORLD" trade mark and insignia were adopted and by 1964 New World Supermarkets were Forming and identity of their own.

2.1 Type and size of organisation

2.1 A findings

New World is a New Zealand full-service supermarket chain. Each store is independently owned, operated and is part of one of the 3 Foodstuffs' co-operatives (Foodstuff South Island, Foodstuffs Wellington and Foodstuffs Auckland). Other members of the Foodstuffs Co-operatives which are also independently owned and operated include Pak'nSave and Four Square stores.

Founded in 1963, New World was the first American-style full-service supermarket brand of Foodstuffs, and the second in New Zealand (after Food town). As of October 2012, there are total of 138 New World supermarkets across the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

New World is a New Zealand Supermarket where you can find all your basic needs. This includes fresh food, grocery, wine, bakery, chilled food, frozen food, wine, deli, seafood etc.

Most New Zealanders have grown up with New World in their local community. New World is the major sponsor of Netball New Zealand as well as supporting many charities including Canteen and Keep New Zealand beautiful.

New World store sponsorship and support in their local communities is extensive from local schools, volunteer fire brigade and other community based projects.

This was an overview about the new world organization how it works around the New Zealand and under whom.

Below I have interviewed my Hr manager miss. Kimberly Clark and I am writing about this new what I have found in this new world.

New world Birkenhead started at home on the North Shore since March 2003, and a major employer in the local area. We aim to provide the best in service, value, quality products and all in a pleasant shopping environment. Our large car park off Mokoia Road provides easy parking and access, even on the busiest days. (World, 2003)

New world Birkenhead has more than 184 staff members and each department have approximately 20 to 35 employees. And it is a big organisation, most of them are permanent full time, and some of them are part time there is no casual basis employee work there. The purpose of New World store is positioned to deliver the best overall shopping experience that meets our customers' complete requirements. New World stores offer the best possible range of groceries and quality fresh food with excellent customer service and great value for money.

2.1 B Analysis:

According to my vision that new world Birkenhead is traditional organization because it is stable and work is well defined by the job positions and also managers always makes decisions or participate in the discussion to the decisions.

New world has a Hierarchical relationship mean the owner/operator make most the decision and step the rules and everybody has to follow that and also work at facilities from (7am to 10pm) 7 days.

Moreover, the numbers of staff in this new world is sufficient for serving best and possible range of groceries and quality fresh food with excellent customer service and great value for money.

New world give what customer they are looking for everything under one building.

2.2 Organisational structure

2.2 A findings

The organisational structure is like establishing the relationship between parts of an organization. A framework through which the organization operates, duties and positions. In new world it is like that organization has owner/operator who has a relationship with everything single employee who is working for him. He is the person who makes all the decision and everybody has to follow that. Under him I found there is store manager mainly he works in a grocery but he also keep everything update to the mangers and the owner/operator on any occasion. There is 9 different Department which is Bakery department, Butchery Department, Chilled and Frozen department, Checkouts, Wine/liquor Department, Grocery department, delicatessen Department, Seafood Department and Produce Department. So it's like an each department has its own small business within in a business. Each department has its own Managers which they well described about their roles and duties. Managers do work mostly on the monthly reports so they can present to the store manager or owner/operator. Managers are authorized for ordering their own department products and budgeting to maintain it. Supervisors are like they supervise the work of the worker and to keep make sure everything is going well supervisors are authorized to make changes on the roster and also authorised for the safe to the money that we count at the end of the day which is the part of my job. Workers are very less authorised to anything but they are most welcome to participative on any event that happens in new world and give their opinion and be a part of discussion.

2.2 B Analysis

According to my research and my study ability I found that new world has a Functional organization structure. Based on Theories I think in new world is like a Classical Approach and managers followed the scientific management (Frederick W Taylor 1911) and the Bureaucratic management (Max Weber 1956) as well. Because now these days everything is changing with technology so the managers have to train their staffs to get know about the new technology and develop their skills. But there is also something like managers have to divide the work to every staff partially and also each position controlled by the higher one. As you can the diagram on as given. Also have some rules and regulations in this organisation to follow like the unique uniform, Customer Service, product handling, Health and safety etc.


Store Manager


Department manager


Department manager

Department manager





Based on my study Knowledge the mangers are followed following four processes Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling to archive the certain goals and also to accomplish organizational goals and they also authorised to make certain decision that they have the authority to Empower the staff person who is suitable for that and also motivates them. Supervisors they keep eye on workers to make sure that everything is working according to the plan. And well organized. And they mostly are the Empowerment people selected by the managers. At last the workers they work and follow the instruction from the supervisors and managers (Grill, 2007).

2.3 Environmental Factors:

2.3 A Findings:

External Factors:

Economic Competition: - As that new is situated in Birkenhead and it is a very big and quite famous supermarket in this area. As I surveyed with my manager Mrs. Rheena Singh she is working for this company from last 10 years as I got to know from past few years we have so many competitors around new world which effect a lot on this new world there is a countdown little far from this new which has played the rolled most of it. The sale went down because countdown recently opened and Customer likes to explore the new place. Which affect the new world existing customer and reduce the sale of new world. And also some small vegetable shop and liquor shops owned by some Foreigners affect the business. So it's like a war between them who is the best for their customers.

Community needs:- New world is right in the middle of residential area which is biggest advantage for both customers and the owner as well. New world Owner he donates supplies to the Birkenhead community centre from last 10 years. To keep his dignity and reputation of his new world and also helps any sports event happened in Birkenhead community. And there are some others charities too that he help them includes primary school as well. This new world also support to Netball team and also canteen for cancer people.

Sustainability: - New world is generally represented from its customer service and range of products and fresh food. To maintain the sustainability they have some rule and regulations and set of policies and terms for all the staff who work there. For example health and safety, cleaning process, Customer service etc. In grocery we have like the price should be correct so customer can trust he is not getting ripped off and products on the shelf should not be out of dates. In deli most of the product is fresh and handmade and have some certain temperature for the hot food to maintain that they have their own procedures. To make sure everything is prefect so as well with produce department.

We have one Slogan for our checkout department "Customer goes there where they are invited but stay where get care of".

Internal factors:

Staff Training: Every new world may have some different training process because all the stores are owned by different people but all have the same qualities just the different ways to perform but do the right things in a right ways. In Birkenhead new world we have a induction in which the new employee go with HR manager and have a overview the whole store. Health and safety and fire exit where they are situated in the building. Then its depends on the Department managers how to train that person and when is the right time for example on checkout that person is get train for packing the goods into bags so the good don't get squashed or broken by packing and also consider how to pack raw and cooked meat. Then he/she get train to operate on the machine it's mostly trained by the mangers and also how to serve the customer with 100% customer service.

Safety: health and safety is the main concern in any organisation. Without the health and safety training none of the organisation could go longer. In new world we have health and safety training and also they organize the 1 hour orientation and show the videos how to keep safe at work place and if anything happens who to report and what to do for instant incident. At checkout they have accident record book in which they record all the incident happened in the store. They also have fire extinguisher tanning how to use them and fire alarm to avoid or minimize any major incident before it happen.

Customer Responsibility: The purpose of New World store is positioned to deliver the best overall shopping experience that meets our customers' complete requirements. In Birkenhead new world they have some customer responsibilities to ensure that customer is not getting misleading with any product and service. They also have the two meet customer requirements fully. Well served and take care of them. Make them feel like they are the part of our organization.

Culture and internal Demographic: New world is multicultural organization in every department you will see different multicultural people working together New world have mainly some European, Indian, Maori, Islander, South Africa, Brazilian and Chinese. Some of the staff works full time and part time with different ages. People want to make their career out from the supermarket we need to show them how they do that how they start from trolley boy to owner operator. They also do culture survey every year and it did show the morale is pretty high in new world and we are doing a good job.

In 2007 all the managers spread in a group to different shops and start observing the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats which is called SWOT (analysis). After the long discussion and with different opinion .In conclusion the came up with vision mission value statement this consists following things.

Vision: New world Birkenhead the people's number one trusted supermarket

Mission: by delivering excellence in Service, Quality, range and Ambience, we will create an environment that exceed our people and valued customer's expectations.

Value: Integrity, Customer Driven, Commitment.

2.3 b Analysis

After seen all the external factors in new world it has a number of competitors which has their own small business around new world like fresh food, liquor shop, dairy shops and main effect is Countdown plays major role in that.

In this new world I have noticed that Owner of this new world play big role of helping Birkenhead Community and to support them for any event by giving the food supply or donation to the charities society. In which he is doing his social responsibility very well. But I have found that they sell cigarettes which are bad for the community and to the customers. But government should ban this but it has large number of tax income which comes from it. That's why government is trying to minimizing it but not stopping it. It's all business strategies to gain more profit.

New world has its own reputation to maintain the reputation they have some certain policies that every employee has to follow it. Legitimacy to the shareholders so they can invest the money on it.

SWOT (analysis) every business before it established they do swot analysis to observe the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of an organisation.

Strength: I analysis that strength of the new world is Store open from 7 in the morning to 10pm at night which is quite good for every single customer. And also the good customer service the more do best the more trust you will get from the customers.

Weakness: Because it is a supermarket you never know when it is going to get busy and if you don't have enough staff customer to serve the customer the long queue will arise which lead to customer has to wait longer for his turn and consume time. And also not enough stock on the shelf also could be the weakness, and unfriendly staff also arise the weakness of the business.

Opportunity: New world has ability to expand premises as they are doing refurbishment after 10 years the new world is expanding and coming with varieties of product range and also will hire more employees. The best opportunity for this new world is it's situated in a middle of residential area.

Threats: Most common threat to this new world is Countdown which is little far from this new world and other small independent shops which is privately owned. Now these days customer is more concern about the price range which is also a threat to new world because new world is expensive because of its quality and service.

2.4 A Planning and Controlling

Planning is a formal statement of a set of objectives and plans to reach those goals in best way. Strategic plan is mainly set by the foodstuff for all the participating supermarkets under the foodstuff. Short term goal is mainly set up by owner of the business which is only last only couple of years but mainly it's for a year. Any other decision making new world have weekly managers meeting to discuss any issues bought up, new promotions, new ideas in the store.

Finances: In new world all the finance program is already programmed by the foodstuff and we have office manager who deals with finance operation, maintain the daily account deposits and salaries all the departments, conforming all the invoices that the new world received from the suppliers. And also daily sales report as well. The office manager keeps update about the sales and expense of the supermarket only authorized people are allowed to go into the admin office.

Operations: In new world operations are predefined operation tasks made by the foodstuff they indentify the external commercial opportunities and make plans which generally grocery buyer has to follow it and then standardised his budget so he can order the product and also consider the space management to make sure he has enough space to store all the products by consulting with the store manager. He controls the cost within budgeting guidelines and maximizes the sale profitable with the brand.

Informational management: Foodstuff has an information management system which helps us to find out the latest update deal for next week promotions. Information management are concerned with managing information in order to make it easily accessible.

Human resources: In Birkenhead new world they a pre-programmed setup which is done by foodstuff they follow that program. But generally human resources is responsible for selecting new employee with matching requirement after taking an interview individually, training for every single common requirements in on organization which is health and safety and maintaining food temperature, also keep the employee information safe etc. And rewarding employee also in this new world they have employee of the month to motivate the employee. It is basically responsible for everything related to employee's welfare. As my interviewed with her I asked her about the Hiring procedure and she said its depends on what position is available in the store and the person we should hire should meet all the requirements and for firing someone they have their procedure first they give verbal warning and then two written warning after that if that case happened again they can fire the employee and also If any employee is got caught stealing something and also drinking on new world premise is straight fired no written or verbal warnings.

2.4 b Analysis

As per my research Planning is main role in an organisation without that you cannot achieve the goal without planning you cannot even set it up the goal it's like steps or framework to achieve your goal. There are different types of planning management by objectives, strategic plans, operational plans, contingency plans.

Management by objectives MBO: Each department follows this plans they have their own plans and objectives to meet the requirements of organisational goals. Like checkouts has its own goal to give 100 percent customer service , produce has to deliver fresh and healthy food to the customers, Grocery has aim to bring different verities of product range to the customer's needs in one roof. Bakery has its own goal bring freshly daily baked breads and products to the customer every single department has its own but overall meets the organisation goals to achieve. And how they control all the objectives by measuring the actual performance and compare with expected performance.

Strategic plans: strategic plans is made by the director of the board of the food stuff which is long tern plans In the interview I have found in 2020 the foodstuff of Auckland and wellington is going to joined together and become a one foodstuff around the North Island. This project is based on applying tasks on design time and tasks at execution time.

Operational Plans. These types of plans are accrued during work time. They also called operational plans are short term plans which is which considered only for a year or less. Like this new world is getting refurbishment and its going to get finished in next year it was an operational plans from the owner but he has to approved from foodstuff board of director to finalize the refurbishment plans.

Contingency plans: These kinds of plans come when you are unable to achieve the goals or there is lack of resources. In this new world we have some contingency plans which help us resolve the problems. Like if anything goes wrong with the checkouts they have enough checkouts to solve the problem. And also with chillier department fridge one day it stop working so then we all went to move the stuff to produce department fridge room until it get fixed.

2.5 Team Structure and dynamics:

In new world each department has their own team. Mainly at least 20 or more staff works in each and every department. All working under manager and on the top we have store manager and owner/operator. They are employing people for the department rather than for store. The staffs are mainly work in a group somebody who attain their position by doing hard work and some staff is dynamics for the team as well. Supervisors are working as formal in their department. But also work as informal as well because they have to deal with other departments as well. Team role determined when any department managers need a particular person they speak to the other department manager of HR manager for example customer service then they look for the person who really want to work for a customer service. Basically the department manager will tell for new staff of more staff to the HR manager what type of staff they are looking for part time or full time and what are their responsibilities will be. Team performance is also monitored by the this store they do employee of the month and there is one for a team as well every year there is a checkout of the year competition happen in which group of well trained customer service operators or supervisors selects by the checkout manager to participate to win the checkout of the year price and make proud of the store.

2.5 b Analysis:

My ability of knowledge says that working in a team as a team is highly motivated and interesting. I have found that there are two types of team structure one is functional and divisional structure. Functional are that the lines of command are clear. Individuals specialize and departments tend to develop common knowledge across the group. There may be benefits to individuals in that career paths can be fairly easily defined. And In divisional all the departments are grouped in order to produce a given product or services.

2.6 A Leadership:

Leadership in new world the owner/operator and he is very dedicated and very much focused on his supermarket and he is very focused on Birkenhead community that why he does most of the sponsorship and also very loyal to his customer and well look after them. And he also find the people who want their career in the supermarket he picked them up and guide them from beginning to the where he want it to be. And also supervisors always lead to the workers and our checkout manager always says to supervisor when they do mistake or something wrong. That is "Lead with an example instead of being an example".

They don't have any high-turnover of department manager it is pretty steady but just in case if anyone leave we see first if is there anybody who can work up to that level or we have to find the person with suitable requirements from outside reference or interviews.

In interview she mentioned that during the times of crisis they use SWOT (analysis) which is the best one for them and also do the culture survey to see how the employee feel about themselves in the company. During last 5 years ago when countdown came into the market as a competitor which shake the sale of the new world. Then owner decided to take action and had a meeting with foodstuff board of director and start planning to do something to get all the customers back. After they applied that implementation they saw the positive feedback from the results.

In new world they have monthly employee of the month when happen every month and also some small motivation the HR manager select the random three people to ask them about the mission vision value of the company who ever gives the answer will get the 20 dollar gift voucher from new world.

Once again we have our owner, store manager and department manager and supervisors which they are well known about their responsibilities and duties so they have to things on daily basis this is mainly a hierarchy of command in a straight line.

2.6 b Analysis:

Not all of these leaders are managers. Some are members of management, but others are employees who lead through example for co-workers. It does not take a specific title to be a leader. Instead, there are skills leaders have that make others want to perform at a high level when either working with them or for them. Leaders improve the performance of everyone around them. (kirk, 2006)

As my research I have found that every person in an organisation who leads the staff is a leader. Leader does not mean they have to be in a higher position. For example if anybody want to have a career in supermarket or a business owner then the owner of the supermarket will be the leader for him because these leadership are behavioural leadership they are not born with leadership they are made because of their hard work or even the supervisors as well you got to show your ability to become a leader and also help others to motivates them to attain the objectives. Participative theories where leaders encourage participation and contributions from group members to help each other and feel more relevant to the decision making process.

For the motivation leader should have better communication between managers and workers and receive the feedback from them. And working like as a team and give them verity tasks to perform and make them feel more interesting. Managers delegate more power to the employee to make their own decision over the working fields.