Toshiba Group Corporate Social Responsibility

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1.1 What is Corporate Social Responsibilities ?

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility is an responsibility, beyond that required by the law for a firm to trail long term goals that are good for the society and the continuing devotion by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workers and their families as well as that of the local community and society at a large scale.

Corporate social responsibility means conducting business in an ethical way and in the interests of the wider community and responding positively to emerging societal priorities and expectations. Its also a willingness to act ahead of regulatory confrontation and being a good citizen in the community.


In year 1939, Toshiba is merged by Hisashige and Ichisuke when Shibaura Engineering Works and Tokyo Electric, leaders in their relevant fields, to build an integrated electric equipment manufacturer. The Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company officially changed its name to Toshiba in 1984. Since its initiation Toshiba has strived to expand technologies that would benefit the world. Over the past 130 years Toshiba has introduced a number of innovative firsts in Japan, including incandescent lamps (1890), X-ray tubes (1915), radio transmission tubes (1919), the double-coil light bulb (1921), cathode ray tubes (1924), radar (1942), transistor televisions (1959) and notebook computers (1989).Toshiba's historical focus on research and development has brought numerous new ideas to life.


To be a premier consumer electronics company which manufactures and sells innovative and technologically advanced products as it endeavors to improve the quality of life within the global community.


As a global company, they powerfully consider that the challenges our planet faces offer huge opportunities, with the potential to create value both for Toshiba and for society at large. Through sustainable products and services, with the help of continuous development, they contribute to a better quality of life for everyone on the planet. Through their organized Environmental Vision 2050 programme, Toshiba is determined to reduce our environmental footprint while offering products and services that help businesses and consumers reduce theirs.

The aim of Environmental Vision 2050 is to improve the eco-efficiency of all Toshiba's business processes and goods by a factor of five by 2025 and by a factor of ten by 2050, which compared with 2000, which will allow people to "lead richer lifestyles in harmony with the earth."

Toshiba aims to make Environmental Vision 2050 a reality by pursuing two corresponding approaches: The Energy Approach, which seeks the finest energy mix for a steady supply of reliable energy & climate change lessening, and the Eco Products Approach, which focuses on creating Earth-conscious goods based on an evaluation of customer value & environmental effects

Toshiba offers one of the most broad environmental solutions of any global company because of its ability to improve eco-efficiency in both its energy services and electronic goods worldwide. The company plans to continue rising in its business while mitigating its environmental impact as well as the impact of society at large.

Toshiba believes the key challenge today is achieving environmental sustainability while supporting the proposed population and economic expansion worldwide during the next several decades.

SECTION 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

As a global company, Toshiba had done many activities like below for the corporate social responsibilities.

2.1 Toys for Tot

Toshiba America Group participated in many activities for helping the underprivileged children like, Toys for tot, the Angel Tree, the Christmas for the Need and the Operation Santa Clause program in Orange country, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, and other communities where Toshiba operate.

Toshiba America Consumer Product (TACP) employees purchased gifts to the local children from financial struggling families on Christmas Day. They Bring the Christmas gift to the Centre for Family Resources and act in a costume of Santa Claus to hand over the gift to the children.

Toshiba Tree Planting Project

Toshiba group is planning to plant 1.5 millions-tree forest by 2025 as part of Toshiba's Environmental Vision 2050. In additional order, they also prune and thin the tree for proper forest management.

They carried out this project in worldwide, like in May 2009, Toshiba group donated about 80'000 saplings to the National forest in State of California, United State for restore the forest which was burn in a forest firein 2007. Their employee also participated in this project as volunteer.

Not only in California, Toshiba group also having their Tree planting project in Ontario in Canada, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Ome city in Japan, Tama city in Japan and in many placed in worldwide.Many Toshiba employees including its management have volunteered, to join in the effort to help beautify and protect their environment.

The Objective of this Project is to protect forest and ensure their healthy growth and to develop them in accordance in local condition. Through these activities, Toshiba group contribute to creating ecosystems required for the growth of diverse biological species.

To support education in developing countries

In many areas in Asia and Central America, have many countries inadequate and poor educational of facilities, let many children can't even study in primary education. Therefore, the Toshiba Group try to build schools, donated supplies, and sending volunteers around the world to help for improve the school environment. As an integral part of local activities in China, Toshiba group and the China Youth Development Foundation are building two "Toshiba Hope Elementary School." every year. This event is organized by the China Toshiba Group, they donated 400,000 rmb annually (about 600 million yen) for the construction funds. Other than that, Toshiba Group also continued to donate a number of school supplies to the school. End of year 2008, a total of 15 schools had been aided. 

Toshiba Youth Conference for a Sustainable Future 2008

Toshiba Group held the Toshiba Youth Conference for a Sustainable Future 2008 in July 2008. Toshiba Youth Conference for a Sustainable Future 2008 is a camp program sponsor by Toshiba International Foundation and held in Japan. High school student come from Japan, Thailand, and United State joined together to discuss environmental issue in one week time. 19 student from the three countries live together with teachers and volunteers chosen from among Toshiba group employees who has interest in environment problem. This activity let all the younger generation know more about the environment issues and let them realize how important the environment is to us.

Toshiba Youth Conference for a Sustainable Future also held again in 2009. Besides the Japan, Thailand and United State high school student, Poland high school student also attend for this conference. This let more young people from different country have more opportunities to discuss environmental problem and share by the people around the world.

Ashita Award

From 2004 onwards, an Award called Ashita (Japanese for Tomorrow ) is presented by Toshiba group to those who have made an extraordinary involvement to build up and promote a good corporate responsibility activities throughout the Toshiba group worldwide to gain the trust of nation and to make sure the community have a better future.

This Award will let the employees to be more motivated while taking the social responsibility.

SECTION 3: Benefit for Corporate Social Responsibility

The benefits that an organization can hope to gain from its involvement in corporate social responsibilities activities are depending on the type of the business they do. Some business will benefit by creating shareholder value. In the current world, investors are investing in companies which have good corporate governance. A responsible business company is key to its finance and helps to protect it from instability. Besides that, Corporate Social Responsibilities also helps a company to increase efficiency by conserving environment and recycling. Management and employee relations are also crucial in bringing good customer service, productivity and product innovation. Corporate Social Responsibilities activities done by a company will also secure equity and debt capital easily. Other business will benefit by attracting, retaining and developing motivated and committed employees. Some organizations will benefit by winning and retaining new consumers and business customers. It will also improve business reputation and positive publicity. Other organizations can maintain and improve their operating license to operate from the local community. Networking and speaking opportunities is also a major boost to most of the organizations.

Section 4: Conclusion

A business with less stakeholders to please, their greatest concern appears to be their customers and their own capability to please the demand for goods efficiently. Business are indicative of that fine managed corporate responsibility actually supports business objectives, particularly among large corporations where improved compliance, status and relationships has been shown to boost shareholders value and profitability. Incorporating corporate responsibility into a business core tactic can also improve its charisma as an employer.