Examining Theories Of Management, Leadership And Organization Structure

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The managing of the organizational changes will be more successful if we apply the simple principals. Achievement of the personal changes will be more successful too if we are using the same approach where it is relevant. The change of the management entails a thoughtful planning and the sensitive implementation. The consultation with and the involvement of the people are affected by the changes. Most of the investors realize that that it's very important for the company to encompass a superior kind of the management teams. The trouble is that the evaluating management is very difficult so many of the aspects of the job are very intangible. It should be clear that the investors can't at all times be sure for the company by only poring over the financial statements. The fallouts such as the Enron, the WorldCom and the Imclone have established the importance of the emphasizing in the qualitative aspects of the company. And there is no such magic formula for the evaluating kind of administration, but there are the factors in which the company should pay concentration. (Reddy, 2004)


A leadership can be said the spine of any flourishing company. This is never to articulate that staffs are not only significant, but it is also the leadership that ultimately makes the premeditated decisions. The companies can think of the management as the captain of their ship. Although not bodily driving the boat, but it directs the others to come across after all such factors that will ensure a very safe trip for the company. Theoretically, the leadership for a public trading company is in the charge for the creating of the values for its shareholders and thus indirectly to the company. It is a procedure to have the commerce smarts in order to run a company for the concern of the owners. And of course, it is very unrealistic to believe that the management only cares about the shareholders but it firmly represents the company's value. (Harris J. , 2001)


But it is in the theory which is the foundation of this meticulous meadow of studies, and its objectives are in order to examine how this organization is actually works. This then provides as much for the clear understandings of the companies' arrangement, its function, and then the properties are which will help to enhance the productivity of the business. Were many of the theorists which are now captivating in the approaches that are when the analysis is taking in place, each of the organization is very only one of its kinds. And because of this, when it is seeking the solutions they will be need to take in account for various in different elements and in relation of that exacting commerce.

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Principles of a gulf company:

Al Firdous Holding Company is one of the famous companies of the gulf having its stock market in the Dubai Financial Market and having its official sector in investment and finance. Follows basic principals like:

The increase in urgency where it inspires to move, make objectives relevant and real.

The building of the guiding team like getting of the right and suitable employees with their emotional commitment with the right mix of the levels and skills.

Having the right vision where getting the team to establish a simple strategy and vision which focus on the creative and emotional aspects which is necessary for driving the efficiency and the services.

To communicate for the buy in. it involves as many people possible in order to communicate the essentials.

Empowering the actions by removing the obstacles, by enabling the constructive feedbacks and with a lot of support from the leader's rewards by recognizing their achievements and progress.

The three categories:

Now It is the use of Organizational Theory which helps us to recognize confident themes which are within commerce in regulation to help for the solving of the problems; they maximize for both of the businesses' of the efficiency and for the productivity, and it also helps in order to meet in the needs of those who are having a stake which lies within the corporation. In most of the cases it will be taken a look at all the three categories which are in relation to the company.

1. The process which are approved by an entity.

2. The processes are carried out by a congregation.

3. The processes are carried out in the association as an entire.

Elements taken for consideration:

The elements which will be looking at include are:-

1. The present size of the company.

2. The technological supplies which it has, and that to what it needs

3. The surroundings in which the commerce is based.

4. The natural world of the manufacturing that it is concerned in.

Practice of the organizational theory:

All in the organizational theory which are in the interdisciplinary and it will be based on information provided through the psychology, the economics, the political science, the sociology and anthropology. It is from side to side of these fields that a collection will be able to give details for certain behaviors and in the dynamics that will occur within a corporation. Such of the use of these theories are becoming very important, and because of the educational variety of the populace you now will find in many of the work places. The thing which now seems to get boil down is that the organizational theory which is a modern for the set of these theories which are relating with the organizational arrangement for a company and then the states where it is in this kind of relationship which will result in the behavior and then the goals which the corporation is achieving. It is then usually unspecified that to simply increasing the profits. But in current analysis which is carried out, where it has to be established then that of the company which is increasing in the sales or in their share for the market which is combined with their proceedings and which are being very satisfactory and are what many of these are hoping to achieve. And so to have a great deal for a better managerial edifice in leave where a company is able to produce higher productivity levels from all of its employees, which will then result in the increase of the profits also. Other than in arrangement to make it easy for these types of changes in a corporation which will be needed to spend at the time for analyzing of its various departments in order to make sure that their managerial type of structure which is the most excellent for that they can have. These were the difference in the views of the two different kinds of organizations and their organizational theories which are in action. (Organization and management structures, 2011)


Arkan Building Materials of Dubai and Aldar properties of Abu Dhabi are the companies to be compared.

The theories followed by Arkan building Materials are the main reason for the success of the company since few years. The company is extreme in its theories. It is contingent and is a logically self consistent of framework for the company whereas the case for the other company Aldar properties is just the reverse as philosophy, mental model and the approach to the work is the theory of this company. So it can be said that for the Aldar group its theories are not as firm as the Arkan Building Materials as its theories are not clear it does not show the proper functioning and the future of the company.

As far as the management and leadership are concerned the Arkan Building Materials have a tough competition to give for the other company. Its management is well defined and has a stern leadership towards the junior employees from the senior one. Whereas the other company has also a well defined management but strictness lacks in this company from the senior to the junior employees. Whereas the leadership of Aldar Group can be said its positive point in comparison to Arkan.

Profit work of management:

Profit work is the work which the management likes for the satisfaction of a range type of stake-holders. This is typically involving to make a profit for all the shareholders which are creating the valued products and at a reasonable cost which are for customers, and it is providing a rewarding employment for the opportunities for the employees. And in most of the models of the management and the governance where the shareholders have to vote for the directors in the board, and the board is then hiring some senior management for the company. Some of the organizations which have done experiment with some other of the methods such as the employee and their voting of models of selecting in or in the reviewing of the managers; but this have occurred only very rarely. (Harris, 2002)

And in some of the public-sector of countries which constituted as for the representative democracies. Such politicians may hire many of the managers and their administrators, and in some of the countries are like in the United States for the political appointees in order to lose in their jobs and on the election for a new post.

One of the habits of the thought in regards for the management which is equivalent to the "business administration" and it thus excludes the management in the places which are outside the commerce and as for example in the charity and for the private sectors. Now more realistically they are however in every organization and it should manage in its own work, for people, their processes, their technology, etc. in order to make the most of its effectiveness.

Arkan Building Materials of Dubai is a company growing at a very high speed in the construction world of the country follows the policy of strictness in its organizational theory, management and in its leadership. The selection of the employees in this company is a very hard nut to crack because it has made strict rules and tough selection process for the eligible candidates. It has laid down various camps and processing's for communication between its customers and its company. Not only this but also the employees has to work under strict leadership of its seniors. Its main policy is to have a stable and nice relation between its customers and the company. Whereas the other company of the same field by the name Aldar Properties of Abu Dhabi is an older company than then that and has a totally different policies than Arkan Buildings the employees of this company has never come in contact with something like strictness. Its organizational behavior is just the opposite of that Company. It has very friendly relation with its senior or junior employees thus in this way the leadership between the companies are different and not only this selection process is also very different from that company. But this company has seen some severe losses in the year 2005. So it can be concluded form it whose policy is better. (Aldar Properties)