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Value is considered as a statement that is often referred as guideline and can mean different things depending on who writes them. Every company has value statement. It tells the customer and the employee about whit the company belief and where and why the company stands for.

Role of values in the organization:

Dell value reflect it staff value: the value of Dell are more important because this create the culture context in which the employee work. It interacts with employee and the attitude and help to adept towards customers. Dell doesn't adjust to reflect changing values will quickly become stagnant and obsolete.

The value of dell defines how employee behaves:

Company values are necessary for the day to day come near those workers take on in the workplace. Dissimilar organization may promote different behaviors in their staff from side to side their company values.

The Values of Dell Bring Stability:

Every man likes to work in the secure workplace. The value of the dell insures to create this type of environment. The value helps the dell to create working e3nvornment for the operation more smoothly.

The value of Dell Are Important to Customers

The value of every company are very important both employee and customers. Some customers choose to use the services of one company over another because of the values base that they have chosen to pursue. Dell adopts ethical approaches to their business dealings through offering fair trade agreements which provide benefit in the long term from customer loyalty.

Company values provide standard approach:

Customers also like to be acquainted with what they are receiving and corporation values often play an important role in this procedure.

Dell mission statement:

According to Dell (..........)"Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve."

Important of mission statement:

the mission statement of dell helps this company to be the leading technology holders in the world

this statement helps this company in the competitive market

This statement helps this company in the competitive price and competition.

it increase3 accountability of the company

For this mission statement Dell provide best class service and support to the customers.

For the mission statement This Company is very flexible for the customer capacity.

This statement helps this company in the financial statement.

Vision statement of dell:

Dell's vision is to create faithful clientele by providing better experience at a great value. They are devoted to direct relationships, providing best products with standard base expertise outperforming the rivalry with value and a better customer practice.

Important of value statement:

Inspirational and further growth of obtainable products

Distinct product collection that has been put by the organization

It makes sure excellence of foodstuffs offered to the clientele.

Vision statement is responsive to customers' needs and services.

It Ensure monetary power and faithfulness.

Ensure sustainable growth of the corporation for the advantage of its stakeholders

It is helpful in bridge the present and the future of Dell

Source of inspiration because it gives hope for the future of Dell

It form the criterion for decision making for the organization of Dell

It also explain the organizations significance and how it will improve market place

It creates organization interest and promise

A variety of approaches to analyzing Dell Computer Corporations internal environment

Internal eAnalysis

According to the Johnson and Scholes (2002) an organisation must be able to generate threshold product features by leveraging threshold resources and competences. To outperform competitors, on the other hand, meeting CSFs that will allow it to excel and achieve competitive advantage, organisations must bring their unique resources and core competences to bear. However,in the below the Dell internal analysis are discuss by the financial performance, stakeholder analysis, competitive advantages analysis and also with SWOT Analysis.

Financial Analysis of Dell

Dell's climb to market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience by directly selling standards-based computing products and services. Revenue for the last four quarters totaled $41.4 billion and the company employs about 46,000 team members around the globe.

Dell led commercial migration to the Internet, launching in 1994 and adding e-commerce capability in 1996. The following year, Dell became the first company to record $1 million in daily online sales. Today, Dell operates one of the highest volume Internet commerce sites in the world based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems. The company's Web site, which runs entirely on Dell PowerEdge servers, receives more than one billion page requests per quarter at 86 country sites in 28 languages/dialects and 29 currencies.

Stakeholder Analysis

The most insightful outcome from stakeholder analysis is that Dell has greater support from key stakeholders - the Dell Board, shareholders and environmental pressure groups. This is largely because Dell has considerable experience in scenario planning, which has always given it an advantage over competitors in the past. Shareholders are therefore more likely to be supportive of Dell's strategic choice to move into the renewables market, embracing such a move. Alternately, DELL has been performing poorly and lacks Dell's scenario planning ability. Since the other major oil companies have not moved towards renewable functions, DELL is in a more difficult position, and is less able to encourage shareholders of the need to embrace renewable energies through its Strategic Business Unit. Whilst both companies have large tangible resources to draw on, in terms of manufacturing, distribution and marketing channels around the world, Dell's ability to scenario plan is a strong form of intangible asset, which gives it an advantage over competitors since it is an asset they cannot simply acquire.

Staying in Business: Potential Performance Impediments

In 2004, DELL had the second largest stocks, up 19 percent, the third largest in the industry, suffered following admission that it had overstated its reserves by 24 percent, for which is was fined US$120 million, leaving shares down 6 percent (Barker, 2004; Berman, 2004). In response, Dell has declared that it will raise up to $12 billion through sales of its assets and invest around $45 billion to increase production (Economist, 2004), investing up to $1 billion in alternative functions, Official sources state that it aims to have around 10 percent of the computer market and 15 percent annual growth in biomass production by 2005. Clearly, the cost of asset re-structuring that Dell will have to undergo will damage its performance over the last five years, not only showing the company to have underperformed compared with its results, but now providing it with a weaker financial base. This may force the company to pull some of its investment in alternative functions that it has promised over the last few years to reduce costs. These performance impediments have not been experienced by DELL who, despite performing relatively poorly compared with other computer, have much deeper technological resources.

SWOT analysis of DELL


Figure: strength and weakness analysis of dell computer

Source: yousigma.2013

Competitive position of DELL


Growth market positions

Petrochemicals Asia

Lubricants growth markets

Refining and fuels developments

Sustaining leading returns in the base

Invest to maintain competitive position

Improve efficiency and margin capture capabilities

Working capital efficiency

The 'Blue Ocean´ approach to developing organizational strategy of Dell Computer Corporation

The role of administrative managers in achieving strategic objectives of Dell Computer Corporation

Administrative managers

Administrative managers are the senior or middle level manager or his leader who make certain information about the information of resources. They also employed efficiency across the organization. They smoothly handle the operational system of the organization. They also play very important role in the maintaining and gaining the competitive advantage form the market.

The role of administrative manager in aching strategic objective:

Administrative manager

Successful managers are very self-disciplined, intelligent, responsible and presentable people. An Administrative Manager would need to be positive, enthusiastic, have good leadership skills, get on well with people, be firm but just and have the ability and perseverance to try and help the company achieve their goals. She/he should be able to motivate people and make them feel that they are an important cog in the business wheel.

An Administrative Manager's tasks which help to achieve the strategic goal of an Dell would include the following:

given that particular support to other department and manager

Providing document and telecommunication management

Planning, organize, providing leadership and scheming all managerial function.

Managing excellence and cost management.

depiction a service to other functions within the association

Providing training and development to the staff

blame for the in general work performance of a company organization of place of work environment

meeting, adapting, store and distributing in sequence within the business using in order system

organize the many fields of work which the employees carry out

ensure that human and material capital are correctly utilize

gathering with other member of organization and planning for the prospect

Necessary the leadership skills to direct strategic change

Leadership skill:

Leadership may call having a vision of a person about where he wants to be and making decisions along the way to achieve the vision. Leadership is considered as the process of social or organizational influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. The skill of a leader is very important to achieve the organizational success. By the effective skill of a leader the organization can increase the efficiency and use its resource effectively. The managers of Dell manage many skills for the adaption on the competitive market. If the organization wants change then its manager needs several skills which help the organization to make change and adopt with that change.

Manage the change process of the Dell

they try to decrease conflicts and confrontation during alter of the Dell

they construct coalitions and network of the Dell

they Develop a desirable vision and translate it into action of the Dell

they Secure and manage the necessary resources of the Dell

they Communicate effectively with the all members of the Dell

they generate and sustain interpersonal and social relationships to encourage, motivate, power, and help with concern of the Dell

they Lead with self-assurance, moving cleverness and resiliency in the countenance of setbacks of the Dell

they discuss to address and influence the authority and political dynamics of the association as it moves through the transition of the Dell

they Analyze the internal and external factors needed for change, and their effect on the change plan of the Dell

they Build and maintain trusting relations before, throughout and after the modification of the Dell