Training and Mentoring Program

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Development of Training and Mentoring Program

In our last lesson, 6 employees were chosen for the implementation of a new, robust sales force for Interclean-Envirotech. These 6 employees have a plethora of knowledge and experience and the goal and focus is to create a top-notched sales team. The foundation for creating any team is comprehensive training and mastery of skills. It is during this process that areas of opportunity will be uncovered and course corrected. The method in which the employees will be trained is the main objective in creating a training program. It is imperative that the entire team has comprehensive knowledge regarding basic sales skills in addition to the products, services and relevant regulations. In addition to this, a part of the training initiative is to create a mentoring program for the employees' career development.

The following is a compilation of how the training analysis will be conducted and executed. The first method of creating a training program is to evaluate each employee's skill set and create attainable goals for the entire team.

Training and Mentoring Needs

The merger of Interclean-Envirotech has created new opportunities with an entirely new team of staff members. The new team is scheduled to take numerous classes and spend hours of training prior to going live with the program. The training will consists of courses that relate to Sales Prospecting, Communication Skills, Time Management, Code of Business Conduct, Law and Regulations and Sales Systems. Each employee will be divided into sections where their specific needs and questions can be addressed. The leadership team will embark in the first round of training and there they will provide feedback on the course content. This feedback will be applied before the sales team is introduced to the training.

Objectives of the Training and Mentoring Program

The objective of the training program is to develop a stellar sales team that is knowledgeable and confident in their sales ability and in the products and services that they promote. The mentoring program will give each employee an opportunity to analyze their personal career goals and direction. Each employee's path is a personal one and the goal is to foster ownership in their success. Based on the path they which to embark on, each employee will be paired with a seasoned employee and mentored into the business. The mentoring program is designed to make each employee feel as if they are being invested in and will hopefully make the choice to become long term employees within the organization.

Performance Standards

Every employee of Interclean-Envirotech must complete all six training courses. Each course is approximately 3 hours each and a pre-assessment of their skill set will be evaluated. After the course content has been covered, each employee is expected to take a post-assessment and based on those results, additional areas of opportunity will be uncovered.

Certain courses will require each employee to work as an individual contributor. The Sales presentation course will incorporate a presentation component that each employee must complete and present to their class.

Courses around regulations and compliance will have strict guidelines around percentages and passing of the assessments. Both state and Federal regulations will be evaluated and each employee must pass the post-assessment with a score of 90% or higher.

Delivery Methods

The delivery methods chosen by our instructors consist of a combination of the following:

* Lecture/demonstration by guest speakers

* On-line trainings and assessments

* One-on-one tutorial

Content for training and mentoring

The goal is for each employee to attend each of the trainings and expand their knowledge of sales, presentation skills, time management and more. It's important that everyone is a confident representative of the organization and displays key knowledge about the organization, its culture and the products and services. With the creation of the mentoring program, mentors will work with each employee on executing on their career development and skill set while creating focus on knowledge about the position that they wish to reach within the organization and the proper skills they must acquire in order to be successful in the industry.

The 6 courses that each employee must successfully complete are listed below:

Sales Prospecting --

This course covers how to effectively prospect for new clients and how to position our products and services. The focus will also be placed on the sales cycle, sales funnel management, effective customer follow up and customer service.

Communication Skills--

This course will focus on effective communication with both internal and external customers, employees etc. The course will also cover how to give and accept constructive feedback, body language (kinesics) and language and writing skills.

Time Management Training -

This course will incorporate content from Franklin Covey. The importance of planning and work/life balance will be emphasized. The goal is to show employees that we value them even outside of business hours

Code of Business Conduct --

This course will cover information regarding Interclean and the culture. In addition to proprietary information and what information can be shared with competitors and what is not. We will also cover course content relating to discrimination, legal policies and regulations by both the state and Federal governments.

Law and Regulations Training --

This course will cover state and federal compliance standards for sanitation, waste disposal, chemical usage, and environmental cleanup. We will also cover EPA regulations and the organizations personal standards for compliance.

Sales and Systems—

This course consists of training surrounding our order entry systems and our internal systems for customer interfacing.

Time Frame

• 6 courses will need to be completed (Average course is 3 hours each) within a one month timeframe

• The 3 hour trainings will be conducted on the premises

• Each employee will be assigned a mentor upon the successful completion of their second course.

· Individual trainers will be available after 2 pm daily in the main training area for make-up sessions and individual tutoring for those who are struggle to pass post-assessments

Evaluation Methods

Upon successful completion of the 6 courses, the training team along with the management team will review the results of the post assessment and evaluations. Specific feedback for all employees will be documented and shared during the management's one on one meeting with their respective employees. Each employee will also have the opportunity to share feedback to the instructor as well as the course content. A survey will need to be submitted by each employee at the end of each course. The goal is to foster open, healthy communication and create an environment where each employee is accountable to one another.


As mentioned in the previous section, each employee will be required to participate in a survey after the completion of each course. The surveys will be anonymous but will give the employee the option of leaving their name. The surveys will also have a section where comments can be shared regarding the course and the instructor. The training and leadership team will look at the content from the surveys and will evaluate the objectives of the training and whether or not their goals were met. Feedback is extremely critical as the training program is still in a stage of infancy.

Alternate Avenues for those who need further development

After all surveys have been analyzed and evaluated by the trainings staff and management; Individuals that have been identified as needing additional training will be scheduled for one-on-one trainings. These employees will have a one on one evaluation of why they feel as if they did not grasp the training and concepts. The trainer will then curtail their training methods to accommodate the individual employee. A plan of action will be created for the employee by their individual manager and trainer. The employees will then be placed on probation for a period of sixty days. In this time period the employee is expect to show marked improvement in their trainings and skill set. Additional training will be on going for the entire staff of Interclean. It is imperative that everyone stays abreast of all of the changes within the industry and the market itself. The training and mentoring program will be a work in progress for it entire existence. The goal is to always look for additional ways to improve the workforce and the content that's shared.


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