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For the purpose of the task, the particular situation of selection of an employee in my own area of knowledge which is human resources will be applied. In the organization, there are specific policies and principles that are required to be considered in the recruitment and selection of new employees in the organization, and the important and relevant policies in this regard are as follows below:

1.1 All recruitment and selection in the organization is to be undertaken in line with the organizations the principle of ensuring an optimum workforce profile that enables the organization to achieve its mission, vision and objectives.

1.2 The selection of employees and final appointment is to be made on the basis of merit of the individual applicants.

1.3 At every stage of the recruitment and selection procedures all applicants are to be given the fair and equitable treatment.

1.4 Job description and key responsibilities are to be the key criteria upon which employees are to be judged for the role.

1.5 The final appointment of the candidates is to be done on the basis of evaluation and feedback received from the human resource manager and line manager by the vice chairman of the company

1.6 confidentiality and integrity of the entire process will be maintained at all times.

Job Description

Job Title: Human Resources Office

Reports: Human Resource Manager

Department: Human Resource Department

Grade: G

Purpose of the position

The Human Resource Officer, will be in charge of provision of various support services in different aspects of the human resource function of the organization and this will be inclusive but not limited to recruitment, reward management, performance appraisals and the training of employees.


1. Providing support to activities aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of staff.

Assist in staff performance appraisals

Determine opportunities for training of staff.

Organize such training initiatives.

Assist in developing human resource plans for the organization.

2. Perform activities related to attendance of organizational staff.

Daily check on employee attendance.

Identify any cases of chronic absenteeism.

Ensure appropriate notification and action on the basis of organization policy of attendance.

Approve work rejoining form.

3. Assist in recruitment and selection process with regard to different departments of the organization.

Coordinate the recruitment process.

Scheduling interviews as per time requirements of management.

Coordinate at all times with applicants for the job, including informing them of schedules and time periods.

Assist in updating and implementing improved recruitment and selection process is

4. Other duties and responsibilities that may be deemed necessary by management.

Knowledge and Skills


The applicant needs to have a good understanding of the following areas:

Human Resource Management

Training and Development of Employees

Performance Appraisal Methods

Human Resource Planning


The applicant must possess the following skills:

Problem-Solving Skills

Analytical Skills

Communication Skills

Oral and Presentation Skills

Coordinating Skills

Time Management Skills


The daily delivery of these services to be rendered will be autonomous within the terms and conditions specified by the director of human resources of the organization as set out in the human resource plan of the organization.

Person Specification

Education and Training

Bachelor's Degree

Evidence of Professional Development.


Minimum 3 years in similar role

Personal Qualities

Ability to communicate clearly.

Ability to work in a team


Written and verbal skills

In order to ensure that during the interview there is no partiality to any particular candidate as well as to ensure that the optimum decision is made with regard to the selection of the best possible candidate it is imperative that a clear decision-making strategy with regard to the qualities and the skills and expertise for each candidate be clearly laid down in the form of an assessment criteria and that this is strictly followed when dealing with any of the candidates that are to be selected. In this respect it is also important that the decision be made with consultation with others and that decision need not be taken by a single person as to the final selection of a particular candidate and it should also be ensured that final selection is based on rankings that were made by all the interviewers on this matter.


The term induction refers to a process whereby an individual employee who has been selected is trained on various aspects of the organization. The process of induction is a very important process that is a prerequisite in order to ensure that the new employees who has just joined the organization is able to immediately begin contributing in a positive manner to the organization. Induction is also important from the perspective that it enables an employee to effectively settle into the organization by gaining clarity about the roles, responsibilities, authority, rules and regulations etc. of the organization and thereby enables the employee to fit in with the culture of the organization which is a very important step in the organization gaining maximum potential from the employee. The process of induction is also an important avenue for in the organization to train and brief the employee or important matters that the organization considers of prime importance to its success and long-term prosperity.

The typical induction process at the organization takes place as follows:

Every week there are today set aside on which induction of new employees joining the organization takes place.

At the first process the employees briefed regarding all legal requirements and procedures that apply to the employee. He's given clear and complete information about all aspects of the employment including leave and disciplinary procedures.

Then an introduction to the company, its history, the management and the mission, vision and objectives are clearly explained to the employee.

Subsequent to that the employees introduced to all the department and important managerial personnel of the organization and is then directed to the line manager who will then discuss important aspects of the particular job and responsibilities that the employee is to carry out.

And effective induction process should include all the important legal, health as well as safety briefing and information. The important legal aspects that should be covered are the aspects such as the duration of the employment contract, leaves schedules, the labor law that is applicable to the contract, or the rights and remedies of the employees, the disciplinary procedures of the organization is etc. the employees should also be made clear about various health and safety aspects that are applicable to the organization both in the form of government regulations and also in the form of company regulations which are to be followed by all employees, in particular the health and safety aspects are organization covers the health and safety manual that needs to be implemented in the organization and this also includes a brief HSE to induction for the employee as our organization gives top priority to health and safety. The employees made well aware about where additional information regarding health and safety policies can be found and how the employee can individually contribute to health and safety at the workplace.

In order to record the progress of an individual employee throughout the induction progress, a simple checklist may be implemented whereby the various steps and stages that need to be completed in the induction process is clearly stated as well as appropriate measures regarding the employees effectiveness at each stage of the induction process are clearly indicated. Simple measures like a point rating system can be used to rate the employee on the basis of feedback received from those organizational personnel with whom the employee interacts during the course of the induction process. The advantage of using such a method would be that it is a simple and easy method that can be implemented in a quick manner.

The entire process of evaluation of induction of employees can be effectively evaluated by letting the employees who has been inducted into the organization to fill out a form or questionnaire that clearly measures how well the employee thinks that the induction process has worked as the process of induction is one which is based on helping the employee familiarize himself and his disregard the employee will be in a better position to evaluate how well the induction program at the organization has been able to help him to achieve these goals. The questionnaire can be based upon all the different aspects that are included in the induction process of the employee as this will allow for weak areas to be worked upon by the organization to remove such shortcomings.